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Round 1 newsy recap from Jeff Ireland

Here is the latest from the Dolphins and general manager Jeff Ireland following the end of the first round:

1. Mike Pouncey will start out as a center. He is penciled in as a center on Ireland's depth chart. "He's big, he's tough, he's disciplined, he's smart. He's very athletic ... I can't say enough good things about the kid."

2. Ireland talked to receiver Brandon Marshall on Thursday and might meet with him or, at the least, talk to him again Friday. "I know enough of the details. I reached out to him today because I was able to.  We'll talk a little more tomorrow. Right now I know enough to be dangerous, I guess you could say. We're going to continue to follow that situation. Until I get a chance to sit down and talk to him face to face, I'm not going to jump to any conclusions."

Marshall last week was stabbed in the abdomen by his wife, Michi Nogami-Marshall. She was arrested. He was admitted to the hospital, treated and released. It is the second known domestic violence episode for the couple. It is the ninth domestic violence episode involving Marshall since 2005.

3. The Dolphins didn't have an opportunity to trade out of the No. 15 overall selection, according to Ireland.  "The phones weren't ringing so we took the pick," Ireland said. "When the phone doesn't ring you kind of lose your leverage if you're calling around. 'Do you want this pick, do you want this pick.' That's not the way I do it. They have to want the pick before you can trade. And the phone wasn't ringing."

4. Ireland seems very confident about this pick. He had no problem comparing Mike Pouncey to his identical twin brother Maurkice Pouncey. Maurkice was a starter and Pro Bowl player for the Steelers.

"There's a lot of things that both remind me of each other," Ireland said. "They remind me of each other so I didn't feel like I was going to be getting too much different than Maurkice. When you're watching Mike, he's got things to work on as all rookies do. But I think you're looking at pretty much the same type of player."

5. The Dolphins are known for doing the safe thing over the bold thing. Guilty as charged, if that's the way you look at it. "I think it's a good, safe pick," Ireland said. "I know what I'm getting. I know exactly what I'm getting with Pouncey. I feel pretty good we've solidified an offensive line here."

5. Players will likely be around camp on Friday. There is supposed to be a rookie camp next week. The schedule is not set in stone because it is all subject to the legal wranglings of the NFL and the, ahem, trade association.

6. Yes, the Dolphins are aware of the concerns about Pouncey's shotgun snaps.

"They do a lot of things with their center that most teams don't do," Ireland said of the University of Florida. "They pull him a lot. So what you see is when he's trying to pull out in space he's getting out so quick that he's doing something with the ball. I don't know that we'd be doing much of that as Florida did. But he improved at it over the season."

7. Ireland, confident at this press conference, started by saying, "The best way to start this is for me to say, 'Awwwright Miami.' I don't say it as well as Jim Mandich but my heart's out to his family."


8. My column on what I think of the Pouncey pick is here. Please help a brother out and check it out. It makes me feel like I'm not working in vain. I also might talk you off the angry, Dolphins should have drafted a quarterback ledge.



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Pouncey in the 1st sorry all you QB lovers but it didn't happen. Wish they could have traded down and bit and still got him but they couldn't. I still like the pick,


Didn't they teach you in 3rd grade to proof read your work before submitting it?

Rest in peace Jim. You will be remembered and missed.

That McShay comment is funny... sorry, but it made me giggle.

Craig - I like that: Murray in the 3rd and Green in the 4th. I'd definitely groove on that. Fingers crossed!

Anyway, I'm out. Everyone have a good night. See you for Rounds 2 & 3.

Mando, are you drunk?

This breaking up the rounds into 3 days sucks. It is kind of like a hooker getting up an answering her phone before her job at hand is complete. Then she leaves, and you are alone watching Leave It To Beaver....


i like the fact the dolphins took care of a position of need, but with pouncey. Is this more of a pick where he went this high due to how his brother fared as a rookie. I was reading the sporting news draft 2011 and they compare mike pouncey to samson satele. Please tell me pouncey isnt the next samson satele

Well, look at the bright side, there should be no more exuses for the oline. That should be set and done now.

What I HOPE now, is that they don't go trading away next years picks. Let's try to start off our drafts with the full compliment of picks for a change.

Where's the SAP button? I need to switch this article back to English.

Good pick. Safe pick. First draft without Parcells in three years and (how about that?) . . . it's a Parcells pick all the way!

1. Mike Pouncey will start out as a center

There it is! Right off the lips of Jeff Ireland. Pouncey, the 15th overall pick of the draft, IS A PROJECT!

I don't know about you guys, but when there's only 14 players selected before you're guy, seems like you could pick one that you AT LEAST KNOW where he'll play. Freaking musical chairs with a top 15 pick!



You guys can argue this among yourselves.

I know what just happened.

We just took another reach with the 15th overall selection of the draft. A guy were going to see where he fits in.

Switch him around with Cog some. Maybe switch him around with Jerry. See if he miraculously and suddenly learns how to snap the ball maybe. You know, throw some things around and see what sticks.

I guess I was hoping for too much in that we would select a guy that high whom we could plug in and play. You know, a guy that's an expert at one single POSITION!

I understand how tough that is though. I mean after all, there were 14 guys selected ahead of our new project.

What on earth would make me think we could actually pick a guy that has mastered one single position and simply play it.

Ireland thinks that because Pouncey is a twin, he should play identically to his brother. Well guess what? He doesn't.

Pouncey may have been one of the WORST snappers in all of college football last year. He was responsible for numberous turnovers and fumbles.

Go check out the first few Gator games last year.


What is even more pathetic is this organization. Spent millions upon millions to fix the OL. Tons of wasted draft picks and money. But we still have no QB. And this regime is too gutless to draft one in the first round...

OK, peanut gallery, I accidently hit publish while I was still working on the full blog. It's complete and actually ready to read now.

Get to it.


More tomorrow.

Odin, agree...right or wrong I would have respected a # 15 more had it been Ingram or a QB, something bold.....not safe!!!

How many came close in the NFL.com 10 million dollar draft challenge? I bet 0. That was a crazy first round.
Some good players available in round 2. Bowers, Dalton, Mallet, Chase Reynolds, Brooks Reid, Kyle Rudolph..To name a few.

Armando, PEANUT GALLERY MY A S S!!! Collectively we are better than your colleagues and experts!!!!

I like the Pouncey pick. I am a Gator. This guy can play. At the begining of the college season, he was still learning the Center position. He botched several snaps. But he straighten that out. At worst case, he can be moved back to play Guard. He will be an instant starter. We can target a veteran QB once free agency starts. We need RB or TE in the 3rd round.

No Redsky, collectively you guys are better than ME.

Ha ha! I really tricked you all be interviewing all of those QBs!! I never had any intention of selecting one. Bet you all were fooled!


P.S. Don't worry about Pouncey hiking the ball. If he struggles there, I will just move him to the DL.

Hey I got something right, I said Mallet was a ruse from the get go. I want a gold star.

OK...Pouncey...I can live with it...but they ABSOLUTELY must now be aggressive and think OFFENCE...all the way...WHO will score touchdowns....who??????

Alright...Any picks for round 3? Who knows how round 2 goes. We don't pick until 79 right? I think if Tawain Jones is available he will be our pick. If he is available and we pass in favor of a NT, or Saftey.(both positions we may be looking at in this round) I will join the WTF are we doing bandwagon. Tawain Jones for 3rd round pick 2011 cast your vote here!

Did anyone really think that these Parcells CLONES would do anything different. ROFLMAO.

The most laughable thing is that Ross is eating it up.

Can't wait to see this team FAIL and these TURKEY's can get canned.

Same deer in the headlights look at the press conference by Jeff StabyouinthebackLand as last season when we drafted OdrickoutfortheseasonmediocreDE.

Nothin to see here folks, business as usual for Mia.

Whatcha expect when you don't have:
* free agency trade leverage
* a 2nd rnd pk
* a trade partner

We made a safe & productive pk vs risking another exotic flop.

I'll say it now, NE is poised to grab any player they want in next yrs 1st rnd while we watch helplessly unless we:
* learn to evaluate talent better
* stop trading draft pks for FA
* trade vet players while they have value vs. letting them walk away getting no value at all.

Now compare the list above vs the list below ... who do those bullet points remind you of ...?

We will get smoked out of a good quality 1st rnd QB next yr unless we can generate leverage now with current players for draft pks next yr.

That simple

I told all you Dolphin fans we would put together an exciting offense! I expect Mike Pouncey to score a ton of TDs for us next year!

Fins Up!



Disclaimer...I know nothing. I've already proved it. With that being said, I don't see this regime taking a situational scat back first. They are building a serious oline and are going to want someone to run between the hash marks OFTEN. I'd like Hunter. He is a bit small, like a jones drew type, but has speed and moves and strength, kind of in between a bruiser and a scat back.

The Pats are taking Hankerson with thier next pick.
They get thier star players at the U, we get ours off the unemployment line.

I smell Sparano's stench all over this pick. Pouncey is a good pick, but I hate that we had to waste a top pick and more money on an OLineman. Had the OLine been solidified last year, we could've focused on QB or RB instead. This is Sparano's last chance at getting the line straighten out and he knows it.

Well, at least Ingram didn't go to the Pats...yay.

Just got home from work. Turn to NFL Network & the 1st thing I hear is Mayock & Faulk making fun of Henne. Very Embarrasing..

Tried to tell yall. Mark Ingram at 15 is too high.Plenty of RB's are still available
We could still endup with combos of
Daniel Thomas/Kendall Hunter
Taiwan Jones/Noel Devine
Demarco Murray/Alex Green
Daniel Thomas/Jacquizz Rodgers

Another strategic mistake. These guys just don't get it. WE NEED PLAY MAKERS not safe pick! What do you expect from a o-line coach acting as a head coach! Here is my prediction

You Dolphin fans are way to harsh!

Another season wining and losing with field goals.

We have no leverage and therefore could not complete what The digg describes.

Good night fellas...long day on ye ol blog. Lets fire it up again tommorow. Don't have any nightmeres tonight. Sleep with the light on if you must....

Another season wining and losing with field goals.

Posted by: Mike Gentile | April 29, 2011 at 12:55 AM


Just another disappointing 1st round pick from an organization thats lost its way.There is nothing this group has done in the past few years that gives a fan any hope or encouragement about the future.We will fight it out with Buffalo for 3rd place.


Not sure if you ares till around but what do you think it would take to get into the second round? There's still some very good players available and I'd like to see us get a crack at some of them. Obviously Ryan Williams and Leshoure are a couple of guys I like but I think Demarco Murray in the third would be fine too. Not sure if we could move up with oue thrid and maybe something else but I think it would be good to try. If we walked away with a good back and VIrgil green I'd be quite happy.

LMFAO at PriceMaster at 12:53

Thanks Armando, we appreciate your compliment. Personally, I felt the pick would be Pouncey, I just wanted more "flash for the dash." (I just made that up and want credit for it!!!!) the pick may work outlook depending on the rest of their picks and FAs, when that happens. If they can get Leshoure in the 3rd, and/or even Mallet

Whoops, I meant...the pick might work out good....

You guys asleep? Oh, that's right, I'm retired, you're not...I can sleep late....

We won't be getting Leshoure, Mallet, Hankerson, Bowers or any of the other big names still out there.
We got Odrick and Edds and all those 7th & 8th round draft picks coming back this season.
We still need 2 qb's and 2 rb's just to fill out the depth chart.
That means whoever gets drafted automatically makes the team.

Ok, we took Pouncey...a safe pick that finally takes care of that guard/center problem that plagued us last year. Gotta live with it. Now what?
Taiwan Jones looks like a good pick. We could double up on runningbacks. Or,, maybe a Tight End that can catch the ball (to go along with Fasano in 2-TE sets).
But, I don't see any of the big name QB's falling to us in the 3rd. Sorry, guys!
There's always Free Agency...uh, maybe!

Armando and Odin are flying to England to cover the Royal Wedding!!! Aloco told me that!

Dan Carpenter must be thrilled! He gets to be the team MVP again! Well, at least Jeff Ireland won't be drafting for the Rotting Mammals next season. Here's to hoping Henne turns it around. If not, another wasted draft. What QB will they get in this draft? Only possibilities I see are Enderle or Stanzi. Can't wait to watch Mallett and Kapernick go in the 2nd round while we thumb it and watch. FIST PUMP!

I think we need to start looking at the rosters of Appalachian State and Eastern Kentucky.
That is where our starting running back(s) will be coming from.

Dan Carpenter has been practicing from the 5 yd line. 10 FGs a game we might win a few!

LMAO at Dolphins. Pouncey? Are you serious?

I hope he also knows how to pass, catch, or run the ball. This has become a loser franchise through and through – always afraid to go for the home run, to take a chance on game-breaking players. Instead they settle for “the sure thing”, the type of players that won’t alter the outcome of the game much, but will sure as hell ensure that you stay at about .500 year after year.

Pricemaster, we can get our running backs from the streets of Miami, our purse snatchers run 4.0s. Lol.

Dolphins gotta look at VINCE YOUNG!!

I'm out, let's see what round 3 brings.

Redsky, what time will u start drinking tomorrow?

If Ireland believes in Mallett i think you use a high 2012 pick or some combination to move into 2nd round and grab Mallett.

The risk is a lot less b/c of the money you will have to spend on him. In that spot the reward clearly outweighs the risk b/c of the money involved.

Im a Mallett believer---and if you told me we could have Pouncey and Mallett with out touching the rest of our 2011 draft---I would be very excited about that direction.

like Mayock would say ---"BANG THE TABLE" gO GET Mallett---he is worth the risk in the 2nd

JB, as soon as the draft continues! Lol, 6pm eastern time!

Allen, don't sacrifice for Mallet, if he falls to our pick fine, but you don't give up next years pick for him he's not worth it, sorry. I'd rather lose every game next year and get Andrew Luck!

Redsky, I'll have u beat. 4 or 5pm for me. Lol

JB, maybe I'll move it up a notch or 2! LOL!

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