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Draft night live blog begins right here, right now

The NFL draft is finally here and this blog is a-live!

So do the Dolphins go with the primetime pick in this primetime draft? Do they trade back as I've been told they are trying to do? Do they pick a quarterback?

"A quarterback makes sense if and only if they think a FRANCHISE quarterback is there," Dan Marino tweeted today. "Otherwise, I am firm believer in taking the Best Player Available."

So whom would the man once hired to lead the Dolphins franchise -- he quit two weeks later -- consider the franchise quarterbacks in this draft?

"With my CBS gig I spend more time watching the QBs on Sunday so it wouldn't be fair for me to say if a guy is or isn't a franchise QB," Marino followed with another tweet.

The national insider types are reporting there will be a run on QBs in the top 12 picks. We'll see about that. Aside from the QBs, here are some names I'm going to ask you to keep in mind:

Alabama RB Mark Ingram if they do not trade back.

VT RB Ryan Williams if they trade back.

Florida C Mike Pouncey if they do not trade back.

Purdue OLB Ryan Kerrigan if they do not trade back.

Kansas State's Daniel Thomas if they do trade back.

I'm rooting for the trade back. OK, meet me in the comments section. Let's go a-live!


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Sorry, history dictates that you're slightly mistaken.

Interior lineman, the best of the bunch or not, are almost NEVER taken in the first round, let alone top 15. Are you kidding me?

Too many later round values and OT's are switched to guard for there to be a premium on guards.

I have no problem with Pouncey. The problem I have is the braintrust just keeps on making one blunder after another. Where does it stop?

When you only have one pick in the first 79, you can't afford all the blundering.

If you guys think I'm being negative, then tell me this:

When was there another interior lineman taken in the first 15 picks of the draft?

Seriously, if I'm full of shyt, answer me this one question?


Not sure if you are still around or not but I heard you say earlier that the Dolphins have drafted THREE OL in four years in the first round. I've got Long and Pouncey. Who's the other one?

Next year when were drafting #1 we can get Andrew Luck and hire Jon Gruden as GM and Coach and we'll be set

Odin, is to momma a Ho? My momma wasn't, but my daddy was and so I'm I! Oh we're talking football, sorry......

I'm afraid the Jets are going to get Ingram. And he's going to be running over us twice a year.

I'm back. Finished writing my column.

What I miss?


Where did Williams say he wasn't coming to Miami? What he said is 'it depends on what you do at the QB position'. He didn't say 'it depends who your QB is'. His comment involves what type of offence a team uses and how they move their QB around. I think you are reading into things too much. What it will come down to is opportunity and what kind of money is out there. Miami has a need and there aren't too many teams that need a RB. Make sure you check back in so I can say 'told you so'.

OK - let's look at what wins championships. Craig and Montreal seem to think it is all o-line...hmmm

What to the Packers, Steelers, Jets, etc have in common. Explosive Defense and PLAYMAKERS on offense! Did the Jets beat anyone with their 'killer o-line'? Nope

Look at the past superbowl winners - all good D and made explosive plays. Packers have explosivness (Jennings, Driver, Jones, etc) and a good D. Steelers the same (Wallace, and Ben leads the league in yards per attempt every year). Same for the Jets (Holmes). When the Giants beat NE, they had a great D and big plays.

Miami needs BIG plays, not an O-line. Good QB's adapt to a bad o-line. A good O-line is so OVERRATED!!!!

Good pick, really happy with this one!

You missed a lot of whing and complaining Armando. Seems like very little of the fanbase likes the pick. Most guys think that Ireland just wrote his ticket out of town. The Mallett fanbase went to bed a couple of hours ago, broken-hearted!

Odin, since Shula and Marino were escorted out of the privately financed Joe Robbie Stadium

who is our RB, TE, WR, fast running back, difference maker?

What's the plan-Stan?

Who are we going to pick at 79 111 146 179 217 218 235-I'm all ears-awaiting your concise-reasoned strategy here!


Any chance that Miami is involved in the trade with Baltimore?

Screw it, got cut off, I'm mean and angry! I'm out!

Maybe for Dalton or Ingram?

Dolphins not trying to trade into first round right now.

Let's hope for a good 3rd round and free agency!

Craig M,

I said lineman, not o lineman. So Odrick was the 3rd.

As far as other teams not taking Ingram after us yet, well none of them are in as desparate need of a RB as we are.

Ked, if you think Miami can win with an o-line of Joe Burgers and Pat McQuistans, it's time for you to check in a detox center and quit smoking crack...

Craig - who was the last team to win a SB with a great O-line and no playmakers? Who was the last team to win without a big play or dominant D?

Waiting, waiting, just hear crickets....

Craig M, as you know, I'm not a big Mallett fan. Apparently, neither is anyone else in the first round.

Why don't people see that?


Robert Gallery was a top 3 pick at guard. Maybe he didn't become a star but he was a starter for the Raiders for years and will likely be highly sought out in FA.

Mando, what are they going to trade to get another late 1st

We now have the most expensive line in the NFL.
Making good on my promise-I am now DONE with the Dolphins-I have gotten calls from a number of season ticket holders who are apoplectic.
5 Quarterbacks available-Ingram, etc, and we pick ANOTHER expensive lineman.
We have to wait 64 picks to get a QB, TE, RB, WR-we need to score points.
I predict all defensive draft from now on
Mr. Ross can NOT be happy.
Watch them continue to churn the O line like they've done for 3 years. Instead of doing like Shula did and put a hall of famer and Sims together from daft day for 10 years-any bets I'm right.
Millions of dollars-we-the fans pay-one ticket at a time. We get no hope and no chance with no offensive weapons since the mid 90's.
Tell me how we are going to have an exciting offense this year our RBs have zero yards, or WR was stabbed, our TE could make any other roster in the NFL-wow!
The mental migetry has grown to new heights!

Armando any ideas on what possible ways could be available Dolphins to trade into the 2nd round tomorrow?

Mando, Pouncey a center or guard? Getting mixed info... Incognito to center?

Montreal - whose O-line was worse last year (sacks and negative run plays) - Miami or Green Bay????

News Flash - We HAD a good O-line a few years ago, then the current regime dismantled them for the losers we have today. But then again, I did not notice us doing good then - it was (surprise) a solid QB, Chad P, that made us really good that year (plus the wildcat catching people off guard)


Who did you want in the first round?

Seems to me that Parcells' Giants team had a great OL and the Cowboys had great OL's. Let me add the Hogs to those lists. Guess that was just a coincidence.

ne get another first next year

The Steelers are a SB contender year in and year out...And they always have an excellent o-line...The Jets are almost a lock to make the playoffs every year and they have a great o-line...Yes Miami needs explosive players but they also need an o-line. Unfortunately, we have neither.

Uff Ingram goes to the saints

That could of been miami

Mallet might fall to 3rd or 4th, might be worth gamble then. Not B4!


When Ricky Williams led the league in rushing did he do that by himself?

Ingram to the Saints could mean bye bye to Reggie Bush...Isn't he a free agent?

this is what I'm told initially on Pouncey C-G issue:

The Dolphins want him to be a C.

That is where he has greatest value.

But ...

they are not going to put the pressure of saying he's going to start at center right now so they'll talk about looking at him and seeing where he fits best. they'll say he'll get a chance to fit wherever he fits best.

Having said that, Mike Pouncey better be a center.

The Pouncey pick is a solid one. Much better then Mallet at 15. Look at free agency. We had to fill interior line from the draft because of the lack of depth in free agency. Positions like reciever, and running back can be filled later in the draft and are much deeper as far as free agents..It is not glamorous,but it is solid..Build from the middle!!

Why does everyone think the answer is a qb or an rb? Are you serious? If we do not add some speed to our wr teams are going to continue stacking the box and throwing all out blitzes at us! I think getting rid of ginn was a mistake, grant it his hands were not the best but he stretched defenses. We need someone with ginn speed in order to open things up for our rb qb and wr's. Henne is not a bad qb, he hasn't really played with any talent, yea we have bess and Marshall but put someone in with them that can stretch the field and I think Henne would light it up!

Excellent O-line Montreal?!?! Ben had numerous injuries last year including a broken nose because that line couldn't protect him. what saved the steelers was that Ben is very hard to take down

Pouncey was not a reach. I've been saying he was moving up the boards for 2 weeks. Ireland said in an interview a little while back that they had to address the center position. He said they liked Incognito's willingness to step in and learn the center position and wouldn't be afraid to continue the transition.

My guess is both he and Pouncey get time at center and guard in training camp until they figure out the right fit.

I don't know why you would add Prince Amukamara in that spot when you have Sean Smith, Vontae Davis, and Will Allen on the roster.

Did you want us to be the team to reach for Ponder.

Pouncey can be a pro bowler if Sparano doesn't screw him up with some crazy rotation.

Anyway, enjoy the rest of the draft guys...Time to go to bed.

Where's the Mallett fanbase? Are they in mourning or just resting up for day two or three of the draft, when he's likely to get picked? Seriously, has everyone bailed on this guy already? I thought he was going to be the first QB chosen....a 'franchise QB'...guaranteed to be a star for 15 years!! I'm looking for that crowd....what happened? Is he out partying?

Craig - Honestly I wanted a trade down. I would have taken less than market value. If no offer was on the table at all, then I would have gone defense. Or I would have traded the future to get a top flight speedy WR. I would have risked a QB like Dalton or Mallett (not that I think anyone was sure to fix us). Honestly, it is years and years of bad drafting - you are right that one pick does not make or break a team.

Per the Giants, Guess LT and Co. had nothing to do with it, or Billicheats gameplan vs the run and shoot Bills. Also, today's game is not what it was then. I just don't think Pouncey will make a difference with our lack of playmakers - I would rather take a shot in the dark then play it safe

No QB no playoffs let alone SB! Guys you can have the best o-line in the history of the NFL but if you don't have a decent QB you ain't sniffing the playoffs!

Craig M

When Ricky led the league in rushing we had a laughable oline. The defenders tackling him even made fun of the oline to him. Some of the anti-Ricky fans don't realize what a very rare speciman he was in the day. Had he been on a balanced team with a good oline, he could very well have been in the top 5 RB's in history.


Thanks. When was that again? About 2002 I'm guessing. That's the point I'm making. Gallery came out as a sure fire can't miss starter and somewhat lived up to the billing.

It's EXTREMELT rare going for Guards especially this high in the first. Centers not so much, but they usually come with that can't miss billing.

There's just too many other legitimate ways to address the interior line to justify using a top 15 pick on one.

SURVEY SAYS: Another Blunder!!!!

Armando...Put your personal feelings aside. If the third round pick was between a tight end say DJ Williams, or whoever or a running back like Tawain Jones...Which way do you think the team would go? I say tight end even though Jones is my guy.

MNdo - Pouncey is a lousy C. Did you watch any of the Gator's games last year? He cannot snap the ball in the shotgun. He is much better suited at G.

I think they reached but I am a proponent of a strong O-line (of course, this regime has been an epic failure in building an O-line).

Incognito can't pull and is a good C from what we saw. Pouncey can pull well - make him a pulling guard (a position where he has 3 years experience versus ONE year at C).

Ingram to the freakin saints!!! Damn it!! There better be some big money spent in FA or a daring move made to get a good 2nd round pick

Armando-who is our next pick-any idea?

When Ricky was awesome - Smiley pulling out was huge. Ricky was also explosive. However, what has the good O-lines in MIN and TEN with CJ and AP done for those teams, same thing Ricky did for us - fun to watch the run, no results

Saints take Ingram. He'll be a good fit there. Glad he is not on NE.

Continues the streak...

17 seasons...4 wide receivers drafted in the first three rounds

There's a reason that Miami's offense has been dormant since the mid 1990s!

Saints will win SB next year with Ingram!!!! Mark (Ingram) my words!!!!

Craig M.,

You are incorrect. Williams is talking about what kind of QB you have. He even makes note of it. If you don't have a QB the defense will just stack the line of scrimmage which is exactly what defenses did last year and why the O-Line looked so bad, along with the injuries, and why the running game was so bad.

Williams was making it clear that he doesn't want to go to a team where the QB is so bad that the it hurts the running game and that is Henne.


Did you watch the Super Bowl game the Giants won against the Bills? They controlled the clock for OVER 40 mins. Do you think you could accomplish that without a great OL? I'm guessing you wouldn't be happy with that in Miami? It's got to be all playmakers, right?

The only reason you are saying Green Bay had a bad offensive line last year was because they had so many injuries. They drafted OL in the first round last year and they will likely do it again this year. Do you think they are saying, 'we don't need a good OL. We just need playmakers'?

By the way, I wanted us to tradedown too and I would have been fine with a defensive player too but who is it you would have taken when we were on the clock?

Craig and Montreal,

So are you happy we have Long instead of Ryan?

I love Long - he is a stud. However, as Parcells said "I played it conservative"

Sometimes you gotta get a shot in the dark or lucky. We have not had luck in a long time, so how about a shot in the dark?

I believe Dolphins will go RB next.

Sporano played O Line but our O Line sucks every year? All he does every year is re shuffle the O Line. It shouldn't take 4 years to fix a line. Ur just giving Henne more time to stare down receivers. Who is going to score the TD's?

What teams have multiple second rounders? Do not count out a deal with New Enlgand tommorow. They only have 5 picks next year(something like that) I know we cannot keep playing from behind the 8-ball and trading future picks...But The Pats have the first pick in round 2. If we want a quarterback this draft it may still be out there..Just sayin'

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