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Live draft blog begins here, now

Day Two of the draft is about to begin and two questions dominate:

Will the Dolphins trade into the second round?

As to getting into the second round, I have serious doubts the Dolphins will use their limited ammo to get into the round. That is obviously just a prediction, but I have a hard time believing Miami will invest the kind of capital necessary to come from nowhere to the the second.

That would require the Dolphins giving up their 2012 first round pick.

If the idea is for them to use their third round pick to try to move up into the second round, they still would have to yield either their fourth-round selection or perhaps the third rounder plus a high pick next year. Again, that is a prohibitive price.

I'm not saying the Dolphins would never pay such a price but ...

“I think you can always get ammunition," Ireland said yesterday abou tthe prospects of moving up. "I mean, look what Atlanta did. You always have ammunition I think. You can use your picks up until 2014 if you wanted to. We had a couple players on the board that if they fell to a certain spot then we might have jumped up, but we didn’t choose to do that.”


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armando if mallet makes it to the fins in the 3rd do they pull the trigger?

big mondo - we should have either jamar fletcher or eddie moore do our pick in the third round in front of the cameras. they are beasts

The Texans have our Number!

I like brooks reed, reminds me of clay mathews

No expectation of Miami trading into the second. Can't see where they have the ammo to do it. Definitely don't want to see them trading futures.

I think we're just bystanders for now, fellas.

At least we'll get to see Al Davis possibly do something completely insane soon (if he can be revived from his hyperbaric chamber or coffin or wherever else he naps)

big mondo put the lockout on me down here. i need some help people

Armando, the lockout is back on now. Did coach sparano give pouncey a copy of the play book today?

Posted by: CaymanDolfan | April 29, 2011 at 06:52 PM

Play book..ppplay book. play book.. Soprano and the Fins are not that intelligent enough to make a book for each player which is why Soprano gave Pouncey a quick lesson on how to fist pump...




Guy's a lock-out till November will insure the Fins have less then 8 losses... Just my 2 cents.....

Pouncey is getting kicked out?

At least they didn't cut him yet.


You are correct and thank you. Keep up the good work.

big mondo you ever notice these networks dont like talking about the dolphins

no problem - just keep sending me your questions

Vince Young is more than a big name

VY torched the Dolphins in our own stadium 2 seasons ago with his extremely accurate laser throws, his feet & strength

He threw an amazing pass over Vontae Davis in the end zone that cuz the pass was so darn precise, there was NO DEFENSE FOR THAT PASS.

Home remembers Jeff Fisher coming on the field to the field with a big game winning smile to congratulate his star QB for torching the Dolphins

Sign veteran QB VY

Home has spoken

Mando....Lions going to select Bowers to go with Suh and Fairley? Wow.

menace funny you still troll

Dr. Roberts

What would scare Al Davis the most

Holy water
Silver Bullet
Sun light
Wooden stake
Letting someone else make football decisions

Soiled :)

big mondo - do you know what a exciting skill position player looks like



rick spielman in Minny takes Ponder, Rudolph.

Do you like his draft better than Miami's or you good with Pouncey?

Shame, shame. Minn is balling.


Do you think TE Williams will be there in the 3rd when we select. If so what do you think about him?

lots of qb needy teams passing on mallett. i guess they didn't like the interviews they had with him or everyone just wants a more mobile player in todays league.

greatest player in the NFL -- drum roll please --- CHANNING CHROWDER

Don't want to say "I told you so" with Mallett but maybe now people can see why I was saying those concerns about his intelligence were VALID.

Been seeing and hearing Ryan plenty being a Little Rock resident and the kid just isn't very bright. I wish him well but this doesn't surprise me at all.

sully, DJ Williams reminds of a poor man's Keith Jackson. Only blocks better.





I'M OUT.....

big mondo - please pay attention to your brains down here

Little, Titus Young is an exciting skill position player. Love him.

Spielmen is the douch bag who screwed us for years and gave us nothing.


I'd have to go with the last option. Also, a fear of non-Elvis-sized collars.

Soiled, Where have you been???, Word on the street you were doing time in a NC state faculity, Though word too was you were directing the new Summer block-buster Movie "Have a Harrpy day",( A story of insanity from our very own HOME) so where have you been??

Yea your right VY IS A BEAST, he threw for over 2500 yards once and he has won more than 10 games once. oh yea and he was benched 5 times and then cut....AWSOME

good pick for lions

Calvin and Titus.

defense improving

we are no longer lions of the east.

lions fo have passed us.


You called it. Looks like those that interviewed him learned what you already knew. Locals know best.

there you go big mondo - everyone else takes excitement - but we take 3 inches in a cloud of crap pal. well get excitement in miami - right

Gotta head to work, fellas.

Enjoy the draft and let me know if the jar carrying Al Davis' head breaks before they pick.

Titus Young is fast but not that fast!

big mondo - i have an itch right here - can you scratch it for me

Hankerson should go to the Broncos. Would be a great fit...

If everybody else realizes Mallet is a bust, then Ireland will get him for sure.

All the Mallet fans will rejoice.

big mondo - do a article on why miami never picks excitement at skill position you crazy motha

"Not all fans in Minnesota were happy with the Vikings' selection, and some of them reportedly directed catcalls at Rick Spielman as he took the stage at the team's draft party."

Read more: http://www.fannation.com/truth_and_rumors/view/280790-fans-disgusted-in-minnesota?eref=fromSI#ixzz1KxMmzBqO

one moment folks im busy itching my important head down below - big mondo

To answer your Question Armando. I like Pouncey and Brandon Marshall WAY more then Ponder and Rudolph. Besides. Lance Kendricks is still left in the Draft. I watched everyone of his games for the last two years. He is a good blocker. I promise that and an outstanding receiver

Ireland a Sparano have no clue how to draft an exciting, explosive, dynamic player, they never have.

Is Branden going to be wearing the Dolphin uniform ever again???

These are things that make you go Hmmm...

Perhaps they will put him into play due to the domestics when and IF the season opens up.

What did Ireland and Marchall discuss????

The Fins live off there past glory to much! Get new Uniforms ..Put some Teeth on the Dolphin or fangs!

thanks for the answer Barrett Wallace - big mondo is taking his frustrations out on me

Did Shannon Sharpe just say "two thousand and eveven N e Bel Draft?"

Looks like the Lions will be in the playoffs real soon! They have been working magic the last few years in the draft.

big mondo wake up - im starting to get wood -i gots to go to the bathroom damnit

Nothing wrong with Denver's picks either.

keep ignoring me - youll wake up with soiled drawers

Remember when folks down hear .Said this guy was the missing piece for the FINS..http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=o3bmkYe-Rf8 This Shows What A Crapshoot The Draft IS.. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=o3bmkYe-Rf8

its all about the U baby!

I think we shoulda moved up and took orland franklin. That dude looks like a BEAST

big mondo wake up

Crazy Als pick is almost here. I cant wait!

Al Davis will probably take Ryan Mallet. And it will be good.

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