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D.J. Williams, good man, good tight end, good fit

The Dolphins have Arkansas tight end D.J. Williams on their draft radar.

There have been, in fact, reports that when the Dolphins went to Fayetteville, Arkansas and worked out both Williams and quarterback Ryan Mallett, that it was Williams who was more intriguing to the team. I don't exactly know if I buy that.

But I know the Dolphins can use an upgrade at tight end. And Williams would be one. And that's why Williams has been the focus of much Dolphins personnel work and attention.

On Tuesday, Williams spent some time with me on my Armando and the Amigo radio show in South Florida. I asked Williams if he's noticed extra attention from the Dolphins?

"I want to say yes, but I don't want to sit there on draft day and hear, "the Miami Dolphins select," and they don't pick me. So I'll just leave it there," Williams said. "They have shown me interest, I will say that. We had a good time and had lunch with [offensive coordinator Brian Daboll] and everyone else when they worked us out."

At one point during that private workout in Arkansas, Williams volunteered to play the piano at general manager Jeff Ireland's wedding anniversary party.

"I figured, why not?" he said.

Williams said Tampa Bay, the Vikings, and the Texans are among the other teams who have also shown a high amount of interest in him.

So what will an NFL team get from Williams?

"I'm going to try to be the best the NFL has seen," he said.

Williams fits the Miami mold. He's 6-2 and 250 pounds, he's productive, he comes with a resume of having played in the Southeastern Conference, and he's a good man. Remember last year the Dolphins showed they want to add solid citizens to the roster.

Williams is an inspiration. As a child his mom was involved in an abusive relationship with his father in Texas. It got so bad his mom had to move the family to a shelter in the same state. Not far enough away, apparently, from the abuser so she changed her plans and decided to leave the state.

"We were sitting there in Dallas and my mom wanted to move further away," Williams said. "She pulled out a map and told me, 'Where are we going?' I just put my finger on a spot. I was young at the time, I didn't know what I was doing. I put my finger on the map and it landed in Little Rock, Arkansas, so we packed up and left. We lived in a shelter there for a time and pretty much worked our way up from there. We're in a good spot now, living nice."

Williams freely recounts his tale. He says his experiences have colored the person he is today.

"I was young but you always have that feeling that something's not right. I witnessed a lot of stuff going down between my parents. Just tthe fear and all that in my mom's eyes, you just know something's not right.

"But I wouldn't change anything because it's made me who I am today and it's made my family stronger. In life and even in football, adversity is going to come and it's how you respond that matters. It's like sandpaper. It's going to rub on you, but if you stay in it, it'll get worn down but you're going to come out smooth."

We asked Williams for first-hand information on Mallett, the quarterback the Dolphins also have on their radar.

You can hear the entire Williams interview, including what he said about Mallett, on the Armando and the Amigo podcast right here.

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aloco.henne gives the phins the best shot at andrew luck in 2012.lol


I went through the schedule and came out with another 7-9. I don't see how we beat NE in our fist came with a new offense on limited practice going against the finely tuned Pats. I see us 1-3 at the bye, tops 2-2.

F4L, LOL, Remember that the fins lost to the Lions,Browns and bills in the last 5 weeks of the season...(At home none the less)... Just saying..

F4L, A you hanging with Lil Aloco?????

This got deleted before it even posted last time.....lets see how this one goes.....

The DJ Williams article makes for nice reading....BUT THATS ABOUT IT!

He sounds like a nice kid who hard a hard life...yet...still managed to maintain his inner peace.....SO WHAT!!!!!

If a football player/potential football player is being interviewed...the only thing I want to hear out of his lips is FOOTBALL....Save the rest for the AUTOBIOGRAPHY.....

Its good to know that Williams is a nice guy....

But Alter Boys and Choir Singers rarely win football games.....although they do make for singing in plays or other theatre driven entertainment.....

We need football players......

More Ryan Mallett's.....

More guys with an edge....

More guys that have a heart beat.....and question the play.....Question why you would call a WC play when I just completed a 1st down strike of 17 yards....

Question why my FULL BACK is in on my 2 MIN drill.....running routes instead of blocking......

Why when I throw a pick you jump in MY SH*T......but let Brandon Marshall throw the ball to the sideline and cost us a 1st down....2 WEEKS IN A ROW!!!!!

We nned MORE WHY GUYS!!!!

and less (head bowed) yes sir's

less henne = more phins.

f4l, I hope your right. I was was thinking we have to beat the Texans at some point as well. Don't give up on the Charger game though, they usually start slow.

In Don Shula's 26 years (1970-1995), the Dolphins had only 2 losing seasons.

They now have had 5 losing seasons in the last 7 years (2004, 2006, 2007, 2009, 2010).

I don't know about you, but I feel as frustrated as Meat Loaf dealing with Gary Busey on The Celebrity Apprentice.

When I get down, I remember Phil Esposito's rallying cry to Canada after being down to the Soviets in the legendary 1972 Summit Series of hockey:

"For the people across Canada, we tried. We gave it our best. For the people who booed us, jeez, all of us guys are really disheartened and we're disillusioned and we're disappointed in some of the people. We cannot believe the bad press we've got, the booing we've gotten in our own buildings. If the Russian fans boo their players like some of the Canadian fans - I'm not saying all of them - some of them booed us, then I'll come back and apologize to each and every Canadian. But I don't they will. I'm really, really, I'm really disappointed. I am completely disappointed. I cannot believe it. Some of our guys are really really down in the dumps. We know - we're trying. What the hell, we're doing the best we can. They've got a good team and let's face facts. But it doesn't mean that we're not give it our 150 per cent because we certainly are...

"Everyone one of us guys, thirty-five guys who came out to play for Team Canada," Esposito continued, "we did it because we love our country and not for any other reason. They can throw the money for the pension fund out the window, they can throw anything they want out the window - we came because we love Canada. And even though we play in the United States and we earn money in the United States, Canada is still our home and that's the only reason we come. And I don't think its fair that we should be booed."


ALoco is not wrong about the stories about Mallett. Two local writers talked about Mallett being out late on the town and blowing off the Panthers the next day. The talk is he called the team and said he was under the weather. I will add this is just SPECULATION. I'm not talking about this being FACT. However, it just seems that there are stories that seem to follow this guy all the time. One thing we can be sure about this guy, he won't be the next Peyton Manning in term of 'keeping his nose clean'.

One of Mallett's agents has vehemently denies the story, saying his client was 'in his hotel room at 10 o'clock' and 'he was legitimately sick the next day'.

Fair enough....I don't know the truth as far as this story goes. It's just another thing that makes me go 'hmmmm....' as far as picking this guy at 15.


Guys, call me crazy but I got a hunch that were actually better than expected going into the bye this season. The Pats will come in with there averege WR`s and more than likely rookie starter there and we will be all over the intermediate game with the T.E`s, Rex gave everybody a blueprint in the playoffs for it. Instead of blitzing drop the MLB`s into a soft zone and play the S.S up and it gave Brady fits !! If not for the S.T. meltdown last season at home our D hung tough vs. them. I could be wrong but believe that to a man they play inspired ball here after last seasons prime time embarrassments.

Dolfan Ric....because the Chargers missed the playoffs this year...I'd be very surprised if they started slow again this year....Turner's job has to be on the line.....

He was handed a 14-2 football team...and they have regressed to a non-playoff team......

I still think we match up well with them tho.....if we can avoid our pattented 4th Quarter melt down...we can walk away with a win

Dodsworth, nice always got some history to go with the musings, I enjoy !!!!

bummer i just noticed ok's mock on the ss site

i want u all to know i've had kaep as my no 1 pick for well over a week while playing with the rest of it!!!

how he got to see my notes i'll never know

f'ing coma

Who cares.....Elway is a noted Drunk.....Farve is a PILL HEAD...Marino was accused of snorting the powder......




0x80, spot on chap! 7-9 is how I see this season to (if everything falls right). If I had money on it I might say 5-11. We've got a tough schedule, we NEVER beat Houston, unless we become a well-rounded team that doesn't choke in the 4th quarter and plays inconsistently we have absolutely no chance this year no matter who we draft.

This is a daunting task. If I'm Sparano, I have my wife looking for homes back in Connecticut RIGHT AWAY!!!

I want to say something about lobsters to a total stranger today.



I'm predicting a Dolphins victory week 1 against the Pats. I seriously like our chances! This team has a lot to prove coming out of the gate and I think with a new OC, a Chad Henne with a chip on his shoulder and a better team attitude we'll be on our way. I expect a similar type effort to what we saw against Buffalo and Minnesota this year and a hard fought victory. Catch the Pats while they are sleeping, like the Bills almost did a couple of years ago.

Rick, even if they pick some 350lb line man they still have no running back signed.....Its a Quantry IMO......

Playing football is about being on the EDGE....not being centered.....

Give me WEED HEAD RICKY everytime....

Self-centered Ricky was just OK......

more fg's. fist pump!.lol

Question why my FULL BACK is in on my 2 MIN drill.....running routes instead of blocking......

There is an answer for that kris (though it doesn't fully answer the question). He's going out in passes in the 2min because we have one of the best short yardage FBs in the league, who happens to be one of the worst blockers. I'd almost rather give up his 1st-down skills for a back that can block better.

But that doesn't answer why anyone would THROW to a dang FB 2 yards downfield in the 2min drill, now that's a conundrum.


If your right with the schedule were in trouble because the second month of the season has us twice in N.Y. vs. Jets and G-Men along with K.C. based on your prediction Sparano will be canned before the midway point because we will be around 3-5 with your 1-3 start. Shades of 04 when Bates took over, then really fasten your seatbelt because it won`t be pretty, 7-9 you say, with a 1-3 start this team will be lucky to pull out 6 wins.


DC....is he a terrible run blocker....or pass blocker?




craig m

we're gonna win more games than we expect becoz our defense is gonna be better (2nd season +odrick+edds) and our offense, no way henne is going to be any worse, daboll>henning and as long as they don't totally screw the draft (and as long as they get some decent shoes)

ALOCO....I believe I was the 1st to call for Mallett....and I will stick by my call until he is drafted and signed by another team.....

Seemed to be both last season. I didn't see him creating any holes for R&R. I mean, he's good for yard or two gain, but I wasn't too impressed with his overall blocking skills last season (I certainly didn't see him blow anyone up the way John Conner from the Jets did).

Not to go completely into pessimism, but do you guys ever feel like we're just plain snake bit???

Even after the failed Harbaugh hiring incident theres reason for optimism here because Ireland and Sparano need to go all out to keep there jobs. And Ross is willing to spend money!

But wait there is no CBT! No free agency and we don't have a 2nd round pick. Geez! lol

Yes, lobsters.

My plan is to walk up to a stranger today (probably in a convenience store) and tell them how wonderful lobsters are. I will also include an interesting fact about lobsters, such as how they continue to grow throughout life.

Thank you for your interest in lobsters.

I have been honest and open about my dual citizenship - Canadian and American. I have also been frank in saying that all my loyalty is to one country - the United States, with one exception. Hockey.

When it comes to hockey, I will ALWAYS be a Canadian.

You can go to the heart of basketball country - Indiana - and they are not as passionate about basketball as Canadians (anywhere) are about hockey.

You can go to the heart of football country - Texas (or even this blog) - and they/you are not as passionate about football as Canadians (anywhere) are about hockey.

You can go to the heart of baseball country - Boston - and they are not as passionate about baseball as Canadian (anywhere) are about hockey.

Granted, football is a much better sport than hockey (and any other sport), but when it comes to shinny, my heart will always soar with the Maple Leaf.

we'll beat the pats with defense

so long as s teams turn up

kris @2:53 great post and yes if you want to worship go to church, JJ had a saying when asked about his teams problems and he reponded "I would draft the devil himself if I though he could play" while a bit extreme I agree with the line of thinking as well.

Now that you mention it DC....looking back your right.....I was distracted by the 3rd/4th and 1s........never held him to much since he was picking those up.......

The devil is in the details....

Wolf, agreed, NO WAY Henne can be any worse. The question is, can he be any better? And if so, can the team (offensively) be any better? Even so, with a more difficult schedule, can they be better enough to make a difference in the final record?

Those are the questions I want to know. I've overestimated us the past 2 years, so this year I'm trying to look at the team in an unbiased way (impossible as that seems). If so, 6-10, 7-9 is what I'd feel comfortable predicting us doing.

Well, interested in lobsters, if you do thst People will consider you weirder than Ricky, and more twisted.

Wow seems that you all willbe happy with a 6 and 10 team..... Is this true??

Hey Lobster guy are you same guy who posted about the turds?? I'm still laughing at that one.

Dolphin fans certainly can use the distraction and the humor.


I'm not going to get into any arguments with you today but it's important we dont draft a bunch of trouble-makers on this team. I for one am happy that we passed on Dez Bryant. This guy is just going to continue to be trouble. Add Vince Young to that team and I'm not so sure that Michael Vick's problems are behind him for good. Add guys like Pacman Jones, TO, Randy Moss and you're just asking for a whole lot of trouble. I like Marshall but he needs to keep him mouth shut! He's touting Mallett as a future Pro Bowler. I'd like to see him be a good teammate and get behind Henne too.

More guys that have a heart beat.....and question the play.....Question why you would call a WC play when I just completed a 1st down strike of 17 yards....

Question why my FULL BACK is in on my 2 MIN drill.....running routes instead of blocking......

Why when I throw a pick you jump in MY SH*T......but let Brandon Marshall throw the ball to the sideline and cost us a 1st down....2 WEEKS IN A ROW!!!!!

We nned MORE WHY GUYS!!!!

and less (head bowed) yes sir's

Posted by: kris | April 20, 2011 at 02:53 PM

Post of the week!

Disclaimer: This is an endorsment of Kris, NOT that part animal Ryan Lea.....ah.....Mallet!

You know on the whole choir boy thing, I gotta say that I was turned off by Kurt Warner`s born again Christian rant after winning the SB. I am not an Athiest but will not bore all of you with my Religious inclinations either.

I remember thinking this guy just won the SB and his 1st. thought instead of talking about his tough season, thanking teamates, is giving us all a sermon ? For that matter what about St. Louis fans that might have been Jewish, Catholic, Baptist, Prodistant?

You see what I mean it just wasn`t the time or the place, if he felt that strongly he should have left the Georgia dome and found himself a church, just sayin.

Fin4life...thanks....I just want some FIRE from this FO and team....

Ireland needs to go balls out....in the draft like he did in FA last year......

Marshall and Dansby were agessive signings......

now lets see the same with a 1st RD QB....

Snake bit DolFan Rick?, naaah, just Cursed.

By the way, if People call you Ricky, Mikey or Billy then there's something definitely fuc-edup with you.

Ask Atlanta how they feel about trouble-makers, when their franchise QB went to jail for dog fighting. It gutted their franchise and they fell to 3-13. Good thing they netted Matty Ice but what if they hadn't. What if they'd been like Cleveland and were still looking for their franchise QB.

Add to the list wasted talents like Maurice Clarett and the guy we had running for us for a few years (forget his name now). I think it was JJ who was convinced he could turn him around and he flopped. Santonio Holmes is another failed drug test away from missing a whole year. Ask the Giants how they felt when Plaxico Burgess went to jail. You have too many of these guys on your team and it will tear the franchise apart.

If we're considering guys like Brees, Brady, Manning and Rodgers to be 'choir boys', then I'll stick with a team of choir boys then.

Craig M,

Every guy you mention is an extreme example of an egotitical Locker Room Cancer. There are alot of high drama guys that were nothing but great for there teams while helping win S.B.`s

Micheal Irvin, Charles Haley, Ricky Watters, Corey Dillon, Santonio Holmes, Palexico Burress ect....

Craig M....

There has to be a mixture of the two dynamics.....surely you would agree.....and the timing has to be right.....

If you remember I was against brining in Moss when he got cut by the Pats......the timing was wrong....

Now that the season is over....i'm all for all options being on the table...Brain-washed Moss included......

No to VY!


I WILL agree with you on your above point. I'm not looking for choir boys on this team either. I am and always have been a big Ricky Williams fan and I like Marshall too. I think there's a need for 'heart and soul' guys. Just not too many troublemakers.

Before Plax went to jail...he PUT HIS SB RING IN A VAULT....just saying......

and he should be an option on the table.....

Who gives a flying F U K if the FB can run block or pass block in the 2 minute offense?

Yank his a s s off the field and put in another receiver!!!!

I love lusaka, but it takes him 3 minutes to sprint to the end zone. There's only a buck fifty left on the clock, DUH!

Come ON PEOPLE!!!!

Whats that? Can you guys hear that? I swear to goodness I just heard Bellicheat giggling..................


I'll agree with you on Plax as well, just as we should have considered Vick more.

Gotta run guys....I'll try and check in tonight.


Odin...well said!!!

mallet is gone as a future DOLPHIN QB .


The trade of Santonio Holmes really bit Pitt. in th S.B. when Big Ben had to rely on a rookie Rec. in the slot. I tell you in that game and during last season with the emergance of Wallace, in the 3 Rec. set the slot Rec. would have been Holmes and G.B. could not have left Sam Shields as good as he looked alone vs. him. Take into account how depleted G.B. secondary got in that game and it exposed the weakness Pitt had past there 2 main Rec.

I think, following the comments above, that Cam Newton is bound to get into trouble further ahead in his life. Now, that being said and in regards to Football, I like the fire in his look, much like Ray Lewis. Then?

Odin, kris and I were talking generally (not in the 2min drill) about him blocking. The issue with him not being good at it is that it means they keep the TE in to block more, which leaves one less target for the QB to go to.

So, the point is, if we can get a better blocking FB, then maybe we can have ALL our receivers run routes and be targets for the QB, instead of 1 like pretty much every formation last year under Henning.

odin @3:32

ROTFLMAO !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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