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The Brandon Marshall stabbing

The life part first: Brandon Marshall will live. He is in stable condition and will survive, according to source at the Broward General Hospital where he is in Intensive Care. The stab wound, which a source says is to his abdomen, was serious but not so that he needed immediate medical transport. In fact, Marshall was driven to the hospital in a private car rather than an ambulance. Marshall is expected to be discharged and will be allowed to go home today.


The legal part: Marshall was allegedly stabbed in the stomach by his wife Michi Nogami-Marshall (pictured). She has been arrested on aggravated battery and with a deadly weapon domestic violence charges. She is awaiting the posting of a surety bond in the amount of $7,500. Here is the arrest search page.

It is logical to believe Nogami-Marshall, 26, stabbed her husband, but at this hour there is no certain proof of that, there is no arrest report to allege that, and I would dare say the spouse is often a reluctant witness in such matters and often does not press charges. This would not be the first domestic violence incident between these two.

[UPDATE: The Miami Herald has acquired a copy of the arrest report. It states Nogami-Marshall stabbed Marshall with a kitchen knife. Marshall told police he had slipped and fell onto a broken glass vase, obviously a tact to avert his wife's arrest. Police inspect the scene and found no evidence to back Marshall's claim and then arrested Nogami-Michi and after she was read her Miranda rights, she told police she stabbed Marshall in self defense. This is the arrest report.]

Sources have told the Dolphins Marshall was not violent in response to the stabbing. But ...

The club has questions about how the incident began. Club personnel realize most wives don't just wake up in the morning and stab their husband without provocation. This issue will be important because the NFL's personal conduct policy will come into play.

The football part: What a nightmare!

The Dolphins have a problem and a problem child on their hands. First, the club scrambled this morning to find out if they could even go to the hospital or send a representative because there were questions whether that is an NFL issue regarding the lockout. I am told club representatives have not seen Marshall and are staying away from the hospital.

"Very frustrating," one source texted me.

The team is getting its information through the doctor attending to Marshall who is talking to team doctors. The club is also monitoring media reports for details.

The club has released a statement. "We are aware of the report, and our thoughts are with Brandon at this time. We will look into the matter, but because we are not allowed to have any contact with any of our players we will refrain from making any further comment."

The Dolphins have asked the NFL for permission to speak with Marshall. They are awaiting a response from the league at this hour.

[UPDATE: The Dolphins have been told by the NFL that team doctors are allowed to see Marshall and that Marshall's private doctor can consult with the club's doctors and trainers.]

I hate to bring this up, but Marshall, in less than one year with the Dolphins, has been pretty much the same guy off the field he was in Denver -- becoming embroiled in violence and domestic violence issues. On the field, he's not been as good as he was in Denver, catching fewer passes for fewer yards than he did the past three years with the Broncos.

And he did cost two second round picks and a $47.5 million contract with $24 million of that guaranteed.

Ironically, Dolphins general manager Jeff Ireland defended the idea of Marshall only a few days ago when compared to the price of the draft picks used in acquiring him:

“Yeah, you wish you had it, for sure, but I know I got a great player (Marshall) out of it to," Ireland said of not having the pick versus having Marshall.  "So last year that was the right thing to do and I am glad we got the player, but now I’m ‘dangum I wish we had that second round pick’, but you pay for what you get. We got a great player and I am very proud of that. The great thing about this year is we really have an extra first round pick and an extra fourth round pick, because neither one of those guys have played, (2010 first round pick) Jared (Odrick) and (2010 fifth round pick) A.J. (Edds), so those two picks are really going to impact this year’s draft class more than last year.”

Marshall's domestic violence issues are not new. He was involed in a public incident with his current wife in March 2009 when they were charged with disoderly conduct for hitting, kicking and screaming at each other in public. Marshall had no less than seven domestic violence incidents with his previous girlfriend Rasheedah Whatley.