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Live draft blog begins here, now

Day Two of the draft is about to begin and two questions dominate:

Will the Dolphins trade into the second round?

As to getting into the second round, I have serious doubts the Dolphins will use their limited ammo to get into the round. That is obviously just a prediction, but I have a hard time believing Miami will invest the kind of capital necessary to come from nowhere to the the second.

That would require the Dolphins giving up their 2012 first round pick.

If the idea is for them to use their third round pick to try to move up into the second round, they still would have to yield either their fourth-round selection or perhaps the third rounder plus a high pick next year. Again, that is a prohibitive price.

I'm not saying the Dolphins would never pay such a price but ...

“I think you can always get ammunition," Ireland said yesterday abou tthe prospects of moving up. "I mean, look what Atlanta did. You always have ammunition I think. You can use your picks up until 2014 if you wanted to. We had a couple players on the board that if they fell to a certain spot then we might have jumped up, but we didn’t choose to do that.”


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Im not sure who they go after in the 3rd? What if Leshoure,and Mallett both fall to us

Gotcha, Marc. Don't want issues. You're my daddy.

Interesting pick by our AFC EAST rivals
The Patriots


from where im at - big mondo knows which way the wind blows- and its always toward me

If Mallett is there at the top of the 3rd the Dolphins should go up to get him.

Torrey Smith and his 4.41 speed?

and youre my daddy big mondo

JUST Me or Pats draft looks sorry........

i think HOME has a hard on for the Pats..

Well, Mikel is gone.

Detroit is drafting boldly.

start getting jealous big mondo- lions draft like we wish we could - i want to punch myself in balls but i have no arms. you own them

Daniel Thomas or Kendall Hunter?

See Lions make the move to get mikel....where the hell is Ireland....watching the royal wedding is my guess!!!

Who the hell can we draft now?

dam lions

Lions traded 3rd and 4th...high price to pay IMHO.

im staring to get a hard on - settle me down or release me big mondo

what you all think about hankerson to help stretch the field

This is exactly what I am talking about nothing bold...just sit there and be safe and if an effing kicker falls to us then we will pick HER!!!

guys - dolphins dont ever do things that make us excited

The Lions are doing it.

Hope we don't have to play them again

little mando.. you just made me throw up..

we dont go out and make things happen- just like team concept-let things happen and then react-not going to get you anywhere fast

well anyone thinking of all the acorns they are turning over while getting left behind...i am jus saying

I have a damn Miami Dolphins logo tattoed on my arm...does anybody know a good laser Dr to remove it??? Im through...this franchise doesn't deserve any fans....we should boycott the team.....NO JUSTICE NO PEACE..... I SAY

Armando, Minny clearly reached but it was not suicidal because they did not trade up for Ponder....no mallett for me thanks...i like taiwan jones though for our third round selection.

sorry image- i put bad image in your head-big mondo made me do it

lol @ james

Weak draft class. Roster fillers by 79

Hey Greeg...... cut it out

Warfield announcing for the Browns???? Even he is ashamed of us!!!

Can we pick paul Warfield?

dolphins will draft mallet at pick 79!

If Redskins doesn't take Mallet, then Bills might at 68 - unless we move up.

I would like Taiwan Jones as well.. put me as a plus one on that option

when we pick again- aint going to be anybody productive

say something worthwhile big mondo-say anything damnit

If the Mallett falls to the third round, Miami should trade with Carolina and get him with the first pick in the third round. You could move up fourteen spots and give up your 3rd, 5th and one of our three sevenths, and it's done. Please Ireland. Grow a pair and make the move.

The Patriots and Billicheat are genius. They play the draft to perfection. Tading allover the place and gathering more talent with each move. They even set themselves up for next years draft...again...what has happened to our once proud franchise.. we have become the LIONS...oh wait even they get it now!!!

pats trading back to around when miami is due to pick jus to take what they been friggin sitting still and hoping for them to fall to the dolphins

Been looking through old youtube vids of Marino.

For those who say he was not mobile:


Detroit is going to have a tough defense to run against this season

Detroit is having a very good 2011 NFL Draft

have a HAARPy day :(


Armando where do you get these clowns

with the next dolphin pick in the draft - miami selects another player nobody has to gameplan around

I will be happy if they sign (when LO is over) Vince Youg and De Angelo Hall in free agency and build the rest of the team in the draft

you know what everyone is in the pool swimming round and the dolphins still testing the water with there toe to decide if its jus right

I don't have to look at video of Marino. I watched Marino play every week from 1983 until 1999. I have spoken with Marino. Marino will tell you he was not MOBILE!!!! So stop the madness!! Just tell us why we are soooo safe and boring Armando please tell us the last safe boring team that won anything!!!

ireland will draft a guard to play tackle for carey

least his momma ain't no ho

since the draft is clearly not where Miami is going to upgrade.. dream free agents:

1. DeAndelo Williams
2. Trade for Palmer
3. Mike Sims-Walker
4. Reggie Bush is available

anyone else?

Nice post Greg 8:19 PM and

Beware many more HAARP created deadly tornadoes coming as soon as next week

I posted one as well Mandy...Damm that boy could sling it! Sigh

hey big mondo and everyone else- you ever notice when draft is over - networks or commentators mention who had best draft or made great picks - dolhins never make list - think about that one

Telephone ringing

(Ireland) Hello

(Irelands mom) Hello, son. You sound disappointed

(Ireland) Well, I was expecting a call from another GM

(Irelands mom) Son, you don't need them. remember what I taught you when you were a little boy?

(Ireland) About acorns?

(Irelands mom) Oh good, you haven't forgot. Now go find those acorns

well i hope they getting some thoughts of maye trading up into the 3 rd round maybe to get 2 3rd rounders

Thanks Home.....even a deadly tornado couldn't wake up Ireland!!! Guys please don't plan on the Dolphins doing anything in free agency either....YEAHHHHHHH WE Did it HYEAHHHHH

fins up

Dolphins up!

WTF a trade

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