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RBs on the mind, in meetings, in the later rounds

The Dolphins are conducting meetings with players at their facility next week, with several players already scheduled to fly in Monday for Tuesday visits.

Count Illinois running back Mikel Leshoure prominently among the players the Dolphins will be meeting with soon. The team is looking for replacements for either Ronnie Brown or Ricky Williams or both and Leshoure's performance last season -- 1,697 rushing yards and 17 TDs -- suggest he's as solid a possibility as anyone.

So what should the Dolphins look for when they search for a running back?

They need to find a guy who can square his shoulders and get up field quickly. They should find someone who can absorb hits with some sort of subtlety to where it seems as if defenders are always just missing. This is important because backs that take full-on hits all the time don't last very long or get hurt a lot. Quickness is a trait you want from a running back, one that is more important than speed, quite frankly.

You probably think I'm crazy for typing that last sentence, right? After all, look at Chris Johnson. The man is a lightning bolt and that speed is intoxicating. Yes, but Johnson is also quick. Speed on it own gives you a track man. NFL teams want football players.

Speed is not so valuable in the absence of instinct.

Consider that Ronnie Brown came out of Auburn and to Miami as the No. 2 overall selectionin 2005. He ran a 4.4 in the 40 at the Indianapolis Combine. But how many 70 yard touchdown runs has that led to with the Dolphins?

Meanwhile, a guy such as Emmitt Smith could barely crack 4.6 in the 40-yard dash. And yes, he ran behind a dominant offensive line. But when he got past the second level, I don't rightly recall him getting caught from behind by cornerbacks or safeties that could run much faster. He had quickness. He had instincts. It's important.

One player that I had not heard about until this week was brought to my attention by a great personnel man I sometimes converse with and always respect. Check out Maryland running back Da'Rel Scott.

He's 5-11 and 211 pounds. His stats at Maryland as a junior were good but not great. He gained 708 yards. He's projected to be a 5th or 6th round pick. But this personnel man really likes Scott. Says he had very nice quickness to go with his 4.4 speed.

And, of course, he gets square quickly.

Look, I don't claim to be a draft guru. Frankly anyone in the media that claims to be a draft guru without actually having NFL experience is something of a poser. But what I do is talk to people who are legitimate personnel people, who have been in draft rooms and have true expertise and experience.

Those guys actually picked players. And I, in turn, pick their brains and pass along to you as much information as they allow me to do. Scott is a guy that has been suggested to me as a value pick in the fifth or sixth round but perhaps someone takes him a bit sooner.

We'll see how it turns out.

As they say in Boston, follow me on twitta.



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Garner will be back, and its not unreasonable to believe that Jerry will improve in his second season, the oline is in better shape than many suggest. Sure we could use guard, agreed, but the oline is just not the complete mess some are implying.

i think miami should get mikel leshoure if i am right i think they said he didnt fumble the ball during his college days no turn overs an averaged 6 yrds a carry sounds good to me

DB, the other thing is that initial burst we saw going thru the line in his heisman year wasn't there in 2010.

I think people are making this way more difficult than it really is. You just don't draft a HB at 15 unless he's truly elite which, he's not.

Is he good? Yes. Will he improve our running game? No doubt about it. But the value isn't there.

If we can't trade back, if there are no surprises...Jones or Green dropping for example. If we get stuck, yeah pull the trigger.

We wouldn't have this dilemna if we had a second round pick.....but we don't. It becomes increasingly important that make a good first pick. I don't want it invested in a 'maybe' QB.

Incidentally, and I know guys will rip me for even posting this, Parcells is on record as saying he's very familiar with the QBs this year and none of them are 'can't miss' in his opinion. Take that for what it is.

cocao... who is the 'you' that doesn't draft a back at 15 unless he is truly elite, and besides how do you ever really know?

In the last 3 drafts, 3 to 5 backs were taken in the first round each year, a total of 5 were taken earlier than 15. So while you may not draft a back at 15, the GM's across the league who devote their lives to the draft would differ from your opinion. A quick look at the most recent drafts will show Ingram is indeed a fair value at 15.


I don't know that is fair what you said about Ingram. I didn't watch him enough last year playing but while his 40 time wasn't great at the combine people WERE very impressed with his 10 burst.

craig, wisenhunt basically said something similar in his radio interview. he said there isn't a quarterback this year that you can look at like in the past with a matt ryan or sam bradford. he went on to say that they all have unique skill sets but none of them have proven they can do what the top qb's like ryan or bradford were capable of doing.

Damien Berry will be the steal of the draft. Take him in round 3 or if he's still available when round 4 rolls around. It will be a well-worth pick.

I see no reason why Mark Ingram couldnt become a 1,500yd a season rb if our offense gets much better at "second level" blocking. That's what would clear the path for getting Ingram thru the 1st 10yds totally clean.

That seems to be the most crucial key for Ingram taking runs all the way to the house. Seem that was the key for Emmit Smith too.

But I expect Ingram's great 10yd bursts to become more of an advantage factor in 4th qtrs. When defenders become tired and thier tackling gets a little sloppy. That's also when thier "chase speed" becomes slightly slower too. 4th qtr. advantage: Mark Ingram.

craig, i'm just saying that i watched a lot of ingram's games in 2009 and 2010 and that "burst" that he had in 2009 didn't seem to be there this past season. i don't know if the knee had something to do with it but i just didn't see it like i did in 2009. that's just my opinion. i watch the highlights of both seasons and he seems much faster thru the hole in his heisman year than he does last year.


Ingram's 10yd shuttle performance at the combines was definitive proof his 10yd burst is still there my friend! LOL.......

Remember guys, 27 teams passed on Chris Johnson because they didn't think he was elite, because he was too small. Betcha there's a lot of GMs kicking themselves today. I'm not saying Ingram is Johnson, I'm just saying it's easy to stereotype these guys.

We haven't drafted a back high since 2005. Brown's had a nice run. Time to invest in one again.

only in the 40. i saw what he did there compared to the other backs but in the drills ryan williams was much more impressive. ingram looked like he was struggling and williams looked like he was taking a walk in the park. and, what was up with all of the grunting?

DB, Craig and others
i don't want you to get me wrong.i'm not trying to pick an argument with you guys. i just enjoy a good debate on the subject. i hope you don't take anything i'm saying as trying to be an idiot towards anyone. it's all in fun.

Bottomline, if stuck picking at #15, it's nearly insanity not to pick Mark Ingram.n In the tradedown scenario, if available, it's nearly insanity for us not to pick Mike Pouncey.

Mark Ingram and Mike Pouncey should be #1 on our draft board depending on which draft day scenario we're able to pull off. Beit picking at #15(Ingram) or tradedown(Pouncey if available).

DB, read my post from 12:57 on that subject and tell me what you think. i'm not for taking anyone on the offensive side of the ball if we are stuck at #15.


I only take it personal when other people take it personal and get into name-calling. I have no problem with a good discussion or debate. None of us know it all or have all the answers or we'd be doing this for a living and a lot of them time those guys make mistakes too.

If Pouncey isnt available in a trade down scenario, next on my 1st rd list would be Leonard Hankerson. Though not officially thought of as a blazer, he seemed to often get deep during UM games.

Sometimes in itsnt just a simple matter of great speed getting deep. It's also a matter of knowing how to setup the opposing db's. Hankerson seems to be fairly efficient at this.

They one part I don't quite get is why guys like Willians and Leshoure never get talked about as first round picks. What is it about these two guys that people don't love? Why the consensus gap between Ingram and these two? For my money there really isn't that big a gap and I'd be fine with any of them. Why is there NO talk of one of these other two getting up into the first? Would Ireland by roasted by the fans if he took one of these two at 15?

0x80, it's a value chart based on past performance of a given position from 1st round through the 4th or 5th, I can't remember.

For instance, chart shows QB value drops like a rock after 1st round. HB on the other hand shows good value in later rounds.

Let us vow to organize our meat products today.

craig, when you look at the whole picture i think ingram is rated above williams because ingram had 3 complete seasons at alabama and he produced in all three while williams had the one really good season followed by 2010 where he only rushed for 477 yds. he also missed four games last year and in 6 of the 9 he did play in he had well under 100 yds rushing.
as for leshoure, he had a fantastic 2010 with a decent 2009. so, ingram is the one back of the three that actually has the consistency in his numbers. that being said, i still like williams the best out of the three.


Smith, who the hell is Smith? I hate when guys here use a last name of a player like everyone will automatically know who youre talking about. At least use the guy's first name once in your post. So many guys have the same last name. You could be referring to almost anyone.

If you're referring to drafting a defender 1st rd I disaggree. Defense was a team strength in 2010. However, if Von Miller or Patrick Peterson fell, damn have to go with that.

Also, Ingram will be a day one starter no matter who chooses him. Barring injuring, odds greatly favor he will be a 1,000yd rusher his first season and will be one of the top 5 favorites to win offensive rookie mvp. Bet on it!

Craig, I think it was the offensive system, and the "readyness" factor for the NFL. Alabama is a really strong system that demands results and plays a grueling schedule.

So in terms on paper, Ingram is likly to be the most NFL ready guy.

It is a tainted view often as we can see.

He also got the Heisman, so that always brings you up a few notches...

db, how did you do in school? pay attention man. i say it right in my post. aldon smith. stuck at #15 you pull the trigger. there is no other player available to us at that spot that will have the impact he would have and the impact would be immediate. there is no way opposing offenses will be able to keep both cam wake and aldon smith out of the backfield. sacks go way up, hurries go way up, turnovers go up and smith, although seen as a pass rush specialist, has 19 tackles for loss in 2009 and 10 in 2010 despite not playing a full season. that's it. stuck at #15 i have to pull the trigger on this guy. i just can't see anyone else, OL, RB, WR or QB who will contribut as much over the next two years as he will.

I agree that Ingram will be the most NFL ready but will he be the most durable back and the most productive back long term. One of us ACTUALLY know that, including most of the GMs. These guys get paid big bucks to make these decisions and I for one, would have no problem is they drafted Williams or Leshoure at 15. If Ireland thinks one of these guys is going to be the most successful in the NFL then do it....to Hell with what the fans think! Guys are going to say 'well he could have got that guy if he traded back'. That's fine but maybe he wasn't able to trade back. If we have ONE shot at this and then don't draft again until the third round, then take the back you think will have the best career. I like Williams myself but that's not my final say on this.

All I can say is that rb position looks weak for us. Ricky has too much age and God forbids, we'll never have to watch Ronnie Brown dance behind the line and lose yardage again.

Cobbs has neither speed, power, nor great elusiness. Though he could make a fine catch out of the backfield rb. Sheets, though he has amazing speed, is thoroughly unproven. Hilliard, if he couldnt also play st's, wouldnt even be on our team right now.

If anyone cant see the complete dire straights our rb stable is in. Well, all that I can say is, I hope you'll quickly wake up. It makes totally no sense whatsoever at #15 to passover the #1 rated rb in the draft(Ingram). To select the #2 or #3 rated rb in the draft(LeShore and Williams).

How in the hell can you justify that as a gm?


I'm thinking along the same lines as you. Ideally if Smith was there I would take him too and then try to trade back into the second round to grab Williams or Leshoure. I'd be prepared to give up our third and something else to get up to the second. I'd even be prepared to give up next year's second.

Do you like Quinn as well? This guy is top end talent. I think he might end up being the stela of the draft because really he should be a top 5 pick, IMO. A lot of guys think he's only a 4-3 DE but I don't agree. I think he would br great as a 3-4 OLB too.


I wont stoop to your level. How did I do in school? LOL......

You make me wonder the same about you when advocating Aldon Smith. He's not going to replace Wake. Playing the solb takes time, none dominate the position from start.

We just used a 2nd rd pick on Misi. So you have to be boderline insane to turn around and use a 1st rd pick at the exact same position. When a gm clearly knows it takes 2-3yrs for a lb to become DOMINANT at the solb position.

So, how well did I do in school? Jeff Ireland himself will answer that question for you by not choosing Aldon Smith at #15. If any team takes Smith 1st rd(3-4 defense), you can pretty much bet its to play wolb. We already have Cameron Wake at that position.

craig, i love quinn. the problem i have with him is the fact that he didn't play at all in 2010 so you need to base your opinion of the guy on his 2009 performance and what you see of him at the combine and pro days. he's quite a physical specimen and has kept himself in great shape. hopefully, for his sake, missing a year of football didn't lessen his ability to play the game significantly (unless he goes to buffalo) lol. he had a great season in 2009 with 11 sacks and 52 tackles(35 solo) but can you project that to a senior year, which he did not have. boy the scouts really earn their pay.


It's about PROJECTING which of those pros will make the best pro. That's what these guys get paid for. A chimp could pick the best running back based on rankings. I'm saying Williams and Leshoure are rated lower because they don't have the track record Ingram has.That doesn't guarantee he'll be the best back in his career. I didn't say Leshoure or Williams would better than Ingram, I just said if Ireland believes one of these guys will be better, I'm fine with that. Time will tell..

You don't become successful by just doing what everyone else says is right. You do your due dilligence and follow your gut.

dm1, No worries, you are not argumentative, just debating. Ingrams 10 burst time was the fastest among all backs at the combine, even faster than that guy with the funny name thar ran 4.25 40 or something like that. No doubt Ingrams burst was down in the weeks after artrhoscopic surgery, and no doubt the burst is back.


My choice if he was there to pick #15 is Cam Newton. However, he won't be there. I'm not big on Mallett (slow) or Locker (not accurate), so if Newton isn't there, then me personally I'd pass on taking a QB 1st-round this year (though I wouldn't be mad at Ireland if he did).

If Cam isn't there, and we're not trading down ('cause that would be my 2nd choice to pick-up the 2nd round pick), then I'd take any one of OL in the 1st that can play something other than left tackle (Tyron Smith, Anthony Castonzo or Mike Pouncey). Yeah, I know 15 would be high for Pouncey, but his brother is a beast in the league, so he'll probably do well too. Or Prince Amukamara if he was there (but he won't be). And then, other than that, hate to say it, but yeah, I'd take Julio Jones (he'll score more TDs in the NFL than Ingram).

So those would be my preferences. Am I sold on any one player, no, not really because I don't watch any of them enough or know enough about any of them. This is all just gut instinct and a little bit of evaluation.

Dying Breed...@1:56 As a Gm you can easily justify not taking Ingram in round 1. We have no idea how the Phins have each back rated. How do we know if the Dolphins have Ingram number 1 on their board. For that matter number 2. Just because the blogosphere, and the F.A.G.s(football anaylist guys) see it that way doesn't mean jack.

Sure it is a pressing need. The stable of backs is non-existant. We need help. But if the Phins do not rate Ingram as worthy of a fifteen pick it is certainly understandable. We need a quarterback as well, but should we reach for Kaepernick at 15? No way.

Now I know that there is a huge difference between the 2 Ingram by all standards is the number 1 rated back, while Kaep is 5-6th. My point is that if the Phins think that another back matches up physically, and better for our scheme. Ingram may not be the back we covet. We cannot just assume that he is the highest rated running back on our board.

The fo got it right in selecting Misi 2nd rd to play rolb. They know they position takes a yr or two to fully develop and become dominant.

JT, with over 10yrs of nfl experience didnt dominate the position in 2009. Rolb is more about setting the edge and and is the olb that will spend the most time dropping into coverage.

Misi got much better playing the run the last half of the season. 5 sacks from that position in your rookie season isnt horrible either. Backtracking and spending a 1st rd pick on that position after spending a 2nd rd pick on that position will get you similar results to Misi's 1st season. Clearly incating bodreline insanity.

Are you guys suggesting Misi's a bust? Because you would have to, to reinvest a 1st rd pick on the position one short season after investing a very high 2nd rd pick. Geesh! LOL.........


That's why these guys get paid the big bucks and you and I can sit back and criticize afterwards and say 'What fools!...What were they thinking?'.

Not an easy job but the good GMs and scouts can see whcih guys have and which guys don't. Quinn looks like a talent to me and assuming he can play 3-4 OLB the way he can, he's a guy I would consider at 15 if he was there.

db, i'm not advocating replacing wake with smith. i'm talking about putting him on the opposite side. ireland has already stated that we need to get a better pass rush from that side and smith would fill that need. i understand the misi thing but players need to compete for starting positions. just ask jason taylor. if we took smith misi would need to compete with him for the position just like at any other position. who's to say reshad jones won't be starting this year. that's the nature of the game. misi is only in his 2nd year. he played well for us as the season progressed, however, he competes for the job or maybe makes the adjustment to ILB and takes crowder's place. if he isn't willing or able to do either we can use him in a trade to get the player on the OL or the RB we need. or, we can trade him for a 2011 pick. new england has been doing this for years.

picking the best available player is how good teams become great. we had a good defense last year but it still isn't "championship caliber." granted, we need a lot of help on the offensive side of the ball but, when i look at who is available at #15 (if we are stuck) i can't justify picking anyone else.

ps. sorry about the comment. i was just joking

Darryl, i like the acronym


I'm not saying Misi is a bust at all. I think he played well last year and I think he has a bright future. I would have no problem moving him inside to play with Dansby and get rid of Clam Chowder. I have no use for the guy and watch again this yearm he'll be unrealiable for us again on the sidelines watching the game. GET RID OF HIM!!


Also, I didn't say Henne will absolutely be better this year than last. I said he CAN absolutely GET better (not that he will, he CAN). That's also not so much of a compliment. I say that because I thought he was bordering on horrible last year. So pretty much anything will be better than that. But I'm nowhere near sold on him. That's why I want someone else because QB is one position we CAN'T wait until someone totally fails before we find a replacement. We have to have that person marinating all along, with the hopes they won't need to go in, but if the starter fails, then we'll have a backup that can take the reins and see what they do.

Also, I have NO problem telling any rookie QB that yes, you need to progress in 3 years or else you won't be starting. We can't wait FOREVER for a player to develop. And if they regress over a few years, that's enough tryout for me. On to the next. If a guy takes 1/2 a decade to develop, then they need to be on a team with a franchise QB already starting IMO. I doubt ANY team in the NFL will wait 5+ years for a QB to develop. I don't think it's asking too much for your QB to win more games than they lose. And throw more TDs than INTs. And if you can't even show signs by Year 3 that you can do that, then you don't deserve to be treated with kid gloves.

If you look at Henne last year, it wasn't asking him too much to win the Cleveland and Detroit games. Those two alone would have changed a lot of people's feelings towards him. It wasn't asking him to be Superman. It was asking him to score a damned TD when the team needed it (and not throw an INT when they didn't need it). That's football 101 to me. Had he won those 2 games, hardly anyone here would be saying he needed to be benched or cut loose. They'd be saying he's progressing. So, go back and look at last season, and tell me if that performance by Henne is repeated this season, he deserves another chance next season. You might think that, but I promise you will be one of the only one's in the world to think that. Henne has this year, not to make the Playoffs, not to be a ProBowler, but to show signs of progression (TRUE progression, not the Tony Sparano type of progression). If he can't do it, all our talk will be null and void, the FO will find someone else to give a chance.

this is all good stuff. really, it is. i'm just hoping the guys making the decisions spend half as much time hashing it out as we do on this board.


I'm on the same page with you with Smith. I just wonder if Quinn could do the same thing. I'd be fine with either of these guys. One thing the Giants have shown us is you have to have a good pass rush or the QB will kill you. We play in a division where a QB can kill us if he has the time. Our pass rush is good but not great. It needs to be improved and it's too dependent on Wake. If he goes down or goes into a slump we're in trouble. To me if Smith or Quinn is there at 15, you take them and worry about the running game afterwards (despite us having a real need).

A rb's entire career is spent at the line of scrimmage. The first down markersn are 10yds apart. So to me, it makes the most sense if drafting a rb, to chose the guy who clearly the best within those 10yd first down markers.

I know many of you feel differently, but that's ok with me. Im sticking to my guns that based on the 10yd shuttle times. Mark Ingram is clearly the guy I feel gives my team the best chance of success inbetween the line of scrimmage and 1st down markers.

The 10yd best shuttle time clearly indicates it. Will he predominantly lead the league in rushing? That's far from definitive.

But, can he consistently keep the chains moving is the most important question. And the 10yd shuttle burst answers a resounding yes! Its difficult to score if you cant keep the chains moving. Because those long homerun runs you guys are looking for are far and few inbetween no matter how fast a rb is.

DC @2:21... Good post!

It is make or break for a lot of folks in this orginization.


If youre saying put Smith on the opposite of Wake, youre stating Misi is a bust.


Same to you. After investing a 2nd rd pick into the position a year prior and turn around and invest a 1st rd. You are making a statement that Misi is a bust.

You guys that are advocating Smith over Misi are stating Misi's a bust. If not, why reinvest a 1st rd pick on the position after a year previously investing a 2nd rd pick on the position? GEESH, you cant have your cake and eat it too! LOL............

although i think quinn falling to #15 is wishful thinking there is no doubt that given the choice between him, ingram and anyone else of offesne at that spot (unless jones or green falls to us) we would here "with the 15th pick in the 2010 nfl draft the miami dolphins select robert quinn, outside linebacker, north carolina." but, it's not going to happen.


You're misquoting me. I'm not saying pick homerun hitters. I'm saying pick the guy you think will have the best career. If Ireland thinks that's somebody else then that's fine.
That's what he's there to do, not to follow consensus. Ingram may be the best, I really don't know. That's why I'm on this side and not the other side.

Dolphans are a very impatient bunch. CraigM's saying its too early to write Henne off yet advocates replacing Misi, who's not a bust one year later.

Boy, if a player isnt a superstar his 1st season around here he's written off to the heap pile. I guarantee no matter who would be drafted to replace Misi would have only similar success to Misi his 1st season at the position. LOL............


How is moving Misi inside to play ILB admitting Misi is a bust? What are you talking about? You go on about what a great contributor Crowder is at ILB and yet Misi playing the poistion is a bust. I'm saying Misi may be better suite to play ILB. What's wrong with that? It's not an original thought...others, including 'experts' have said the same thing. I'm not folowing your logic. ILB is still an important part of the defence.


You can be completely irrational sometimes. Where do you come up with this stuff? Show me where I said Misi is a bust? I happen to think he had a very good rookie season.

I'm going to move on and talk to some other bloggers now, you're not making any sense!


As far as rb's, the guy who's best suited to consistently move the chains would be the guy best suited to have the better career.

I more favor a rb that can consistently be a top 5 rb over a 5-6yr stretch than one who may lead the league in rushing a year or two but could possibly be wildy inconsistent over the rest of the time. Give me the move the chains guy everytimes and you guys can have whoever else you want. LOL..............

...Sorry fellas, this one had to come. But for all of you guys high on Ingram, low on Lex. Lets play who is who

Running back 1 5'9 205
40 time 4.62
20 time 2.60
10 YARD BURST(This is the most important????) 1.55
vert jump 31.5
broad jump 9'05"
20 yrd shuttle 4.62
3 cone 7.13

Running back 2 5'11 231
40 time 4.68
20 2.68
10 yard burst 1.56
vert jump 32
broad jump 10'02"
20 yard shuttle 4.20(tied 3rd best time rb's)
3 cone 7.01

See which one is which, and tell me that Lex cannot play.


Welcome back....you just went down in my estimation....LOL.....kidding!!

Really? Cam Newton? I don't see it. Might be the next Vince Young in the league and that's not good enough. Let's not talk about Newton because he's not going to be there at 15, so let's move on from there. I'm also SHOCKED you would take the Prince at 15 over other needs. I would think CB is one of the positions we don't have to worry about and you have us passing up other needs until the third to take a CB. Where would you play Smith and David after picking this guy.

As far as Henne is concerned, let's just say NOBODY stepped up in those two games to win it for us. I thought the play calling was atrocious and conservative and NOBODY made plays. We can blame those losses on Henne but wouldn't tell the whole picture.

i'm not saying misi is a bust. i've seen teams do this time and again. you take the bpa. at #15 i am hard pressed to find a guy who would contribute to our team what smith can do and have the immediate impact smith would have. ingram is a very good running back but when i survey the situation i am picking the player that i have as the highest rated player on he board at that time.
like i said before, misi would need to compete for the position. this is how good teams become great teams. the better the level of competition the better the players will be. if misi or anyone else is competing against a lower level of talent every year how are we supposed to get better. we were picked apart by opposing qb's last year. getting our offense back on track is a big concern but if i don't feel there is a guy at that #15 spot who is the "elite" impact player i need on offense i'm looking for someone who is and if that player happens to be on the defensive side of the ball, then so be it.
let me ask you this. if patrick peterson fell to us at 15 would you pass him up for ingram or someone else just because we have davis and sean smith? sean smith has played well but not necessarily spectacular. he dropped some interceptions that he should have had. if i project peterson to be a better prospect then i'm looking at possibly trading smith for a 2012 pick or someone who can help us on offense. just because you have someone at the position doesn't mean you can't be willing to upgrade.


I havent even heard a whisper of even rumor out of the fo that Misi could be moved inside. Why even post fairy tales?

Besides, AJ Edds is more likely to be that guy if one surfaces to beat out Crowder. Misi, though he has played "some" ilb in college, he predominantly played DE there.

So we just spend a 1st rd pick on a olb now and just hope out of thin air Misi would be successful moving inside. Geesh, where does this stuff come from? LOL............


Doesn't your illustration just emphasize that too much stock is put into the Combine and what those guys do there? Shouldn't it be more about what they do on the field? I hope you're not going to tell me Ingram and Lex are equal players.

DB, wow there is actually someone else here making a case for Ingram. Geez I was beginning to think not one other person on earth (besides all the pro scouts) were seeing the same thing as me. Ingram is deceiving, he is better than he looks at a glance. The closer you look at him, the better he seems. At 15 I'd say he's priced fairly based on the other backs taken 1st round over the last few years.

...I wanted to show those combine stats because you can take any of them apply them to your argument, and say. This is why would should take this player. Dying Breed. I'm not going after you. But the whole 10 yard burst thing. If you think that Ingram is going to be special because of his initial burst, and that alone. You have to at least aknowledge Lex Hilliards ability to do the same thing. They had similar combine numbers. And Lex is 2 inches taller, and 20 pounds heavier. A better athelete acroos the board with his size compaired to Ingrams.


Dansby is an example of a guy who has played inside and outside in the pros and College. The idea is not far-fetched.

What this is really about is DB has a soft-spot for Crowder and it would mean bye-bye Clam Chowder. He twists our words and says we're claiming Misi is a bust, where no one has said anything of the kind. If this makes our team better, I'm all for it. I won't miss old Clammy Boy!!

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