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D.J. Williams, good man, good tight end, good fit

The Dolphins have Arkansas tight end D.J. Williams on their draft radar.

There have been, in fact, reports that when the Dolphins went to Fayetteville, Arkansas and worked out both Williams and quarterback Ryan Mallett, that it was Williams who was more intriguing to the team. I don't exactly know if I buy that.

But I know the Dolphins can use an upgrade at tight end. And Williams would be one. And that's why Williams has been the focus of much Dolphins personnel work and attention.

On Tuesday, Williams spent some time with me on my Armando and the Amigo radio show in South Florida. I asked Williams if he's noticed extra attention from the Dolphins?

"I want to say yes, but I don't want to sit there on draft day and hear, "the Miami Dolphins select," and they don't pick me. So I'll just leave it there," Williams said. "They have shown me interest, I will say that. We had a good time and had lunch with [offensive coordinator Brian Daboll] and everyone else when they worked us out."

At one point during that private workout in Arkansas, Williams volunteered to play the piano at general manager Jeff Ireland's wedding anniversary party.

"I figured, why not?" he said.

Williams said Tampa Bay, the Vikings, and the Texans are among the other teams who have also shown a high amount of interest in him.

So what will an NFL team get from Williams?

"I'm going to try to be the best the NFL has seen," he said.

Williams fits the Miami mold. He's 6-2 and 250 pounds, he's productive, he comes with a resume of having played in the Southeastern Conference, and he's a good man. Remember last year the Dolphins showed they want to add solid citizens to the roster.

Williams is an inspiration. As a child his mom was involved in an abusive relationship with his father in Texas. It got so bad his mom had to move the family to a shelter in the same state. Not far enough away, apparently, from the abuser so she changed her plans and decided to leave the state.

"We were sitting there in Dallas and my mom wanted to move further away," Williams said. "She pulled out a map and told me, 'Where are we going?' I just put my finger on a spot. I was young at the time, I didn't know what I was doing. I put my finger on the map and it landed in Little Rock, Arkansas, so we packed up and left. We lived in a shelter there for a time and pretty much worked our way up from there. We're in a good spot now, living nice."

Williams freely recounts his tale. He says his experiences have colored the person he is today.

"I was young but you always have that feeling that something's not right. I witnessed a lot of stuff going down between my parents. Just tthe fear and all that in my mom's eyes, you just know something's not right.

"But I wouldn't change anything because it's made me who I am today and it's made my family stronger. In life and even in football, adversity is going to come and it's how you respond that matters. It's like sandpaper. It's going to rub on you, but if you stay in it, it'll get worn down but you're going to come out smooth."

We asked Williams for first-hand information on Mallett, the quarterback the Dolphins also have on their radar.

You can hear the entire Williams interview, including what he said about Mallett, on the Armando and the Amigo podcast right here.

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No doubts, odin(at least for us two). He has a fire he cannot control.


I have nothing but respect for what I`ve seen regarding your smarts !!! I have to tell you though that our simple bet affects nobody, I want nothing when I win, (I WILL WIN ) !!! but simple props !! I will win our bet 0x80, your response, while I LMAO !!!


How does that saying go? He who laughs last, laughs best.... Right now, you are the one whose laughing, we'll see who is laughing on Sept 12. Somethin tells me you'll be drinking cheap whiskey and I champagne!

kris, are you immature or only pretending to be so?


You said that you believe that we couldn`t beat the Pats in week 1 because our team wasn`t smooth enough for them ? I agree we won`t beat them next year for the Division but I do think we suprise them in week one !! That`s my bet ! I know we loose the Div. crown, hate admitting it in April but it`s true, what I believe is we affect there run at the Playoffs more than you let on.


I will give you this ONE response...cause I notice that you always post the little insults my way....you should have noticed by now....I don't respond to you...


Cause I don't respect your post and as far as i'm concerned nothing you say matters even the least little bit.....not football matters.....not oscar mayer weiners....or whatever else you chose to ramble about.....

Sooooo now you know......Yes?


I commented on your post from page three. I loved it.

I love independent thinking and Patriots too(as long as their not from N.E.).

With that being said: Sooner or later you just have to stop and say, Hey, wait a minute?

All the supposed allegation aside, Mallet has established AT THE VERY LEAST a pattern of iresponsible behavior.

I mean, if he couldn't tough out an interview for a Million dollar job, WHEN HE WAS ALREADY THERE, because of the flu, how the hell is he going to tough out facing the Pats and Wets defenses twice a year?

Come on now? He was healthy enough to jump on a plane and fly away just a couple of hours later.

With that kind of toughness, he's just not the kind of guy I'd want being the face of my franchise.

SERIOUSLY Kris and the rest of you guys. Be objective and read this one more time:

I mean, if he couldn't tough out an interview for a Million dollar job, WHEN HE WAS ALREADY THERE, because of the flu, how the hell is he going to tough out facing the Pats and Wets defenses twice a year?

PS: You saying my post was too long JUST HURTS ME MAN!


I feel good about it, really. In the end it will be good learning lesson for you, and you will thank me for it. I see a win win situation here for both of us.

Odin....you that Sh*t was long man.....lol....



What makes you think I`m laughing ? I`ve lived threw having Dan Marino as our Q.B. and winning nothing ! I enjoy talking with you guys on-line but you fellas don`t know what I`ve lived threw as a Fins fan. In 82 I really thought we had the Skins until Riggins ran over Don MCniel on that run, by the way there G.M. was a guy named Bobby Beatherd, who worked for us when cheap a/s Robbie let him go.

I had to watch Marino and that Fins fraud in 84 get there butt`s handed to them. I say fraud cause if your old enough to remember that year you knew our D was old and worn out and our O had no run game to speak off, it was all Marino and the Marks.

I did however think the 94 team with Keith Jackson and Byars along with Mark Ingram to go with O.J. McDuffie was pretty good. We also had D that year and I like if not for Pete Stayanovich missing a F.G. at regulation our chances to be in the dance that year vs. Dallas and you know what Danny never throws Larry Allen that gift INT. Anything could have happened !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



Kris @ 9:56,

What a Jerk-LOL

You just made me spit and then snort a BIG SHOT of BOURBAN!

Though I do like the drain................sniff, SNIFF!


I agree with what you are saying (to a degree).....but I am not ready to give up on my golden arm.....

I could come up with some excuses...but they would be that....JUST EXCUSES.....I will wait till tommrow to get the rest of the story from the Mallett camp to back some of what I am thinking......

If I posted it now you would think I am crazier than Home (who i like, and don't think is crazy at all).....

But you got to admit Odin.....the kid has BALLS.......

Huge BALLS.......

or he is dumbest college graduate this side of.....(ahem**Leaf**)

I chose to believe he is ballsy

You cannot buy Championships. I would not be at all surprised if the Miami Heat loses in the Playoffs.


Thank you!

I know there's some people upset with you right now, but I appreciate the kind words anyways.

Liquor Run!

I'll be BACK!!!!

Nobody set the edge in that '82 game, fin4life, and Riggins was darned fast, and big.


Sorry I just remembered that the S.B. 30 Hero was srcub Larry Brown, even worse yeah !

ALoco is a rare talent.


Hang in there fella, we are only about another 2 regimes and one owner away from the next trophy........

California dreaming, dream on...

short Ingram interview on espn:


Ever since the Marino era's end we've been clamoring for a franchise calibre qb. Now that the prom queen's within our midst we recoil because we see a wart.

Upon noticing the wart upon our prom queen's nose. Now we call her WITCH! The prom queen with this wart just happens to be Ryan Mallet.

See: instantwartmoleremoval.com/wart

Offer's wart removal in only 15 minutes! LOL.............

BTW, if we draft Mallet we probably target DJ Williams too. The passing combo chemistry is already there and does not need to be developed.

I'd like to see who everyone really likes at 15 since there is a chance we will be picking there. Maybe I am mistaken, so correct me if I am wrong, but until now I've only seen myself and DB come out with a definitive pick for the 15 spot. The mock drafts are fun, but the first pick is most interesting.

...What up fellas? Today was perhaps the best day of trout fishing I have ever experienced. I only caught 6 fish. But 2 were easily the largest fish I have caught in my life. Glory!

On the drive home The topic of radio debate was Mr. Mallet. It looks like the same can be said for the blog. I have defended Mallet a bunch here. Saying whatever problems he may have had were nobodys buisness except his, and the teams interested in his services.

I have gone on the record as well saying I thought Mallet was the wrong guy at this time for our team. His weakneses will only be magnified by our team deficencies. Now this comes up. Even if Mallet was ill, or hung over, or uninterested. This is not how a prospective leader of a team should present himself. This shows a lack of discipline, and maturity that is so important for a young player to prove. Especially a guy with a questionable past.


Uh, it was a wart about two years ago.

It's metastasized into a full blown case of Herpes!


She looks good!

But watch out for what's under the HOOD!

Nearly every Mallet critic even agrees mobilty and character issues aside, he's a franchise calibre qb. Here's what I challenged of Mallet doubters here:

1. When will be the next time we come so close to getting a "franchise" calibre qb? Hell may freeze over first.

2. Franchise qb's are NEVER available in fa or trade. Teams dont trade them nor do they leave thier teams in fa.

3. Knowing question 1 and 2 to be pretty much true. WTH are your plans for getting the franchise calibre qb searched for since Marino era's end?

Now this is a great piece on D.J. Willaims.

Hi omar! :3w:

I will go out on a limb and say that if Jeff Ireland drafts Ryan Mallett in rd.1 I won`t crucify him ! I`ve been thinking about it and what does another OG bring to the table really ? For that matter a Mark Ingram, who the comparison to Adrian Petersen couldn`t be more off !!! Are you kidding me the most awesome RB to come out since Eric Dickerson and you compare him to Ingram?

I only hope we draft somebody that can play and not some player we have to trade for!!!!!!

ALSO, If it wasnt for warts we never would have seen Marino unless he was throwing for 5ooyds against our very flimsy 80's-90's defense.

How quickly we forget Marino had warts coming out of the draft too. LOL..........


We can wait until hell freezes over. According to Home it should be any day now.


Congrats on the fishing trip. I am NOT Jealous!

OK, maybe just a little-LOL.

After re-reading my mini novel on Mallet I started second guessing myself. You offered a little reassurance, THANKS.

I suspected I could be losing it.


Just messing around. I'm starting to get some weird kind of stir crazy thing going.

I was just at the liquor counter trying to figure out which bottle was worthy of "My First Round Pick"!!!!

Come on draft day!

mark herzlich guy came back from cancer and watch hes gonna be a beast

Almost to a man in this blog we cry how the league has changed and its all about franchise calibre qb's and high octane passing attacks. Now comes Mallet and we see a wart, now all of a sudden we're talking ourselves out of the very thing out of our own mouth's we continuosly cried out loud.

Let me know when the point comes in life we all get our cake and get to eat it too. Not holding my breath and neither should you.

1. When will be the next time we come so close to getting a "franchise" calibre qb? Hell may freeze over first.

Next years draft. Pickins won't be nearly as slim. We found Marino at 26 and Brady lasted until the 6th.

2. Franchise qb's are NEVER available in fa or trade. Teams dont trade them nor do they leave thier teams in fa.

Dilfer to the Ravens in free agency. Farve to the Pack in a trade. They both won Super Bowls! I know they're few and far between, but it's NOT impossible.

I think I made the right selection earlier. I'll say ALMOST anything after a few shots of this!

Wine is Fine, but Whiskeys Quicker!

I think we should feel extremely fortunate if we can grab a franchise calibre qb sitting at #15.

Last time a franchise calibre qb fell so far from top 10 was 28yrs ago. We pass on Mallet, a lot of us wont be around in another 28yrs to see it happen again!


I like the Rock AS WWE Champ beating Cena !!! I think David Bekham is dead in Pro Soccer !!! I think that the Celtics get dorpped in the NBA semi-finals, there old and I believe the Dolphins beat the Pats week 1 in Miami!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Can't you all just get back to the topic, and refrain from bickering for a change?

Geez, it's getting old.

Can only imagine the bloodshed after the draft, with no season in sight...


Are you drunk, Dilfer a franchise qb? There was absolute zero about Favre looking franchise at the time the Falcons traded him to Green Bay. Geesh, we are reaching! LOL.........

0x80 @ 10:49,
i've had aldon smith as my #15 for the longest time. maybe i have not mentioned it in awhile but that's my pick if we are stuck at that spot. however, the way the top of the draft is shaping up with players like bowers dropping because of health issues there is a possibility he won't be available when it comes time for us to pick. if we are going to pick someone that high we need to get a player who is going to make a major impact. i don't see anyone else who can do that for us with that pick. there isn't an offensive lineman, running back, quarterback or wide receiver worth picking that high.

Some of you guys almost have me wish Ireland doesnt take Mallet. Just so you can continue crying into your ice cold pouridge for yet another 10yrs. Especially while watching Mallet become the franchise qb you doubted and perrenial all pro.

It would serve youses right! LOL.....

i don't know if anyone noticed but both armando and omar did a blog about dj williams at the same time.


When we passover Mallet if available at #15, whomever we choose instead. Thier career path will be foreverly linked with Mallet. Especially if our qb situation never gets to where it needs to be to win a championship.

The absolute worst thing that can happen is Mallet leading his team to SB championship while we get NONE!


Thanks. Just trying to get all our highly opinionated bloggers (including myself of course) to stick their neck out with an actual pick and not a bunch of vague possibilities.


I'll blame the Dilfer comment on reaching, though I am closing in on complete drunkeness!

Can't give you any credit for the Farve statement. A lot of people didn't think Brady looked like a franchise QB and that's the point. They're out there. You just got to be smart enough to find them and COMPETENT enough to DEVELOP them PROPERLY.

Farve looked every bit as good as Mallet coming out. Maybe even better.

Let me know next time Aldon Smith puts some points on the board for us! LOL........

what would you do if you were the gm and we traded completely out of the first round to get a 2, 3, and 4? now we have a 2nd, two 3rd's and two 4th's. would you pick a qb as your first pick in the 2nd?


I never even heard of Brett Favre coming out of college. Be honest, did you?

teams that put pressure on the qb create turnovers with sacks that turn into fumbles and interceptions when qb's are made to rush their throws. the way i look at it is if we were and elite team on defense at putting pressure on opposing qb's and created more turnovers and got points off turnovers it is just like aldon smith scoring points for us.


If you took everything and threw it out of the window. Then rate all of the 2011 qb's on pure passing ability alone.

There isnt another qb in this draft who even holds Mallet's jockstrap. On that assessment alone he would unquestionably be taken 1st qb overall.

nfl networks jason laconfora is reporting that more teams are looking at jimmy smith as one of the top corners in the draft and he is moving up as we come closer to the draft. the guy had 3 interceptions at colorado and none last year and he is considered one of the best. further, the guy can't tackle for $hit; he gets dragged all over the field by running backs and wide receivers. keep an eye on ras i dowling from virginia. he had 8 int's going into his senior year; none this past season due to injury but this guy is a HAMMER when it comes to hitting. dowling is going to be better than smith and amukamara. but, that's just my opinion. what do i know?


Even if a olb gets 16 sacks in a season it's a 1 sack per game average. It's extremely rare 1 sack in a game is the greatest decider of a win vs a loss. Few and far inbetween.

Looks really great for a guy to have 16 sacks at a 1 sack per game avg. He looks pretty wearing the team helmet in the pro bowl while the rest of the team doesnt even make the playoffs. BUT THE TEAM HELMET MAKES A POST SEASON APPEARANCE! LOL...........

Marino: Worked the pocket like a magician.
Mallet: Statuesque.

Marino: Unsubstantiated rumors of drug use.
Mallet: Admitted to drug use.

Marino: Knew how to throw the bomb.
Mallet: Arrested for being Bombed.

Marino: Happy to have been drafted in the first round.
Mallet: Skips interview with the team holding the first overall pick.

Marino: Has a bust in Canton.
Mallet: Looks like a bust waiting to happen.

I've waited 28 years, I think I can wait one more!


DB @ 11:32,
agreed. mallet is definitely a better quarterback than gabbert and newton and every other qb in this draft. but, i'm not a fan of taking any of these guys until later in the first at the earliest. every guy that is coming out this year at the qb position has something about them that, to me, loses value as you bring them up the board in the first rd. i'm not worried about the off field stuff with mallet. i'm more worried about how his performance drops off when he plays against the better opponents. don't get me wrong. i still like him in the first; just later in the round.



Wake up and smell the coffee. Mallet isnt going to be around late 1st rd. If still available #15, there wont be any 2nd chances to grab him. Guarantee you that! LOL...........

I think what will shock some people is when Gabbert drops from top 10.

If Gabbert drops from top 10, there's pretty good chance to trade down and still get him. Gabbert drops from top 10, he'll have a Brady Quinn like fall. Watch and see.

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