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RBs on the mind, in meetings, in the later rounds

The Dolphins are conducting meetings with players at their facility next week, with several players already scheduled to fly in Monday for Tuesday visits.

Count Illinois running back Mikel Leshoure prominently among the players the Dolphins will be meeting with soon. The team is looking for replacements for either Ronnie Brown or Ricky Williams or both and Leshoure's performance last season -- 1,697 rushing yards and 17 TDs -- suggest he's as solid a possibility as anyone.

So what should the Dolphins look for when they search for a running back?

They need to find a guy who can square his shoulders and get up field quickly. They should find someone who can absorb hits with some sort of subtlety to where it seems as if defenders are always just missing. This is important because backs that take full-on hits all the time don't last very long or get hurt a lot. Quickness is a trait you want from a running back, one that is more important than speed, quite frankly.

You probably think I'm crazy for typing that last sentence, right? After all, look at Chris Johnson. The man is a lightning bolt and that speed is intoxicating. Yes, but Johnson is also quick. Speed on it own gives you a track man. NFL teams want football players.

Speed is not so valuable in the absence of instinct.

Consider that Ronnie Brown came out of Auburn and to Miami as the No. 2 overall selectionin 2005. He ran a 4.4 in the 40 at the Indianapolis Combine. But how many 70 yard touchdown runs has that led to with the Dolphins?

Meanwhile, a guy such as Emmitt Smith could barely crack 4.6 in the 40-yard dash. And yes, he ran behind a dominant offensive line. But when he got past the second level, I don't rightly recall him getting caught from behind by cornerbacks or safeties that could run much faster. He had quickness. He had instincts. It's important.

One player that I had not heard about until this week was brought to my attention by a great personnel man I sometimes converse with and always respect. Check out Maryland running back Da'Rel Scott.

He's 5-11 and 211 pounds. His stats at Maryland as a junior were good but not great. He gained 708 yards. He's projected to be a 5th or 6th round pick. But this personnel man really likes Scott. Says he had very nice quickness to go with his 4.4 speed.

And, of course, he gets square quickly.

Look, I don't claim to be a draft guru. Frankly anyone in the media that claims to be a draft guru without actually having NFL experience is something of a poser. But what I do is talk to people who are legitimate personnel people, who have been in draft rooms and have true expertise and experience.

Those guys actually picked players. And I, in turn, pick their brains and pass along to you as much information as they allow me to do. Scott is a guy that has been suggested to me as a value pick in the fifth or sixth round but perhaps someone takes him a bit sooner.

We'll see how it turns out.

As they say in Boston, follow me on twitta.



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Without a new cba in place teams can only trade picks, not players. For example:

If Belichik wanted to trade any of his 2011 picks to another team for thier 2012 picks he could.

There just cant be any player exchanges, just pick exchanges.

DB @12:41

Thats a fact but then you have to anlize it from the prespective of trading for a player who has a high cap #, fills a need for 1 season or meets a need for this coming season, the Pats aren`t stupid they won`t deal unless it suits there needs


if Mallett is still there at 15 they will take him


It would be my best guess that the Pats have stockpiled these picks in anticipation of making a run at Andrew Luck.

Brady enters his 11th season. They have the luxury to sit Luck 2-3 seasons behind Brady even though he rated a day 1 starter.

Still, having those overabundance of stockpiled picks doesnt guarantee 2012 top slotted draft team will be willing to give thier slot no matter what the Pats offer. But it does guarantee the Pats they'll be well armed to make one helluva a run to acquire the 2012 #1 slot and Andrew Luck.

Though Mallet has had great workouts. What teams are quickly falling out love with him over arent the drug rumors and character issues. The guy is more of a stationary statue in the pocket than Chad Henne.

They fear he's going to take an overabundance of hits and or sacks on the nfl level. Basically they think he's going to make Chad Henne look like Mike Vick in the pocket as far as mobility.

This fo will definitely stay away from that after having Mr. Statue himself Chad Henne as a bluepint for what a disaster that can become. With Mallet its worse.


With all do respect N.E. making a run at Andrew Luck is like us signing John Elway back in the day, it`s not going to happen. The best scenario for a team making a run is the Cowboy`s of the 90`s, your theory is rediculous, while your friend I can`t help but laugh at what your proposing


Say if the Pats traded its extra 1st, 2nd, and 3rd rd picks to teams in the 2011 draft for those exact same picks in thier 2012 draft.

Are you telling me that the Pats couldnt offer the team with the #1 pick in 2012. Thier 2012 1st, 2nd, and 3rd rd picks to move up to the #1 overall spot and draft Luck?

Remember, if the Pats did what I suggested they would still have 2 1st, 2 2nds, and 2 3rd rd picks. they could give up those 3 picks and still have all of thier original top 3 picks.

If the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd rd picks arent enough. They can still throw thier other 1st rd pick into the pot. Then the offer for the top overall 2012 slot would be 2 1st, 1 2nd, and 1 3rd rd pick. Thats one helluva offer for the top overall pick.

Im out because the comprehension levels here tonight seem to have fallen asleep and I dont get paid here to work so hard. LOL................


I don`t think any team in there right mind will trade out of the pick for a sure fire NFL QB like Andrew Luck

From now on out I wont post anything anymore complex than crayons and coloring book material. LOL..............

have at it !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Belichek isn't going to wait for Brady to decline before grooming someone to replace him. Makes perfect sense to me he'll be thinking about that either this draft or next.


Between you and 0x80 Im totally done with anything involving scenarios with the Pats. Its something needing to be talked face to face about and typing is way to much work.

Typing is way too time consuming to get both parties on the exact same page. These are theorectical scenarios that can be made possible. Its way too much work typing back and forth trying to find common ground.

In a blog we need far simpler subjects. Its getting too frustrating for me to have to sit here for another hour typing. When in 10 minutes I could do it if we were talking face to face. LOL..............


0x80 youre a genious! Belichik isnt going to wait until Brady declines to replace him.

So in 2012, offer your extra 1st, 2nd, and 3rd rd stockpiled picks to the team sitting in the top slot to try and get Andrew Luck.



I won`t argue with you, god blesS !

DB, its a two way street, sometimes you don't get us!


It makes sense to me Belichik didnt stockpile all of these picks to actually draft players. He's trying to avoid what we've gone through for over a decade now in the Marinoless era.

Belichik is stockpiling the picks to avoid a decade of the BRADYLESS era!

He's doing that which we did not. He preparing ahead!

With those stockpiled picks Belichick guarantees himself of drafting the #1 or #2 qb in which ever draft he chooses.

He can just keep trading them into the next draft until one comes around that suits him. LOL....

Guys I wasnt angry. I was just beginning to get frustrated. Now Im ok. LOL...........

DB, thats precisely why saying we are 'close' is no different than saying we are 'far'. NE is way ahead of us on current roster and future roster. Plus I firmly believe a new coach will be here in 2012, which by nature will set us back another season or two. Parcells took us half way and bailed, or failed, however you want to call it.


Just like Tony Sparano said, and this is one thing I fully agree with him on, Sparano said, "Its not about who has the best 53 players on thier roster. It's about who has the right 53 on thier roster."

George Stienbrenner has proven this true over and over and over again. The best 53 dont always win. But the right 53 does.

No matter how expensive or inexpensive the laundry is. If you use the right laundry detergent it all comes clean exactly the same. LOL.........


Hmm................... So what youre saying is that compared to Pluto. The Earth is very close to the Sun. LOL..............

93,000,000 million miles buddy! LOL.............

I'm saying we are not as close as we think we are. Yes, I agree its the right 53 players, plus the right HC to manage those players to their best potential while knowing how to out coach the competition. Sparano is not the guy, never will be. Parcells #1 gaff by far was not bringing Rex with him, a guy he said 'is one of the few that truly get it'. Every time I see Sparano speak my opinion of his ability drops two more notches.

Everytime I hear Sparano speak, it not usually my opinion of him that drops. Its my gps navigational device.

Everytime he speaks I have to turn it on to figure out where Im at. Sparano has a way of taking you all the way to California, just to get you to Jacksonville, FL starting at Miami.

Dude we need gps systems to keep up with where the guy taking us when he's talking. LOL............

Imagine how it is for the players day in and day out. I think they are still trying to decipher his instructions well after the snap!

Well, time to leave the computer...checking out for now...

armando love TO EAT CANDY .

with miami now looking at the definite scenario of being without pennington's services and probably that of thigpen's would they now be looking to draft two quarterbacks in this year's draft? is this a possibility? does pennington's injury change things or where they not taking it for granted that pennington would be back anyway. i wonder what the mindset was concerning qb's in the draft.

where instead of were
their instead of there
your instead of you're

i hate when i do that.

sparano and ireland get a no confidence vote from many of us. they have mis-managed draft day and made frivolous selections while stepping over real talent. last year we drafted 2 guys with broken legs. maybe we could trade (2) sparano's and ireland for a 7th round pick.

For my fellow horseplayers: I can't seem to beat Todd Pletcher this year. He has one hell of a stable up at Gulfstream Park.


I am calling you out. Come out come out from where ever you hide, sick punk...

I think they should look to get one QB in the 2nd with trade back. *2nd rd only Mallet, Dalton, Ponder, Kaepernick. Then again in the 6th rd. Tyrod Taylor, Taylor Potts, Greg McElroy, Jerrod Johnson. I'd take Newton & Locker at 15 if available but I'm calling right now that Newton goes #1 and Locker at 12 or before


I think the Dolphins will draft a QB to groom and sign a FA to compete with Henne. It might be Thigpen, it might be someone else. Bulger would be interesting or if McNabb gets chooped by the 'Skins maybe they would sign him as competition for Henne. Who knows? Lots of options still to be played out.

Do you know what Charles Gordon promised to give his mother this year? A yak!! Isn't that something?

Well, you've got to expect that someone like Reginald would eat the telephone. He hasn't been the same since the mayonnaise explosion. I did the same thing after that dream about Jackie Gleason and the bubble bath.

lol crack junkies

i asked a question about the quarterback situation and not one person mentioned vince young. now that's refreshing.

i think beerphin is on to something with lestar jean. anyone else have a chance to check this guy out. i'm impressed.

I think the Dolphins will draft a QB to groom and sign a FA to compete with Henne. It might be Thigpen, it might be someone else. Bulger would be interesting or if McNabb gets chooped by the 'Skins maybe they would sign him as competition for Henne. Who knows? Lots of options still to be played out.

Posted by: Craig M | April 03, 2011 at 11:27 AM

You do realize that there ISN'T any free agency, right?

i tend to agree with you concerning the qb situation. i also think where we draft a qb is going to say a lot about how soon he will play. I think, if we take a guy in the first with the #15 or trade down a little they are probably projecting the guy to be used sooner than later. so, the guy they pick is probably going to be one of the more nfl ready guys like mallet or ponder. however, the more likely scenario will be that they would take one no earlier than the 2nd rd.

you can't take anything for granted. you can't take for granted there will be FA but you can't take for granted that there won't. you can't just throw your hands up in the air and say, "well, there's not going to be any free agency this year so i'm not going to waste my time looking at the free agent qb's that are available." it's a defeatest mentality. keep all of your options open and be ready for anything. miami may or may not be able to trade out of the #15. i'm sure they are ready for that scenario: who do we pick if we are stuck with the #15 or who do we pick if we can trade down that we think will be there at that point. it's the same thing with free agency and i'm sure they are looking at every option available, especially on the offensive side of the ball.

You guys are all talking about all these late round RB's and UFA's . Why has nobody mentioned this guy Isaac Odim Div. II (if i'm right)out of Minn. I would love to see us pick this guy up as an undrafted FA.

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