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Mike Pouncey to Dolphins? He doesn't think so

The Dolphins need to upgrade the center position. Like, very much.

Among the most obvious ways the team is likely to do that is either by moving Richie Incognito from guard to center or drafting someone good enough to take over the job as a rookie -- someone like say ... Mike Pouncey.

Except that Mike Pouncey doesn't seem to be exceedingly prominent on the Dolphins' radar and he seems to think he's headed to another NFL team when the draft gets underway later this month.

"... Would be shocked if I wasn't in a Dallas uniform next year!" Pouncey tweeted earlier this afternoon. "The draft is April 28 so we will see."

We shall see. Obviously Pouncey, who was in Dallas for private meetings with the Cowboys on Tuesday and Wednesday, has gotten the idea that team really, really, really likes him. So he thinks that's where he's headed. The Cowboys hold the No. 9 overall pick, which I believe is way, way, way too early to invest on Pouncey.

If Pouncey is correct, perhaps Jerry Jones, with whom Pouncey met, said something about trading down in the first round. Perhaps the Cowboys are looking at Pouncey as their second-round selection -- No. 40 overall. That is all speculative.

This is not: If Pouncey had his choice of teams, he'd be going to Pittsburgh.

"To all the Steelers fans, I would love to be playing for the Steelers and if I had a choice I would," he tweeted, "but it isn't my choice."

Pouncey would "love" to be reunited with his brother Markice, who was Pittsburgh's No. 1 draft pick last year and a great addition to that team. The Pounceys played together at Florida.

Look, Mike Pouncey would be an excellent addition for the Dolphins, especially if they trade down as they want and hope to do in the first round in order to pick up an extra pick later in the second round.

Yes, he had nearly 100 poor snaps throughout the course of the 2010 season, most of those out of the shotgun. That's a concern. But I was told by a scout that is something that will be corrected by good coaching and something his sheer talent can overcome.

The greater point is, if Pouncey is correct, and he is headed to the Cowboys, does that mean the Dolphins need to make other plans at center?

After Pouncey, there is no real first-round option at center and possibly no second-round option, either. FSU's Rodney Hudson is considered a value in the fourth round. Penn State's Stefen Wisniewski is considered a fifth- or sixth-rounder because he doesn't have the strongest lower body in the world. But I like that he comes from a family line of tough-nosed centers, has great ability to recognize defenses and make line calls and is just a flat-out grinder. (Wow, re-reading what I just wrote, maybe he's more a fouth-rounder.)

I'm assuming Slipper Rock's Brandon Fusco is on Miami's board sometime late, although I wonder about the caliber of competition he faced. Oregon State's Alex Linnekohl is also a late-round possibility.


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Odin, Any truth that your sending the fins some of your Maruders????, If so will they be bringing there weapons?????

Get the best available at the draft. Fill other spots with vets once CBA complete.

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Aloco, I just woke up, Is it lunch time??, What should I eat ???



Posted by: ALoco | April 07, 2011 at 01:03 PM

Aloco, That's only food for the"Fat cats" of america, Tell me your not wearing a "Golden Parachute".............And if you are, When should I rid myself of AIG ????

wisnieski is a 4th or 5th round pick? where? everything i've seen on wisniewski has him graded as a potential 2nd or 3rd.

Lil Aloco did you say "
Camel sance"???????What is that????, I want to make Hot Ashley something good tonight.......

LMAOROTF @ Aloco, Your right, that would make her happy....LOL

she'd wont Bi@tch at me for the leaving the seat up at least...LOL Again @ Lil Aloco..


although i feel that we would have done better on offense had our o-line stayed intact during the season i believe we are far from set across the line. jake long is the only o-lineman that is dependable. incognito is not the answer at guard or center and, if we were to draft o-linemen in this draft he would probaby end up eventually being relegated to backup status, as would be berger at center. so, if we were able to pick up a pulling guard and a center we would probably see that part of the line revamped.
in addition to that, carey can't be relied upon to play a full season at right tackle so we need to find a possible replacment for him at that position. now, we may get lucky with garner on that side but you can't take a chance that will pan out. so, we really could use a fix at three positions along the offensive line. is it as much of a necessity as some of the other positions on the offense? sure it is. it's a given that we need help on the offensive line as much as running back, wide receiver and the quartberback position. but, like some say, we can't fix everything in this draft but we can, at least, pick up one offensive lineman to help the situation this year.


Aloco why not go find a food blog? The more you are here the less the blog talks football and drifts into nonsense.

Can someone explain why pouncey is even a first round pick, he is not his brother, have you guys seen he snap out of the shotgun, horrible we do not need him at 15.

First of all if Miami was interested in Pouncey why would they pretend to like him ahead of the draft?

He wouldn't know. He shouldn't know.

I believe Miami's front office will play it safe and select G Pouncey.

I would prefer RB Ingram or QB Ryan Mallett but I'm going to try and think like those morons would think.

1) Selecting Mallett is too much risk in first round. It will take cpl years to gain any benefit and by that time Sporano will be fired if no improvement.

2) Selecting Ingram when you can get another RB in 3rd-4th rounds. VTech RB Ryan Williams, Taiwan Jones, Delone Carter..

3) Pouncey is a plug and play. He can start right now at Guard. So you would be drafting a starter.

My own thoughts are that you don't draft a guard until rounds 3-5 but whatever. These guys are going to play it safe.


Here's a thought. Trade up with Dallas if Julio Jones is available and Dallas can select Pouncy- who should be there. Miami can use either 1) Merling or 2) 3rd & 4th round draft picks as bait. In this way Miami will likely be getting a star, speedy wide receiver which will greatly help their offense and Henne's development!


Mike Pouncey is NOT Maurkice. Mike gets hype due to the brother thing, but I point out Eli vs Peyton. Eli NEVER had the stats or leadership of Peyton, yet he goes early in the draft.
Yes he won a Super Bowl, but he's had MANY more sub par games than Peyton will EVER have.

For grins (I'm suggesting a topic takeover of this blog momentarily..LOL) can anyone else here post examples of brother B getting a gig due to brother "A's" prominence?
(No Baldwins please...lol)


Dan, regarding your comment "It will neither help OR hurt Miami, of course, since 31 other teams are facing the same situation."

MY response is it WILL hurt Miami, especially in our own division, as BOTH the Jets and Pats are MILES away better than the Fins, and could survive AS IS. They have experienced and talented skill players both on offense AND defense...we do not, and without the opportunity to wheel and deal NOW, or even before July August, we remain several levels below both the Jets and Pats...not to mention the Steelers, Ravens, Chargers, Colts...hopefully, you get the point. :>D

**** B U D T K I ' S D R A F T ****(1)
Armando, pouncey would be nice, so would the top tight-end, safety, runningback, reciever. but as everyone knows, once again, miami has another weak draft. it is critical that miami uses the draft to upgrade positions where youth is most beneficial. at runningback fresh legs trumphs experience hence freeagency should NOT be an option here. this will bring us to even footing in the run game but will cost us our first rounder. with the quarterback position being most responsable for draft day busts, this is also the safer choice here. imagine.. the top running back in the draft, a leaner ronnie(-25lbs), and polite, two hammers and speed. two other bonuses achieved by selecting a RB with the 15th pick would be increased ticket sales(playmaker at RB) and the hidden bonus to the passing game(if he can catch)

**** B U D T K I ' S D R A F T ****(2)
with the most important position on any team, quarterback is the one where a seasoned player can benefit the team the most. with miami's unique QB situation, a trade or a free agent is the intelligent choice here. aquiring a player(by trade) such as carson palmer will do many things and at the very least will preserve one of the few QUALITY picks we DO have. do NOT waste a quality pick here, as miami simply can NOT afford to exaust said pick when trade is a viable option. getting a carson palmer would also buy time for henne. a rookie QB would be a risk miami cannot afford, it would take time and possibly force us to use freeagency where it would be less effective. MAXIMIZE every move!

**** B U D T K I ' S D R A F T ****(3)
as with the QB position, incognito is the PROOF that will allow miami to hoard yet another quality pick, youth once again plays second fiddle to experience, and the O-LINE is such a place where a high-priced, seasoned free agent can make a serious upgrade. combine that with the fact that miami is extremely limited in this draft makes any other decision a hinderence in the effort to maximize what little oppourtunities we do have in a division where miami is already behind the eightball

**** B U D T K I ' S D R A F T ****(4)
and this is what it all comes down to, the new trend, the AIR game!, just think of any competetive team today, saints, eagles, cowboys, cardianls, vikes... they all have 2 or three big time recievers, the day of 1 stud reciever is long gone. and according to last years preformance, i'm not so sure that marshall qualifies. so their you have it. it is absloutley impearative that miami addresses the needs at QB and O-LINE with freeagents, as is that it aquires a 2nd round pick via trade(2012pick + player) and use said 2nd rounder to bulster it's recieving crew! miami is behind the times, but using the 15th pick on a RB that can catch, cleverly upgrading QB and O-LINE by freeagency, just might afford miami the small oppourtunity(if it can secure a 2nd rounder) to aquire another top end reciever to compliment marshall and the new recieving threat at RB. lets bring excitement to miami! DO NOT TRADE DOWN!!! WE NEED VALUE!!! miami needs playmakers. believe me, no one will be upset if miami drafts recievers and runningbacks

Well, I've avoided saying this all year, but I feel I'm gonna bust if I don't get it out.
I've been a Fins fan since the first game in '66 (I was there, Auer's Run back of the kickoff against da Raiders, etc)...but I've NEVER felt the hopelessness i feel NOW.
Does anyone SERIOUSLY think we can challenge for our division, let alone get into the playoffs with this regime and players?
So, with that fact firmly planed in your consciousness, I contend we get even MORE serious about our DEFENSE, which DOES give us a chance to at least BEAT UP some of our opponents, especially the Jets.
Lets be the Ravens of the AFC East, maybe not respected, but at least FEARED!!
Move up and get one of the premier Defensive guys like Fairly, trade our 3rd and 4th for a 2nd and lower 4th and get a more physical guy than Crowder. acquire or draft another DB that HITS...unless Will Allen is back to !00%.

We are 2 years away offensively. Why not load up on defense as the Ravens did way back in the 90's and early 2000's?

Sorry for the rant.

IMAwriter, I'm proud of your rant, you must be as old as me if you remember 66!

I dont care how most Dolphin fans look at the Dolphin's situation but if we do not have a solid O-Line we have nothing on Offense. We can not give Henne away plus we need two more sign callers. Ronnie is not worth the money and Rick does not want to comeback beind that O-Line. The three WR we have is OK for one more season. So I fill we have to go after M. Pouncey because he can play both Center and Gaurd positions. That combination is priceless if we have injuries on the O-Line.

As a former college RB an a season ticket holder for 5 years I would LOVE for the to invest in their OL postions better. To be able to push people around in the HEAT in Miami. PRICELESS!

I could live with Ingram as a long term investment at round 1. But I think they should actually retain R&R for the pounding game and focus on other playmakers in the first round and pick up a speed type RB in the 3rd round. Trading down and picking up two OL makes a certain amount of sense. Trading down an picking up an OL and a pass catching TE makes sense. I do think we want to come out of the first four rounds with a definitive solution to our OL for years to come and with at least one speed RB. Pouncey is probably not a great value for money at the #15 pick although with trading down if we could get him I would.

He's better than Newton and without the baggage. Should we trade down and get him late 1st or quit fooling around

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