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Draft night live blog begins right here, right now

The NFL draft is finally here and this blog is a-live!

So do the Dolphins go with the primetime pick in this primetime draft? Do they trade back as I've been told they are trying to do? Do they pick a quarterback?

"A quarterback makes sense if and only if they think a FRANCHISE quarterback is there," Dan Marino tweeted today. "Otherwise, I am firm believer in taking the Best Player Available."

So whom would the man once hired to lead the Dolphins franchise -- he quit two weeks later -- consider the franchise quarterbacks in this draft?

"With my CBS gig I spend more time watching the QBs on Sunday so it wouldn't be fair for me to say if a guy is or isn't a franchise QB," Marino followed with another tweet.

The national insider types are reporting there will be a run on QBs in the top 12 picks. We'll see about that. Aside from the QBs, here are some names I'm going to ask you to keep in mind:

Alabama RB Mark Ingram if they do not trade back.

VT RB Ryan Williams if they trade back.

Florida C Mike Pouncey if they do not trade back.

Purdue OLB Ryan Kerrigan if they do not trade back.

Kansas State's Daniel Thomas if they do trade back.

I'm rooting for the trade back. OK, meet me in the comments section. Let's go a-live!


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Just me or is Roger Godell being real afectionate tonight?

you notice every pick is awesome. they never admit stupid statements from previous year big mondo

Galbert to Cinci-Bengals?

If Bengals pick Gabbert then they wiling to trade Palmer

Interesting that Cincy went WR.

Bengals pass on QB. Interesting. Bah-bye Ocho.

cards to select gabbert

theres that gold garbage can on that old bags head again mondo

Cards gotta go Gabbert!

Come on!

Please God, let the QB run start NOW!!!!

Wow... bengies took a WR Green.. guess they're keeping what's his name

its simple. draft best player avail. with 2 drafts before we play a game just take best player

Green @ #4?!? Palmer must be coming back.

Getting interesting. Looks like Gabbert may still be around at #15. LOL...............

I fret to see another "Checkdown Charlie" playing for the Dolphins!

Those 2 WR beasts will go soon. Shame.

whats carson thinking now..

Armando, where you think Hankerson goes in this draft??

you can take the garbage from the bag , but you cant take the bag from the garbage .

Agree Armando...he's not top 15...but he fights, scratches and claws....

ill take marshall over green IF he gets his act together...


Armando I meant when free agency begins would the phins trade for Kyle Orton?

Dareus to Buffalo makes Pouncey to Miami more important now.

Green entices Palmer to stay in Cincy. One less option, just as well.

Interesting Ocho tried out for soccer. Now he may really be getting the boot!

cards have bulger going there so probably not gabbert. It could be peterson if they go with bpa.

Cinci can go with a QB. in Second Round with 36-37 pick.

yeah.......bye-bye dreams of Carson Palmner as a FIN....he's either gonna play as a Bungle...or not play at all....

If the Cards aren't retarded, they have to take Peterson.

I'm hoping their retarded.

Gabbert! Gabbert! Gabbert! Gabbert!

Cards need a QB big time - I bet Gabberts gone here

maybe that was mrs. T after mr. T filed for divorce as she got awarded all his crap bling

Sorry for not understanding, Eric.

I would say he'd be a possibility, but not their first choice. That would be Palmer.

I hate waiting for #15!!!

Ireland just called me to ask who is Blaine Gabbert, not a good sign.

So much for (i'm to good to throw at the combine) gabbertt.....

looks like teams are smarter than kiper and mayock think......

There are plenty of QB's here. Are they valuable? ?

I like Palmer, I hope your right Armando.

Peterson an absolute no brainer here. It's not every day you get the best football player in the draft at #5 overall.

cardinals going w UM decommit and LSFEW patrick johnson. Im not buying that peterson thing..

the pick is in - dolphins select old bag with gold paper rap on her head , there idea of excitement !

I agree with whoever said the CELL PHONES suck.....tracking all the surprise out of it...

I don't think Gabbert gets past the Titans - but I've been wrong so far lol


He called me too.

I told him, what you don't know won't hurt you and hung up on him!


Another reason to hate cell phones!

a lot of team will be looking for QB's this year.

ok now what. a trade? julio jones?

Its interesting that parcells had Prince ahead of Peterson

im trying mondo - o.k so far

Think Gabbert will fall past the 49ers?

Those knuckleheads don't have QB do they? What does say about Gabbert??

little amondo?

Will any white players be drafted?

SEC is dominating the draft so far.

Ronnie to Pats.....Ricky to Jets.....

Mike Brown is not letting Palmer go anywhere, it would set a bad precedent to allow a player to force a trade.

Falcons going for Julio?????

there she is again on nfl network , someone is doing this on purpose

Julio Jones is next.

Bye Bye hopes and dreams(SIGH)!

So far no trades... Julio Jones still there... Will be interesting to see what Shanahan does.

Julio is gone

atlanta mortguaging the house for jones

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