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Mike Pouncey to Dolphins? He doesn't think so

The Dolphins need to upgrade the center position. Like, very much.

Among the most obvious ways the team is likely to do that is either by moving Richie Incognito from guard to center or drafting someone good enough to take over the job as a rookie -- someone like say ... Mike Pouncey.

Except that Mike Pouncey doesn't seem to be exceedingly prominent on the Dolphins' radar and he seems to think he's headed to another NFL team when the draft gets underway later this month.

"... Would be shocked if I wasn't in a Dallas uniform next year!" Pouncey tweeted earlier this afternoon. "The draft is April 28 so we will see."

We shall see. Obviously Pouncey, who was in Dallas for private meetings with the Cowboys on Tuesday and Wednesday, has gotten the idea that team really, really, really likes him. So he thinks that's where he's headed. The Cowboys hold the No. 9 overall pick, which I believe is way, way, way too early to invest on Pouncey.

If Pouncey is correct, perhaps Jerry Jones, with whom Pouncey met, said something about trading down in the first round. Perhaps the Cowboys are looking at Pouncey as their second-round selection -- No. 40 overall. That is all speculative.

This is not: If Pouncey had his choice of teams, he'd be going to Pittsburgh.

"To all the Steelers fans, I would love to be playing for the Steelers and if I had a choice I would," he tweeted, "but it isn't my choice."

Pouncey would "love" to be reunited with his brother Markice, who was Pittsburgh's No. 1 draft pick last year and a great addition to that team. The Pounceys played together at Florida.

Look, Mike Pouncey would be an excellent addition for the Dolphins, especially if they trade down as they want and hope to do in the first round in order to pick up an extra pick later in the second round.

Yes, he had nearly 100 poor snaps throughout the course of the 2010 season, most of those out of the shotgun. That's a concern. But I was told by a scout that is something that will be corrected by good coaching and something his sheer talent can overcome.

The greater point is, if Pouncey is correct, and he is headed to the Cowboys, does that mean the Dolphins need to make other plans at center?

After Pouncey, there is no real first-round option at center and possibly no second-round option, either. FSU's Rodney Hudson is considered a value in the fourth round. Penn State's Stefen Wisniewski is considered a fifth- or sixth-rounder because he doesn't have the strongest lower body in the world. But I like that he comes from a family line of tough-nosed centers, has great ability to recognize defenses and make line calls and is just a flat-out grinder. (Wow, re-reading what I just wrote, maybe he's more a fouth-rounder.)

I'm assuming Slipper Rock's Brandon Fusco is on Miami's board sometime late, although I wonder about the caliber of competition he faced. Oregon State's Alex Linnekohl is also a late-round possibility.


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meant to say that eagles might play coz of the 2 4ths and 2 5ths

The only skill players I hear being talked about are Julio Jones, AJ Green, Mark Ingram and to some extent Williams the TE.
Newton, Gabbert & Mallett are the top tier QB's and Mallett may not go as a first rounder.

Since all teams have the same info what are we going to get for the 15th pick? Not a 1st & 2nd. More likely a 5th & 2nd.

Trade the pick for a starting guard or RB.

armando maybe u could start some undercover negotiations for our trade down, might take your mind of cp


i'm assuming that there's still no player trades allowed before the draft

the other point is fine in which case we probably won't get good value for a trade down, it depends how keen the other trader is

i think some teams wanting 2 firsts might deal but then we lose our first but given that only ingram is likely to be at value at 15 if we get 2 second round pics one of them high it might be worth it for us and them

I don't see Jeff Ireland swindling another team out of 2 2nd rounders, do you?

As long as we have access to the Cowboys trash pile (through Ireland) and the Browns trash plie (through Daboll)and the Footlocker trash pile (McQuistan) and the Walmart trash pile (Mickey Shuler) we will continue to beat the Packers, Steeler and Jets just like we did last year.

anybody else but Pouncey. He's sooo conceited.. what makes him think he's that good?

he's a diva playing the center position, a man's position.

I just threw up in my mouth a little, did I read Incognito @ center? That was a f'n disaster last year. It looked like our QB's were doing a soul train dance trying to get the shotgun snaps from Icognito.

I admire People who play golf. I once tried an 18 hole course and, it wasn't easy. People were screaming at us, - Hey, get out of the way! You'll never reach that hole! And it was true. By the 15th hole, we started throwing the ball(anyways, it traveled farther than if we hit it), and that way, we finished the Course. Yes we did.

Oscar, Try Freesby golf,Though I dont think they have any in Miami,They have them in Arizona and California....lol

At what point should the team with the least offensive weapons in the league (1) start drafting offensive weapons? Some of you are worse than Sparano being obsessed with line line line line ad nauseam until 9 years from now we have the best line in the league and the lowest scoring offense. Besides this FO's track record draftng lineman is horrible:

Folks, we need some serious offensive weapons, not generic offensive weapons, we need the best available. Every team in our division if not the entire NFL has more fire power than we do. Skill players do make the line look and play better too! The first two picks need to be either RB, TE, WR.


Great points above. It was until the Jets realized this that things starting happening for them. They went out and got Holmes, LT and Edwards and drafted guys like Keller, Greene and Brad Smith. They realized while it's great to have a good OL and defence, you've got to have some weapons too. I blieve Sanchez doesn't have it but these help make him look better. I don't believe Ireland is the idiot everyone makes him out to be, as the trade for Marshall showed last year. I believe he'll get more playmakers for the offence.

0x80, believe it or not, I TOTALLY agree with you (I've been screaming that for years). But, what I realized (and I think you haven't appreciated yet) is the team we CURRENTLY have. Our starting QB cannot achieve without at LEAST 5 sec. (if not longer) to throw the ball. Our RBs cannot run through a sprinkler without getting tackled. So, this offense (per the Coach, per the FO, per the system) lives and dies on the line. You saw last year how well Henne can evade the rush (he can't). You saw how well Thigpen was able to handle pressure with no line (he couldn't). We had one of the best WR's in the league on the team, and they couldn't get him the ball. So who cares if we have the best WRs and TEs and RBs in the league, if the line won't pass block, run block or even handle shotgun snaps?

And to make the same mistake this year (of hoping the linemen who were injured can come back and help is a bit risky. Non of those guys coming back are stars. They are all fill-ins and guys who know a bunch of positions but don't do any of them well. We need a line (like NE, like the Colts) that can give the QB time to be effective (if that's at all possible with this QB).

I agree we need weapons, I'm all for that. But I don't want to see another year when we have one of the 3 or 4 best WR's in the league getting frustrated because he's being used as a decoy. I don't want to see our RB tandem (who were good enough to be 4th in the league 2 years ago) getting 2 yards and being stuffed. I don't want to see our TE blocking on EVERY down because the dang line can't do their job. That will bring frustration to the unit, cause problems and will likely lead to disunity. I'd rather get the line right, and then bring in the talent we need to score and be effective. Because, if we don't have a QB (and right now, we have one that's not very effective), we'll need a line so everyone else can hopefully elevate his play.

Craig, Jets made some of their biggest FA pickups on the line. They handled that first. I blame this totally on Sparano, that was his area of expertise, and he's EFFED it up big time.

But we won't be effective with the line we had last year (including the remnants that got hurt). We need starters in those positions, not backups for every other team.

Pouncey will not even be as good as Dolphin's X-center Satele

His brother is a stud on the Steelers

The lesser twin will be a below average center in the NFL

No need to pick up below average players

Best bet is to keep Dirty Richie at center

Now if the Dolphins only drafted Mike Iupati like Home wanted last year, Miami would have been all set with this incredible Mauler right next to Jake Long for the next decade of O-line excellence

... but No The blowfish drafted Brittle Jared Broken 'Dick

OR, we need a QB that can evade the rush. But that's not what we currently have on this team.


As 0x80 has said on a number of occasions, I don't believe ourline is as bad as everyone says. Think about it for a second....

Jerry SHOULD be better. Carey, if healthy, should be better. Long was hurt for a number of games last year. As good as he was, he should be better. Incognito at centre you would expect would be better than Berger. Maybe Berger plays in reserve. Garner will be back this year. And maybe we sign or draft a couple more guys. Where the line fell down last year, IMO, were when guys like Proctor and McQuistan had to step in for some of these guys. HATED these guys!! As a result our line collectively failed. I don't believe it's as bad as it showed last year.

lmao. Yeah, I'm sure Pouncey knows exactly where he is going and the Dolphins are one of the easiest teams to read when it comes to knowing what they are going to be doing during the draft. NOT!!!


One other thing about the Jets. They invested heavily in guys like Ferguson and Mangold through the draft. I still believe we've done something along those lines with Long and Jerry (although I'm not comparing our guys to the Jets two). I think 0x80 is correct. We can KEEP investing in our line and NEVER get it right. At some point we've got to get weapons for Henne or whatever QB we choose. Dont' forget Satele was a 2nd round pick too and gone after a couple of years. The OL picks don't always work out.

By the way guys, I hope Armando hammers any of you guys who go around impersonating other people. It's one of the most childish things I've seen. What is it you guys are trying to accomplish by pulling that kind of stuff? Does it help you try to discredit some of the people you have disagreements with or don't like on here? Brilliant!! The beauty of this blog is we don't have to agree on everything but none of it should be personal. I had someone on here the other night trying to pretend to be me. To that person I say 'you're a child and a coward'! If you can't argue the points without resorting to what a child would do, then you're not worth talking to and I suggest you seek some professional help....

To everyone else....thanks for making this blog what it's really about....talking football and our beloved Dolphins!


We agree in principle but differ in evaluation.

Merely one offensive weapon is not a weapon. One weapon only can be too easily neutralized. I give ZERO weight to Thiggys day in Chicago, how bloggers love to pounce on that is beyond me. He had a total of 3 days practice with the starters on a short week and a totally makeshift online with the 3RD string center! NO QB could be expected to perfom in that situation. I'm not making any comparisons between Thig and Henne, they are too different, just saying that game was a total ABERRATION.

Again, as I see Craig mentioned...but from a different angle, I think some are giving too much credit to R&R. Ronnie was never elite to begin with, now he is 30 and coming off numerous injuries. Neither of the them break tackles like they used to. So I'm saying too many give too much credit to the skill players and not enough to the oline. Think about it, 2 fading RBs', 1 mediocre TE, 1 star WR, 1 4th round WR that plays like a 4th rounder, 1 pretty good slot reciever, and 2 undrafted WR's with unknown potential.

More spark from the skill players will show this oline is better than it looks.


Dont' forget, for as good a slot receiver as Bess is, he wasn't drafted either. We can't keep expect to keep finding these 'acorns' and then expect to be considered an elite offence. It doesn't work that way. There's a reason why New Orleans or Indy have had the best offences. They draft top end talent at the skill positions. I know I don't have to tell you this...I'm preaching to the choir.

One guy nobody spends a lot of time talking about is Virgil Green, the TE. I like this kid quite a bit. Good chance he goes in the third round. To me it would make a lot of sense to spend a pick on this guy. Athletic and exactly what we need at the TE position.

ok as a follow up to my earlier post - please read the caveat at the beginning (!)

i suggest a balance between 0x80 and dc (ol and multiple weapons {maybe not nuclear weapons though}in that if there is no fa or late fa and we need young legs with speed i think giving up our first for extra 2nd,3rds, pics might not be a bad idea , then we would get more new blood players who are perhaps not blue chip but may well be best value

i'm happy to be rebutted on this i just think we have so many needs this might get us somewhere esp given that ingram player graded at 15 and yet rb's are good value elsewhere

meant to say ingram only player graded at 15 that is one of our needs


I agree with your thoughts on this. I know 0x80 won't agree with trading down and that's fine. I think there is still great players available in the first three rounds.


I've said before and I'll say again, if Ireland has Leshoure as the best back in the draft and we can't tradedown and others we want are gone, then he has to take him. No question!!

I have Zero cnfidence that Ireland or Sparono will make a good choice, Lets just take this year as a wash guys, seeing how neither one of those two will be here past november, Dec if the season is shorten by a strike.......BTWDoubtful that the Owner will pick a good coach in the upcoming years, Is everyone on board for the long haul, I'am talking about 5 years from now.Once Hollywood Ross gets tired of this venture maybe he'll sell to a owner that knows how this game works, Till then we are the lions of the south.....

Nice post, Armando. Good info, especially about Wisniewski. I think I remember reading about him a few months ago, seemed he was more highly regarded than a 4th rounder. Anyway, could be good value, I'd take a shot on him in the 4th.

I still have a hard time believing Armando is still on the Carson Palmer bandwagon. Seriously, have you seen the guy play? He's been terrible more often than good. He's over.

Speaking of bandwagons, A few months ago on this blog, I officially pioneered the Jordan Todman bandwagon. RB out of UConn who will probably be available in the 3rd round. He's every bit the back that Ingram is, and by taking him later, Miami can address a different need in the 1st round, i.e. O-Line. Viva Jordan Todman!

fair enough if he feels he has to take the BEST back, but what i'm saying is we take A back whilst being able to pick up a ol,2nd rb wr, te etc that is higher than would be otherwise

it goes against the grain of quality not quantity

instead i'm saying maybe slightly less quality (or more risk of not achieving) for more new blood into the team, 2nd and 3rd round players can often produce star players just less often

at least this year

Craig, I'd be OK with trading down for a second, not for a third. Thats giving away 15 at too big of a bargain. I see the later round backs in this drafts as complimentary type backs, not guys that will anchor the RB position for years to come. Considering our current RB core is the most dismal in franchise history with only 1 6th rounder on board that we've already waived once, there really is no better time to invest in a top RB in the draft. I don't see us getting a 2nd for the 15, if we do, more power to Ireland.

I say again: Jordan Todman (RB, UConn)

Mando, any idea if this guy is on the Dolphins' radar. I know Sparano is from Conn. I really believe this guy is a long term solution at RB.

Home, Did you get Brad Pitt to play you in the upcoming Summer Block-buster Movie "Have a Harrpy Day"?????????Who's You love inertestBeing played in the movie???I bet it's Natalie Portman...,Come on buddy, Spill the beans...


You don't know that. This is a regime that have added Wake, Marshall, Davis, Smith, Long, Bess and Hartline. We don't know what we have in Odrick, Misi, Jerry, or Merling yet. To be honest, their track record isn't NEARLY as everyone would have you believe.


I agree with you....I see some of the third round backs being nothing more than complimentary too. But what would the problem be with taking one of the backs late first and still having a third to use on another position. To me that would be great value.

Greg, That's true, though I believe that Tony(Fist-pump)Sparono might be the worst coach this side of Dave(No nut sack Required)Wannstadt, I mean the guy is horrible, If the fins had a actual coach I could see them making it to 7 and 9 again(For a third stright year of mediocrity)While the jets get better and even the bills have made strides we lose to the browns,lions,billsin the last five weeks....Rebuttal..

@Craig M. Agreed, this regime takes a lot of heat, but they found some pretty decent talent. If Henne can put it together this year, and there is improvement and cohesion on the O-line, its enough talent to be a playoff team. Special teams needs more athletes also. But its not crazy to think these things could happen. And of course, as with every team in the league, hope guys stay healthy.

What he was moved him to guard or if we drafted a tackle and move Carey to guard? I think that would solidify our Offensive line.

The reason I never discuss the trade down scenario is because there are just too many variables involved to discuss it as 'a single scenario', its too wide open. Without knowing which first round pick we would be swapping, and for what later pick we would be getting, makes it hard to evaluate. Dropping down two spots to 17 to get a third may be reasonable, dropping down to 30 to get a 3rd wouldn't be. So I avoid it because is 10 times more the guessing game then just evaluating your current draft positions straight up.

Menace, hoping to interview Jessica Alba and she if she has the right stuff

0x80 & Craig. Gotta disagree about the RB's. Obviously if you saw my earlier post, I'm all about Todman, but the kid from Va Tech is a player also. These guys dont get the press that Ingram does, but as I see it, they could easily be really good every down backs.

I'm telling you, if Todman played Alabama or Oklahoma or some big time program, he's be a household name.

Plate, Henne "Put it together"????? Lmao, Not only did the mighty air-breather get a worse OC then the dead man Henning(Daboll)(Who had a worse Offense record then the fins) But have no real running back signed,Still have a HC that the owner tried to replace,a horried Special team, Lets face it guys all NFL assitants stayed away from signg with this group cause of the toxicity of the water.......Go Phins..

look at the chargers (18,50+61,82+89)(ref wolf 9.03 am)

they have 18 then 2 seconds and 2 3rds no 4 or 5

i don't think they'll give us 18 for 15 but
say they get 15,18,82,111 (our 4th)
and we get 50+61,79,89,146

we go from 1,3,4 to 2x2,2x3,0,1x5

ok i haven't got a clue if this is either realistic or a really bad idea but i'm interested in what u guys think

Todman is light for an every down back in the NFL. Here is a scouting report:

Positives: Above average speed, can beat defenders to the corner... Very shifty, has quick feet and routinely makes the first man miss... Good change of direction ability, changes his running pace constantly, makes him tough to track down... Good vision, does a great job finding the hole and would excel in a zone blocking system... Patient runner, waits for his blockers... Great receiver out of the backfield, can line up in the slot and run routes... Versatility will appeal to a lot of teams looking for a playmaker on offense... Connecticut has put some good running backs into the NFL over the past couple years (Donald Brown, Andre Dixon)... Elite production, ran for 1695 yards and 14 TD and 2010 and eclipsed 80 yards in every contest... Big East Offensive Player of the Year in 2010... Hard worker, came to UConn as a two-star cornerback recruit and developed into one of the top running backs in the country... Has experience returning kicks... Explosive lower body, led all running backs at the combine with a 10'6" broad jump and had a 38" vertical... Ran very well at the combine, a steady riser throughout the draft process.

Negatives: Rather small for an every down back... Not a great runner between the tackles, likes to bounce everything to the outside... Pass blocking ability is limited, lunges at defenders, doesn't have the size to be very effective as a blocker... Missed one game in 2010 due to an arm injury... Likely nothing more than a situational back at the NFL level... Can get pushed backwards by defenders, has trouble getting extra yards when larger players get a hold of him... Seems to get tripped up by arm tackles more often than he should... Lower body appears weak, doesn't have a solid base to work with, can get knocked off center.


Obviously a second is better. But with a first AND a third we can still drop down and get one of the backs we want PLUS something. To me that is still better than staying at 15, with no second and one third.


ok i'll shut up!!!!

i'm just hungry

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Guys remember who's picking the picks...........

wolf, I never asked anyone to shut up...just explaining why I personally prefer not to try evaluating all the possible trade down scenarios.

I do believe as Garbage does, we are only 2 or 3 key players away from being a contender.

Cuban, I agree you have to be worried who's making the pick. This group including Ireland are responsible for the players on this team. Pat White comes to mind.

Oscar, those 2 to 3 players include a QB I hope!


0x80, Your thoughts on the state of "Finland" with your thoughts on everything Re: the fins, keep in mind the coach,no running back signed, chad Henne,O-line, Spical teams..., Your thoughts on the up coming season???


I know, but i think you're right

I should shut up it's way to complicated

Oscar, Are you watching the same team as I am??????

Everyone's talking about Cognito can't pull, so draft this guy and play him there, etc, etc.

Draft Pouncey and move "Turn style" Carey inside, etc, etc.

The thought occurred to me that Daboll may employ and entirely different blocking scheme than the last......ahem.......regime.

I'll admit I haven't done this part of the "homework" on Daboll.....YET!

In the run game AND the pass game there's multiple types of blocking schemes. You have zones, you have pull and trap, inside out, outside in etc, etc.

My question is, before we all get too carried away on who and how we'll address the O-line in the upcoming draft, does anybody have any idea/knowledge of the blocking schemes that Daboll will most likely employ?

Anybody that knows or cares to take this up, this is your homework assignment. As soon as I post this, I'll be starting up yet another Google search!!!!


2 or 3 key players and the new oc turning up with a. better playbook, b. better coaching of play-action etc, c. taking over oline coaching from sparano!

i'm willing to believe

odinseye, re daboll from last blog

technically its currently either a bicycle basket or a small trailer, no way is it a bandwagon at the momnet but i'm with u, i have made a few hints that i'm a big fan of the totally unproven oc we hired

Posted by: the wolf, icu | April 06, 2011 at 04:23 PM

Mr Wolf,

If a bicycle and basket is all we got, lets ride it till the wheels fall off.

Of course we'll have to put the basket on the back to make room for me and the beer on the handle bars!

LOL @ Lil Aloco, What's for lunch today????


all right!!

fin fans need their beer more than ever!

but it sure doesn't satisfy my hunger

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