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Draft night live blog begins right here, right now

The NFL draft is finally here and this blog is a-live!

So do the Dolphins go with the primetime pick in this primetime draft? Do they trade back as I've been told they are trying to do? Do they pick a quarterback?

"A quarterback makes sense if and only if they think a FRANCHISE quarterback is there," Dan Marino tweeted today. "Otherwise, I am firm believer in taking the Best Player Available."

So whom would the man once hired to lead the Dolphins franchise -- he quit two weeks later -- consider the franchise quarterbacks in this draft?

"With my CBS gig I spend more time watching the QBs on Sunday so it wouldn't be fair for me to say if a guy is or isn't a franchise QB," Marino followed with another tweet.

The national insider types are reporting there will be a run on QBs in the top 12 picks. We'll see about that. Aside from the QBs, here are some names I'm going to ask you to keep in mind:

Alabama RB Mark Ingram if they do not trade back.

VT RB Ryan Williams if they trade back.

Florida C Mike Pouncey if they do not trade back.

Purdue OLB Ryan Kerrigan if they do not trade back.

Kansas State's Daniel Thomas if they do trade back.

I'm rooting for the trade back. OK, meet me in the comments section. Let's go a-live!


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I haven't forgotten about Vince Young but prefer a QB who can at least spell NFL.

Green Bay had one of the worst offensive lines in the NFL last year. They had one of the best Quaterbacks in the NFL last year. Did they win the Superbowl, I can't remember?

djstarface, Hankerson should go early to mid 2nd Round

Djstarface, we should have picked Hankerson. Then added DeMarco Murray. We need a HC that was not a O Lineman. No other Team would hire him as a HC. :(

Use the 3rd rounder on another o-lineman or running back and use the 4th on Kaepernick...

Armando how long does it take you to write your column?

Oh my God what a bunch of f*ckin' defeatists!! I'm actually embarrassed to be a Dolphins fan sometimes. The Dolphins make ONE pick and they are crucified for the last 36 years. What gives guys?

Who is the ONE pick who was going to make all the difference in the world? Teams aren't built on one pick....so CHILL guys!!

Can we let Pouncey play and see how things play out before criticizing the pick? Honest to God...and for the record, Pouncey will be playing GUARD. They don't snap the ball playing guard guys....try following along at home.

i bet we go rb with 79. But since we can trade players tomorrow we get back into second round.

Yea Odin your right there were a few players that were rated higher than Pouncey it was a total reach I can justify us taking an O-linemen at 15 but not Pouncey especially if were going to play him as center. Andrew Luck is on our side.

I don't know why anyone thought Ireland would do anything but the absolute safe pick and take an offensive lineman with the first round. We need a QB as bad as any team out there, and here we are stuck with Hernia (Henne) for another year. Pennington moved the Dolphins further in three plays last year than Henne did in any one half. If Sparano is such a great O-line guy, why have we missed on every O-line pick except Long, the one guy that every team knew would be a stud?
I just don't think I can watch another season of check-down Henne gaining three yards on third-and-12. Unless the Dolphins have a really great line on a two-year stop gap QB (my hope here is Palmer or Orton) they have just crashed and burned to the scrap heap of the front-office. I'd be willing to lay money that Sparano doesn't last the year. 6-10 Phins if we're really lucky.

Armando, any chance the phins trade up to get into late first round early second round....maybe picks in next years draft.

Hey, the Miami Dolphins made the "safe pick." No real risk involved, blah, blah, blah...this team is boring, boring, boring....I'm ready for another 2 yard carry, 3 yards, pass for 2 yards, and punt...
They couldn't and wouldn't take a chance on a game changer if there lift depends on it. They'll keep Henne until they are get fired.....

Geez, why all the wilting attitudes? You apparently do not understand the importance of a superior Oline...

I am glad they didn't go with my "safe, value" mock pick, and go Ingram at 15.

Understanding football - and all of its idio-dynamics - one would praise this 1st round pick for what it's worth.

And it is worth alot...

I say it again:

Henne will throw for 4,000 yards next full season.

Pouncy will contribute

Craig M. I like the pick also but mando says he's playing center from day 1

prince is a beast ... he would have been my pick if he took mamas golden garbage bag and put it on his head

Craig do i even have to say Jason Allen and Ted Ginn Jr.?

solid pick. so glad they ndidnt waste a pick on ingram. id have taken bowers or prince but pouncey should be solid. much better g than c

I agree. I wish the Dolphins picked more Hurricanes. I can remember watching the Ravens build a championship team piece by piece selecting guys from the U. I think Sparano is in over his head as a coach he may be a great leader but he lost the locker room last year and leadership doesn't translate into great coaching. Shout out to the U fans out the btw. Peace. lol.


I don't know what this retarded braintrust is doing, or what they will do.

However, according to Armando, who was right about this pick, we drafted him to play center and he will be starting at center for us this year.

That's what Armando posted, and apparently he has the inside goods on this travesty!

I know the U has not been the team that they were but there are still plenty of great players who deserve to be drafted off of the team.

Two points while you're bashing Ireland guys:

Neither Ingram NOR Mallett haven't been picked yet. Every single team has passed on them. There are guys on here who would have applauded that move but obviously other GM's know more than you guys too.

Still waiting for Eminem's.....I mean, Mallett's name to be called.

You guys are all idots....someone has to be willing to trade with you to trade down...dolphins clearly made the best choice, addressed one of their biggest needs with the best o lineman in the draft...still expect the phins to trade into the the early second round or late first round (maybe with 2012 picks)...don't go to sleep just yet.

hey big mondo could you get me a gold bag for my head


Not only that, but if we did draft him as a guard, it's even worse.

Guards are almost never taken in the firast round. Take a look back.

The thinking is, a lot of college tackles translate into guards in the NFL.

I'm sorry and I hope i'm wrong. But this was just embarrassing ludicris!

Being from the DC area I watched the redskins win 3 SBs with 3 different Qbs and 3 different feature backs. How were they able to do it? The Hogs. People, I dont care who u have at RB or QB, if you cant block, u wont win. Also, I wish all of the "experts" who post their negativity constantly on this blog would go root for the Jets or the Pats. I for one get sick of every single move this team makes being ridiculed and the personal attacks on ireland, sporano, and ross are absolutely shameful.

The Local Seth, what's your point? Green Bay didn't have a great o-line but they won a SB. So what? Does that mean you don't need an o-line? Trent Dilfer won a SB. He is great? Troy Aikman won a few with what many people consider one of the greatest o-lines ever (You think Emmitt's career numbers have nothing to do with his o-line?)Green Bay's o-line might not be the best in the league, but it sure as hell better than what Miami has...


I don't care what Armando says. I think Pouncey will show from day one, that he's not ready to play centre. I expect he'll move over to centre after he gets a few things worked out. He struggled at centre last year and no way he is ready to move and play centre from day one.

And it is worth alot...

I say it again:

Henne will throw for 4,000 yards next full season.

"I'll have what he's having..." lol. No way man Henne totally blows and anyone who seen him play at Michigan and in the NFL can attest to that.

fire ireland, we need skilled players not an undersized center. another 8-8 season at best. ireland didn't get the job done and trade back and get a 2nd round pick. not an improvement to the team just an overpriced underskilled offensive line. we have no skill players on offense except for marshall, but henne can't f***ing throw the ball so its a waste. If you have season tickets get rid of em, save your money, go find another nfl team worth following. Miami will never have a winning team if they keep drafting this way! F**K parcells, F**K ireland, season is over already, if i were sparano i would quit, go find another team, the Dolphins didn't get the players you needed!

Armando-who is our RB, TE, WR, fast running back, difference maker?

What's the plan-Stan?

Who are we going to pick at 79 111 146 179 217 218 235-I'm all ears-awaiting your concise-reasoned strategy here!

2 Baylor guys in 1st round and no Canes....Lets hope Al Golden takes offense.....


Not saying there wernt better players, and I think Pouncey will play Guard. The stuff I read says he is tough, fierce run blocker, and quick. Costanza is a T, but more a finesse guy?

I would have been fine with him and move Carey inside too. I don't think it's a terrible pick though and follows the type of players they have been targeting recently. High Character guys, that were also leaders on their college teams

Honestly, I liked Kerrigan from Purdue, move Misis inside and our LB's are darn solid. Fact is the OL needed help

I will be happier with this pick if we get Dangelo Williams and draft a RB or WR in 3rd Round

QB like Stanzi in 4th round might not be terrible. I honestly didn't like any of the QB's in round 1 past Gabbert, and it appears others didn't either

Honestly I w

wu1sabes, "throw your season tickets away" in response I say MInd Your Own F'in Business.


How is this embarassing? Did you watch any of our games last year? Henne had no time to pass and we had no running game to speak of. What does that tell you?...our OL isn't good enough. We've added a guy who was regarded as a mid first pick and is well thought of. I'm not sure what's embarassing about that....let me guess, you were in the Mallett camp?

Has Ireland seen our schedule-Pouncy will do what against these power house opponents?

We may have a good offensive line in 2011 but golly gee... we still have lame duck Henne at QB and more questions at RB than on a standardized test...which Ireland keeps failing miserably.


Do us all a favour and 'quit' being a fan of this team. The fanbase and the team will be off without you. We don't need any part of your loser attitude!!

Montreal, my point was people DRASTICALLY overstate the impact of an offensive line. In 2011 (not 20 years ago, not 10 years ago...TODAY's game), you can have the best offensive line in football, if you don't have a QB, you aren't going to win. Both of the two teams' offensive lines in the Super Bowl last year SUCKED bad.

Take a center whose biggest problem is snapping the ball... Brilliant !!!

Seattle will prolly take Mallet... Dam

The Local Seth,

And the team that went to the AFC Championship game had a QB with worse stats than Henne. Guess that shoots down your theory.

This reminds me of the Steelers game...field goal when we needed a touchdown, and it was in our reach.

Fist Pump!!!!!

Keep it coming Craig.

You might just save a life tonight.

I keep looking over this ledge, but all I keep seeing is Tony SpOrano and Jeff Ireland high fiving and fist pumping!


The Local Seth, are you telling me that Henne wouldn't be better if he would have any kind of running game to count on?? Or any kind of protection instead of always be running for his life? All of Miami's o-linemen have one thing in common...They can't pull and can't run block. Pouncey is the best in the country at doing just that. It is the best pick for Miami.

Great pick. Watch the games last year against Baltimore and Chicago, it's obvious we have no blockers that are mobile. I say put Incognito at center, and using Pouncey as a pulling guard. We will have on of the best O-lines in football. 3rd round I say we get our RB or a good TE that can be a seam threat. QB's left on the board all have too many question marks to roll the dice, and none of them will be immediate starters in the NFL.

The game has changed. Our philosophy has not. It's still early. A lot could still happen.

Dude, Craig M, you are nuts if you think Henne is better than Sanchez

Dude shut up already. The Vikings taking Ponder Titans taking Locker IS A REACH! Pouncey is the BEST interior OL guy in this years draft and it was a position of need. Great pick.


Seriously, I'm having a living nightmare!

Everytime I close my eyes all I can see is all four of Jeffies eyes looking back at me.

He keeps asking me if my Momma's a Ho!

Gotta see the rest of the offseason moves. It's a weird year too with FA usually over by now.

Would u fell if we had already signed D Williams and a WR already. Maybe Ross has told them they can spend whatever they need to spend on FA?

I surely have been wrong before, especially with these two guys running the show, but I expected Pouncey pick

Yo, I never said anything about Sanchez. You think he's better, I won't argue that point. But here's a question for you. Who do you think has a better o-line? Sanchez with Mangold, Ferguson, etc etc...Or Henne with McQuistan, Berger, Jerry, and all the rest? Hhhmmm...

The Local Seth,

Look at the numbers....they don't lie. And I think YOU'RE nuts if you think Henne or anyone else can succedd behind that line that played last year. What YOU are judging is Sanchez' team success versus Henne's and a big part of that is the surrounding cast, which includes a MUCH better OL than Miami's. Do you want to argue that point too?

The only thing that will be worse is when NE picks Ingram. Would you be surprised????

Who cares about a Great O Line when your QB stares down WR's? Sporano had a very expensive line 2 years ago and we still sucked. If u only have 1 pick, make it WORTH IT. Craig is Retarded thinking Pouncey saves the day.


Good point. If D'Angelo Williams and Santonio Holems are sitting on this team right now guys would be singing a different tune. Let's see how things play out by casting judgement on this FO.

We couldn't trade back, obviously, but I can't believe Ingram and Dalton are still available, as I said, it's a crapshoot! No one has gotten anything right except Cam Newton to Carolina at one....whoops, Armando and I were right about Pouncey at 15, but that's not what I wanted for our team, it was just the move they would make....I hope it works, but it won't get us to the SB. Mad Dog, where are you when we need you!!!! RIP!

Wish we traded down, we'd have Ingram!! and a 2nd or 3rd.

Not looking good for Mallett. Guess other GMs saw what Ireland saw. Can't see this guy going in the first round. Maybe he goes to Buffalo in the second, another place QBs go to die.

To all of you who are talking about bringing DeAngelo Williams here, you should have read this.
During his interview with your truly during Saturday morning’s WQAM’s Kup and Kelly show Williams talks about the NFL lockout, discusses what he’s looking for in his next home and team, and says what Carolina and the Dolphins do with their quarterback situation will play a factor in his free agent decision.

“It’s all going to boil down to quarterbacks,” Williams said. “In this league, the running game is all predicated on if you have a quarterback or not. If you don’t have a quarterback, teams stack the box and they force you to do what you do best.”
The Dolphins have not improved their QB situation. Willimas is not coming and neither is Palmer.

What part of 7-9 do we not understand.
I do not dislike Pouncey but we need a QB.
Is it that hard to understand.
I do not want a misfit that no one else wants either.
Give it up your looking at best 8-8.
Good pickup

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