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D.J. Williams, good man, good tight end, good fit

The Dolphins have Arkansas tight end D.J. Williams on their draft radar.

There have been, in fact, reports that when the Dolphins went to Fayetteville, Arkansas and worked out both Williams and quarterback Ryan Mallett, that it was Williams who was more intriguing to the team. I don't exactly know if I buy that.

But I know the Dolphins can use an upgrade at tight end. And Williams would be one. And that's why Williams has been the focus of much Dolphins personnel work and attention.

On Tuesday, Williams spent some time with me on my Armando and the Amigo radio show in South Florida. I asked Williams if he's noticed extra attention from the Dolphins?

"I want to say yes, but I don't want to sit there on draft day and hear, "the Miami Dolphins select," and they don't pick me. So I'll just leave it there," Williams said. "They have shown me interest, I will say that. We had a good time and had lunch with [offensive coordinator Brian Daboll] and everyone else when they worked us out."

At one point during that private workout in Arkansas, Williams volunteered to play the piano at general manager Jeff Ireland's wedding anniversary party.

"I figured, why not?" he said.

Williams said Tampa Bay, the Vikings, and the Texans are among the other teams who have also shown a high amount of interest in him.

So what will an NFL team get from Williams?

"I'm going to try to be the best the NFL has seen," he said.

Williams fits the Miami mold. He's 6-2 and 250 pounds, he's productive, he comes with a resume of having played in the Southeastern Conference, and he's a good man. Remember last year the Dolphins showed they want to add solid citizens to the roster.

Williams is an inspiration. As a child his mom was involved in an abusive relationship with his father in Texas. It got so bad his mom had to move the family to a shelter in the same state. Not far enough away, apparently, from the abuser so she changed her plans and decided to leave the state.

"We were sitting there in Dallas and my mom wanted to move further away," Williams said. "She pulled out a map and told me, 'Where are we going?' I just put my finger on a spot. I was young at the time, I didn't know what I was doing. I put my finger on the map and it landed in Little Rock, Arkansas, so we packed up and left. We lived in a shelter there for a time and pretty much worked our way up from there. We're in a good spot now, living nice."

Williams freely recounts his tale. He says his experiences have colored the person he is today.

"I was young but you always have that feeling that something's not right. I witnessed a lot of stuff going down between my parents. Just tthe fear and all that in my mom's eyes, you just know something's not right.

"But I wouldn't change anything because it's made me who I am today and it's made my family stronger. In life and even in football, adversity is going to come and it's how you respond that matters. It's like sandpaper. It's going to rub on you, but if you stay in it, it'll get worn down but you're going to come out smooth."

We asked Williams for first-hand information on Mallett, the quarterback the Dolphins also have on their radar.

You can hear the entire Williams interview, including what he said about Mallett, on the Armando and the Amigo podcast right here.

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i'm still giving henne the first half on next season, i still think he's got a good chance of turning the corner but if not kaep's the man

feed me!!!

what dolphin fans seem to forget is that we have a top ten defense that will get better every year. we are young on both sides of the ball but our defense will keep us in alot of games with 4 or 5 plays going our way last year we would have been playoff bound. dont let our record fool you we are good not great but good id much rather be a dolphin fan than a panthers fan.

Tweet from BM

What I'm referring to is Brandon Marshall's tweet yesterday, saying, "Listen to me. Ryan Mallett will be an All-Pro QB."
-PB Post

Cuban Menace = A Jelly spine defeatist.

Leaving post after post of negative drivel whist pretending to be a Dolphin fan and living in New York wearing the Vomit Green.

Your detraction’s about the Dolphins are old and worn out. As I am certain is your work visa. Please, for the sake of those who must ignore your drivel and blathering whenever they are noticed, go away! Stop your relentless trolling for the children’s sake! Go back to whence you came to nary return again. You are a narrow minded Loser basing incompetent observation on selective info. Relentlessly divulging to the blog your hopelessness and unwillingness to see the positives in anything outlook! You are as weak minded as those fools you descend from who gave away their Island Nation to the Communists for free shoes and a bowl of rice. You wait for a team to win then get on board, leaving you as nothing less then a front running Dolphin fan wannabe.
Go suckle the nipple of your New York teams and leave the South Florida teams to those who love them… You believe your drivel to be honest and devoid of following the “Company line” but in truth it is nothing more then a fake hideout for the front-runner. I can hear you now… just as I did when Miami won against good teams last year… You’ll jump up and down with the real fans until things get tough. Then crawl back into your greasy hiding place to pout, just waiting for your next opportunity to proliferate your defeatist tones.

Good Riddance… defeatist!

CM is a Defeatist & Front Runner has no cajones to show his regular blog name. wimp.

Some observations:

1) This morning in the car, I was listening to "I Could Have Danced All Night" from "My Fair Lady," and I was struck at how similar the tune is to Elvis Presley's "Are You Lonesome Tonight?"

I suspect there was pilfering, but I'm not sure which song came first.

Beerphin, look that up for me, wouldja?

"My Fair Lady" is a wonderful musical, but it certainly does not deserve to be included among the all-time greats like "West Side Story" and "Fiddler On The Roof." C'mon now.

2) Do you realize that every time there have been cuts to marginal rates of income taxation, TOTAL tax revenues have actually gone up (due to increased economic activity)? This happened under Coolidge, Kennedy, Reagan and G.W. Bush. So why do the pinheads in Washington talk about raising taxes to trim the deficit, when we all know that the enemy is excessive government spending?

3) I was looking at Ferrell Edmunds stats the other day (as I'm sure we all do from time to time), and I was struck by how modest they were? I remember Edmunds as being a fast, explosive tight end for the Dolphins, but he never put up the corroborating numbers. Memory can be a funny thing.

4) I was in love with Lori in university. Of all my crushes, she might have been the hardest to get over. On May 3, it will be the 24th anniversary of the last time we saw each other. While I'm thinking about Lori now, I don't believe I'll actually remember to think of her on May 3rd. Perhaps one of you can remind me.

5) Now that I'm living in New York State, it is such a waste everytime the Dolphins play the Jets on national television (which they seem to do EVERY year). I mean, that game is going to be on television anyway in my area. Let them show the Dolphins and Texans on national television!

CM is a defeatest & front runner @12:45

While Cuban Menace can be a little to negative in his doom & gloom predictions for my taste as well, it doesn`t give you or anybody free reign at blasting the Cuban community with your short sighted and ignorant views !! Here is your History 101 lesson you ignorant fool, in the 1950`s Cuba was run by a Military Gov. under the Dictatorship of Fulgencio Batista. This Military Junta was U.S. friendly so the State Dept. turned a blind eye while Italian/Jewish Gangsters ( Lucky Luciano and Meyer Lansky) turned the Island into one big Casino operation overrun with brothels.

This opened the door for Castro`s "DEMOCRATIC REVOLUTION" which overthrew Batista on Jan-1-1959. It wasn`t until after he wins his power play that he declares that his promise of free Democratic elections would not only not take place but that he was a Marxist and a Lenninist. The Cuban people not having the stomach to fight threw another 5 years of Gorilla warfare began the 1st. mass exodus to U.S. shores believing that a U.S. invasion to topple the Communist regime was imminant.

Then came what I refer to today as the dirty little secret nobody wants to talk about, as the U.S. not only cut a deal with the USSR to not invade Cuba but abandoned a group of soldiers known as brigade 2506 on the shores of the Bay of Pigs under the direction of then U.S. President John F. Kennedy, thwarting any possability of overthrowing Castro.

It was then that my people resigning themselves to life as Political refugees began to work and transform a City (cowtown) known as the Jewish retirement Capital of the World into a blossoming Mertopolis that many around the World refer to as the modern day Casablanca. You might be one of those ignorant ones who thinks our people were nothing more than dirt farmers and to you and them I say pick up a history book but on behalf of me and the rest of the 5.5 million Cubans or children of Cubans (me) I`d just prefer you thanked us and went about your business !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Not a "Defeatest" but a "Realest", If you think this team can win more then 3 games let me hear who you are............

How do we resolve the QB crisis AND the fastest way to the next SB championship with one move?

Orton? Kolb? Macnab? Hasselback? Huh? Why are the simplest solutions often so hard to see?

The best FA QB happens to be one of the best all time QB's and still has a few years of prime game in him. Mr. Ross, if you are going to open the check book, make the play for Peyton Manning!

Does any body doubt Peyton won't find Marshall and Bess and Hartline and Fasano all day long? Imagine if you dare, how our red zone offense will improve with Manning. I dare you. That then gives you three years to groom a QB of the future. Forget stop gap, think no gap, think win now!

I could fist pump on the selection of DJ. Bet he'll be gone before we pick in the 3rd though. In that case I'd be tempted to reach a little on Virgil Green in the 3rd. Depending on what RB / QB may still be there.

James, correction Mallet is high...

ND, Just cuz I live in Memphis doesn't mean I know all about Elvis... Personally Stax records and their artists are better than Elvis IMO Memphis the home of Al Green!
P.S. Elvis did take a lot of other people's work and made it his own so it wouldn't surprise me...

F4L, I Believe that Post was from a certain plumper from Bergan county known as "NJ PHIN FAN", He's been barred from every scrib this side of the Mississippi, Though I might be wrong, It might be a aweakening Lil Aloco after a all night bender of ESTE Airplane glue, We might never know....... LOL..

Dalton and Ponder could turn out to be great pros... They have the right demeanor and Dalton was a winner. I think he will be better than Mallet... Atleast for the first 3 years. If Mallet matures and learns to move his feet better in the pocket he could become great. IMO he is the biggest bust out of all the QBs. His upside is there no doubt but after talking to Razorback Alumni about him I heard a lot of skepticism and doubt. If he has a superb Offensive line that gives him plenty of time to make the throw then he can be deadly but under pressure he's prolly worse than Henne.

0X80, That might be the best "Thinking outside the Box" since Taco bell's "Thinking outside the box" commericals...... HUMMMMMMMMMM, I LIKE IT......

we all know about our Oline problems too


Nice retort to the Defeatest. Good for you.

Without getting too far off track, something you said made me think of a fascinating book I recently read, "Guns, Germs, and Steel". If everyone read at least the first chapter of that book, you would never again see a comment such as this one that you made:

"You might be one of those ignorant ones who thinks our people were nothing more than dirt farmers"

It totally busts the fallacies regarding the intelligence and capability between urban educated city folk, rural farmers, and modern day hunter/gatherers.

I notice that you can read the first chapter for free at Amazon, worth it, and enlightening.

CubanM, I believe they will be better than last year. 3 wins? that's a little harsh are you sure your not a sour Jet fan?

Though I think Indy has him signed till .... Eternity...., I might be wrong though, what is his status anyway????


Really hate that you deleted my last post Armando's staff.....i've seen you guys let MUCH WORSE personal attacks thru....some of which I have been the victim...and others in which i was the attacker....

In either case my post was neither personal...nor an attack!

Let me see if I can say it in such a way that you guys will approve.....

Free Speech My BUTT

Cuban, he is unsigned, a free agent. They were negotiating an offer before the cba stuff, however, they did not get it done. Maybe Peyton feels slighted. Maybe he can be lured.


Your right about that was me being short sighted with the comment, as you can never judge any demographics intelligance by grouping it as a whole. I just got a little beside myself with the "your nothing but a bunch of idiots who gave away your Island for a pair of shoe`s and bowl of rice" Thanks for the heads up on the book I love to read and will look out for it.

x80 Manning to phins? It would work if he wasn't franchizzed by indy

Beer, I'am in a city of JET,JET,Jet Fans, Looking for improvement from the mighty air breathers, But it seems like there on life support..., What are your thoughts??


Oh, I didn't know that. That ruins the best idea I've had in a long time. Oh well.

Manning to the Fins????????????? Now we're talking.............

Aloco, it is quite simple. Here is the formula:

You play your division opponents, home and away. That's six games.

You play another AFC division on a rotating basis (alternating home and away every four years). That's four games.

You play an NFC division on a rotating basis (again, with home and away alternating every four years). That's four games.

That's 14 games set in stone, including the site. The remaining two AFC games are determined by where you finish in the division the year prior.

There is no suspense whatsoever. You could look up the Dolphins schedule for next year (or 50 years from now) right now if you wished.

I am the son of a dirt farmer and still live in a "cow town" in central fla..lol. I respect your heritage though CM. It wouldn't totally be out of the realm of possibilty however if we won 3 or more games in our division alone.


Let us develope our O-line this year and select the best RB, TE, other needs later in the draft. Stay at #15 and select quality over quantity and pick Pouncey for center/guard. Bite the bullet this year and prepare for the following season. Face the facts: We won't beat NE this year, so plan for the next year. Pouncey might even be gone before we pick. We have a new OC and our team needs to learn the system. If we plan for the following year I believe that gives our team the best chance to be successful in the future. I know how bad that hurts to face the facts, but they are what they are now lets deal with it. If we institute a two year plan now we will benefit greatly from it in the near future. Just my take on what I see. Quality over quantity! GO DOLPHINS!!!

Rick, and all the Phin fans, All I want is a Super bowl win, Who here thinks this group(Ross,Ireland.Sparono) can get this done?????????????????


manning was still a great idea!

kaep sharpening that grey stuff


i think we'll win a lot more than 3 games and my name is the wolf (sparano spawn)

DOLFan Rick,

I let my emotions run away with me while I wrote the post and apologize for the statement. There is nothing wrong with being a farmer since without them I guess we would have a tough time eating alot of what finds itself to our plates, maybe I should rephrase and say that we were not a bunch of un-educated shoeless peseants living in the hills somewhere.

Aloco, I really don't know how to explain it any more simply than that. Every team knows which divisions (AFC and NFC) they'll be playing in the future because it rotates.

Sometimes it seems as if some fans think the NFL honchos get together in a room and just draw up these schedules, when the truth is the enrire thing is predetermined, including the location. The ONLY thing the league does is determine the actual dates of the games.

Wolfy, Are you flat-lineing or what??Maybe 5 wins at best.... are you satisfied with this?????

Trey, Lil Aloco is a shut in...............


I'd like to take you up on your bet that the Dolphins won't win more than 3 games next year. How can we arrange a bet and what would you like to bet? I'm thinking that's EASY money for me man.

Ed, I wanted Pouncey in a trade down so we could add a QB for competition in the 2nd rd. It looks like Pouncey's stock is rising though. So if we want him we'll have to take him at 15.

fin4life, You didn't bother me brother. I just want a super bowl like Menace.


Not sure if this regime can do it or not but their all we have at the moment. At least they are trying though. I've seen ownership groups who didn't care if they won or not as long as they made dough.

Graig, How about a gentlmens bet(No money)( just gentlemen making a perdiction)?????

I like both, but only if they fall right and we don't sink the boat to get them on board! Go Miami!


i've had to be resussed several times this off season already and i'm not happy about the life support unit that's recently been moved next to my bed

however i'm optimistic about feeding on at least 10 wins next year, u however are heading for the manic depression ward in the psych hosp

hunger can lead to delusion

BTW, Making a bet on the inter-net (Unless your liscened) is illegal, and as you know I'll do nothing Illegal...lol/\......

craig if you want that bet you can probably make it with Vegas. Although I think over/under for wins will be 5 or 6 not 3. I think that's where we end up (5 or 6 wins) which sucks because we won't be able to draft Luck


You got it!! I'm not going to make any predictions right now about wins because I need to know what their team is going to look like first. I can say because of some of the guys that are on the team, it will be more than THREE.

Graig, How about a gentlmens bet(No money)( just gentlemen making a perdiction)?????

Posted by: Cuban Menace | April 20, 2011 at 02:18 PM

CM....told tell me your the same person as Aloco......he is the only person I have seen call CRAIG...Graig.....

Those two letters don't seem close enough to be a common typo.....

How many people are really on this site??? 6...maybe 7.....


Thanks. I'll take a look at where Vegas has us. I still think we'll be ahead of 5 or 6 wins. There's a good nucleus on this team and our defence won't allow us to fall that far back.


lol...I had a good chuckle at your above comment.

The real sad thing is can they beat a "5" or "6" win... this is not the fin team I'am accostomed to... It's just sad is allI'amsaying...



Guys,why are we all advocating for Pouncey or any other Offensive lineman to be drafted in the 1st?

Remember,we get Nate Garner back from injury and cant imagine Sparano giving up on John Jerry after just 1 season.

I'm not saying Garner and Jerry are pro bowlers,but alot of our problems last year regarding the Offensive line were because of losing guys like Garner due to injuries.


Cuban....I had to ask....

ALoco, please don't distort the facts. PFT does not say or suggest Mallet was out partying. He had was out to dinner and was home early.

I hate putting down predictions for any up-coming season because you never know how teams will look from season to season since FA began in 93 but given the uncertainty of it (FA) this season and my belief that even when it does come around most players will sign 1 year deals and return to there teams trying there luck at it in 2012, I`ll go out on a limb an drop my prediction.

Date Opponent

Sept 12 New England 7 p.m. WIN (we come flying out of the blocks here and redeem last years 2 embarrassing losses)

Sept. 18 Houston 4:15 p.m. WIN (We finally get the monkey off our backs with them)

Sept. 25 at Cleveland 1 p.m. WIN (I am probably in a minority but I think there actually worse coming into this season, Pat Shurmer is over his head)

Oct. 2 at San Diego 4:15 LOSS (This team will once again reign supreme in the AFC West after a down season)

Oct. 9 BYE

Oct. 17 at New York Jets 8:30 p.m. LOSS (Rex will have them up for this one and finally gets a home win vs. us in try #3)

Oct. 23 Broncos 1 p.m. WIN (Bad road team in big state of flux trying to rebuid there D)

Oct. 30 at New York Giants 1 p.m. LOSS (Match-up nightmare for us with Boss and Manningham in the slot looking to do damage, also very physical run game burns clock and reduces our O poss.)

Nov. 6 at Kansas City 1 p.m. LOSS (This is one of those games that I hate because they always play us tough up there and now have a team to boot)

Nov. 13 Washington 1 p.m. WIN (Shannahan is regretting not having waited on the Dallas job because this team has to many holes)

Nov. 20 Buffalo 1 p.m. WIN (They won`t beat us 2 years running at home)

Nov. 24 at Dallas (Thanksgiving) 4:15 p.m. LOSS (This team will not play dead this season mark it and the home Thanks venue is always tough)

Dec. 4 Oakland 1 p.m. WIN (We got there # until they get a Q.B.)

Dec. 11 Philadelphia 1 p.m. LOSS (I hate the match-ups accross the board for our D in this one)

Dec. 18 at Buffalo 1 p.m. WIN (Alot believe they maybe better or as good as us and while they play us tough I like Nolan with a years worth of tape on Fitz showing him up and believe we won`t take them for granted this season, this will be a D struggle in the snow and were better on that side of the ball)

Dec. 24 at New England 1 p.m. LOSS (They will be in some sort of battle jocking for position in the post season, as well as us hopefully but bad weather game which Brady always plays in well)

Jan. 1 New York Jets 1 p.m. WIN (We play our SB here and hand Rex one to remember till 2012)

That`s what I see a 9-7 campaign, with a few good bounces maybe 10-6

Kris, With Lil Aloco around who really knows??????LOl



Believe the Dolphins said one of their top priorities is ol.... Think there is some uncertainty around Garner being healty, Incognito playing center, and Jerry progressing.


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