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Draft night live blog begins right here, right now

The NFL draft is finally here and this blog is a-live!

So do the Dolphins go with the primetime pick in this primetime draft? Do they trade back as I've been told they are trying to do? Do they pick a quarterback?

"A quarterback makes sense if and only if they think a FRANCHISE quarterback is there," Dan Marino tweeted today. "Otherwise, I am firm believer in taking the Best Player Available."

So whom would the man once hired to lead the Dolphins franchise -- he quit two weeks later -- consider the franchise quarterbacks in this draft?

"With my CBS gig I spend more time watching the QBs on Sunday so it wouldn't be fair for me to say if a guy is or isn't a franchise QB," Marino followed with another tweet.

The national insider types are reporting there will be a run on QBs in the top 12 picks. We'll see about that. Aside from the QBs, here are some names I'm going to ask you to keep in mind:

Alabama RB Mark Ingram if they do not trade back.

VT RB Ryan Williams if they trade back.

Florida C Mike Pouncey if they do not trade back.

Purdue OLB Ryan Kerrigan if they do not trade back.

Kansas State's Daniel Thomas if they do trade back.

I'm rooting for the trade back. OK, meet me in the comments section. Let's go a-live!


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new blog up


Where was the most need? An oline 4/5 complete or a running game with not one proven rb on the roster? Only one second hand TE? No speed at WR? Every team in our division has more offensive weapons than us.

I'd would have preferred to take a more serious offensive weapon first while we could and a guard later in this instance than visa versa.

0x80 tel me who they are....they didnt have a rec go more than 1000 yards. and 3 rb's that didnt toal more than 1500 yrds...im not saying thier not a better team, but i an saying we haD MORE 'weapons', OUR GAME PLANING WAS B.A.D. here is how it went..Henne drives for 70 yards, they pull him...run the wc 2 plqys and kick a fg

Craig - to expand,

Green Bay had not picked an offensive lineman in the first round (until this year) since 1996.

Pittsburgh had not picked an offensive lineman in the first round (until last year) since 1996.

Indianapolis had not picked an offensive lineman in the first round (until this year) since 1997.

Pittsburgh have not picked an offensive lineman in the first round since 1999.

Get a clue mate!!!!

This pick is junk!!!!!


Look at the guys we've tried at OK in the draft. Shawn Murphy was taken in the 4th round...didn't play a game for us. Jerry?....don't know yet what we have. Andrew Gardner.....didn't last long. The point is we've tried that approach and it didn't work. Gusy wants us to draft running backs in the third and fourth...OK, let's do that. That frees up the chance to draft OL in the first round...not all the time but I see nothing wrong with this pick.

Yes GulfDolphin I am fully aware and I watched the train wreck which is RoboHenne play for my beloved team for three painful years now. He sucks and anyone who thinks this jackass can win has no common sense. He may have thrown for 3,300 plus yards but was he a winner? Was he a game changing QB who knew how to close out games. No Henne was the guy who throws INT's and loses games. He has been an absolute garbage player since Michigan. I never supported this man but as a fan I never spoke out until now. My name is not scarface my friend that is played out and corny and as far as having all the answers I'm sure GOD is the only person with all the answers.

You guys can argue this among yourselves.

I know what just happened.

We just took another reach with the 15th overall selection of the draft. A guy were going to see where he fits in.

Switch him around with Cog some. Maybe switch him around with Jerry. See if he miraculously and suddenly learns how to snap the ball maybe. You know, throw some things around and see what sticks.

I guess I was hoping for too much in that we would select a guy that high whom we could plug in and play. You know, a guy that's an expert at one single POSITION!

I understand how tough that is though. I mean after all, there were 14 guys selected ahead of our new project.

What on earth would make me think we could actually pick a guy that has mastered one single position and simply play it.

Sorry - last should have been new youk giants

Dj andevery one else that pulls that Henne didnt do anything at mich statement....what di Brady win at Mich..wow a bunch of close minded idiots

My point Craig is that good teams have a QB or killer D - anything else is a rare exception.

First round picks on the OL do not seem to make a champion in recent times. Look it up - it is not true that NE or any other contender picks O-line 1st round.

Miami Dolphins 1st through 3rd round selections since 1994:

John Beck (2nd, 2007)
Chad Henne (2nd, 2008)
Pat White (2nd, 2009)

Yatil Green (1st, 1997)
Ted Ginn (1st, 2007)
Chris Chambers (2nd, 2001)
Larry Shannon (3rd, 1998)
Derek Hagan (3rd, 2006)
Patrick Turner (3rd, 2009)

John Avery (1st, 1998)
Ronnie Brown (1st, 2005)
JJ Johnson (2nd, 1999)
Rob Konrad (2nd, 1999)
Karim Abdul Jabbar (3rd, 1996)
Travis Minor (3rd, 2001)
Lorenzo Booker (3rd, 2007)

Bill Milner (1st, 1995)
Vernon Carey (1st, 2004)
Jake Long (1st, 2008)
Mike Pouncey (1st, 2011)
Tim Ruddy (2nd, 1994)
Andrew Green (2nd, 1995)
Todd Wade (2nd, 2000)
Samson Satele (2nd, 2007)
Grey Reugamer (3rd, 1999)
Seth McKinney (3rd, 2002)
Wade Smith (3rd, 2003)
Taylor Whitley (3rd, 2003)
John Jerry (3rd, 2010)

Tim Bowens (1st, 1994)
Darryl Gardner (1st, 1996)
Jared Odrick (1st, 2010)
Kenny Mixon (2nd, 1998)
Matt Roth (2nd, 2005)
Philip Merling (2nd, 2008)
Jason Taylor (3rd, 1997)
Kendall Langford (3rd, 2008)

Audrey Beavers (2nd, 1994)
Eddie Moore (2nd, 2003)
Koa Misi (2nd, 2010)
Channing Crowder (3rd, 2005)
Derick Rodgers (3rd, 1997)
Ronnie Ward (3rd, 1997)
Brad Jackson (3rd, 1998)
Morlon Greenwood (3rd, 2001)

Jamal Fletcher (1st, 2001)
Jason Allen (1st, 2006)
Vontae Davis (1st, 2009)
Sam Madison (2nd, 1997)
Patrick Surtain (2nd, 1998)
Sean Smith (2nd, 2009)
Dorian Brew (3rd, 1996)
Ben Kelly (3rd, 2000)

To sum that is:

Quarterback: 3 second rounders
Wide Receiver: 2 first rounders, 1 second rounder, 3 third rounders
Halfback: 2 first rounders, 2 second rounders, 3 third rounders
Tight End: -
Offensive Line: 4 first rounders, 4 second rounders, 5 third rounders
DE/D-Line: 3 first rounders, 3 second rounders, 2 third rounders
Linebacker: 3 second rounders, 5 third rounders
D-Back: 3 first rounders, 3 second rounders, 2 third rounders

And in the last five seasons:

Offense: 3 first rounders, 4 second rounders, 2 third rounders

Of these nine picks, two were wide receivers (Ginn, Turner) and one running back (Booker). None are currently with the team.


We do not have one single proven rb on our roster. You are only speculating theirs wouldn't start on another team, they'd start on ours for sure. Their tight ends are better than Fasano. Our only proven WR is Brandon. Hartline is a maybe, our other two undrafted guys haven't shown much. We have the worst QB in the division.

I'm seriously hard pressed to find a team with fewer offensive play makers than the fins. Ok, I forgot Bess, he counts.

Furthermore as far as Henne he had Brandon Marshall to throw the ball to. Most of that 3,300+ yds were short dump off passes. Every throw I saw Henne make which would be considered a deep throw he missed his mark. He should have thrown more TD passes but his accuracy is questionable. Quite frankly Henne stinks.


Where are you getting your stats from? The Steelers have picked 4 OL in the first round the last 15 years, including Pouncey's brother last year.

hey DJ look at Brady, he didnt have a wr that averaged more that 15yrds per catch, get a clue and stophating a 2nd year qb for doing what he was told to do.

You're right Ked neither one of those guys were successful in Ann Arbor. The main difference is New England struck gold with the sixth round selection of Brady what Miami struck with the second round selection of Henne well it's not gold...but has four letters.

The Colts have two in the last 15 years but they have THREE first round RBs in there (something everyone doesn't want) and a couple of years where they didn't have picks.

I feel like in todays NFL Henne would have been an elite player at this stage of the his career. You either have it or you don't and this young man doesn't.

OK Craig - I missed the Guards. So they have picked 2 since 1998, ok thats great - pick on my miss, and not address my point.

0x80 im so glad you finnaly agree with me Henne didnt have a decent running back, a tight end , a offencsive line and he had an average wr core. finnaly you get it, how could a 2nd yr qb succeed with that.. thank you

G New England is the riddle within the enigma they find a way to make the short passing game work. With Miami we implement the short yardage game plan and it ends in fist pumping field goals or worse "Henne Interception..." *my Jim Mandich voice R.I.P.*

Craig - in Marino's time (when we were better than recent times), we picked 2 lineman in round 1. Webb was great, Milner was not.

Guess our first round O-line made us :-)

The Patriots have two in the last 7 years and the Packers have picked OL in the first round the last two years.

What have we done? We've taken two in the last four year. Is that so unreasonable?

Still think I 'need to get a clue mate'!


an average qb Chad P did great with less of a crew than Henne has. whats up with that??


Your post wasn't even REMOTELY close to being accurate. Do you want to go back and re-post your numbers?

You're lambasting the FO, because they took what most people considered to be the number one pick in Jake Long and four years latter we draft a guard/centre. What's so wrong with that? Is't consistent with what the Championship teams are doing, which was my original post.

So who is it that needs to get real?


Do you want to take your comment back that 'it not true that New England or any other contender pick O-line in the first round'?



the pats have picked 2 in the last 7 years....how many bowls did they win since 2005 when they picked Mankins = 0

Packers have picked 2 the last 2 years now, but was Bulaga healthy this year????

I do think you need a clue mate!


If nothing was Hennes fault his own coach woudn't have benched him twice. I didn't see Ricky Ronnie Brandon Bess or anyone else get benched.

ked, chad p had the easiest schedule in the history of football that year get over it..plus he played 8 yearts with the jets before he came here...realy thats what your basing the play of a 2nd year qb (henne)on..you sound like a fool stop posting now

Green Bay had not picked an offensive lineman in the first round (until this year - sorry and this year) since 1997.

Pittsburgh has only picked 2 offensive lineman in the first round (until last year) since 1998.

Indianapolis had not picked an offensive lineman in the first round (until this year) since 1997.

Ney York Giants have not picked an offensive lineman in the first round since 1999.

Baltimore has picked 2 OL since 2007, but only 1 before that in history (since 1996).

I still think true stats show my point!!!

Ked, a huge problem is that we have blown EVERY one of the few wide receiver selections that we have made in the top three rounds since OJ McDuffie. That's why Devon Bess and Brian Hartline got their opportunities. That's why the offense has been anemic since 1999. And this franchise refuses to invest in receivers or tight ends.

Let's compare to the WR/TE investments in the top three rounds for New England since Belichek took over. They've made nine picks for these positions during that time:

Wide Receiver (5 picks)
2010: Taylor Price (3rd)
2009: Brandon Tate (3rd)
2006: Chad Jackson (2nd)
2003: Bethel Johnson (2nd)
2002: Deion Branch (2nd)

Tight End: (4 picks)
2010: Ron Gronkowski (2nd)
2006: David Thomas (3rd)
2004: Ben Watson (1st)
2002: Dan Graham (1st)

Miami in comparison has made just four since 2000, and none were tight ends.


you are right - poor henne had such a tough schedule - that is his problem. How about the fact he throws picks non stop in quarter 4? I guess the contenders all just have easy schedules. Guess Henne could have done nothing for us more last year.

what a joke!!


Your a bit of a pr*ck!! If you knew anything you would know that Bulaga made the all rookie team last year. He was taken in the first round.

The original argument was that contending teams don't pick OL in the first round. I've given you the examples of Green Bay (two in the last two), New Enlgand (2 in the last seven), the Colts (2 in 15) and the Steelers (with 4 in 15).

I'm saying the Dolphins with 2 in 2 is consistent with that. At no point did we talk about winning Super Bowls. Don't try and change the argument.

I'm done with you now...

Should have said 'Dolphins 2 in 4'....

0x80 your right Henne was the scape goat, and still is in many of your small minds. are you saying rick and ronnie played better, no...you just have a personal man love for them. they were rotten


Could not agree more - at least someone gets that it is not out o-line.

I think our biggest problem is overall GM - no good picks across the board - people grasp to ever good pick (even if the rate is 5%)

As I said earlier, new endland gets so many picks, if they miss, it is not as big of a deal. We have had few picks for years and cannot afford to miss.

ked dont forget about the 18 rushing td's in 08...wow you henne haters need someone to blame. the one thing i agree about henne is that he had no confidence, but when your coaches and your fans dont support you i guess its hard to show confidence.......go ahead keep hating OUR 2ND YEAR QB


You moron....I never said anything about Baltimore and New York Giants. I mentioned Pitt, GB, NE and Indy.....and you STILL don't have the numbers right....

GB: 2 in 2
NE: 2 in 7
Pitt: 4 in 15
Indy: 2 in 15

Miami: 2 in 4

Would you like me to read it for you? The Dolphins strategy is 'consistent with what winning teams are doing'.

If you don't like the pick go and cry on your pillow but don't make cr*p up!!


You're fighting a losing battle with these guys. I think it's fitting that all the Mallett lovers took to hiding when he slipped past the Dolphins and every other team in the first round. They din't have the guts to admit they were wrong about the guy.


1 - thought you were done - guess not

2 - where is the reply to my offensive HOG index. Green Bay was 16th last year. Sorry I got 2 players confused. Why do low offensive HOGs go far? Argue with CHFF you idiot!

3 - if you think my math is bad, where do you see that 2/4 = 2/15 = 2/7 = 4/15??? Plus the 2/2 for GB discludes the fact the guy GB got this year did not play last year!!!

Craig, BTW I did not want Mallett, I would still like to see Dalton here, or another offensive playmaker - glad you assume so well :-)

Agreed Ked. Miami has draft nine offensive lineman during the first three rounds since 2000. New England has drafted only four.

2000: Adrian Klem (2nd)
2005: Logan Mankins (1st)
2009: Sebastian Vollmer (2nd)
2011: Nate Solder (1st)

Plus they trade wisely. We've traded poorly, or had horrible luck with our picks. The Ricky Williams retirement really is the story of the last decade for Miami. The Dolphins expended two first round draft choices and other picks to get him, only to have him retire. Then they used another first round draft choice to select his replacement.


maybe we had 18 rushing TD's cuz people were concerned about passing - or count the wildcat....

that is a joke


Right on - maybe Craig will try and argue.

How many of those lineman you listed helped NE win a super bowl???

You are too dead on for the fantasy crew - Craig et al just want to hope Miami will be great. I bet the Lions win more games with their killer D-Line.

PS craig,

so everyone is wrong about Mallett? So I guess everyone knew what they were doing when they did not pick Brady in the first 5 rounds????

Where you at Craig??? stick up for your own made up fantasy that O-Line will make us great.

LOL - you loser


I didn't say you wanted Mallett. That comment wasn't directed at you.

What guy Green Bay drafted didn't play last year? Bulaga? He made the all rookie team. And what does any of that have to so with what we are talking about?

Tony Cane,

Your information isn't even accurate. The Patriots drafted Matt Light in the second round of the 2001 draft. I've noriced one mistake already....bet if I dug a little deeper I'd find others.

Did you and Ked go to the same school?

Talk about the offensive HOG index - why do so many poor teams go so far???

Do you even know what the offensive HOG index is?

You have NO idea if Mallett will be good. I am not saying he will, but no one knows.

I said Bulaga didnt play much last year, I had him confused - they had major injuries on their line - I was saying sorry I messed that up but that the point I made still stands. GB had a horrid O-line and won it all. You act like O-line is all that matters.

Craig - you are obviously the master of everything football.

Tell me - why has Miami sucked for 14 years, and will an O-line solve it all?

Come on mate - whats the deal?

playmakers make it happen, not an O-Line draft - thats my point!!!


Where did I say that? You wanted Amakamuara at 15 and I'm saying that's a worse pick. Are you actually going to tell me that with the corner backs on our team picking Prince is a pick that would help us more. I couldn't disagree more.


I haven't looked at your HOG index yet but I would hazzard a guess GB's O-line was so bad because they had so many injuries last year. I'd have to look at it further.

I've never said that OL wins championships but when picking at 15, in a year when most people think the QB crop was weak I didn't want a QB at 15. To me Aaron Rodgers wasn't staring us in the face and I think after 4 QBs were picked there was nothing wrong with picking Pouncey. Henne needs help and improvements around him but yes he has to get better too. I'm not ready to get rid of him after two years as our starter.

I did not want Amukamara (can't you spell his name right, Mr. Picky?). I said I would rather have him than Pouncey, or someone else.

I would rather take a stab at Dalton or Mallett than pick someone who will not help us win a bit.

You have acted all night like having a great O-Line is key. There is no proof for your argument.

See this:

"Do you think that strong line play is a key to NFL success?

You might change your mind Sunday. The Packers and the Steelers are successful despite offensive lines that are mediocre at best."


you can find such info anywhere - Steelers (beat all Jets first round O-Lineman) and Packers had horrible O-lines.

Please be real. Maybe there was not a good pick, but Pouncey was a bad pick. Better to take a risk than to take someone who will do zero for us!!!



I think Henne could be good too. Of course I think our coaches kill him. He is scared - cuz of coaching.

We have decent WR's - just need a speed guy. Honestly we beat GB and should have beat PIT - we just need to do it in chrunch time. I would have rather pulled a falcons this draft and gotten a playmaker. I don't think we are bad, but Pouncey does not help a bit IMO.

Henne could be good - has a great arm, but I would rather have 2 prospects than 1.

Tony Cane,

I don't know whee you get your facts from. You ALSo missed Nick Kaczur in the 3rd round of the 2005 draft. I'll keep digging....

Didn't find anybody else but I'll add the Patriots still have muliple picks in the first three rounds this year and I wouldn't be surprised if they draft another OL in the first three picks. So, contrary to what you were trying to portray it's not as one-sided as you might think.


I'm going to call it a night. Do me a favour, let's stay away from the name-calling next time. You're arguments are solid when you stick to the facts and away from the name-calling.

I'm not in love with the Pouncey pick. I also would have preferred a tradedown but I'm glad it wasn't Mallett and I don't like what Minny did taking Ponder. I like Prince but he's not what we need. Top WRs were gone, it was too early for Rudolph...there really weren't a lot of options.

Personally, I HATE what the Falcons did. That's a very steep price to play and they've mortgaged their future. I'm not sure Ryan needed another weapon, as much as they needed a pass rusher or DB. I would have been ticked if Ireland had done that.

Night bud...


Fair play mate - let's not be so picky. As I said you did not spell a name right - no one is perfect.

I think you called me a moron long before I called you names, but I agree you have good points.

I agree not sure Miami had a good choice. Not sure I like the Falcons move, but better to take a risk than to play it safe from me watching Miami drafting lately.

Have a good night mate - see you again I am sure.

My bad, Craig. I went to the Pats website and looked at their draft history. Was pretty tired when I was putting it together.

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