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Live draft blog begins here, now

Day Two of the draft is about to begin and two questions dominate:

Will the Dolphins trade into the second round?

As to getting into the second round, I have serious doubts the Dolphins will use their limited ammo to get into the round. That is obviously just a prediction, but I have a hard time believing Miami will invest the kind of capital necessary to come from nowhere to the the second.

That would require the Dolphins giving up their 2012 first round pick.

If the idea is for them to use their third round pick to try to move up into the second round, they still would have to yield either their fourth-round selection or perhaps the third rounder plus a high pick next year. Again, that is a prohibitive price.

I'm not saying the Dolphins would never pay such a price but ...

“I think you can always get ammunition," Ireland said yesterday abou tthe prospects of moving up. "I mean, look what Atlanta did. You always have ammunition I think. You can use your picks up until 2014 if you wanted to. We had a couple players on the board that if they fell to a certain spot then we might have jumped up, but we didn’t choose to do that.”


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Yeah Chase, that's what the Dolphins need. Another OLineman.

big mondo - I think i just seen omar kelly with his pimp hat chasing that hot babe with the genuine immitation gold garbage bag on her head around the floor at the draft

TE Lance Kendricks goes to the Rams.

good hah big mondo


That was a joke armando. I meant it sarcastically. Ive never heard of orlando before. Lol

Well there goes my boy kendricks : (

How the hell did you know that, Armando?

that sucks that kendricks is gone already

When free agency starts think Reggie Bush is on the radar for a play maker for the Phins now?

dont worry big mondo - we got fasano - yeah hes a beast - thats our excitement- a ha ok

Mallet still there...

Are we watching live?!

the pick is in - oakland selects -- DAVE HYDE

Ahhhhh, my bad Chase. Apologies.

Raiders just replaced Samson Satele.

Funny that Oakland and Miami both draft centers after basically trading each other for their centers a two years ago

Ha! take that all you Al Davis haters

Al Davis is out drafting Ireland

Good pick for da raiders

That's a good pick for Oakland. Goodbye Samson.

Image your close we need to sign free agent Michael Bush, speed, size, work horse

I hear things, Oscar. I hear things.

big mondo - i just seen omar kelly kissing gold garbage bag babe - our you getting jealous yet i am down here - im starting to feel something

3 - DeMarco Murray (4.38 40, 6', 215lbs - why go with teensy Taiwan when you can get nearly the speed in a bigger, more durable guy?)

4 - Virgil Green, TE (4.5 40, 6'3", 250lbs)

5 - Denarius Moore, WR (4.36 40, 6', 194lbs)

Re-sign Ricky or sign DeAngelo Williams and starting skill players are set.

G - I just liked Bush to play WR, RB, and returner.. line him up different places to open up the offense

Patriots are waiting in ambush.

Wisnewski late 2nd round.

way better than Pouncey overall. 15? Hah!

Ha Ha jeff ireland make himself look stupid

you dont haer things big mondo - you dont give me no love

I'm sure you do.

It sucks waiting soooooo long for our next pick!

Don't do that stuff in public, little amondo. Only in private.

30 more to go

just wait till you need me to perform again big mondo. your going to pay brother. i will not rise to the occasion - so there

Hey Armando, Where is Amigo? Did you ever get him off the edge of the cliff?

Jimmy Jam. Your right Demarco could be a steal. But theres just something about him that i just dont like. I have a close friend. that played with Taiwon at Eastern Washington that says he was their offense and that he is an absolute freak. But he also said the only reason he was playing for them was because Taiwon basically barely passed high school. He also said he is a lil arrogant. But in the 3rd rather 4th round his talent would be a steal

Just got a text from someone inside the dolphins draft room. What does that mean?

If he has time to text me, he's probably not too busy right now.

Wonder if VY will be able to hit wide open Hartline deep for a TD

Unlike Henne

big mondo - you know what i like about you ? the way you hold me !

I am glad we didn't trade up for a QB or any other position. it will be nice to go into next year's draft with all of our picks for a change...when was the last time that happened, Mando?

I pushed him off the ledge, Z!

It's all bout the Pats

The rest is conversation

have a HAARPy day :(

Funny how Bowers slid so far.

Loosing second round pick really hurt us. Was BM worth it?

Thinking about it, this is a make or break Draft for Ireland, unless the owner is in complicity. He has chosen to go conservative, I don't blame him, and really, it's his call.

Mando...did he ask you to bring him a "pan con bistec?"

Jimmy Jam. Keep dreaming. You really think they will pick all that speed? Forget it.

Bucs go with Bowers.

LOL! that good.

pats aint nothing - we hear how great they are at drafting ever year - why did they win superbowl every year

Mallet to Redskins at #53?

Not surprised Armando

This FO has an army of idiots.

Bullets are flying and these mashed potatoes are texting sportswriters.

did you tell them to hang up and get back to work.

Finally Bowers goes to party

(Ireland) Is this thing working? Hello, hello....can anyone hear me?

well mando what do think the dolphins will trade up for maybe mikel leshoure if he isnt taken and then the fast back later

Yeah?, what did it say, Armando?

big mondo youre on the clock - speak man its your blog not mine damnit

Excellent blog today Armando on "Debunking The Myth"

This needed to be said on multi position O-Linemen

"Jack of all positions, Masters of none"

My Fav piece u have done lately, 4 sure

Mallett doesn't fit Shanahan's system.

Any teams ahead of us gonna take Mallet?

at what # do we pick ?

all our draft picks next year

it ain't over yet

dum dum ireland will trade next years picks for mallet in just a minute

now we know he's a bust, ireland will do it

nobody wants mallett, why should we?

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