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RBs on the mind, in meetings, in the later rounds

The Dolphins are conducting meetings with players at their facility next week, with several players already scheduled to fly in Monday for Tuesday visits.

Count Illinois running back Mikel Leshoure prominently among the players the Dolphins will be meeting with soon. The team is looking for replacements for either Ronnie Brown or Ricky Williams or both and Leshoure's performance last season -- 1,697 rushing yards and 17 TDs -- suggest he's as solid a possibility as anyone.

So what should the Dolphins look for when they search for a running back?

They need to find a guy who can square his shoulders and get up field quickly. They should find someone who can absorb hits with some sort of subtlety to where it seems as if defenders are always just missing. This is important because backs that take full-on hits all the time don't last very long or get hurt a lot. Quickness is a trait you want from a running back, one that is more important than speed, quite frankly.

You probably think I'm crazy for typing that last sentence, right? After all, look at Chris Johnson. The man is a lightning bolt and that speed is intoxicating. Yes, but Johnson is also quick. Speed on it own gives you a track man. NFL teams want football players.

Speed is not so valuable in the absence of instinct.

Consider that Ronnie Brown came out of Auburn and to Miami as the No. 2 overall selectionin 2005. He ran a 4.4 in the 40 at the Indianapolis Combine. But how many 70 yard touchdown runs has that led to with the Dolphins?

Meanwhile, a guy such as Emmitt Smith could barely crack 4.6 in the 40-yard dash. And yes, he ran behind a dominant offensive line. But when he got past the second level, I don't rightly recall him getting caught from behind by cornerbacks or safeties that could run much faster. He had quickness. He had instincts. It's important.

One player that I had not heard about until this week was brought to my attention by a great personnel man I sometimes converse with and always respect. Check out Maryland running back Da'Rel Scott.

He's 5-11 and 211 pounds. His stats at Maryland as a junior were good but not great. He gained 708 yards. He's projected to be a 5th or 6th round pick. But this personnel man really likes Scott. Says he had very nice quickness to go with his 4.4 speed.

And, of course, he gets square quickly.

Look, I don't claim to be a draft guru. Frankly anyone in the media that claims to be a draft guru without actually having NFL experience is something of a poser. But what I do is talk to people who are legitimate personnel people, who have been in draft rooms and have true expertise and experience.

Those guys actually picked players. And I, in turn, pick their brains and pass along to you as much information as they allow me to do. Scott is a guy that has been suggested to me as a value pick in the fifth or sixth round but perhaps someone takes him a bit sooner.

We'll see how it turns out.

As they say in Boston, follow me on twitta.



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Oh, one thing about Malett...seems to lock on a receiver. Is he smart enough to pump fake and look off defenders in the NFL? Seen a lot of clips and I just don't know. That to me is a bigger concern.

I know that everyone wants to trade down but what if we cant find someone to pull the trigger then what? Below is my opinion on what next.

First of all teams needs:

QB- thats pretty obvious epecially now that pennington is done once again

RB- Missing a few quality starters. But they can be found in the later rounds

OL- Need interior help at both G's. Might want to invest into a RT bc of Carey's health. Jerry should have the light come on for him this year and I think Incognito can be a serviceable C.

DT. Need someone to back up Soliai.

OLB/MLB- Need pass rushers

TE- Need a atheltic TE to stretch field.

WR- not really a need I think that both Marlon Moore and Pruitt have enough speed to be that deep threat but they have to prove themselves. This spot is a luxuary not a need.

Draft if cant trade down

1st- Wis OT Gabe Carimi- Can hold down one of the G spots but also can switch over to RT when the time happens. A absoulte mualer in the run game but a little above avg in pass blocking. Overall a great value pick.

2nd- no second.

3rd- DE/OLB TX Tech Sam Acho- Is very solid at the pass rush to help Wake get to the QB.

4th- Ark TE DJ Williams- Is he the seam threat TE we need I think so.

5th- Iowa QB Ricky Stanzi- I think his stock falls this low but he could be serviceable and turn into something down the road. Besides there are better QB prospects next year.

6th- Oregon State C Alex Linnenkohl. Could be our future C given some time.

7th- Maryland RB Dar'el Scott. A very fast back could be either a good supplement or replacement for Korey Sheets.

7th- Louisville RB Bilal Powell. A power back with decent speed.

I know with there being no FA its going to make it tough to sign rookie FA but when it does occurr I say go for Wis RB John Clay, VTech QB Tyrod Taylor, and other PBA's.

There are also several RB options in FA if people dont like my selection. Having that 2nd rd pick back sure would help.

Some here now are adocating selecting bpa at #15(defensive player). Sounds great on paper but in real time it only amounts to yet another high draft pick not committed to the severe imbalance on offense.

To have a severe impact in victory vs loses, that player would have to be a great, not just a good player right off the bat. He not only has to play at pro bowl level. This guy has to play at hof all pro level to be an immediate difference maker.

Therefore, in the very least, we need to take the bpa on the offensive side of the ball. Like it or not, in this 2011 draft at #15 that player is Mark Ingram. It maybe a bitter pill for some here to swallow. But it doesnt make it any less true nonetheless.

You have always been blessed, Armando. But under no circumstance take the expressway today.


Carimi has a 2nd rd grade at best. You completely ran over Pouncey who has a 1st rd grade. I have no problem at all with an olineman in a tradeback, but he had better be the one with the best grade on him. That one is Pouncey.

Acho 3rd rd? You gotta ask yourself why is he graded back fo far? I read scouting reports he totally disappears for long stretches of games. This happened in college so what do you expect to happen against superior talent in the pros? He may just be another Vernon Gholston on the pro level.

I dont have much problem with Stanzi/DJ Williams. However Williams is listed as the 5th rd prospect and Stanzi as the 4th rd prospect. Just think you have them listed out of projected draft order.

6th rd, why waste that pick on a guy who would have to be developed and could possibly not make the team at all? I believe it would be a better 6th rd investment taking a rb. However, I seriously doubt Bilial Powelll or D'rel Scott will still be around in the 7th.

Noticed you dont see the rb or #2wr positions as being an issue. Youre not willing to address #2wr at all, and rb doesnt get addressed until 7th rd in your mock. Very interesting.

DB, that bitter pill will taste like candy when they see the refs signaling first down after Ingrams carries. I understand some people aren't high on him...my take is as yours, in that he is better than most here realize. Time will tell.


BTW, here's something to ponder with drafting Sam Acho 3rd rd. That's the exact same round we drafted Channing Crowder. Yet Dolphin fans are still waiting for him to become a superstar playmaker.

Hmm......... drafted 3rd rd, for the life of me I just cant figure why Crowder isnt a superstar yet. Could it be that a 3rd rd pick is unlikely to become a superstar and what we see now we should kiss are lucky stars for. LOL..........

@ 10:10 which is why I think it would be criminal to trade down for a 3rd. Nutz.


Dallas Cowboys fans moaned and groaned with the selection of Emmit Smith too. LOL............

However, the selection of Ingram has to be followed up with a commitment to a seam threat TE and a true vertical threat #2wr. Emmitt was so effective because defenses couldnt committ 8 men in the box and if both wr's were doubled they would exploit them with thier seam threat TE.

It's called having a pick your poison offense. With each and every skill position being deadly lethal. It made Emmitt lethal and Emmitt made it more lethal in the process.


With 2 3rd rd picks, Kendall Hunter is available there and the speedy wr Jernigan is availble there. Some think there's possible chance Titus Young could be available too. But he's more of a longshot to be there.

The last(and only time) I went to what's the name stadium. It was June in Miami. I was on call at Jackson. My crazy friend got tickets. And, we were high off the ground, real high. I tried to look at the players but my poor vision couldn't see the Field. On the way back, down 27th Ave., I was trying to device some kind of magnifiying object.

DB, while I understand why many want to trade down, I really don't, unless it was 5 spots or less. I know you'd like to get Pouncey and another RB in the second. Fair enough. I say bite the bullet with the second. Long term I like Ingram, he would be the best back in the division, long term, as we get the other pieces...Long Cognito Brandon Ingram...I think one of our other wide outs is going to step up...So yeah, then we need a real TE and another guard. I can't see passing up on Ingram if he is there.

I'd like to double down, get Ingram and Hunter, have the running game set for the future.


I would gladly blow up half of what we now have on both sides of the ball for the chance to start over with Andrew Luck next season. LOL..........

There are as many kinds of backs as there are running backs.

Who won, Armando?

My concern is if we trade down, we won't get the value at it. Trading down 5 spots or less ok, but going down more than 10 spots, just not sure. It is a gamble. I'd rather keep destiny in our own hands and seize the moment at 15. All along I've been giving Odrick the benefit of the doubt, but I must admit I am concerned. Again, I'll wait and see if he stays healthy before passing judgement on that trade down.


Even if we could double down with both Ingram and Hunter. We still need someone to step up big time at the #2wr spot and desperately need a seam threat TE. Then defenses would dare not place 7-8 in the run box or pay dearly.

In turn, if they dont put 7-8 in the run box, Ingram and Hunter both could run for over 1,000yds in a single season. Pick your poison offense baby!


If we traded further back than Pouncey would be available. My consensus #1 pick would then be Leonard Hankerson. Marshall begins his 7th season. Drafting Hankerson around 25th insures Marshall's replacement is already in house.

By the time Marshall enters his 10th season and is nearly ready to be put out to pasture. Hankerson will only be entering his 3rd season.

DB, Totally agree on the seam TE, but may be worth giving Moore and Wallace another season, one may be a diamond in the rough. We have more birds to kill than stones to throw, so I'd rather strike on the best quality we can get. Unfortunately we are in a difficult situation this season and not going to solve everything overnight.

As my office is real close, I get to pass by our Baseball stadium under construction every day. Bro(yeah, I like this Term), is it looking good!(like some kind of flying saucer). I already have some setups to go see, eat and have fun there after I'm done with my patients.


The coaches should no exactly where Moore and Wallace are in thier development. If they know its a huge upgrade to bring another wr in via draft, then that's exactly what they should do.

This exactly why coaches should precisely know their personel. No if, and, buts, or maybe's allowed. Either a guy is or he isnt.

DB, that is precisely what concerns me about Lex. They waived him, brought him back, and only used him while Ronnie was down. Not the biggest vote of confidence. Yet he is the only one still on the team so maybe they still see something. Hopefully they know what they have or have got with those two WR's.

I meant have or have not

Internet is completely harmless, unless you are a Fool.

Bros, I can't talk of things I don't know of. Until this useless Owners-Players disagreement is resolved, we have very little to talk about. But I think is the Fans patience what is mantaining them. Our patience (at least mine) is running out.

Agree with OSCAR. Now the plaerys are suing for damages on the t.v. revenue bucks. ( ESPN.com )


See, this is the way we test who is really here(any true Dolphins Fan would say, yeah, right on, Oscar) and who is here for other "purposes". You HAVE to learn Internet properties or you will kind of, disappear.

For all of 3yrs investment on the offensive side of the ball we have:

2 legit superstars Long and Marshall

1 middle of the pack qb starter(Henne) and one bust backup(Thigpen)

1 career backup rb(Hilliard)

3 failed drafted olinemen, jury still out on 1(Jerry)

2 failed high priced free agent olinemen

1 TE draft bust, 1 average free agency TE(Fasano)

1 wr draft bust, 1 average #2wr(Hartline)

Add in the 2010 state of Ricky and Ronnie, then its crystal clear to see why we had so many troubles putting td's on the board in 2010.

I hate to bust Ingram supporter bubbles but, he AIN't getting picked at 15. I bet he won't even go until 20+.

You can talk him up and and listen to all the Mike Mayocks and Draft Mocks you want but when the REAL talent evaluators shine the magnifying glass on the kid he is just a non descript player with general skills. His shortcomings will be cooked just like ants under that same magnifying glass on a hot day.

If the Fins go OFF at 15 it will be OT Tyron Smith if he is there or possibly Pouncey (although he would work better in a trade back scenario for values sake).

Sparano is an OL Coach at heart with a line that is NOT winning the trench battles regularly. Since he has an unfinished product, he just keeps chopping wood.

I say JJ and AJ Green will both be gone so no pipe dreams come true there.

RB Kendall Hunter or a Taiwan Jones is much more of what our OFF needs and the Owner wants... exciting, make you miss players that can score at range. They will draft a bigger RB guy like RB Alex Green from Hawaii in the 4-5 or pickup a FA when that becomes available. They may resign Ronnie due to familiarity and flexibility in his game.

I hate to break-up the Ingram love fest but he is simply too "regular, average or run of the mill" to draft.

In a trade back scenario where the OL they want is no longer there grab Phil Taylor NT Baylor. You have to have the right blend of BIG MEN to dominate the LoS. The NEW found motor that Solai is bringing will be a great learning tool to show Taylor the ropes. If Solai gets too pricey and demands too much after the 2011 season (if it happens) then they could let him walk and have a quasi trained replacement.


If the Dolphins dont draft Ingram ... They're gonna regret it for at least the next 10 years !!!


You feel he is that special?? A 10 year back? Hmmmmm, opinions do vary and you are entitled.

When the real draft bullets fly Ingram folks will be stumped and flabbergasted.


What suprises me the most is how people get the same info, stats, games and vids and yet have such diametrically opposed opinions.

After listening/seeing all the differing views on numerous players it's a wonder EVERY jury in America is not a hung jury.


Here's what's the most likely scenario knowing this fo:

They will trade completely out of the 1st rd altogether. With who you may ask? That answer is the New England Patriots.

The Pats own the first pick of the 2nd rd. So the Dolphins trade down to #33 and get the Pats additional 2nd rd'er(#60).

With the #33 pick Im betting they'll take either qbs Ponder or Kapernick. If not rb's Leshore or Williams.

Scott is real quick he had 300+ yrds one game Only problem with Scott who had a great overall career at Maryland is the injuries- wrist and knee. not a great blocker either. But if Powell or Scott are still available rd 6 I think they'd be great value picks.
I personally like Ryan Williams VT and Stevan Ridley LSU. That combo of explosiveness and hard grinding between the tackles running would be my favorite. Grab a wildcard darkhorse in the 7th or UFA like Mario Fannin, Allen Bradford, John Clay, Nic Grigsby.
I think Clay and Grigsby would be great pickups w/ both our 7th rd picks.

1st Mike Pouncey C
3rd Jordan Cameron TE
4th Greg Little WR
5th Stevan Ridley RB
6th Da'rell Scott RB
6th Tyrod Taylor QB
7th Andrew Jackson G
7th LeStar Jean WR

i wouldn't necessarily be against pouncey in the first if it were a late first. we need a te that is a seam threat. don't know much about jordan cameron but, if he is, ok. greg little is currently projected to go no later than the 3rd. if we could get him in the 4th it would be great because i think he will be great. not sold on ridley and i'm still not sold on scott. i think we could do better in those two rounds with backs. tyrod taylor is a wasted pick. he won't play qb. do you have something else in mind for him? andrew jackson died in 1837. who the hell is lestar jean?

lestar jean. look at bp uncovering the acorns.

bp, i find it hard to believe this guy runs a 4.61. he looks like he plays faster unless the defense is extremely slow.

gheez, he's even fast going backwards.

DB @ 9:48,
the same thing can be said for the offensive side of the ball. if you're stuck at #15 and you go offense that guy you pick isn't a player that just fills a need at the position. are we picking ingram because we need a running back or are we picking him because we can honestly say that he is an elite player at the position that will make a significant impact on the offensive side of the ball. keep in mind 1,000 yds rushing is no longer the benchmark in the nfl. they play 16 game schedlues; not 12. so, in order for ingram to be the success at that pick based on your criteria he needs to be one of the top tier rushers in the league. he needs to be at least a top 5 guy his first two seasons and he needs to carry the load on the offense. if you're sure he can do that, then ok. if i'm picking this guy i have to able to say that he's going to consistently get me 1,200 or 1,300 yds a season, at least. i don't know if he can take that kind of pounding.

I have no doubt in my mind that the Dolphins will pick a big, beefy, DL in this Draft.

very simple. we have 2 drafts before we play football again. so draft the best avail player with each pick.

You really think so, bill connors? Bro, don't scare us like that.

just the facts

Que mier-a seria eso. What BS should that occur. Can the Fans do anything about it, bill connors?

no no football wont hurt miami this year. gives us 2 drafts to turn this thing around



You've been on the, "no nfl game 'til 2012" train-wreck for the past month or more.

You perpetually succeed that a 2011 lockout would be advantagous to our club, as we'd end up with twice as many draft picks the following year.

Yeah, but so would every other team.

PS. I've been at sea a couple days. Spent a few minutes speed reading the past 300 posts and guys, my dander is dialed on "broil."

Some of you'll(Aloco, Craig, Kris, DCDolph, Shock, Poison) were debating yesterday the wisdom and honesty of Marino's take on QB Mallett and Palmer.

One (or more) of you were so warped, you adaciously posted Marino's true thoughts...

Like you two could crawl into that man's head and tell us what he really thinks?


yes all teams would. not all teams need as much as us, so why they get better backups we get better starters

maroon post 10:43 calls half the bloggers pathetic and warped. that makes him what?

clyde, you were not in ysterdays lunchbox debate regarding my opinion.

I singled out a group of few. You were not one of them. Don't even go there...

Billy Conners, I'll get back to you in a moment...

My ten year old boy wants to throw the football.

Cooking breakfast first...

dude is weird, throwing football on a deserted island.

Hi people my dad showed me stuff here and i keep telling him to say stuff that i thnk s most important if you ask me. My dad is cool buut sometmes we laugh at all the cruel jokes here. I play football and my team won thhe police athletic legue super bowl this year. I am hoping to e a hall of fame quarterback for miami dolphins one day. we are going to the super bowl soon. I got to go right now. Dad is cooking reakfast. Then we get to throw my football. Bye people

it just gets more weird by the second

bill connors, what you are talking about I consider an alternative and, like I told you, I'm ok with it(we always need to have alternatives, for our own sake, don't we?). But I would prefer to watch Football this year. ok?

so would i but its not gonna happen

Just wanted to make it more clear, bill connors, as in transparent. Yes?

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