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Round 1 newsy recap from Jeff Ireland

Here is the latest from the Dolphins and general manager Jeff Ireland following the end of the first round:

1. Mike Pouncey will start out as a center. He is penciled in as a center on Ireland's depth chart. "He's big, he's tough, he's disciplined, he's smart. He's very athletic ... I can't say enough good things about the kid."

2. Ireland talked to receiver Brandon Marshall on Thursday and might meet with him or, at the least, talk to him again Friday. "I know enough of the details. I reached out to him today because I was able to.  We'll talk a little more tomorrow. Right now I know enough to be dangerous, I guess you could say. We're going to continue to follow that situation. Until I get a chance to sit down and talk to him face to face, I'm not going to jump to any conclusions."

Marshall last week was stabbed in the abdomen by his wife, Michi Nogami-Marshall. She was arrested. He was admitted to the hospital, treated and released. It is the second known domestic violence episode for the couple. It is the ninth domestic violence episode involving Marshall since 2005.

3. The Dolphins didn't have an opportunity to trade out of the No. 15 overall selection, according to Ireland.  "The phones weren't ringing so we took the pick," Ireland said. "When the phone doesn't ring you kind of lose your leverage if you're calling around. 'Do you want this pick, do you want this pick.' That's not the way I do it. They have to want the pick before you can trade. And the phone wasn't ringing."

4. Ireland seems very confident about this pick. He had no problem comparing Mike Pouncey to his identical twin brother Maurkice Pouncey. Maurkice was a starter and Pro Bowl player for the Steelers.

"There's a lot of things that both remind me of each other," Ireland said. "They remind me of each other so I didn't feel like I was going to be getting too much different than Maurkice. When you're watching Mike, he's got things to work on as all rookies do. But I think you're looking at pretty much the same type of player."

5. The Dolphins are known for doing the safe thing over the bold thing. Guilty as charged, if that's the way you look at it. "I think it's a good, safe pick," Ireland said. "I know what I'm getting. I know exactly what I'm getting with Pouncey. I feel pretty good we've solidified an offensive line here."

5. Players will likely be around camp on Friday. There is supposed to be a rookie camp next week. The schedule is not set in stone because it is all subject to the legal wranglings of the NFL and the, ahem, trade association.

6. Yes, the Dolphins are aware of the concerns about Pouncey's shotgun snaps.

"They do a lot of things with their center that most teams don't do," Ireland said of the University of Florida. "They pull him a lot. So what you see is when he's trying to pull out in space he's getting out so quick that he's doing something with the ball. I don't know that we'd be doing much of that as Florida did. But he improved at it over the season."

7. Ireland, confident at this press conference, started by saying, "The best way to start this is for me to say, 'Awwwright Miami.' I don't say it as well as Jim Mandich but my heart's out to his family."


8. My column on what I think of the Pouncey pick is here. Please help a brother out and check it out. It makes me feel like I'm not working in vain. I also might talk you off the angry, Dolphins should have drafted a quarterback ledge.



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The point is you and everyone else rammed it down our throats that Mallett was a first round pick....you can't even take your medicine and admit you were wrong. That's OK, I didn't expect anything different.

Posted by: Craig M | April 29, 2011 at 11:21 AM

So because he wasn't drafted that makes GM's & you right? LMAO Holy potatoes! I bet you felt the same way about Tom brady. Boy what a fool you must have looked like! LMAO


Ryan Mallet is going to be steal in the second round. Mark this down, he will go to either the Bills of 49ers and will one day be a Pro Bowl QB. Why? He is a playmaker. Gruden, said he relied on free agency for a QB and he regrets it. You find QB's in the draft not washed retreads through free agency. I agree Ponder was a reach. I didn't get that one.

Joe Shmoe,

You cant win buddy. I can out argue anything you bring up concerning this.



DB, because you think you can outargue things, doesn't make it true. Because anyone reading this blog knows you actually helped make my case LOL


I'm out. Enjoy 7-9 fellas.


Only you think that. Look at my evidence. You can not out argue the truth buddy. It only makes that person look like a dumbass. See:


Actually Joe Schmoe, the Packers used their 1st round pick last year on Brian Buluga, a tackle. Pitt used their 1st rounder on the other Pouncey.

Disappointing they couldnt trade down, there was def some O-line value in the 20's (especially Gabe Carimi, he's gonna be a monster), but since they were stuck at 15, it was a wise pick. Would you be happier if they traded up for Ponder? That was absurd. And with what? They already are down a 2nd rounder.

A reach at 15 but it is done and he's a very solid player. I see him at guard more than Center. Incognito is a solid C and Pouncey can pull whereas Incognito doesn't do it well.

Long - Pouncey - Incognito - Garner - Carey

Now to get DeMarco Murray in the 3rd and Virgil Green (TE) in the 4th (thanks for the Green tip, Craig).

Like it or not (and I definitely don't), Henne is the de facto starter in 2011. I doubt they bring anybody in (I am, unpopularly, a VY fan and would give Merling for him just to secure his rights before he's waived). So, if Henne is the starter then you have to surround him with everything he needs to succeed. They've just (hopefully) given him a solid O-line, they need to bring back Ricky or Ronnie or sign DeAngelo Williams for their bruiser back and take Murray for the speed back (4.38 40, 6' 215lbs). Green is an excellent seam threat (much better TE than Rudolph, IMO). Just need a burner to stretch the field. I watched a fair amount of Tennessee football last year and like Denarius Moore (6', 194lbs, 4.37).

If the NFL loses their appeal on the Stay judgment, they probably revert to 2010 rules, meaning Thigpen isn't going anywhere except in a trade (Titans to secure VY?), there will be no salary cap (VYs contract is large and would have to be renegotiated but there is room).

Craig, people should eat crow about Mallet not going in the 1st? Why? Because teams passed on him? Seriously? Who are you to say they are right? You sure seem like you know it all considering he hasn't even taken a snap yet.

FYI, I'm not a Mallet fan but you must have a complex to need to be right here.

How about we let time & his play on the field tell us? Like schmoe said, you were probably telling everyone brady wasn't worth a first either.

Your posts reek of arrogance. Just FYI, your sh*t stinks, just like everyone elses. Come down off your high horse, friend.

Schmoe...You have your opinion which is fine. But take real look at the situation we are in. The Pouncey pick is smart solid football. The only other pick that would have made sense would have been corner back. In this league you can never have to many cornerbacks, especially in our division.

Back to Pouncey. I don't get why this suprises, or angers so many. 9 out of 10 called this one. No schock here. If you understand one simple thing about offensive football. You must be strong up the middle. Well we have 1 part of that puzzle figured out. Go back to last year. When did our season go to hell? When the center position was in limbo. There is a reason why this happened. Center is to the line what a quarterback is to the team as a whole. Without stability there....Eat a doughnut. Look what happened to the point spread of at the Super Bowl when Pouncey was officially out....The guys who make the lines understand understand this.


After seeing 3 TRADEDOWNS before our #15 pick, I knew we didnt have a snowball's chance in hell of trading down.

If "WE" had to call teams, then "WE" would have gotten very little in exchange. Conversation would have went something like this"


We're looking for a 2nd or 3rd for our #15 spot.

Opposing GM:

Well Jeff we really arent that interested but we'll give you our 2014 7th rd pick for it.

Basically if the team isnt calling you the value seriously decreases. You aint getting close to what you are seeking.


Shmoe already left after we grilled him. LOL.........

DB, dumbasses think championships are won in 2011 as they were in 1972. That's even beyond stupidity. No offense.

Some of you fans have obviously never played or really watched a football game...you're bitching about how bad the pick is, yet totally forget what the dolphin's identity is on offense..its bruiser, ball control, smash mouth football! Pouncey was a perfect pick to solidify our line. Football games are won in the trenches before any td's are thrown , caught, or run for. Thats a fact jack. Welcome Mr. Pouncey, glad you are here.


DB, you take too much credit for yourself. Grilling? LMAO I considered that more of a tickle. You have proven nothing other than spamming how you will win every discussion. So with that, I am declining to engage in your antics. Why bother? :)

FYI, I left cause I thought I had work to do. False alarm.

Sorry Joe Shmoe, thought you were gone. My bad! LOL...........

Well I was, but came back. At least I can take a light tickle with a smile & come back for more.

Miami Dolphins will resemble the old school Chicago Bears, they will use an OL as a RB, this where Pouncey comes in, Pouncey will have 1500 yrd running and 20 TDs.
I love this pick though, for real.

I told all you Dolphin fans we would put together an exciting offense! I expect Mike Pouncey to score a ton of TDs for us next year!

Fins Up!


Posted by: SRoss | April 29, 2011 at 12:47 AM

Just found that totally hillarious!!!

I'm a die hard Phins fan from the UK, and was lucky enough to have fullfilled a dream last season seeing our beloved team at Phins Stadium (yeah I know it's Landshark, but hey!) WIN it's one home game, even if I then saw us CREAMED by the Bears!

I've gotta like this pick, safe though it is, as we soooooo need help on the OL (just remembering the Bears debacle gives me OL NIGHTMARES) but I am very frustrated now that we don't have a 2nd this year.

Please Brandon fulfill your potential/price next season (if our OC and QB sort out what they're doing....)

Roll on rounds 3-7. Got a feeling we're gonna be very active in free agency!?..

with reguards to shotgun snaps check this out

I will say this!Anyone who LIKES THIS pick.is not only a complete idot.but also is probably chad henne backer. first i thought it was a good pick till i realized we wasnt getting his twin brother too.yes,of course i wanted Mallet.but here is hoping ross went in and jump their butt.for pete carroll sakes TAKE A CHANCE!

I like the pick. I think the fan base in miami is more retarded than the FO of miami. For one we just solidified our OL. If u look at all the "crazy" talented skilled players in this draft.....there are none save maybe Ingram and his talent level was fairly neck and neck with Lashoure's.
Mallet has huge question marks.Hence why noone was going after him in the first. If the FO still believes him to be a good/great QB they can still trade up to the second round to nab him. OR take their chances and see if one of them drop to the 3rd. Either way i wouldnt say any of the qbs left on the board right now are hotsauce. Maybe grab a RB in the third or get a WR with speed.


Most of us have had 'Ryan Mallet is the saviour' talk rammed down our throat for weeks now!! The guys who were talking the talk haven't let up....how he's everything we need...a 'franchise QB' etc....Last night was villifaction for all we've had to listen to. the interesting thing is that none of the guys who talked the talk stuck around last night to face the music. The true test will be when Mallett walks out onto the field and fails...but of course none of those guys will admit they were wrong.

If that's arrogance, then you're damn right....most of us are sick of hearing about him...he's a one trick pony, who many just like him have failed. I'm glad the draft is here so we can stop talking about him.

So, I have a question.....Why do all SEC teams use their UK game to showcase a player? Why not showcase him against elite talent like against a top 10 team......Im a huge UK fan, born and raised in KY....I live in Indiana now....But even I know you can't judge a center versus a UK nosetackle......just sayin


Can the Dolphins FO please take a page out of the Belicheat's playbook and trade a quality player [sic]. If they can't get a mid-late 2nd round pick for him, they can at least grab a 2nd and swap picks & move back in a later round. With the 2nd round pick they can grab Mikel Leshoure.

Honestly, they're not likely to re-sign Crowder after this year when he's a free agent. They have decent depth there, esp. if they grab a LB in a later round (if an OLB then Misi can move inside). They clearly would not be losing much, that's why they went and got Dansby last year.

C'mon Miami! Make the move! TRADE CRANNING CHOWDER!

H*ll Belicheat got two 1st round picks for Richard f**king Seymour! The least they could do is get a 2nd rounder for Crowder.


Is it just me or does it sound like Ireland just pulled a "pick the family" pick again?

I HOPE Ireland didn't draft MIKE Pouncey thinking he is a clone of MAURKICE Pouncey.

Sure they are twins but Ireland DOES know they aren't the same person, right?

Hope Pouncy works out. Would still rather have had Ingram in the #15 slot who could start scoring points this year for us. Tired of all these field goals. Don't think there will be any quality qb's left when we select in the 3rd round. RB would be the only sane pick. Don't expect to find a acorn in what will be left at qb. Can you imagine what Don Shula would have done with Dan Marino and a running game? Afraid this year Miami home games will just be a expensive place to see entertainers and eat hot dogs. Hope I'm wrong but doubt it.

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