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D.J. Williams, good man, good tight end, good fit

The Dolphins have Arkansas tight end D.J. Williams on their draft radar.

There have been, in fact, reports that when the Dolphins went to Fayetteville, Arkansas and worked out both Williams and quarterback Ryan Mallett, that it was Williams who was more intriguing to the team. I don't exactly know if I buy that.

But I know the Dolphins can use an upgrade at tight end. And Williams would be one. And that's why Williams has been the focus of much Dolphins personnel work and attention.

On Tuesday, Williams spent some time with me on my Armando and the Amigo radio show in South Florida. I asked Williams if he's noticed extra attention from the Dolphins?

"I want to say yes, but I don't want to sit there on draft day and hear, "the Miami Dolphins select," and they don't pick me. So I'll just leave it there," Williams said. "They have shown me interest, I will say that. We had a good time and had lunch with [offensive coordinator Brian Daboll] and everyone else when they worked us out."

At one point during that private workout in Arkansas, Williams volunteered to play the piano at general manager Jeff Ireland's wedding anniversary party.

"I figured, why not?" he said.

Williams said Tampa Bay, the Vikings, and the Texans are among the other teams who have also shown a high amount of interest in him.

So what will an NFL team get from Williams?

"I'm going to try to be the best the NFL has seen," he said.

Williams fits the Miami mold. He's 6-2 and 250 pounds, he's productive, he comes with a resume of having played in the Southeastern Conference, and he's a good man. Remember last year the Dolphins showed they want to add solid citizens to the roster.

Williams is an inspiration. As a child his mom was involved in an abusive relationship with his father in Texas. It got so bad his mom had to move the family to a shelter in the same state. Not far enough away, apparently, from the abuser so she changed her plans and decided to leave the state.

"We were sitting there in Dallas and my mom wanted to move further away," Williams said. "She pulled out a map and told me, 'Where are we going?' I just put my finger on a spot. I was young at the time, I didn't know what I was doing. I put my finger on the map and it landed in Little Rock, Arkansas, so we packed up and left. We lived in a shelter there for a time and pretty much worked our way up from there. We're in a good spot now, living nice."

Williams freely recounts his tale. He says his experiences have colored the person he is today.

"I was young but you always have that feeling that something's not right. I witnessed a lot of stuff going down between my parents. Just tthe fear and all that in my mom's eyes, you just know something's not right.

"But I wouldn't change anything because it's made me who I am today and it's made my family stronger. In life and even in football, adversity is going to come and it's how you respond that matters. It's like sandpaper. It's going to rub on you, but if you stay in it, it'll get worn down but you're going to come out smooth."

We asked Williams for first-hand information on Mallett, the quarterback the Dolphins also have on their radar.

You can hear the entire Williams interview, including what he said about Mallett, on the Armando and the Amigo podcast right here.

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THIS GENTELMEN IS THE BIRTH OF A FRANCHISE!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

DB @ 11:38,
point taken. however, when you have a defense that consistently puts pressure on a qb and only allow 3.6 ypc rushing it creates more opportunities for you offense to score. agreed, if you have one guy getting 16 sacks in one season it probably doesn't do much for you as a team but when you have a team that is now getting close to 60 per season you're now getting close to 4 sacks per game which makes a big difference. you also have to factor in the qb hurries and knockdowns. you can't underestimate it's effectiveness.

We had the number 6 defense in the league.

A draft pick, a FA, a tweak. We could have the top defense this year.

If opposing teams can't score on us, it makes it a lot easier to win!

I know we need some major offensive help, but I'm still going BPA-PERIOD!

Gabbert will fall no further than 20th. That begins playoff team territory. Those teams will be creaming themselves to get Mallet. LOL...........


Finishing #6 overall in defense, most consider that defense not being your top priority. So why do you?

If anything, we would have finished even higher defensively had our db's held on to the "many" dropped picks. LOL...........

Our top priority defensively is to lobby the league's rules committee to reverse their "Lester Hayes" stick'um decision! LOL.........

Correction: Mallet will fall no further than 20th.

dm1 and DB watch this film



i've advocated taking aldon smith at #15 for quite some time. besides the obvious needs on the offensive side of the ball we also have a HUGE need to put more pressure on opposing qb's. our defense did a great job for us this past year considering how bad our offense performed. however, we only have one pass rushing threat and the teams we will face this year know it and will put more emphasis on him. they will figure out how to block him and we will be dead in the water. i don't know about you but i don't think koa misi is a threat to sack to qb.

First week of camp players need to tie Sean Smith to a tree and nobody releases him for an entire week. No food, no water.

Then may be it sinks into him what it feels like to be caught! LOL..........


I've been messing with all the Mallet supporters. Everybody knows how we all feel about him.

Let me ask you this question: All the rumors and allegations aside. Knowing what we do know as fact, drunken disorderly and drug use.

Do you think him missing this interview will impact his draft status at all?

I'm not asking what you think of him as a QB. We've all stated our opinions, we all know how we all feel.

I'm asking you to be honest and objective:

1. Do you think the missed appointment today, in conjunction with the drunken disorderly and the drug use will impact his drafft status?

2. Do you think it should(I think I know your answer to this one, but I'll ask anyway)?

i'll reiterate what i said before about mallet:

dan marino had a meeting with ryan mallet and his agent. the meeting went something like this:
"believe me, you don't want to get drafted by a team that has an offensive line that sucks. if you fall in the first round and get picked by a better team the money won't be the same as if you were drafted higher but you'll have a longer career because you won't get killed because you're behind a line that can't pass block for $hit."

by the way, carolina was 2nd in sacks given up in 2010 with 50. i think mallet took dan's advice. lol.


So you're thinking Mallet kind of snubbed Carolina on purpose?

When the story broke today, I did say, tongue in cheek of course, that I didn't blame him for skipping the interview.

Is this what you're thinking?

i'm just having fun with the situation. only mallet and his agent know for sure what happened. however, i don't blame him for skipping out either.

Oops, didn't see your 12:10 post before I hit send.


It might be frowned upon by some, but I really can't say I would blame him, if that's the case.


We finished #10(39 sacks) league wise in sacks. Every team would like to have more. Dropped sure picks and offensive ineptitude figured far more prominently in our final record.

The Raiders finished 2nd in the nfl with 47 sacks. Still they were a playoffless team too.

Pittsburgh and Green Bay were top 3 in sacks. But they have "high powered offenses to match. LOL........

At least he didn't do what Elway did. Not yet anyways.......................

my point in drafting smith at #15 is that we need a pass rusher and he would be, by far, the bpa at that spot-if and only if we were stuck there. if we moved down, not only would smith not be available but now, we have more options as to who we would take the later we get into the first round.


I think dm1 answered that at 12:10 AM. Carolina gave up 50 sacks last season! LOL...........

theisman did it to us. do you remember that?


IF MARK INGRAM CAN DO THIS FOR US THEN TRADE THE ENTIRE DRAFT FOR HIM HIMhttp://www.youtube.com/watch?v=B4b8iwZ0gdA&feature=related


To get more 2011 qb pressure, Im hoping Odrick stays healthy and can be nearly good as advertised.

We need better coverage from the ss position. Y-Bell's guy gets open far too quickly. Better coverage there forces the qb to hold onto the ball a little longer, giving better sack opportunities.

dm1, there are so many other things that fit into the "pressure" equation its hard to say any one thing will change everything. Im hoping Jones can maybe replace Y-Bell at ss this season.

We all know of Bell's coverage woes and how quickly and easily his guy seems to always get open. Coverage plays a part too.

Yeremiah Bell is very decent in run support but totally sucks in coverage. As quickly and easily his guy gets open. Lawerence Taylor may not have enough time to get to the qb before he releases the pass. LOL...........

the front end makes the back end better and the back end makes the front end better but the front end definitely can have a greater impact. you can have the best db's in the game but, if the line and lb's can't get pressure on the qb, eventually the coverages will break down and a wide receiver will uncover and there will be a completion. yeah, we dropped a lot of int's but we can't take it for granted we are going to automatically get those types of opportunities again this year. odrick will be great as a run stopper but he won't be in there on passing downs.

anyone see omar's new mock on the SS site. he has us taking kaepernick at #15. wow!

emitt was a special back despite what everyone says about the boys o-line. he was tough and he had heart. i don't know if ingram is from the same mold but, if he is, we could really use someone who will fight for yards.


look at this video and tell me if Mallett has this?


0x80 loves the Jets. He wishes the Dolphins would simply trade most of their draft and max out their cap for quick fixes just like the team he admires so much. Enough of this building for the future crap. Just win now baby...cretin.

Great post, I never knew that, this is by far one of the most comprehensive posts i've seen here and look forward to more of the you have always nice things to post.

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