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Draft night live blog begins right here, right now

The NFL draft is finally here and this blog is a-live!

So do the Dolphins go with the primetime pick in this primetime draft? Do they trade back as I've been told they are trying to do? Do they pick a quarterback?

"A quarterback makes sense if and only if they think a FRANCHISE quarterback is there," Dan Marino tweeted today. "Otherwise, I am firm believer in taking the Best Player Available."

So whom would the man once hired to lead the Dolphins franchise -- he quit two weeks later -- consider the franchise quarterbacks in this draft?

"With my CBS gig I spend more time watching the QBs on Sunday so it wouldn't be fair for me to say if a guy is or isn't a franchise QB," Marino followed with another tweet.

The national insider types are reporting there will be a run on QBs in the top 12 picks. We'll see about that. Aside from the QBs, here are some names I'm going to ask you to keep in mind:

Alabama RB Mark Ingram if they do not trade back.

VT RB Ryan Williams if they trade back.

Florida C Mike Pouncey if they do not trade back.

Purdue OLB Ryan Kerrigan if they do not trade back.

Kansas State's Daniel Thomas if they do trade back.

I'm rooting for the trade back. OK, meet me in the comments section. Let's go a-live!


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Gotta trade with the skins to grab one of those second rounders...That is our chance.

I have never followed my instincts, little amondo. But, still, I'm too Cerebral.

we need to trade back

Pouncey would make a lot of sense to me Armando...

now I think we may be able to trade back. there are some players people would trade up for

I wouldn't mind Prince... We are in a passing division

Missed it Kris.


Damm....Gabbert gone....ok trade down now....Mallet

Shanahan passes on Gabbert, Mallet and Dalton.

That's a very telling thing.

Shanahan knows QB's.

Shanahan needs QB's

Shanahan passes on the QB's.

You guys still think this is the year to get that franchise QB!

Ah Ha Ha Ha! I told you so!

How do you know who yo Daddy is?

Cause you Momma told you so!

im still thinking the old bag with the gold foil is ours at 15

I could see us pickin D...

This regime is gone at the end of 2011

Gabbard goes to the Edmonton Oilers.

odin 9:03

Agreed only about 100%!

Dying..I guess our bet is off. Smith went pretty high...Good for him.

no women on our team damnit -- no to prince

I hope to God we can trade back

Christian Ponder. MIA should trade down to get him.

we are trading back i hope.

Blaine Gabbert is ready to go.

If Shanahan passes on Mallett at 10, I trust his QB judgement about 9000 times more than my own.

Patriots better trade up here if they want Cameron.

The Titans want him too.

Odinseye... Actually the Redskins only traded back to 16.... Maybe he just didnt like Gabbert cause all the other ones will probably still be there.



If Prince is available at 15 I'm sure trade partners will appear

right on odin.

trade back and pick up mallet or Dalton and a rb. or o line and running back

Missouri only had two top 10 picks in their history coming into this year (Smith and Gabbert make it 4 now)

your wish is my command , I will allow you to trade back ---god !


We're not trading up to get Mallett....drop it!!



Hell Yeah God!


Good point 0x80......I think Shannahan goes Defense.....or trades back

Posted by: kris | April 28, 2011 at 09:00 PM

Shanahan has been here longer than most of us.

jj ( johnson ) watt - bust big mondo

I bet Gabbert ends up being better then Newton or Locker...He doesn't have to be the face of the franchise, and gets to sit and learn behind a solid pro...That is how you draft a first round quarterback!

if prnce lasts till 15 we can definatley trade back with philly or baltimore


You think the Vikings(lol) take Mallet off the board for you?


Keep clickin you heels baby!

Shanahan has SPOKEN

There's no place like home!

fairly, bowers, amukacara still availible

gabbert your hairdo is calling and it needs some more attention


Shanahan isn't passing on Mallett, Ponder and Dalton. He just thinks he can get one of those guys at 16. Plus they are low on picks, so he just added some extra picks. Don't read into it too much. He's high on Ponder and Dalton and can likely get one at 16.

WATT BEAST!!!!! I gotta represent my fellow Wisconsinite!

What's wrong with Fairley?

I have nothing to say about Houston picking JJ Watt because I do not care. Jake Long will kick his Wisconsin behind this fall.


JJ Watt....good player...Good pick by Texans...

why does everyone think Shannahan know QBs...because Elway landed in his lap.....he didn't draft him.....and didn't win crap without him......

Who was the raiders ALL-STAR QB when he was the head coach there.....

Vikes last team before us likely to take a QB.

Some kind of physical monster, JJ Watts.

shannahan suck as a coach. always has

Need ingram man or the prince would be nice.

Nick Fairley looks like Urkel. What that about?

Mallet will be an NFL bust. Mark it down. Makes bad reads often and is a stationary target.

4-5 years in the league, maybe.

Fairley shoudn't have dressed up like the 4th member of the black-eye peas......

trade back and get mallet and taiwan jones!

Get an offensive lineman or trade down. Ireland, don't mess this up. You're already walking on thin ice...

I believe Fins will pick Andy Dalton.

It's hard to overlook 43-3 college record.

Whats wrong with Fairley??????? I have a close freind (best man) who interned as a personal trainer for Auburn Tigers last year who said fairly is Hanesworth 2.0! He only tries when hes going to profit from it. Lazy! Not the player who i want on my team

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