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D.J. Williams, good man, good tight end, good fit

The Dolphins have Arkansas tight end D.J. Williams on their draft radar.

There have been, in fact, reports that when the Dolphins went to Fayetteville, Arkansas and worked out both Williams and quarterback Ryan Mallett, that it was Williams who was more intriguing to the team. I don't exactly know if I buy that.

But I know the Dolphins can use an upgrade at tight end. And Williams would be one. And that's why Williams has been the focus of much Dolphins personnel work and attention.

On Tuesday, Williams spent some time with me on my Armando and the Amigo radio show in South Florida. I asked Williams if he's noticed extra attention from the Dolphins?

"I want to say yes, but I don't want to sit there on draft day and hear, "the Miami Dolphins select," and they don't pick me. So I'll just leave it there," Williams said. "They have shown me interest, I will say that. We had a good time and had lunch with [offensive coordinator Brian Daboll] and everyone else when they worked us out."

At one point during that private workout in Arkansas, Williams volunteered to play the piano at general manager Jeff Ireland's wedding anniversary party.

"I figured, why not?" he said.

Williams said Tampa Bay, the Vikings, and the Texans are among the other teams who have also shown a high amount of interest in him.

So what will an NFL team get from Williams?

"I'm going to try to be the best the NFL has seen," he said.

Williams fits the Miami mold. He's 6-2 and 250 pounds, he's productive, he comes with a resume of having played in the Southeastern Conference, and he's a good man. Remember last year the Dolphins showed they want to add solid citizens to the roster.

Williams is an inspiration. As a child his mom was involved in an abusive relationship with his father in Texas. It got so bad his mom had to move the family to a shelter in the same state. Not far enough away, apparently, from the abuser so she changed her plans and decided to leave the state.

"We were sitting there in Dallas and my mom wanted to move further away," Williams said. "She pulled out a map and told me, 'Where are we going?' I just put my finger on a spot. I was young at the time, I didn't know what I was doing. I put my finger on the map and it landed in Little Rock, Arkansas, so we packed up and left. We lived in a shelter there for a time and pretty much worked our way up from there. We're in a good spot now, living nice."

Williams freely recounts his tale. He says his experiences have colored the person he is today.

"I was young but you always have that feeling that something's not right. I witnessed a lot of stuff going down between my parents. Just tthe fear and all that in my mom's eyes, you just know something's not right.

"But I wouldn't change anything because it's made me who I am today and it's made my family stronger. In life and even in football, adversity is going to come and it's how you respond that matters. It's like sandpaper. It's going to rub on you, but if you stay in it, it'll get worn down but you're going to come out smooth."

We asked Williams for first-hand information on Mallett, the quarterback the Dolphins also have on their radar.

You can hear the entire Williams interview, including what he said about Mallett, on the Armando and the Amigo podcast right here.

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Guy's I'll take the bet, and actually give the fin 14 pts.


Quit bickering for a moment.

I have an update from Armando regarding our Fin's mock draft ths sunday.

He explains that tomorrow, he is going to blog a set of rules, and on saturday, is going to define the final crierian.

Apparently, the winner of this competition will be rewarded with some trivial prize or gesture.

Maybe a kudo, maybe more. (A sensored 180 second call-in on his radio show?}

I haven't the time to paste the e-mail.


Am I missing something? Or were you just agreeing to the bet?

I was watching Henne replays in college(motivated by a comment above) and I can't believe Parcells fell for that slow, mechanical, emotionally flat QB.




I will say this though...IMHO, I really don't buy into the argument that Pennington or Henning were the problem with Henne. By the time you get into the pro's, if you aren't already your own man, you will never be ready. Henning I won't defend all the way, but I have to think his lack of confidence in Henne played a big part of his decisions. Also I have a hard time believe Pennington was a bad influence, he's got too much smarts, he had to be far more of a beneficial resource than hindrance. Thats just how it strikes me.

Is this some alternate universe where there's not a lockout? None of these rookies are going to matter this year.

Oscar, you're talking about the same guy who thought Pat White was worth a number 2.

ALoco... You are the one talking down to people (did you not refer to me as a drunk unemployed farmer?). Get a clue. Have a warm chocolate milk before going to bed. Good night.

You making bets here? Really? I love personal bets. Anybody wants to bet with me that Mallet and Ingram will be starting Day 1 of the season(if any)? We'll set the odds later on.





If you read the blogs you would know that many bloggers that I engage with quite enjoyably don't agree with me too often...fin4, dc, craig m, rob, several others...but they are civil and honorable and don't accuse everyone that doesn't agree with them of being a drunk or worse. Joking is fine, but when you joke too much its no longer a joke.

I will leave you with this my friend, there is nothing you will ever ever be able to teach me about hard work, ever. For many years I worked two or three jobs. For six years, I worked two jobs while working my way through college. I have done in my life every kind of labor imaginable, restaurant work, manual labor, technical and financial professions.

My whole life I have had seriously stinking rich friends and seriously stinking poor friends. I've lived in the best neighborhoods in some of the best cities in the country, and I've lived in poor remote towns in 3rd world countries you wouldn't even find on a map. I respect those who treat me kindly equally, whether they be maids, cab drivers, fruit pickers, engineers, doctors or lawyers, and I in return treat them with the same respect.
0x80 | April 20, 2011 at 08:15 PM




I refuse to believe that, cocoajoe. I KNOW BP's track record. Maybe with Henne but not Pat White.

How about "un pastelito de guayaba" for the reward, Armando?


I think I've read your post 3 times now, and I must say I am missing something. I didn't see anything referring to odds or the loser.



Aloco, Dont go away mad......just go away...lol

Rays are up 4-1 but I'm guessin you Miami guys don't care...lol.


How can you get in the camp that believes that Penny didn`t hurt Henne, it`s BS ? In 2008 Henne would have been the starter if not for the Favre/Penny situation in N.Y. I got to tell you that the Jets were right, Pennington had nothing left, we sucked the 1st, 2 weeks of that season and then we unvailed the WC, which seemed in all honesty to baffle me as well !!

I couldn`t believe how that one trick pony left some of the best D minds in Football baffled ? It almost seemed like it had VOODO!! our opponents would get so flustered at it that they would fall apart and forget to tackle ? Do you think that without the gimmick WC that we would have gone vs. a weak schedule 11-5 ?

Aloco, are the "Yes" men in the same league as the"Gang of defeat"Or as you would write "THE GANG OF DEFEET"?????

The only way you can win consistently at gambling is against persons(poker, parimutuels, etc) that know less than you about the game.

0x80, your friendly wager my way, I will post my reponse, I love putting it up or shutting up, so I`ll post my response again.


Earlier today you said you had a hunch we were going to be better than expected. Just wondering, did you have that same hunch last August?

I'll make you a gentlemans bet on that first game, and its a bet I hope I will lose, but believe I will win. Hennes very first game running a brand new offense for the first time after limited contact with the new OC I don't see being good enough to beat the one team that totally demoralized us most, a team far more in rhythm than ours.

Publicado por: 0x80 | April 20, 2011 at 06:54 PM


You are hitting this from a different angle. I have already stated in the past, I think they should have started Henne from the get go, just like Flacco, Sanchez, Ryan, Bradford, Stafford. Had they done that, they would know by now FOR SURE whether Henne could be the guy or not. Now..they still don't know, and its making it awkward on how to go about the draft. From that standpoint I agree.

As a mentor though, I do not think Pennington was a bad influence. I don't think Pennington was evil and jealous of Hennes arm that he wanted to force him to be a check down QB. Peyton and Brady check down a lot too, it is part of the game, it just can't be your only game.


I will not only take that bet, I`ll remind you that Henne in his 1st. ever NFL start vs. the Jets in 09 was rather spectacular. I tell you I believe that the whole Chad Pennington thing was bad for Henne. He never after that game got free reign on being the player I saw at Michigan.

If you remember Henne had Braylon Edwards and Mario Manningham as his WR while at Mich. I thought being a UM fan that it was shades of Steve Walsh and Ken Dorsey, until I remembered he could actually throw the ball further than 60 yds.

I will again take your bet because I believe with noddle arm Penny and Henning gone Henne won`t be so affraid to throw the DAMN BALL !!!

fin4life | April 20, 2011 at 07:22 PM

Sometimes I read Posts in here that provoke me to invite many to gamble against my opinions on Football. I could become rich, quicly, if it were so.

please just shut up Alcco
every time i see your all caps posts i just skip over them thinking that same kid got a hold of dad's computer again


From you this is a bet I look foward to between friends, don`t misunderstand, I would actually welcome a friendly bet from you my friend !!!!


Um...I guess whats confusing me is your counter bet. What exactly is the counter bet, I'm not seeing that. I hear your argument, and I'm still betting on my argument as I initially stated.

0x80, I'll go on record and say that Henne is"Not the Guy", Lets face it, if there's still questions about him he aint "The Guy"....After watching the NFL for 40 years I can tell if "Somebodys got it", The kid from Tampa Bay's got it, Sam Bradfords got it But Chad(Fat neck) Henne doe's not have it..

When you think about the Dolphins past 2nd rd picks it's almost like they thought the 2nd rd was gamble time.

White, Henne and even Misi to a degree.

Course i'm temted to add last years 1st rd to that but I'm trying to stay positive.

Henne's Bulb could not illuminate a small closet.


We have a bet. Don't go running and hiding after the game on Sept 12 now!

LOL @ Oscar....

oscar....i know this is a difficult question, but whose bulb do you think is dimmer, Henne's or Sparanos?

Fidel Castro is done and I have nothing to do any more. Any bets out there?

LOL, 0x80, In said and posted that if you were right I would give you my real name and send 500.00 your name western union, I swear this. If you like those odds, then give me my winning if I win ?


I read the post you sent to me 3 times, I didn't see the $500 part! Is that your counter bet?

name to think about later in the draft Armon Binns out of Cincy. only 4.5 speed but dude has crazy ball skills.


0x80, Good point on Sparano @8:56.

I think it was Menace who asked earlier if we thought Ross, Ireland, Sparano could get us to the SB. I was thinking that Sparano was the scariest one.

At least Sparano has run off most of his assistants. Maybe we'll have a great young staff to run this thing and Tony can just run around and fist pump!

That's a good question, 276 or so. I have made my decision on Henne's Bulb, now I'm working on Sparano's.

I try to avoid the fights, but I think I'm missing something.

First, what exactly was Aloco lying about? I thought he just cited the reports in PFT.

Please correct me if I'm wrong. Correct me about his citing of the published story please, not all the fighting afterwards.

Aside from the Aloco issue(s):

2. MULTIPLE sources reported Mallet was out late. None of them said he was out getting ripped or free basing. Just that he was seen out late by multiple peoples. Biggs must have some confidence in his sources because there are defamation laws that can or will be applied to Mallets case. You have to prove liability of course, but I think that can be done in this case POST DRAFT.

3. THE ONLY GUY denying these reports are Mallets sleazeball Agent. That's the only guy that has addressed the media and believe me, the sleazeball has a vested interest. This alone would be enough to impeach his statement in any courts in this country.

I don't know what really happened, but I myself would take Biggs and his sources word over any sports agent on the planet with a vested interest.

4. REGARDLESS if Mallet snorted up the entire continent of South America last night or if he simply had a quick bout of the stomach Flu, HE SCREWED UP AGAIN!

You guys can argue this point with me if you want, but be honest. If it were you or I and we had an interview for a multi million dollar job, come hell or high water you can bet your a s s we'd be there. I realize Mallet showed up for the meeting, but when given the choice, he declined to go through with it and left town later the same day.

Anybody can say whatever they want, If I were interviewing for a multi million dollar position, NOTHING short of being on my death bed would keep me from it.

We do know he was arrested for public intoxication. That, in and of itself, isn't such a big deal.
We do know that he has admitted to drug use. That in and of itself isn't such a big deal. We do know that multiple sources and some somewhat reputable news outlets reported he was simply "OUT LATE". Even when faced with some serious possible defamation consequences, they stand by their reports.
We do know that for whatever reasons, this morning he felt too "ILL" to go through with a multi million dollar job interview. It COULD be a coincidence, but then again, you know what it sounds like too.

All of these things in and of themselves aren't all that bad, but they sure ain't good. When you start adding what we do know all together a pattern does emerge!

At which point does this pattern start to lend credence to all of those OTHER RUMORS and ALLEGATION?

At which point do you decide that there just might be more here than meets the eye?

At which point do you decide to just bury you head a little deeper in the sand?

Sparono has a 20 watt bulb.....Not to bright....


I`ll look for when I posted it but what the hell for ? It`s my offer, you bet BRO !! I will give you my real name over the blogg and send you $500.00 if we loose to N.E. in week one. This is up for grabs depending on your offer my way ? Make it interesting !!!!!!


I`m already thinking how juicey Miami/N.E. is in week one!!!

Betting on the internet is Illegal...LOL...

Oscar, what track record? The truth is, Parcells other than this last go around, never had much say in personnel decisions. he had some here and there but he always wanted more.

Well, he finally got it and look where we're at. Going into year 4 and still needed at least 6 players including a QB.

Rememeber the 'shopping for groceries' comment from years ago. That was him being pissed off because the Giants org didn't let him have more say in the draft.

I wonder why?


Years back I lived in San Diego, 20 minute drive from the border to Tijuana where gambling is legal. You could make bets in the morning there before the game and then watch any game you want in the big sports bars with plenty of screens. I spent many a Sunday placing bets, watching the games and swigging a few beers.

Nowadays, I do all my gambling in the stock market. You have far more control of your bet. If your trade goes against you, you can always just get out with minimal damage. Sports and casino gambling, is too much of an all or nothing proposition to justify for something completely out of my control. Brady could pull a hamstring the day before the game. Too many variables. As well, for either side, it wouldn't be wise to handshake on the bet so many months before the game. Things can change too much.

Therefore, while I have stopped betting on sports for some time, I may consider something just to make the game a few notches more interesting, I'll consider it, but lets discuss it when its closer to game time.

Wow Odin, I just told my son on the same exact thing on the phone about driving my sick ass to a meeting for millions of $.

I will say though being new here and playing devils advocate. Aloco seems quick to read a headline and discount someone.

I kind of like Pouncey and Ingram and he already has them off our radar due to some recent reports.

Just sayin Aloco

Sure, odin, even if he had assurances by other Teams of being drafted, he's doing himself no favors.

I`m not looking to bend any rules 0x80, I read your post and think that a cat as smooth as you is having second thoughts about betting against Henne week one !!! uhhhhhhhhhhhh ! uhhhhhhhhhhhh!

LMFAO !!!UHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


I'm not defending anyone. I just couldn't remember if or how much Aloco might have stretched the story. Didn't want to back track and look through all the fighting.

As far as driving to that big interview, all Mallet had to do was go downstairs at the Hotel. He'd already done that and opted out when they cordially and politely gave him the chance. WTF!

If I was already there? Millions and Millions at stake? Hmmmmm................

All right 0x80, real easy no money involved but the looser has to relinquish there screen name, or should I drop it because you don`t want to play the game ?

Naah, cocoajoe, he did fine. He got us 16.


Get in on this one, it`s a bet about whether Henne can deliver in game 1 vs. N.E. you`ll like the stakes !!!!


By all accounts Mallets draft stock has been slipping.

I wonder what kind of flu would cause me to jeoprodize my situation even more? Hmmmmm.......

There's a c o o n in the woodpile!


I can't bet against MY Phins!

We'll trade back and get Martez Wilson ILB to replace Chowder.

Our D simply stifles Belicheat and Brady.

We win a close one by a FIST PUMP!!!!

Odin....what you posted was TO LONG....and I am Too tired to read all of that.....

My best guess is that it was in the Defence of Aloco......

Eff Him......

Inside that Rumor post (link) was a another link for Malletts Defence.....

I posted both....not just the links....but the articles.......

I can't stand when somebody tells half the story.....Its been my tag line since I started posting......."tell the whole story...and let the readers decide".....

Its not the first time time he has done this and probably won't be the last......

and to sum it all up....Efff him (Aloco)......the act is tired......

Sorry if it sounds blunt...but I am to tired to sugar coat my feelings.....and his act has run its course with me.....

Don't get me wrong.....Aloco is NO DUMMY.....he knows how to push buttons and then play the dim-witted, villiage idiot.......

but it is all of us he plays as idiots as he turns in the same performance night after night......

Tonight was my turn.....

Hopefully lesson learned......but history shows its not......


The loser has to relinquish their screen name? Hmmm, and the point of that? We'll come up with something to appropriately shame the loser. To be discussed much closer to game time....

Odin...as for the rest of your post....I refer you to page 3 of this blog.....

I have no problem with a kid with an edge.....I don't "chose to bury my head in the sand".....

I chose to embrace his rebellion....I like people who goe against the grain....question authority......test boundries.....

Back in the day we called them Leaders and Patriots.....

Now it is like treason if you question anybody....or think OUTSIDE of the box.....

Give me a little independent thinking QB any time.......

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