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Draft night live blog begins right here, right now

The NFL draft is finally here and this blog is a-live!

So do the Dolphins go with the primetime pick in this primetime draft? Do they trade back as I've been told they are trying to do? Do they pick a quarterback?

"A quarterback makes sense if and only if they think a FRANCHISE quarterback is there," Dan Marino tweeted today. "Otherwise, I am firm believer in taking the Best Player Available."

So whom would the man once hired to lead the Dolphins franchise -- he quit two weeks later -- consider the franchise quarterbacks in this draft?

"With my CBS gig I spend more time watching the QBs on Sunday so it wouldn't be fair for me to say if a guy is or isn't a franchise QB," Marino followed with another tweet.

The national insider types are reporting there will be a run on QBs in the top 12 picks. We'll see about that. Aside from the QBs, here are some names I'm going to ask you to keep in mind:

Alabama RB Mark Ingram if they do not trade back.

VT RB Ryan Williams if they trade back.

Florida C Mike Pouncey if they do not trade back.

Purdue OLB Ryan Kerrigan if they do not trade back.

Kansas State's Daniel Thomas if they do trade back.

I'm rooting for the trade back. OK, meet me in the comments section. Let's go a-live!


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Cam's Dad just asked for another 200k.

Got a girl friend I gotta bang.

Sorry but little Po takes priority.

Thanks for the shout out though...

Werder needs to get rid of that stache....looks like 1970's throw back

I don't believe that's the REAL bobby. He wouldn't be calling for Mallett....he knows better. He's still behind Henne. Identify yourself, fraud!!

LOL Odinseye lol...

Von miller is a good kid hard worker. And hes definately going to be a star

everyone start addressing your questions to little amondo !!! not that immitation armondo !

What a waste of a pick.

Vonn Miller...what a great name....

Von Miller goes No. 2 to Denver. Interesting how HOF passer John Elway goes with the QB tormentor.

Von Miller....probably one of the safer picks in the draft. Good player....will help the Broncos a lot.

Needed a break Mando, still read and enjoyed your columns though. Good to see you on live blog!!

buffalo to draft gabbert!

Dareus to the Bills?

NOPE! Gabbert!

Come on, PLEASE GOD!

Mr. Soiled. I think Mr.Newton may know the whereabouts of your lap top...Just sayin'

If we don't pick a quarterback-I'm done!
We can't wait until everybody else in the NFL has an outstanding quarterback for us to do so.
Henne is what he was at Michigan-and the fans won't take this mediocrity much longer.
Everyone says this staff can't afford to wait-that's right-we are going to witness the firing of the whole staff on draft night without a QB. It's just a question of the official date!

This has to be the longest entance...EVER

I 2nd bd12.

miller and dumerville thats gonna be good

Good pick Denver

Love His (Vonn's) Passion tho

Well said David

Bills are going Dareus

marcell darius to the bills. they have to go defense

How about this? Denver trades their two second rounds picks for Miami number 15, and they then take Corgey Liuget DT. Good Trade for both.

Dear Mr. Salguero

Sorry I havn't wrote more often but I took up a musical instrument(guitar) have have been channeling my creative juice's in that direction....this old dog is learnin new tricks...though it still has not led me to relations with the female kind as of yet.

Soiled :)

Everyone, little amondo is smarter than I am. But only if it's before midnight, then he loses his mind and does wrong things.

Buffalo needs to take a QB, any QB.

Armando, any fresh news of possible Dolphin trade up or down yet?

chunk yards - exciting players -- big offense - talk to me big mondo

...Armando.Are you in NYC? Le Bernardain, or Per Se?

We have to find a way to trade back. I'm sorry there's just no way I would take Pouncey at 15 especially if we're planning on him being our center. It's bad enough worrying about Henne protecting the ball but using the 15th pick on a guy that we cannot guarantee to provide a good snap for Henne. I'd much rather trade back and look at running back, or the other offensive tackles available that share the experience at guard and tackle. I also would take a look at Mallett down there cause say what you want about the guy I am very confident he wouldn't under throw Brandon Marshall on the deep ball.

No trades for Kyle Orton or any other vet tonight, Eric.


Prediction for Da Bills?

Come on now, we want you predictions as soon as the clock starts!

Yeah...and the Jets thought Gholston was the answer.

Craig M, I still believe Henne is the QB in 2011. BUT I also said the Fins would draft a QB and sign a veteran FA to compete in camp. And again, I going by GUT feeling. Personally, I would LOVE to have Kyle Randolph, but I just think everything points to Mallett.

Armando,any rumor about the Dolphins trade down to get a Second Round Pick?

Bills should go Gabbert, then get a OT in the 2nd.


Where have you been buddy?

ALoco told me that you had returned to your homeland of Somalia. Is the true?

cam the cat...200K....please...thats chump change now.....lol

mondo you are a beast and i like you , your a good joe .

How did Pouncey match up with Dareus in the college season?

Just got tougher to run against the Bills!

We might need Pouncey..lol. Gotta block Dareus twice a year now.

Looks like Dolphins will continue to face Ryan Fitzpatrick as Buffalo's QB.

Many Teams needing defensive help. Good for us.

Draft is movin quick.


now it gets interesting. I say either aj green or gabbert.

Bungles going Gabbert

Armando...don't sleep on Fitzpatrick...he's got guts...

that ladies gold hat was dope on nfl network

A Nick Saban special.
Anyone read about Saban's oversigning allegations?

Does the Bengals pick start a run on qb's some of the draft experts predicted?

What was that lady wearing on her head?

Cell phones have ruined the draft. I like the surprise of the announcement



I wonder who the Bengals will pick?

If they have any balss at all, they go Jones over Grenn, wink, wink!

Have we beat Ryan Fitzpatrick yet?

Kris, not disrespecting Fitz. Seen him beat the Fins twice the last two years. He's 2-0 against them.

little amondo? Never heard of him.

Did Alabama even play Florida this year? Aren't they in different divisions of the SEC?

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