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Round 1 newsy recap from Jeff Ireland

Here is the latest from the Dolphins and general manager Jeff Ireland following the end of the first round:

1. Mike Pouncey will start out as a center. He is penciled in as a center on Ireland's depth chart. "He's big, he's tough, he's disciplined, he's smart. He's very athletic ... I can't say enough good things about the kid."

2. Ireland talked to receiver Brandon Marshall on Thursday and might meet with him or, at the least, talk to him again Friday. "I know enough of the details. I reached out to him today because I was able to.  We'll talk a little more tomorrow. Right now I know enough to be dangerous, I guess you could say. We're going to continue to follow that situation. Until I get a chance to sit down and talk to him face to face, I'm not going to jump to any conclusions."

Marshall last week was stabbed in the abdomen by his wife, Michi Nogami-Marshall. She was arrested. He was admitted to the hospital, treated and released. It is the second known domestic violence episode for the couple. It is the ninth domestic violence episode involving Marshall since 2005.

3. The Dolphins didn't have an opportunity to trade out of the No. 15 overall selection, according to Ireland.  "The phones weren't ringing so we took the pick," Ireland said. "When the phone doesn't ring you kind of lose your leverage if you're calling around. 'Do you want this pick, do you want this pick.' That's not the way I do it. They have to want the pick before you can trade. And the phone wasn't ringing."

4. Ireland seems very confident about this pick. He had no problem comparing Mike Pouncey to his identical twin brother Maurkice Pouncey. Maurkice was a starter and Pro Bowl player for the Steelers.

"There's a lot of things that both remind me of each other," Ireland said. "They remind me of each other so I didn't feel like I was going to be getting too much different than Maurkice. When you're watching Mike, he's got things to work on as all rookies do. But I think you're looking at pretty much the same type of player."

5. The Dolphins are known for doing the safe thing over the bold thing. Guilty as charged, if that's the way you look at it. "I think it's a good, safe pick," Ireland said. "I know what I'm getting. I know exactly what I'm getting with Pouncey. I feel pretty good we've solidified an offensive line here."

5. Players will likely be around camp on Friday. There is supposed to be a rookie camp next week. The schedule is not set in stone because it is all subject to the legal wranglings of the NFL and the, ahem, trade association.

6. Yes, the Dolphins are aware of the concerns about Pouncey's shotgun snaps.

"They do a lot of things with their center that most teams don't do," Ireland said of the University of Florida. "They pull him a lot. So what you see is when he's trying to pull out in space he's getting out so quick that he's doing something with the ball. I don't know that we'd be doing much of that as Florida did. But he improved at it over the season."

7. Ireland, confident at this press conference, started by saying, "The best way to start this is for me to say, 'Awwwright Miami.' I don't say it as well as Jim Mandich but my heart's out to his family."


8. My column on what I think of the Pouncey pick is here. Please help a brother out and check it out. It makes me feel like I'm not working in vain. I also might talk you off the angry, Dolphins should have drafted a quarterback ledge.



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We NEED to get into round two tomorrow and snag Kaepernick ... If we don't get a QB I really don't care to see some washed up vet and Henne battle it out for the starting job... Boring ....

And who knows what's going to happen with the Marshall situation... Man this is a sad time to be. Dolfan...

I'm officialy starting the Reggie Bush to Miami campaign....Who's on board??? He says he done in N.O. and he is EXACTLY what we NEED!!! Hes due like $11 Million or something next year...don't see them paying him that and unless he wants to restructure and take a pay cut to be one of 3 RB's in N.O. then they may have to cut him....it's a long shot but WTH!!!

Cowkilla, it's been a sad time to be a Dolfan since Shula and Marino left! My opinion....

Cali fin, you may be on to something! I like it!


Armando reported the facts! I'm shocked.

Good Night All!

holy snikes.....some of you guys made me laugh......love the pessimism....Fins Up...Fist Pump made me cry!!!! Hmmm Reggie in Miami....for 6 million i would do it...improves return game, run game, pass game and speed on the outside...with a banger....

I could live with a Center at #15. But a Guard? Get out'a here!

Except for a few we are all saving our As-es. From whom?

Some of you are the same ones screaming bloody murder when Brady Quinn wasn't drafted. Don't even try to deny it.

Who'd you want? Mallett? The same great prospect that every team in the league has already passed on, while Pouncey would have been snagged, happily, within the next few picks after Miami?

But of course you know better. Sure you do.

Solid, sensible pick that directly addressed a specific need. God forbid, I'm OK with that.

The Collective really pushes you, doesn't It?

This Consortium/Conspiracy has been going on for exactly 32 years.

Simplifying. Mark Ingram.

Their are 11 starters on each side of the ball. And we nabbed the #1 consensus interior offensive Lineman in the whole draft. Every body has Mike Pouncey as the #1 Interior Offensive Lineman. So we got the best player available at a position of need. Our interior offensive line was the demise of our team last year. Jerry wasn't ready, Incognito was solid. Joe Berger sucked period. I hope we draft Will Rackley, Marcus Cannon, or Ben Ijalana in the 3rd, some one who can light a fire under Jerry's ass and make him fight for his job.

Happy refrigerator SLAP SLAP diaper pony. I am the curious tangerine Yokohama garden,


Still need running backs. And only a third rounder to find the golden acorn. Cause he is gonna have to be gold.

Trading away picks seems fun at the time until you have to pay up. Just like a credit card.

I wished for ol so I agree with the pick. I think we should add the most starters in this draft at positions of need, if Pouncey is a bust then I will swallow my words but I think he'll do very well, but we need to improve our coaching n development schemes. Also, I am for Henne next year, I hope we now address rb or te with solid players, this way if Henne does not deliver then he loses my support. I'm worried, very worried with the Marshall situation, we may now add wr into our draft equation, just what we need!

well hopefully he is a good center still need a qb

A veteran qb is probably in their plans anyways , I guess they have no shot at Mallet now , whats their next pick 79 over all he will probably be gone by then and there is nothing to trade with. Oh well I was hoping for a qb , but the line really sucked last year so this should help.

Well said KJ. What part of Delaware mike??

Sorry, Scott

i thought for sure ireland would take an injured player at #15. if he wanted a guard,lupati would have made sense with last years pick. pouncey is a shell of his brother.





Got the BEST interior lineman in the draft this year. It was an issue of the team last year and you still have cry babies on this site whaaaa Whaaaa. Go drink your bottle and have your pamper changed. Go cheer for the gay Jets and twinkle toes. Sick of reading some of these retarded posts. And some of you call yourselves fans.

Pouncey a reach? NO he was projected to go in the mid first round and he did go. Drafting Locker and Ponder in the 1st round is a REACH.


Very few teams had such a huge need for a RB to go picking one in the 1st round this year, plus only was was considered 1st round material. Sean Payton is no slouch, nor is the Saints organization, I think Ingram will do very well there. Miami has a HUGE need at RB.

As much as I'd like to see us move into the second round, I DO NOT want us to use next years picks to do so. I don't see anyone that valuable to warrant that. I DO NOT want Ireland to spend another draft begging for trade down partners.

Let's be smart and go into next years draft with the full compliment of picks.

Hey all I have to say is stay the course. Ever since Don Shula we have bounced around hiring big names and for what notta. If any team treated their QB like Henne has been treated with the insertion of the wildcat,Pennington in for a play,running Pat White in some,spending top draft picks on players no longer with the team letting draft picks go on to excel with other teams. Wishy wash like a dad blamed democrat, all over the place. Needless to say safe to me is a start. Honestly do you believe Matt Ryan would have excelled in any of our offensive schemes? We took Jake Long. Go on Fish without the overrated Tuna!

I won't say it, but 0x80 already knows it (who called the pick).

I'm completely on board with this pick. There were some here (CraigM, Poizen) who were pretty firm supporters of Chad Henne given another chance this year. Fine. Looks like that probably will be the case. However, the ONLY (and this is a fact, I will not entertain opposing views to this) way Henne can be successful, is if he's not evading the rush down after down. Even if we got a Mallett (which we won't, but if), it'd be the same thing. Both those QBs are as fast as a dead cheetah. THEY NEED PROTECTION. It's not a factor in, it's a PREREQUISITE of Chad Henne being successful to be protected. And here's one more guy that can help do that.

Also, Ireland says this is the "safe" pick, and maybe if you mean he'll definitely contribute in 2011, that's true. But for Sparano, this pick isn't safe. That would mean we took a 1st-round lineman 3 out of the 4 years these guys have been in charge. Sparano is a line coach. If he can't get the oline together by THIS year, then it's over for him. Long, Incognito, Pouncey, Jerry, Carey. If that doesn't scream Top 5 lines in the NFL to you, then I'm not sure how much football you actually watch. Sparano has the talent, now he has to make them work like a fine machine.

This is great news for Chad Henne, fans of Chad Henne, as well as any RB that we're most likely getting in the 3rd round. Very good day!!!

DC is spot on again...nice job.

Mike Pouncey = Ozzie Canseco

I see the SI 'Best Available' for round 2 chart has Kendall Hunter rated above Ryan Williams, and LeShoure. I was hoping Hunter was going to be available in round 3, but his stock has risen considerably now.

Many here 'assumed' we could still get one of the better backs in the 3rd round. However it just isn't that easy, you can't simply reserve them like tables in a restaurant. It looks to me like they will now have to bring back either Ronnie or Ricky, grab best RB available in round 3, and maybe another in FA.

This team will NEVER go anywhere with this regime. The safe pick has gotten us nowhere in the last 15 years. Ronnie Brown was safe, jamar Fletcher was safe, Jake Long was safe, and the whole tiem the attendance has been cut down by half, other teams get louder cheers in our stadium, our standing as the winningest team in NFL history is gone, and nobody thinks anything of us. We've become the Arizona Cardinals and it will continue until this team gets aggressive and not afraid of making mistakes.

Ireland better pray that Mark Ingram does not become rookie of the Year with NO.

i second that. DC's comments are correct. i am a supporter of chad henne and it pi$sed me off when mike mayock said, "who is mike pouncey protecting?" henne needs protection, but any qb needs protection. even mobile qb's need an offensive line to protect them. i believe, if henne has enough time, he can pick a defense apart. now, we just have to find a way to get a 2nd rd pick today and we'll be fine.

Picking a Guard at #15 is the thing to do ??
Is Ireland insane? Maybe we should have had a pre-draft test. Like, who handles the football during an NFL football game, the most ? Ireland, the answer is not a Guard, its the QB. We took a guard with our #1 pick at 15. Say it isnt so, say it isnt so. Id rather have Ted Ginn, at least theres a 10% chance with Ginn that he might score a TD. How many TD's will Pouncey score?????
Is Parcells hiding in the building ??

With this pick, I think the regime should definitely be under the gun this year. if they are making picks to be better NOW, then they should be BETTER NOW! If they finish with 7 or 8 wins, anything less than a complete wash out of the front office will not be tolerated. Drafting a QB would've given this regime a sure stay of execution.

Great, Pouncey is an excellent pulling Centre, he can pull while his Qb hits him in the back of the head on every 3rd pass.

And at 15, how is this a good value when they could've got a G/T like Gabe Carimi at 29. This reeks.

"I think it's a good, safe pick," Ireland said

If there really anything more to say....

I doubt it....


Ross is meddling.

I will say this...piggy backing a bit on DC's comment above. I really thought Pouncey was projected as a guard in the NFL. I see now that Ireland cleary sees him as a Center and that is where he is pegged to go. If he turns out to be a good center, then our oline really should be in the top 5. With this pick Sparano has ZERO excuses. The oline should finally be settled for some time.

I've made the analogy in the past, instead of trying to kill two birds with one stone, lets make sure we kill at least one bird with one stone, make the first pick count. If Pouncey does work out at Center and plays at a minimum as a top 10 Center in the league, then the pick is justified. Let's face it, the line really struggled once Berger moved to center last season.

Safe pick = another losing season. Ireland needs to go. They should have traded back, Ireland needed to get the deal done and he failed, no excuses, Pouncey was a reach. Drafting Pouncey will not score us more points or put more fans in the seats. Going into the draft I was hopeful that the Dolphins would get on the right track, but now its obvious 7-9 at best next year.

Its sad when years into building your team you still don't have a solid offensive line and you have to waste your #1 pick on a center! Ingram should have been the pick.

Mark in Toronto, Mike P. had trouble in College against strong inside pass rushers and in this Division he will be facing some monsters. He probably will play Guard and be excellent at it.

DC....your post was as boring as that draft pick.....i'vbe come to expect MORE from you.....


pick 15 is pretty high for a guard. vernon's weight/health has become an issue as has his inability to move his feet. an OT might have made more sense if we have to keep fixing our oline. i feel we will address the qb in free agency with a vet as we dont have time to groom another project.

DC I agree. The line has to be good this year or sparano should go. This is not Irelands fault. he got sparano the talent to fix the line and it needs to be fixed this year. I bet we'll try and re-sign brown and draft a couple more rb's to compete with sheets and hilliard. All we need a another QB or 2 to compete with Henne. Maybe stanzi in the 4th? Now the questions is can we win 8 games this year?

I wish Ross were meddling. Anything but Jeffy "Safe Pick I never Worked Out & Who Can't shotgun snap when he also has to block" Ireland at the helm.

Joke org.

Teenage Mutant Ninja GM.
Fist Pumping Coach.

Chad Henne.


Remember samsom satele, 300 lbs, too small to take on the big NTs of the league. Who do we draft Mike Pouncey, 303 lbs. Maybe he is stronger and more agile, but I doubt he will be able to move the big NTs the Dolphins will face just about every week. That means Miami will have to get him with a guard to block the NT, that only helps the defense and frees up other lineman and LBs to get Henne. The Miami OL is in such a sad state of disrepair that they have to reach for an average center in hopes of fielding an average team that can compete with the rest of the average teams. Dolphins will never be able to compete with the best teams in the league. The don't have the GM or Coach to do so.

The sad truth is....a few more bounces of the ball in our favor...and we win maybe 10-11 games last year.....

A few more unfavorable bounces...and we win only 5-6 games.....

The Pouncy pick jeeps us in the same predicerment......

Having to play perfect football.....to escape with wins....

Dolphins wont give Ronnie Brown the money he thinks he deserves, and Sheets and Hilliard are special teams starters at best. We should have drafted Ingram.

People that are complaining about the pick. Your Jobs are not on the line here but sparano and Irelands are. If you were in their shoes would go get mallet or the safest pick that can contribute imediatley?

Adding a center will not make the difference to get you those extra bounces to win more games. I look for the Dolphins to get thoroughly embarrased week after week this year, their player management mistake and poor coaching will catch up with them. If we lose to Patriots at home in the first game, fire Sparano, he has embarassed the franchise time and time again.

Maybe Mallett in the 2nd rd....if the have anything of value to trade....

We have some playmakers.....now we need a distributor....and a speed guy...

BoulderPhin Fan.....their jobs are on the line...because THEY PUT THEIR JOBS ON THE LINE...

Your job isn't in question because your past performace has been stellar....

Only when its sub-par....below average....kinda like that pick....

Boulder, the pick was based in large part on the fact that looks identical to another guy, who happens to be pretty good. That's ridiculous and embarrassing.

A lot of folks have their jobs on the line after they've repeatedly EFF-ed up doing the job.

Sometimes those folks continue to eff-up even after they realize they're "on ther line"

Jeffy & Fist Pump, for example.

Pouncey will not win the Dolphins more games therefore your job is not any more secure. Sparano has shown his inability to develop offensive lineman time and time again. Bringing in Sparano was like bringing in Wannstedt after Jimmy Johnson left, its a different face but the same system stays in place. Dolphins need another major overhaul. New GM, new coach, new OC, but keep Nolan as DC. We should have hired Gruden. He could run the offense and Nolan would take care of the defense.

dishpan, so what you're saying is that Ireland and sparano didn't really watch film. They said hey his name is pouncey he has to be good. Lets take him

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