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There are no prototypes at RB, plus more from experts

Running backs have been a big topic of discussion on the Miami Herald site lately and that continues today.

My column in today's newspaper looks, in part, at Mark Ingram Jr. and how the Dolphins should not discount him based on what the naked eye suggests are his drawbacks.

I've been lukewarm on Ingram until now because, frankly, he doesn't look impressive to me. He's not big. He's not fast. He's just, just, productive.

Then I got three sources on the phone. I reached out to personnel men -- one of whom is still in the NFL, all of whom own Super Bowl rings -- and they told me not to caught up in searching for a prototype running back.

There are none.

Running backs, unlike all the other positions, do not need to come in one particular shape or size to play well. Even the Dolphins, a team whose draft principles is picking for prototype size, understand that doesn't necessarily apply to running back.

At least I hope they do. One of the people I spoke with has talked with Jeff Ireland and he's certain Ireland understands running backs are the exception in the hunt for prototypical size.

Just look at some that succeeded. Chris Johnson, arguably the most dangerous runner in the NFL the past two years, is tall and lanky. He also happens to be fast as a spy plane. Marion Barber is compact and stocky and not very fast. Darren McFadden is big and loose in the hips and fast. Curtis Martin weighed 207 pounds. John Riggins weighed 237 pounds. Barry Sanders was 5-9 and he looked nothing like 5-9 Emmitt Smith.

They were or are all very good to great. There was not one prototype among them.

I tell you more about Ingram in the column. I also share with you the opinions of the experts on other players available in the draft. Hint: They aren't sold on picking offense if the best playmaker on the board is a defender.


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Is there a team in the entire NFL with a more pathetic RB situation than the Miami Dolphins? If so, please inform me who that is. Our entire RB roster consists of one sixth round pick that we already waived once, and who was never even given a carry in 2010. Thats all we have.

Many bloggers like to say 'you don't pick a RB in the first round'. Well, the reaity is, the GM's that get paid the big bucks to devote their entire lives to analyzing the draft would beg to differ with you. During the last three drafts of this so called 'passing league', 1/3 of the GM's have taken 11 different backs in the first round. Almost half of those, 5 to be exact, were taken earlier than 15. Going by the actions of those who get paid to make such decisions, 15 is certainly a fair price for the highest rated back in the draft.(whether you agree Ingram shoud be rated highest is irrelevant really, that is where he IS rated).

Many said pre-2008 draft that Parcells never picked an olineman first in his coaching career. Well gee, maybe he either just didn't need one as bad or there was no Jake Long sitting there waiting. Its a fools game trying to say what is the right spot for a given player, because each year, each team has different needs and are picking in different spots. For each team, they have to weigh whether to take BPA or position of most need. In an ideal scenario, they will be one in the same. At 15, for us it would be an ideal scenario..the BPA would be a major position of need as well, RB. A team with the most pathetic RB situation in the NFL would not be unwise to take a RB there. It's logical, and in practice fits in with what other GM's do across the league.

Yeah Rob-OC, keep dreaming. Ty Smith projected as sure fire top 10. Also we dont need an OT bad enough to draft him #15. We're better off drafting Pouncey(OG) but #15 is projected a little early for him. LOL.............



See DD's post at 4:14. I believe he has a better handle on Ingram's level of "elusiveness".

No knock on your own opinion, just my view.

When I think "Elusive" I think Barry Sandeers, Gale Sayers, Jahvid Best types.

Ingram is as DD explained, is more of a yards after contact, dozer type. He has made a few players miss so it's not like he is Lou Polite or anything.

I ALSO fully acknowledge that you are saying that "IF" the Fins get pidgeon holed into drafting at 15 AND no dream players fall then you would take Ingram. That's not atwist of your words right?

I will stop short of saying that the 15th player has to be OFF as I believe you get farther in the draft and as a team not skewing the draft choices to what "glaring needs" you have.

If you have a giant bucket of 100 toads and you had to chose which toad will either jump the farthest OR croak the loudest (cleverly adding a different skillset to represent OFF/DEF) after testing them all... I feel you will have the best chance of netting the best in "overall" class of jumper or croaker if you don't limit the bucket to 50 toads that can only jump.

Analogy is not suppose to be a knock or slight of any kind. I am only trying to simplify a draft concept. May do more damage than good. (To borrow your LOL)




Thus my desire to improve at QB trumping RB in earlier rounds.

I am of the ilk that say while Henne can possibly play better if there is a season, I am not counting on it. Bring in talented replacements to build the proper QB comp. Got to groom the new QB now to have a chance to compete in 2012.

If the Fins wait and take a flyer on a late round QB and draft other positions early then so be it. It is their jobs on the line not mine.


DB @ 4:26

Keep dreaming?

Wasn't A Rodgers in the thought process for the top overall pick at QB one year? Where did he end up going?

How about Brady Quinn? Where was he suppose to go?

What about sure fire second round picks WR DHB or DT Tyson Alualu?

OT Ty Smith can fall out of the top 10 to 15, not such a huge tumble. I will acknowledge that he will most likely be gone by 15 one way or the other.

I agree with Finsgeddon, WR Torrey Smith is no DHB. I feel he would make a solid contribution to a team as a stretch the field WR and return guy. 67 catches for 1055 and 15.7 per cacth with 12 TDs is nothing to sneeze at production wise. He had 61 catches the prior year so he has some sustained numbers.


Hmmm, the site is eating up my posts this afternoon. I hit post and they disappear.

Taiwan 'tooth pick legs' Jones will not be selected by the Miami Dolphins. Not as an RB and not as a returner. He has zero lower body strength. We already have Kory Sheets to do returns, and while he is far sturdier than Taiwan Jones, Sparano said Sheets can't block for sh!tt, which is why he hasn't taken a single snap at RB. Taiwan Jones couldn't block a low flying mosquito. Rumor has it Jones once got hurt tripping over a butterfly.

I'd rather go with Ingram, Williams or Hunter over anyone we'd get in FA. Ingram isn't Sanders or Sayers elusive no, but watch how he hits the hole in an instant, no dancing. As pointed out in the blog, he is really just about the same size as Emmitt, so he does have the size to be an every down back. I'll take one strong every down back along with one speedster over two light weight speedsters any day. Ingram is the guy the defenses will have a harder time tackling in the 4th quarter when they are tiring. He's a guy that will move the chains and eat up the clock when you need it.

I'd rather have Ingram, Williams or Hunter over any of the FA options. The problem is a trade down still does not guarantee any of them. It's a risk.

...Fellas. My worry about WR. Smith is his lack of route running ability. He did 2 routes at Maryland...Deep, bubble screen. That was about it. I had said that the combine was a waste of time, how can you learn much about a player just from a workout. Well I was wrong, and I learned something. Watching the reciever drills. Sterling Sharpe pointed out these flaws while watching Smith run short routes. He said watch his feet. He doesn't know how to controll his speed to adapt to the route. sure enough. Smith missed the cone, almost fell down, and when he had to make a sharp cut to run an out pattern did the same. Almost losing his footing. Sharpe attributed this to lack of experience in route running.

Is this something that can be fixed? Of course. But I think that Pruitt, and Moore are examples of fast recievers that need to work on their craft. Speeed is the great equalizer. But means nothing if you cannot get open. The comparisons to Darius Heyward Bey may not be fair. They may be justified. Both are similar from the same school with the same coaching. You just wonder how they teach route running at Maryland. Because Bey has these same issues.

0x80 @ 4:25,

You said...

"Many bloggers like to say 'you don't pick a RB in the first round'. Well, the reaity is, the GM's that get paid the big bucks to devote their entire lives to analyzing the draft would beg to differ with you. During the last three drafts of this so called 'passing league', 1/3 of the GM's have taken 11 different backs in the first round. Almost half of those, 5 to be exact, were taken earlier than 15."

Besides Adrian Peterson at 7, how many of the 5 RBs taken prior to 15 in the last 3 years has been stellar?

With the NFL rules liberally casting aside DEF players natural actions as illegal. (Liberal P.I.s, NO illegal contact after 5 yards, NO hitting defenseless, NO tackling using your head, NO launching, NO hitting QBs ANYWHERE, NO hitting QBs when they decide to end a play at their discretion by giving themselves up)

The two last teams in the SB combine for lowest rushing attempts EVER!

How do you make a case for it not being a passing league? Just curious why you bristle at that comment so...



I won`t argue with you, god blesS !
Posted by: fin4life | April 03, 2011 at 01:40 AM

This isn`t me I`ve been out of town all weekend, this B.S. is getting boring Aloco !!!!!

ripp @2:21 my sleeper is johnny white out of north carolina. rated a 7th round pick this guy is going to make some team real happy.

0x80...That is a very good point about Jones. Youre right about 1 thing. He has not had to block in 3 years at EWU. This much is true. The fact is, we don't know if he can becuase he has never been asked to. In the Nfl if you cannot block, you do not get on the field...See C.J. Spiller. But if we were able to get Jones in rounds 5-7 this IMO would be a steal. I disagree that he wouldn't be an upgrade in the return game. His game was built to make people miss, and run fast long distances. His power is very underated. I saw him pole axe Kroy Bierman on a run. Bierman is a pretty good player, and not small. Will Jones be an overpowering runner? Probably not. but he has a burst of power that I think suprises defenders, and because of his shiftiness make him hard to tackle.


Taiwan "Toothpick legs" Jones is so brittle and lacks so much lower body strength that they are bringing him in for a look!!

I guys they are just smoke screening those limited player visits as they want to see if your butterfly jokes hold water.

I soooo want to see you have a coronary when they draft him! Then have you will have to throw up again and again in your mouth a lil when he is catching a swing (NOT BLOCKING) pass for 40 yards. Ohhhh, that would be sweet!

By the way... Q: Do you know why Cam Wake doesn't play in space much at all? A: 'Cause he is a BEAST pass rusher!

Proper tool for the proper job. Let Ronnie, Lex, Lou Polite or a guy like RB Alex Green block! People with heft, you know?

RB J. Best wasn't blocking to good but sure gouged the Fins pretty good last year with that long TD. Detroit neded up beating us with that thin, shrimpy lil guy and his TWO turf toe injuries.



If there were an AP in this draft I would take him hands down #1 overall

rob in oc,
good points in your 3:10 post.

i wouldn't say that you don't take a rb in the first round i just don't believe that any of them are necessarily someone we should pick at 15.

Tawain Jones wouldn`t be drafted to be a featured back but someone along the lines of a Dave Meggett, remember him he was the 3rd. down specialist for the G-men in there hey day, aside from one hell of a punt returner

0x80, Rob in OC....You guys probably get tired of my stance that"I have seen this player play so I know he will be good" It probably gets old. But Jones is by far the BEST player I have ever seen at the FCS level. It isn't close. How this translates to the next level remains to be seen. What I think speaks volumes is the 28 teams that have shown interest in him. Without the foot injury, that number would no doubt be all 32. I may lose a little credibility on this subject because of my undying support of Lex Hilliard. But Jones is a totaly different animal. I hope he ends up in our colors.

AS far as our qb situation, the Dolphins are better off picking up a vet calibre in offseason for Henne competition. Then taking Stanzi 4th-5th rd. After the top 2 qb's of this draft it'll probably be 3yrs before any of the rest are "Fully" ready to become starters anyway.

So why invest a high round pick into that. By fully ready Im talking sitting 3 seasons like Aaron Rodgers did.


I like Johnny White late as well. Great sleeper type with HUGE effort! Thanks for the 3:10 shout.


AP type is not apparent from this lot of RBs for sure. That's why I have a very hard time choking down the Ingram pick. Because he is rated #1 on many non-team based lists/mocks does not make him 1st round draft material.

Like you said, if there was an AP type I could be a bandwagon leader as well.



Congratulations! You are the very first person in history to accuse me of bristling. I liked the word, even though it just doesn't apply.

I merely set the record straight...bloggers may say that you don't draft an RB in the first round but in reality the GM's do all the time. So it's a misnomer. To analyze each first round pick is a different debate, and just becaue some late round backs have had success, doesn't mean you don't draft one in the first, if you really are in desparte need of an RB and you like the guy that is sitting there. Needs dictate overall what GM's do, and what GM's have done through out history is contray to that statement being floated around.


Your assesment on the Q.B.`s in this draft is generous to say the least, I don`t think any of them will be NFL caliber

DD, couldn't agree with you more on jones. hope he ends up in colors too. i think that what is lost in the translation is that we don't necessarily feture a back. tawain jones, with his ability to change direction is another back that would fit nicely into our offense as a back to change the pace of our offense. if we do end up taking ingram in the first round to pound the ball we can spell him by bringing in someone like jones but, at the same time, not give the defense a break. that is the purpose of having mulitpl backs. utilize them in different scenarios and keep the defense guessing and on their toes.

Rob @5:25

DITTO !!!!!!!!!!


Say if we drafted Jones 6th-7th rd. Then he showed he's at least as good as Lex Hilliard and these two are vying for the final cut at the position. Guess who's going to get cut?

Though showing to be equal in ability Jones gets cut. This is simply because the staff knows exactly what it has in Hilliard and Jones is still the unknown.

Its very difficult for late round guys from smaller schools to make nfl rosters simply because they need to be nearly twice as good as a player ahead of him. Compounded by having to show this in close to half as many reps.


You always properly clarify your takes and your stances come with all the caveats to denote your opinions and how they fit into the grand scheme of things...

Let em rip brudda and don't worry a lick about if all of us as the peanut gallery agree or disagree.

At the end of the day, some will agree with you, some will disagree and further some will obstain from any opinion at all.

You bring a nice bonafide, well thought out mindset to the blog... stay the course my friend.


@ 5:19 both dm1 and fin4life GOOD POINTS!

Dying..If it came between Lex, and Jones. Of course I would be dissapointed if Lex got the executioners axe. But I would certainly understand, and support it. I said that Jones was the best player I have seen. This includes Lex.

Plus I know that Lex would be fine. Beleive it or not there is interest in him outside of this orginization. Like I said, I would be bummed, and I will always root for the Montana guys. But My allegiance remains with the Phins.


Just a reminder, Ronnie and Polite are not on our team. Lex didn't take a snap last year. Not sure if Lex plays FB or not, or what kind of blocker he is.

So if they bring in Taiwan Jones for a look, that means what? They brought in Dez for a looksy too. Only difference is TJ will be injured far more frequently than even Dez. I really don't see TJ being able to escpape hits that will be devastating to him.

And speaking of speedsters, how much of an impact was CJ last year?

And speaking of AP, having had ankle injuries and a fully broken collarbone in college caused many of the pundits to say he was too high risk to take in the first round,said he was too tall for his weight too.

Its very difficult for late round guys from smaller schools to make nfl rosters simply because they need to be nearly twice as good as a player ahead of him. Compounded by having to show this in close to half as many reps.

Publicado por: DyingBreed | April 03, 2011 at 05:30 P

huhh ??!!!

Tell that to Eric Metcalf or if you want the best example that comes to mind, how about Larry Allen out of Mcnease St. who went on to become one of the best OL in league history

0x80 @ 5:26,

Thanks for the props on the word usage! LOL

As my prior post @ 5:25 indicates I don't really get hung on cliches like "Always do XXX" or "Never do XXX".

I DO and AM saying that I simply feel that Ingram is not talented enough to merit the Fins precious 15th Overall 1st round pick.

In otherwords, because Ingram is concensus #1 back in the MEDIA is NOT a good enough reason to draft him there because we have a perceived need.

I believe this will be meted out when the real draft bullets start to fly.

My BOLD prediction: Ingram goes later in round one than most all have him going.

Just my .02 cents.


Don`t forget John Offerdahl who went to East Carolina


I agree that possibility exist with the top crop of qb's in this draft.

Gabbert seems to be a bust waiting to happen. He's just another collegiate "checkdown charlie". Serious concerns abound about his vertical playmaking abilities.

Cam Newton, great athlete and can make gamebreaking plays with his legs. My concerns with him is will he just be a bigger version of VY in the pros.

VY dwas a similar styled qb in college with similar abilities and even won a national championship too. He has even made great plays with his legs in the pros. Still, he's yet to complete at least 60% of his passes in a single season.

Sure, VY and even Mike Vick have fully proven its possible to win games also being a physically gifted "running qb". Yet neither has proven they can get youb to the "promised land" with those unique abilities.


Theyve each had decent won-loss records but neither has been to the big dance. Vick was great in 2010 until about the final 4 games when DC's caught up to him and exploited his weaknesses.

0x80...Lex's strength is as a blocker. Especially in pass protection. Lex didn't get many snaps in the backfield this year. The ones he did he was lined up at FB. This may be the spot that makes the most sense for him(as the eventual replacemant for Polite). I will say this. At the end of 2009 when Lex got some real time. The only block he missed was against Pittsburgh and it was James Harrison, who made Jake Long look silly on the same play. Trust me when I say this, because I watched every snap the guy took. He did not miss 1 assignment in pass protection(except the above)

here's some impressive stuff about jones:
2009 162 rushes, 1213 yds, 7.5 ypc
2010 221 rushes, 1742 yds, 7.9 ypc

he recently ran a 1.4 10 yard split in the 40. no matter how you slice it or dice it that is impressive. if the kid was averaging 4.8 yards per carry or something like that it would be a different story but he dominated at the level he played at. you can't discount the avg. yards per carry. there may be a drop off in talent from the sec, big ten or pac 10 to the big sky but there are still 11 guys on the defense this guy needs to avoid to average almost 8 yards per carry the entire year.


Perfect example of how I said some of you guys misread posts before replying. I never said Lex would get the axe. I said:

If it came down to the final cut and both were equal in the coaches eyes. "JONES WOULD BE CUT".

Simply because they already would know what they have in Hilliard from a trust standpoint.

DB @5:44

I agree 100%

Some of you don't want to take Ingram at 15, but would like him at a later round. Fair enough. The risk of not taking him though is to be without one of the top three backs in this draft. There is no guarantee that the others will still be available, all depends on where we trade down to. Seeing how pitiful our current RB situation is, it would be a shame to miss out on one of the top three backs in this draft. Personally I really do think he is fair value at 15. Time will tell.

The reason I keep focusing so much on RB is because I think with the cba not likely to be resolved anytime soon, it just makes that much less sense to me to pick a QB early. I'm most concerned really with the first two players we pick, that they can be starters and can help the team from day one.

DD - good to know that about Lex. Could very well be what their plan is for him especially considering they didn't make an offer to Polite.


Those Jones stats will mean very little coming into the NFL. Being from Eastern Washington he's likely to be a very late rd pick anyway.

Funny thing about those small school guys is that if they dont greatly impress the coaches rightaway thier very limited reps are reduced even more. Those guys have to have the wow factor impression on coaches at leat 90% of thier limited reps to displace vets or bigger school higher competition level guys.

They cant be slightly more productive than the vet or bigger school guy ahead of him. They need to be head and shoulders better than that guy ahead of him.

That's why it so difficult for them to thorughly show thier wares. They are going to have a very limited amount of reps in which to do so. They gotta have the total wow effect on coaches in nearly every limited rep they recieve.

You guys gotta also understand the basis on how nfl coaches evaluate a guy from USC vs how they will evaluate a guy from Central Washington. Its not an equal playing field. How long a look you get(reps) greatly depend when and from where(school) you were drafted.

Dying...Yeah, I know. I was just sayin' if it was between the 2 and Lex got the doughnut. I would understand.

I agree with your point earlier. The FCS guys have to be outstanding. More so then FBS guys. Even a player like T. Jones who has FBS talent. Has to do much more then say a guy like Kendall Hunter. They might have the same talent(this isn't an argument about who is better or where they should be taken by the way). But a guy like Hunter is going to get the benifit of the doubt over Jones. Just because of the level of competition.

Is it fair? I don't think so. If you can play you can play. It is the reality of the situation though. If these FCS guys, especially late rounders. Cannot play special teams, as well as their positions. They rarely get a chance. Fair or not.

Guys, What do you think of this? No watter when you draft a Q.B. if you don't have the right personell to recognise the talent and the right coach to develop him, say like Gruden, Holmgren, Mariucci. Walsh, or Shula. Then the pick is useless. We can't draft a Q.B. Sparano will F him up.
Sparono was a line coach and look what he did to our line!


I don`t want Ingram at 15 or 50 but it looks like that`s were we are heading, so if that is the case then please find us a player that can compliment because your Ingram can`t cary the load

We will either sign a R.B. through free agency or resign on of our own for this year.

If Ross, Ireland and Fat Tony said they want speed and pick Ingram 1st they are idiots and once again lied to the FANS!

Basically a guy like Taiwan Jones, if he cant show he's the next Barry Sanders. He better show he can be a st's ace. If not, his chances of making the team are even further reduced.

Running a sub 4.4 forty doesnt guarantee you'll make an nfl roster. Especially if you're from a small lesser competition school.

...Take a look at the jets last year. They drafted Joe McNight from Usc, and all camp he made mistake after mistake. He was going against the Muppet, the Ommpa Loompa. Danny Woodhead from Chadron State. The Oompa Loompa outperfromed McNight in every category. But who got cut? The small school guy. We all know how he did for the Pats. But to DB's point. Sometimes it doesn't matter. If you come from blue-blood, or pettigree 9 times out of ten you get the benifit of the doubt over the small time, who the hell are you guy.

fin4, you wouldn't want Ingram at last pick of the 7th!

I guess I am surprised at how little value so many of you view the RB position. "It's a passing league and any coupla later rounders or FA retreads is fine". That might be true when you have a HOF'r QB, and top 5 D, not so otherwise.

...Good thing for Jones. He may be the BEST return guy in the whole draft. This will increase his value on a lot of teams if he can perform the way I think he is capable. Find guys from schools who excell at special teams, and apply this. There is a reason that Montana kids make NFL rosters. They are drilled from day 1 the importance of special teams. If it weren't for this unit. The amount of Grizzlies in the league would be about 2 guys instead of the 10 that are on rosters now.


Truth be told, on the nfl level players from smaller schools recieve smaller amounts of reps than those from the bigger better competition schools. So unless they look extraordinarily special at what they do. They better be able to supplant a st's starter.

If not, they recieve the axe. St's are the only opportunity they'll get to develop. Example: Had Patrick Turner been a late rd pick from Central Washington. He never would have made it out of training camp in 2009.


That would be great for Jones if he could be a starting returns team guy. That would keep him around longer to work on whatever weakness. Then when opportunity presents(injury to a rb) captilize and never look back.

But those late rd guys have to go into nfl camps thinking along the lines they better be able to make st's first, then let the chips fall where they may.

ST's are the greatest chance most late rd picks will have to make an nfl roster. From there then they must be prepared to take full advantage of opportunity when it presents itself and never look back! LOL........

some comic relief to break up the conversation. bob nelson's football routine.

Dying...@6:16 completely agree. Smaller school guys, shoot late round picks in general get less reps. The farther you are down the food chain, the less chances you get to eat. Unless these guys get drafted high. It makes the odds they make a roster difficult. If Patrick Turner had been from Central Wahington...he probably doesn't get drafted!!!

Alright guys..Good day on the blog. Trying to figure out if I will be able to go to Augusta on Tuesday. I have been looking forward to the Masters for months. Now, my employees are letting me down(2 arrests last week, DUI's) I'm not sure I can leave for a week again. Oh well. See you guys later.


Had Lex Hilliard not shown the ability to play st's. We all know he never would have made the team in 2009. His St's ability was his ticket into the nfl.

Theres opportunity for him this season. Its just a matter of if he can seize it, run with it, and never look back. He cant afford to remain at the bottom rung of the rb stable.

If he does, he could be cut this camp. No team will allow a guy to stick around just being one of the st's guys. He'll have to be a dominant st's ace for that to happen.

So he had better step up his game, moving from the bottom rung of the rb depth chart. Or he better become a dominant st's force. Meaning pro bowl like material as a st's player.

If he does neither, his Dolphin days are lowly numbered. Srrry but thats the truth bud.

DB @ 6:02
why would jones be a late round pick coming from a small school while someone like edmond gates would be a 3rd or 4th rd pick being from an even smaller school. are there any backs you can name right now that are playing in this league who were undrafted? james starks was drafted in the 6th rd by the packers and he played for buffalo. i believe, if you have the talent, they will find you. not everyone has the ability to go to a top school and have to prove themselves while attending a smaller school. but, like ireland says, you need to turn over acorns to find them.
i've seen jones projected to go anywhere from the 3rd to the 6th. if he goes in an earlier round you can bet that the team that takes him isn't going to give him limited reps in camp.

0x80 @ 5:38,

Semantics my friend, Ronnie, Polite and Ricky are at the ready to be signed or not by the Fins first and foremost. In otherwords Fins get to choose their fates for them unless they any want to quite football and poke smot.

As for CJ Spiller I am not sure why he didn't get on the field more often. I am not a Bills fan and I was too busy arguing for RB J. Best to be our Odrick pick in a trade back scenario. Same size as CJ Spiller and was on the field plenty despite both his feet having turf toe injuries.


fin4, you wouldn't want Ingram at last pick of the 7th!

I guess I am surprised at how little value so many of you view the RB position. "It's a passing league and any coupla later rounders or FA retreads is fine". That might be true when you have a HOF'r QB, and top 5 D, not so otherwise.

Publicado por: 0x80 | April 03, 2011 at 06:14 PM

It`s not a matter of whether he`s a special player it`s whether he`s elite ! and he isn`t !!!!


Absolutely correct! If Jones or Gates are drafted 3rd rd they will get a lot more reps. In retrospect, if either goes 6th-7th rd they had better be proficient st's players or its off with thier heads.

Dude Im just explaining how nfl coaches base thier nfl player evaluations. Dont kill the messenger. LOL...................

Dying...last post. Yep it is put up time for Lex. No doubt he would have been cut if he couldn't play special teams. The Dolphins IMO are his best option as far as future success. Can he make that leap from offensive obscurity to offensive contibutor? I hope so. If not, and rightly so. He will get shown the door..

Rob in OC. I think the reason that Spiller didn't get many snaps at running back was that he never figured out pass protections. The few times he had to block, the quarterback got killed. That is why I think he was relegated to special teams.

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