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RBs on the mind, in meetings, in the later rounds

The Dolphins are conducting meetings with players at their facility next week, with several players already scheduled to fly in Monday for Tuesday visits.

Count Illinois running back Mikel Leshoure prominently among the players the Dolphins will be meeting with soon. The team is looking for replacements for either Ronnie Brown or Ricky Williams or both and Leshoure's performance last season -- 1,697 rushing yards and 17 TDs -- suggest he's as solid a possibility as anyone.

So what should the Dolphins look for when they search for a running back?

They need to find a guy who can square his shoulders and get up field quickly. They should find someone who can absorb hits with some sort of subtlety to where it seems as if defenders are always just missing. This is important because backs that take full-on hits all the time don't last very long or get hurt a lot. Quickness is a trait you want from a running back, one that is more important than speed, quite frankly.

You probably think I'm crazy for typing that last sentence, right? After all, look at Chris Johnson. The man is a lightning bolt and that speed is intoxicating. Yes, but Johnson is also quick. Speed on it own gives you a track man. NFL teams want football players.

Speed is not so valuable in the absence of instinct.

Consider that Ronnie Brown came out of Auburn and to Miami as the No. 2 overall selectionin 2005. He ran a 4.4 in the 40 at the Indianapolis Combine. But how many 70 yard touchdown runs has that led to with the Dolphins?

Meanwhile, a guy such as Emmitt Smith could barely crack 4.6 in the 40-yard dash. And yes, he ran behind a dominant offensive line. But when he got past the second level, I don't rightly recall him getting caught from behind by cornerbacks or safeties that could run much faster. He had quickness. He had instincts. It's important.

One player that I had not heard about until this week was brought to my attention by a great personnel man I sometimes converse with and always respect. Check out Maryland running back Da'Rel Scott.

He's 5-11 and 211 pounds. His stats at Maryland as a junior were good but not great. He gained 708 yards. He's projected to be a 5th or 6th round pick. But this personnel man really likes Scott. Says he had very nice quickness to go with his 4.4 speed.

And, of course, he gets square quickly.

Look, I don't claim to be a draft guru. Frankly anyone in the media that claims to be a draft guru without actually having NFL experience is something of a poser. But what I do is talk to people who are legitimate personnel people, who have been in draft rooms and have true expertise and experience.

Those guys actually picked players. And I, in turn, pick their brains and pass along to you as much information as they allow me to do. Scott is a guy that has been suggested to me as a value pick in the fifth or sixth round but perhaps someone takes him a bit sooner.

We'll see how it turns out.

As they say in Boston, follow me on twitta.



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Listen, we don't give 3 Fuc-s about any personal interests here. LEARN the properties of Internet, or you might find yourselves being stood upside down and also, lose some valuable things, like your sanity. I will go play my Ponies now.


You have to take a chance on Mallet in the first round if he is still there at 15. The guys who are saying that he shouldn't be drafted that high because of his 40 time are probably hoping that he falls far enough in the first round so that they can get him.

Who really cares what the 40 time is for Mallett? Do you think that Peyton Manning, Brady, Rivers, Roethlisberger, or Schaub could break 5.0 seconds in the 40? No way, but who cares. Recongition skills are far more important than speed when talking about a QB.

The bottom line is that the guy made Arkansas one of the best teams in the SEC and took them to a BCS bowl game which they nearly won. Arkansas had nowhere near the talent level of other SEC teams, but still managed to finish second in the SEC behind only Auburn who won the national championship. The kid and flat out throw the ball and proved it with a 65% completion percentage, 300 yards a game, 32 TDs and only 12 INTs. And he did this in the toughest conference in the country. If you have questions about him, just watch the tape, it doesn't lie.

Meanhwile people think that Gabbert is a sure thing because he is .50 second faster in the 40. They're crazy. Gabbert had a lower completion %, and only 17 TDs vs 9 INTs playing in a spread offense in a weak year for the Big 12. I don't get it.

Aloco, are you here? Have only a couple minutes to exchange thoughts.


Exchange thoughts with aloco? Now that would be magic.


Couldn't disagree with you more about Mallett and it has NOTHING to do with his 40 time. Who is that by the way?

The argument on Mallett is that a lot of his problems are things that plague Henne. Pocket presence, mental mistakes etc....Guys that are saying Mallett is a clear upgrade over Henne are kdding themselves! It's one thing to play in College, another thing to play in the pros. It's a big jump. His issues in College are going to be magnified in the pros.

On top of all that, we have other needs and no second round pick. Most mocks I've seen don't even Mallett going in the first round and guys want us to REACH for a 'maybe' QB. Crazy stuff!! Thats why we're a mediocre 7-9 football team. Too many reaches and too many wrong choices. Keep the trend going guys!!.....two years from now the guy who wanted Mallett will be singing a different tune....'we need another QB'.

This is not a strong draft and may not even be a season. Dumb to pick a high risk qb with a season in jeopardy. Take bpa on offense at 1 and 3, 4, the rest whatever.

The key word in Tuna's rather long post is 'chance'. That's all it is if you draft Mallett....a 'chance'. No guarantees and lots of question marks to overcome. That's a 'chance' I don't want this organization taking.

Craig M....

I'm going to respectfully disagree with your assessment of Mallet. Particularly in the way you compare him with Henne. Once you step away from the "He said, She said" and start speaking with those who coached Mallet and those who played with him, you run into a nearly 100% agreeable reference for the man. Those who played for him consider Mallet a “Leader” on the field... Henne has yet to wear that mantle. Mallet is extremely accurate deep down field and in his intermediate game. He also has a great touch on his back shoulder passes... Henne has one of those three, a decent intermediate pass.
I am not be any stretch trying to say Mallet has no faults... Truth is... even if you placed Andrew Luck under a magnifying glass your going to find issues... that is what NFL caliber coaching is for. The worst thing I believe Mallet bring to the table is speed. But he has proved his ability to roll out and throw with accuracy... I for one despise running QB's... So I don't have an issue there.

I don't think Miami will take Mallet... But I do think Mallet will be pounding our ass very soon as a team unless we get a QB on our team soon... We keep playing this "No One is good enough" game and we will lose our way into obsolescence... or until the position is filled. RB’s, TE’s and OL-men aren’t going to throw TD's... QB's do that... and Henne struggled mightily at that last year. I feel Henne deserves and know he will get another chance. But unless it is Gabbert… there is not one other QB other then Mallet I want to see Miami waste a pick on to develop.

It is guys like conners that make me look at the ceiling with despair, while my 10 year old boy stares at his shoelaces and asks, "does that mean we can't play either?" [PAL League]

I respond to my own flesh and blood, "we'll get the biggest kids down the road and you'll can play in the streets. Smear-the-queer, like me and your uncles and older cousins use to do at grandma's house, ten, twenty, forty years ago. Long before you were born, son.

Kellan looks up from the floor and locks eyes (the police) and in pure childish manner asks:

Can I be quarterback against conner's team.

I told Kellan that it is unfair and sportsmanship to play smear the queer in the streets with cheerleaders.


How anyone could want Gabbert is beyond me. He might not even be back up material, Brady Quinn 2.


I'm going to respectfully disagree with your above comments also. You say 'Mallet is extremely accurate deep down field'. I don't believe there is a QB out there that is 'extremely accurate deep down field'. It's a low percentage play. It's why you don't see it more in football. Think about it. Everything has to be perfect for a play like that to come off....the runner has to run his route perfectly, the QB has to deliver it to the perfect spot etc...it's low percentage stuff. What do you mean excactly by 'extremely accurate deep down field'? One out of five? Two out of five? Show me where you've seen this information because it's not a stat I'm familiar with. If you are saying he's more accurate than Henne, I would say that's possible. Problem is we really haven't seen Henne open it up based on the offence he plays in. Let's see if he can do a better job this year.
You also questioned Henne's leadership. He was a four year starter at a big school, in Michigan. I highly doubt he'd be a 4 year starter at Michigan is he didn't have leadership. They said the same things about Henne, that they are saying about Mallett in terms of leadership when Henne was coming out. Go back and check. This is a moot point. This is the kind of stuff guys like to hang their hats on, but in reality there is nothing to this. Guys are upset that the Dolphins have finished 7-9 the last two seasons and they want to blame all of that on Henne. That would be inaccurate.
Bottom line, there are too many question marks about Mallett to pick him at 15. If he's all you say he is then why wouldn't he be gone before 15? Carolina, Buffalo, Cinci, SF, Tennessee, Washington, Minnesota all need QBs. Why wouldn't one of those teams pick him. Why is he not listed in the first round in most mocks? Why is he not on some teams draft boards? Answer....too many unanswered questions about him. Let someone else make the mistake. I'm tired of the Dolphins FO thinking they are smarter than everybody else.

leverage Pouncey to the Steelers for their 31, 63, & 128 overall 4th rd pick. They are desperate for Mike Pouncey... Trade Crowder for a 5th and 6th rd pick/ And compensatory picks

1st (31) Torrey Smith WR Maryland
2nd (63) Colin Kaepernick QB Nevada
3rd Kendall Hunter RB OKST
4th Kristofer O'Dowd C USC
4th (128) Greg Salas WR Hawaii
5th Lee Ziemba G Auburn
5th Mark Herzlich OLB BC
6th DeMarcus Van Dyke DB The U
6th Da'Norris Searcy FS
7th Taylor Potts QB Texas Tech
7th Dom DiCecco SS Pitt
7th D'Aundre Reed DE/OLB Arizona
7th John Clay RB Wisconsin

Little's stock is falling becuz of off field issues. And he didn't play last year. He will be a late 3rd early 4th. Tyrod Taylor could be a great option type QB. He is the real deal just a question of whether he
ll be able to do it in the pros. Ridley is a between the tackles guy and he is a leader and a good guy to get that hard yrd. I think he'd be a great pickup with another complimentary back. But I also really like John Clay and he did a lot better on his 40 at his pro day like a 4.73 not good for a RB but the guy is very hard to tackle and is agile for his size ... just like LeGarrette Blount. LeStar Jean is rising fast he's from Miami and he reminds of Randy Moss. MAyocks sleeper in the draft made him go from undrafted 7th to a 5th or 6th rd pick

Trade Crowder? Where you been? No cba, no player trades, haven't ya heard? Steelers going to give up a 2 and a 3 for our 15? Keep dreamin.

A great RB combined with a mediocre OL is useless .... but a good RB combined with a great OL is GREAT

Thus .... here is my strategy for the draft. Trade down our 15 pick for 23 plus a 2nd round pick. Then ..... take Cabrini, from Wisconsin, the best RT in the draft. We can then move Carey to RG and Incognito to Center. In second round we take the best available RB .... Ingram and Leshure will probably be gone. So, Ryan Williams of V.Tech looks like the choice

3rd round .... best available QB .... maybe the Nevada QB will be on the board, or Dalton from TCU .... or Devlin, from Delaware

then ..... how about offering the 4th round pick for HAINESWORTH, the disgruntled NT at Washington

the balance of the draft will be BPA .... regardless of position ..... maybe a TE, ILB, Safety,

Mike, really? Offensive line for first pick? Ummm, no. If we do that I may just give up on the dolphins....
We have a very high paid offensive line, and there are rts available in trade and later with value.....we need a qb. Period. It is the essence of what this team is missing since Marino and it can NO LONGER BE IGNORED. misfires with culpepper probably cost 'us' a superbowl or two, that's the difference between 'us' and the saints. There is such a qb shortage in this league that Pennington can't play one down without his shoulder becoming worthless, tears his acl in a lousy pickup game (the man is a scarecrow now) and he will still probably be picked up by a team. Ludicrous.
I want none of the one hit wonders in free agency (also evidence of the shortage)....mallet is the real deal. Ponder is going to be decent most likely. Locker has has bad publicity lately but that just makes him that much more of a steal.
Get 'us' a qb, Ireland. No more lineman. Say it with me': offensive. Weapons.
I do like Ryan Williams alot though. I think he will be the best back out of this small rb class.
Finally, let's face it: this team is going nowhere but downhill. Unless we have a monster draft (and we never do) then we will have a worse record than last year guaranteed. We have one of 'the worse head coaches in the league, worst gm, and worst offensive coordinator consistently in the NFL. Who btw paid soliai 12 mill'? Franchise? Really?!?! One hit wonder nothing didn't even start last year in the beginning. Contract year joke just cost 'us'.


First of all Haynesworth is going nowhere because teams can't trade players right now. Secondly, why are we giving up a draft pick for a guy nobody wants. He's got a huge contract and a lousy attitude. Where would you play this guy if you could trade for him? NT? He doesn't want to play NT, so I'm not sure why we would want him. The strength of our team is our DL. Haynesworth would just be an anchor around our necks. No thanks!

"I respond to my own flesh and blood, "we'll get the biggest kids down the road and you'll can play in the streets. Smear-the-queer, like me and your uncles and older cousins use to do at grandma's house, ten, twenty, forty years ago."

Posted by: Marooned on a Deserted Island | April 02, 2011 at 02:37 PM

WOW Moron on a dessert buffet. Please tell us more of your stupid stories....

You were probably the queer in the game


What is the deal with some of you guys talking about trades and free agency??

There ISN'T any free agency. There are NO trades. None of it is allowed until the labor situation is settled.

It's as if some of you are totally disconnected from reality.


I suppose the OL is a G away from being decent (Not elite but decent) but the question is if we cant trade back who is the no 15 pick? Pouncey, Ingram, Locker, A. Smith?

I have a hard time picking here bc of not having a 2nd rounder.

Yeah, recognition skills. Yeah. Marino did not blind anybody with the brightness of his Bulb but he could recognize. Yes he could, yes.

Internet 101- Virtual Space does not recognize age, gender, race, religion or social status. It is very democratic.

Oscar, we are reaching here just to maintain a conversation. There may be no football this year, we might as well talk other sports. Everybody here is just repeating themselves, ad-naseum. Armando was on briefly the other day but he seems bored by the lockout and the draft.

I have come up with a crazy yet plauseable scenario. Say that Denver is desperate to get back into the first round and they want a player lets say at 15. Do we trade our 1st for both of their 2nd rd picks? That would give us the 36th and 46th pick. I kinda like it

Mock draft if it occurs:

36th (2nd rd)- Vtech RB Ryan Williams
46th (2nd rd)- TCU G Marcus Cannon
3rd rd- Ark TE DJ Williams
4th rd- Mich State ILB Greg Jones
5th rd- Maryland RB Dar'el Scott
6th rd- NC State QB TJ Yates- I know I just have that feeling that we wont be drafting a QB high
7th-TCU CB/FS Jason Teague
7th- West Texas A and M WR Stephen Burton
7th- Wis RB John Clay.

DB I know your going to rip this apart but thats ok

OK, I will refrain from mentioning Internet properties from now on; true, this is a Sports Blog(you know, it's my altruism).

But I differ that there is little to talk about Football. On the Now, there is the Draft. From the Past, it is enormous. And the Future, how will this impasse affect the game of Football? I believe it's YOU guys that DONT'T want to talk about Football, each for your particular reasons. I do.

Sorry, Armando, but remember I'm a psychiatrist. If you force my opinion out of this context, I am blunter.

Oscar, the fact that you're a psychiatrist doesn't make you sane! You're a nut job like the rest of us...that's why we're here, therapy, group sessions etc.


Mock draft if it occurs:

36th (2nd rd)- Vtech RB Ryan Williams
46th (2nd rd)- TCU G Marcus Cannon
3rd rd- Ark TE DJ Williams
4th rd- Mich State ILB Greg Jones
5th rd- Maryland RB Dar'el Scott
6th rd- NC State QB TJ Yates- I know I just have that feeling that we wont be drafting a QB high
7th-TCU CB/FS Jason Teague
7th- West Texas A and M WR Stephen Burton
7th- Wis RB John Clay.

DB I know your going to rip this apart but thats ok

Posted by: bk | April 02, 2011 at 08:51 PM

BK- This is actually about as solid as it gets as far as a trade down scenario completely out of the 1st rd and picking up a 2nd.

I just dont see this fo picking Greg Jones because he's smaller than 3-4 type ilbs. He's been a very productive player in college nonetheless.

As far as your 7th rd picks, theyre always anybody's guess. 7th rd picks usually boils down to bpa, not need.


It just may be difficult for the fo to pass if Ricky Stanzi is still sitting there when its our turn to pick 4th rd.

Youre right about TCU guard Marcus Canon as a 2nd rd'er. He's the 2nd rated OG behind Pouncey.

I see someone's been doing thier homework. Great job bk!

Trade down is a pipe dream. Ain't happenin.

Darrillo, IIIIIII agree!! Trade down for what? A lower first round? @ second rounds, ain't happening! Check the trade value report chart on bleacherreport.com.

If we can strike a little gold with this draft, we'll only be 1 full draft away from being a "big dog" in the nfl again.

In 2012's draft we should only be a player away on both sides of the ball to become a "POWERHOUSE" again. 1st and 2nd rd picks should address that. Then rds 3-7 draft bpa, add in fa, and we should be primed to make a deep playoff push.

Then, in 2013, we should be amongst the top 4-5 teams forcasted to be SB champs. Being rated amongst the top 5 nfl teams makes you a legitimate nfl powerhouse team.

DB- why 2 second rounds in your mock? We don't have a second round.

FINS, the real question is trade up for what, as in another team trading up with us.

DB sorry, BK why no 2nd round.

If we can't get Ingram, trade down for Mikel Leshoure, we need a RB. All you Mallet lovers, he has the same issues Henne does, he trips over his own feet, (bad footwork), can't avoid the rush and has no leadership skills! Why get another Henne, we already have one!!!!

Darillo, we don't have anything to offer.

FINs, I'm saying for us to trade down, another team has to trade up, not going to happen for our 15.

you guys gotta get off this running back thing. HE DON'T THROW THE BALL!!!!!

Tradedown is a great possibility. The Pats franchised Mankins. Mankins nor his agent are happy with it. So they may have Mankins for only one more season.

The Pats own pick #33(1st pick of the 2nd rd) and the #60(28th pick of the 2nd rd). There's talk they like Ingram too. They own pick 17.

With Mankins likely to bolt next season, if the Pats owned #15, they could take Ingram and take Pouncey with thier #17. So they would be trading thier #33 pick and swapping thier #60 2nd rd slot for our #15.

We would trade completely out of rd1 into rd2(#60), but we gain thier #33(1st pick of the 2nd rd) in the process. Anything after the 27th pick in the 1st rd is pretty much a glorified 2nd rd pick anyway.



Im taking bk's mock is a trade out of the 1st rd scenario to gain a 2nd rd'er.

Im not totally against that type of scenario, but would only do it as a last case scenario if I really didnt want to pick the player available to me at #15.


For this FO to give up our 15 for the Pats to then draft at 15 and 17, it would have to be a higher price than that. With that move we'd be saying go ahead and be 3 seasons ahead of us instead of two. If the Pats get Ingram and Pouncey, we won't be competitive in this division until 2020.

Anything less than 10-6 will send Sparanerthal out the door. Then we are looking at a new staff and another few years. This team just not in a very good position right now, and worse the AFC East is increasingly becoming one of the toughest divisions in the league. Buffalo isn't standing still. Gailey is a good coach, a real coach, not like our halloween costume coach.




Preach it brother!!!

0x80, the Pats will take anyone we need with their picks just to keep us from getting them. It keeps them at the top of our division...it's a no-brainer!

SKY- it may be a no brainer but whats that tell you about the fins staff??


This is the kind of s*hit I expect the fo to do and try and sell us the bs about "value". Im basically stating the Pats maybe willing to do it.

I wouldnt want to trade completely out of the 1st with the Pats because the 2nd rd'er we'll actually be getting is thier #60. Which is only 4 slots away to 3rd rd.

That would be horrible value trading so far back only to get a glorified 3rd rd pick in return. But if they were willing to throw a high 3rd rd'er into the mix, then we maybe talking.

Then in exchange for the #15, we'll be getting thier #60(28th pick of the 2nd rd) and thier #74(10th pick of the 3rd rd). Plus we have our own 79th(15th pick of the 3rd rd). So basically we get a 2nd and a extra 3rd rd'er and get thier #33 slot(1st pick of the 2nd rd) for our #15.

I'll give Ireland a golds star if he can get a trade down landing us a second with out giving up any picks. Don't see it happening though. Trading down for a 3rd is bad business, only helping your enemy,

If the Pats gave us a 2nd and 3rd rd'er for our #15. Plus we draft at the #1 slot of the 2nd rd. I call that a pretty good bargain for the #15 slot.

FinsArm...it tells me the fins staff have no brains! But we all know that!!!

DB, I hear ya, but really, that is a high price to pay (2 and a 3) to trade up only two spots. The Pats are an intelligent organization. Intelligent organizations don't do suchs things.

Breed - I like your theory , quantity nit quality because we can't pick it . Just crap shoot' Cool.


Basically what Im saying is we trade down into the Pats #33 slot(1st pick of the 2nd rd. Then the Pats give us thier #60(28th pick of the 2nd rd) and thier #74(10th pick of the 3rd rd).

Therefore, we would have two 2nd rd picks and two 3rd rd picks in the 2011 draft by giving up our #15. That's the absolute best deal to be had for our #15! LOL.......

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