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Live draft blog begins here, now

Day Two of the draft is about to begin and two questions dominate:

Will the Dolphins trade into the second round?

As to getting into the second round, I have serious doubts the Dolphins will use their limited ammo to get into the round. That is obviously just a prediction, but I have a hard time believing Miami will invest the kind of capital necessary to come from nowhere to the the second.

That would require the Dolphins giving up their 2012 first round pick.

If the idea is for them to use their third round pick to try to move up into the second round, they still would have to yield either their fourth-round selection or perhaps the third rounder plus a high pick next year. Again, that is a prohibitive price.

I'm not saying the Dolphins would never pay such a price but ...

“I think you can always get ammunition," Ireland said yesterday abou tthe prospects of moving up. "I mean, look what Atlanta did. You always have ammunition I think. You can use your picks up until 2014 if you wanted to. We had a couple players on the board that if they fell to a certain spot then we might have jumped up, but we didn’t choose to do that.”


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miami traded!


Dolphins trade into the second round!!!!



Take 2: I will be happy if they sign (when LO is over) Vince Youg and De Angelo Williams in free agency and improve the rest of the team in the draft

What did we trade?

Dolphins trade with Redskins and are on the clock.

We had Mallet in 6 times we know him if its him Im excited

we traded up!!!

ireland should be fired!!!!!!

holy sh.......t

I bet its MALLET

no i am thinking we are gonna over pay for mallett

3rd, 5th, and 7th?

Did you hear that Armando....feet of stone but great arm just like MARINO

sam madison he was bad ass

daniel thomas

Loves Sam Madison :)

Mando's power of mind tricks work again... lol


I'm bacccckkkk The tattoo stays...the pick is in its ballsy and its not safe I love it.....welcome to the team Danny Thomas




Daniel Thomas?

We traded up to get who??? Dan Thomas???

Armando you nailed it...Nice work..Kudos

mark that big mondo - i called it big mondo - not you

WHAT THE F...???

move up 17 spots

for another nice safe pick yahoo

ireland rocks

could've got jones anyway but who cares lets spend picks for nice safe player

Daniel thomas, Big RB. One cut runner.

The running game is on!

Great pick! He's a beast!

Are you kidding me????
We gave up the 3rd, 5th, and 7th for that?

Nothing special about Daniel Thomas. Probably good ST player.

I repeat WHAT THE F_____!~??!?!!

I remember when Cleveland "won" the draft in 2007. Quite the upstart franchise since then.

4.63 speed Daniel "Turtle" Thomas

oh yeah 11 fumbles....

Hope you all are happy. We lost 2 picks. Heres to FA. Who is Thomas. GREAT MOVE. There goes Ronnie. Community college and fumble problems. Brilliant.

Can he return kicks?


Dan Thomas played QB as well.. wildcat?

why not DeMarco Murray 4.31 speed

heck Hankerson WR

this team is such a fuc*king joke

We must have plans to get back some of those picks. That is a bad trade otherwise..

Good bye Ricky Williams

yeah they beat the dolphins last year right

Not impressed. Not worth trading up for. He is no Ingram, not even close. We could have had the same resigning Ronnie.

thomas is a beast...he can over pwoer people and will catch the ball out of the back field. He should give Henne an outlet those times he is under pressure. Good move...at least we know the royal wedding is over because ireland made a move!!!!

so now that miami traded when is their next pick

There goes a chance at a good TE.

So LAME!!!! I Hate this regime!!!

this kid is so slow its scary unreal.....we traded up for this?????????

I wondered if Ross had just soiled his pants after this.

And that's our day...Trade up for some RB that isn't even better than BROWN...F____ This

still prefer Taiwan Jones

Wow. Thought for sure that would be Mallett. Love Daniel Thomas tho. Now get Taiwan Jones to pair with him.

Traded 3rd, 5th and a 7th...whoa

what did we give up for it?

thomas is a great pick. What did we give up? our 3rd and 4th round pick?

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