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RBs on the mind, in meetings, in the later rounds

The Dolphins are conducting meetings with players at their facility next week, with several players already scheduled to fly in Monday for Tuesday visits.

Count Illinois running back Mikel Leshoure prominently among the players the Dolphins will be meeting with soon. The team is looking for replacements for either Ronnie Brown or Ricky Williams or both and Leshoure's performance last season -- 1,697 rushing yards and 17 TDs -- suggest he's as solid a possibility as anyone.

So what should the Dolphins look for when they search for a running back?

They need to find a guy who can square his shoulders and get up field quickly. They should find someone who can absorb hits with some sort of subtlety to where it seems as if defenders are always just missing. This is important because backs that take full-on hits all the time don't last very long or get hurt a lot. Quickness is a trait you want from a running back, one that is more important than speed, quite frankly.

You probably think I'm crazy for typing that last sentence, right? After all, look at Chris Johnson. The man is a lightning bolt and that speed is intoxicating. Yes, but Johnson is also quick. Speed on it own gives you a track man. NFL teams want football players.

Speed is not so valuable in the absence of instinct.

Consider that Ronnie Brown came out of Auburn and to Miami as the No. 2 overall selectionin 2005. He ran a 4.4 in the 40 at the Indianapolis Combine. But how many 70 yard touchdown runs has that led to with the Dolphins?

Meanwhile, a guy such as Emmitt Smith could barely crack 4.6 in the 40-yard dash. And yes, he ran behind a dominant offensive line. But when he got past the second level, I don't rightly recall him getting caught from behind by cornerbacks or safeties that could run much faster. He had quickness. He had instincts. It's important.

One player that I had not heard about until this week was brought to my attention by a great personnel man I sometimes converse with and always respect. Check out Maryland running back Da'Rel Scott.

He's 5-11 and 211 pounds. His stats at Maryland as a junior were good but not great. He gained 708 yards. He's projected to be a 5th or 6th round pick. But this personnel man really likes Scott. Says he had very nice quickness to go with his 4.4 speed.

And, of course, he gets square quickly.

Look, I don't claim to be a draft guru. Frankly anyone in the media that claims to be a draft guru without actually having NFL experience is something of a poser. But what I do is talk to people who are legitimate personnel people, who have been in draft rooms and have true expertise and experience.

Those guys actually picked players. And I, in turn, pick their brains and pass along to you as much information as they allow me to do. Scott is a guy that has been suggested to me as a value pick in the fifth or sixth round but perhaps someone takes him a bit sooner.

We'll see how it turns out.

As they say in Boston, follow me on twitta.



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I fully expect Ireland to outsmart himself, blow the draft, and liberate Ross to find a complete new FO for 2012.

DB, when you wake up tomorrow morning, let me know if you still believe that is remotely realistic.

DB, if we give the Pats our # 15, how many 1st round picks does that give them.....that they can use to keep us down for years to come.......


Think about that one again. They are not trading up because we are not swapping 1st rd places. We're trading completely out of the 1st rd. That gives the Pats two 1st rd picks(#15 and #17).

We're leaving the 1st rd completely, all the way down to thier #33 spot(2nd rd. To do this they are giving us thier #60 spot(#28 of the 2nd rd).

Since that's virtually a 3rd rd'er and horrible value for us for that alone. They also throw in thier #74(10th pick of the 3rd) to even things out.

So that gives us two 2nds and 2 3rd rd picks. One of those 3rd rd picks are our own.

DB, I understood that. But thing about it, honestly, how likely are the Pats to give up 3 picks for our 15 when they are already at 17? If anything they may trade up with their late first who knows, but as well, Ireland will be extra leary of doing that trade within the division. Giving the Pats 3 first rounders is raising the white flag and saying you don't want to win today.


We maybe giving them an extra 1st rd pick but we take a 2nd and a 3rd rd pick away from them. Not only do we end up with a 2 for 1 swap. In the transition of that swap we actually take away 1 player they otherwise would have had.

Maybe for a change, a deal they made with comes back to hunt them instead of us. That one player advantage could be the guy who makes the big play that allows us to beat them. LOL.............

DB, you are fortifying the enemy who already has a huge lead on us! Too dangerous, and then we have to hope we'd really score with those picks. We'd be pitting our 3 picks in the 2nd and 3rd against the Pats 3 first rounders, thats a war destined to be lost.

LOL it's called hypothetical maybe if you passed the 5th grade you might have heard of it...


Whispers out there say Pats maybe interested in Ingram too. Also Mankins may not be there next year. Word is he's very unhappy about being franchised.

So, If Pats indeed would like Ingram and know they'll lose Mankins next season. Then they may also be very interested in Pouncey too, to replace Mankins. Hence a potential scenario where the Pats could possibly interested in having both the #15 and #17 picks.

It all but guarantees of getting both Pouncey and Ingram.

I like all this banter but then someone has to start calling names -

beerphin, I'm really stupid . What does hypothetical mean???


Giving the Pats Pouncey AND Ingram helps us how? Scares me. Let's not forget what fools Belicheck made of us in 2010 (or I should say what a fool he made of Sparano, he still hasn't figured out what happened)

The Steelers will trade big to get Mike Pouncey... Maurkice wants his brother to play with him. They have both stated that is their dream and currently there is already alot of talks that if Pouncey falls to NYG 19 They will grab him. The Steelers being in the super bowl almost perrenially do not need to covet their draft picks and trading down from 15 to get 31 and 63 is almost like getting a 2nd and a 3rd. More compensation would be needed to make it a fair trade the second to last pick in the 4th is essentially a low 5th rd pick. So IMO it is not farfetched to see a team that is totally enamored with a guy to trade away these picks for the quality starter they'd be getting in return. #1 rated interior lineman and Maurkice is a stud at C for them I'm sure they know what they'd be getting. I'd draft Mike Pouncey and at the very worst we get our starting C for years to come. I'm positive theres a few teams that covet POuncey and a trade back would be more dire at that point in the draft. LEVERAGE

beerfin, you can't believe one word, not even one syllable of any of the predraft hype you hear. You could almost bet anything you do here is guaranteed not to be what their intentions really are. I'm sure the Pounceys would love to play together, but their desires will have any bearing on Pitts draft choices.

FinsArm, hypothetical means theoretically... make believe....


Fortifying the enemy? At #33 they'll probably take Leshore or Williams anyway. Thier also projected to take at #60 olb/de Chris Carter(Fresno st) had 10 sacks in 2010, and Titus Young at #74.

If we owned thier #60 and #74 that blocks them from getting Carter and Titus Young. We actually helped ourselves by blocking the divison rivals from getting 2 players.

Do you get it now?

DB, I also like your idea with the pats getting the 3 picks as well.
0+80, you are right about possibly setting the Pats up for years to come if Ingram doesn't bust.
It'd be hard for me to pull the trigger with our division rivals but it could be worth it long term.

*will NOT have any bearing (typo from previous post)

DB, if its a scenario that benifits us, how likely are the Pats to go for it? And how likely is Ireland to trade down with our #1 nemesis? I just can't see it happening in reality.

What's up Fin Nation???, I know it's late but what are you finatics doing???????


Its so difficult talking to you. You make me work far too hard. LOL.........

We are not giving them Pouncey and Ingram. Sitting at #17, even if we drafted Ingram they could still draft Pouncey if they want.

By taking thier #60 and #74 picks we're actually taking "TWO" players away from them. Not giving them anything. LOL............

All depends on how much value the Pats place on both Ingram and (say)Pouncey on thier draft boards. Basically what Im saying is if this possibility presented itself Ireland should be all over it! LOL..........

Getting a very late 2nd(#28) and the #10 3rd rd spot is what I consider very fair value for both teams in exchange for our #15 overall pick. No one's really getting cheated.

Guy's, Trading with the Pats is like trading with the devil, I mean can you see Ireland trying to out smart any of the Pats Front office??????

Guys, GD IT!!!! That's what I'm saying!!! We can not afford to give the Pats another 1st round pick, to use against us ad-infinitum!!! We'll be in 3rd place forever....Armando said in his article, quantity not quality, well I say we need quality!!!! The Pats have gone after quality, we need to as well, otherwise we'll be second rate forever. Why give that # 15 pick to the Pats, or the Jets, that's crazy. If we're going to trade down do it with a team out of our division!!!!

Db, someone's gotta make you work!

Either way, we would be giving our #1 nemesis and additional 1st rounder, which would leave us with none. They could just as easily grab Pouncey at 17 and one of those other backs with their late 1. I'm just not convinced there is enough incentive for them to do it, especially when it would be helping us in return. They'd much rather see us stuck, thats my take.

Gotta also remember we're trading completely out of the 1st rd. If I were Ireland I would be ringing Belichik off the hook to convince him of that deal. LOL..........


Even if the Pats took Ingram with our #15, we'll take Leshore or Ryan Williams with the #33 in the swap. Plus we get thier #60 and thier #74 picks. Those are two fairly high draft picks we disarmed them off in the process.

Like I said, you make me work awfully hard. LOL...........

Leaving the Pats with 3 first rounders and us with 0 first rounders just doesn't feel right, even though we'd be gaining picks. If it was a team out of our division, maybe then, not with our #1 nemesis.


It's not only their desire if you read up on it the Steelers FO wants to get this done too if its possible... It's not like they're just going off the bros playing together. Pouncey is guy they will target by trade down in the 1st.

DB, put yourself in the Pats position...they could still take Pouncey 1st at 17 and then Williams or Leshoure with their second #1. Not sure why they would make that trade to help give us more mojo.


3 1st rd'ers? Think about it. Good luck to the Pats when time comes around to resigning them. LOL...............

When that year comes around they'll have plenty of free agents hitting the market. There's sure to be a new money ceiling in the next cba agreement.

DB, for the Pats to trade up, they'd have to see it totally beneficial to them and not for us, as a division rival. If you like the trade scenario you are describing, its a high probablity the Pats won't like it.

DB I usually agree with most of your comments, but I wouldn't give another 1st rounder to the Pats, that's crazy, so they get 2 1st rounders and we get a 2nd rounder and 2 3rd rounders....ok, so instead of a Lamborghini we wind up with 2 Toyotas and a Yugo!!!! I'd take the Lamborghini!


Maryland sucks they always have, the ACC sucks ! it`s why the U wants to switch to the SEC !!

DB, well now you made a better point! What team wants 3 first rounders to deal with signing!

DB, 0X80,

Whats up !

If the Pats trade up, it will be to grab Julio Jones, I just don't see trading up two spots helping them much unless someone very valuable to them falls out of the top ten, and if its Julio Jones, we should take him.

Hey fin4, I'm just here making DB work harder than normal tonight.



LMAO !!!


According to mocks the Pats want to select Cameron Jordan DE/DT Cal. They desperately need pass rush. There's threat we trade back, and if that happens, we could also target Pouncey.

They are projected to take Pouncey with the #28 pick. Pouncey could possibly be the smoking gun to spur them into a deal with us. You never know. LOL.........

0x80, just 'cause they get 3 1st rounders it doesn't mean they will all work out, so they could afford to trade 1 or 2 and still be ahead!

What up fin4!

Yeah 0x80's just here busting my balls and whipping up mayonaise! LOL.............

DB, Pouncey has been rising on the mocks. It doesn't look like will last past 23. If we trade down 10 spots, there is only a slim chance Pouncey will still be there.

fins4life, thank you, I enjoy providing amusement to all!


All of the Pats high picks will come back to hunt them at resigning time. LOL.........

Giants are going OL first RD. It's their biggest need. Look for the Steelers to try and trade up before #19...


I thought alot about your theory about the Pats trading up and I agree but if the Pats trade up it will be for one of the WR, that depends though on one of them falling to the 10th spot cause I believe the Skins would deal given there needs, they have to many needs

going to see source code...


After Belichik begins to seriously consider the juggernaut he'll be in with all of his high round 2011 draft picks. He may give us a call and offer both his 1st rd picks just to take our #15.

Because he still has two 2nd and two 3rd rd picks this year too. All of this has to hurt his cap space come resigning time. Just this draft alone! LOL...............

The whole draft depends on where the Q.B.`s fall if they don`t go high then it`s a free for all because some really great players fall.

The more I think of it. The more I believe Belichik would be wise to unload some of his 2011 picks. Most likely he probably unloads them for thier same value in 2012 picks to make a run at Andrew Luck.

That seems to make more sense than using them and risk salary cap issue come resigning time with all of these stockpiled picks. Think about it guys. LOL.............

DB @12:25

I get your point of view but we would be only to lucky !!!

I'm wondering how much the lack of a cba will affect the trades on draft day in general. Would be a good article for one of the pundits to elaborate upon.

My Best best bet would be no matter what Ireland does it will be wrong, I have more confidence that Lil Aloco will master the english word then these Idiots(The Front office) Doing anything right.... JMHO..., Ok guys, gotta go attend to my "Pineapple patch"....Peace..

0X80 @12:30

That`s the 64 million dollar question !

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