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Don't sleep on Ricky Elmore, LBs for Dolphins

Yes, this must be, should be, a draft to improve the Dolphins offense.

Nobody refutes the idea the Dolphins could use more than half of their eight picks in the coming NFL draft on players that will upgrade the No. 30 scoring offense in the league. But don't sleep on the defense. The Dolphins could and probably will add defenders, with the outside linebacker spot generally a spot the team could be targetting.

And so look to players such as Arizona's Ricky Elmore as possible future Dolphins. Elmore has quite a resume. He is the PAC-10's sack leader the past two seasons with 21.5 sacks. He is 6-4 and 256 pounds so he has prototype 3-4 OLB size despite having played a down DE spot in college.

Count him prominent among the group of middle-round players the Dolphins could find interest in -- along with Mario Addison, J.T. Thomas, Jabaal Sheard and others -- as possible additions for the defense and (very important) on special teams as well.

"Things are starting to come down to the wire and slow down a little right now so it's kind of nice to sit back and relax and wait for Thursday, Friday and Saturday to come around," Elmore told me during a recent guest visit on my radio show Armando and the Amigo.

 "Playing is something I'm very passionate about and the success I've had over the past 2 1/2 years with 21 2/1 sacks it's because of my attitude and the way I approach the game. I come out and go to work. I believe if I don't go hard every single play its a wasted down. A lot of guys have the talent but not all the guys have the work ethic. I think having the work ethic with the talent will take you a lot farther in the game. I have the relentless motor. I go to work every single day. I have the desire to do that every single snap. That's going to help me be successful at the next level."

Like that? I do. So do the Dolphins, apparently. They sent linebacker coach Bill Sheridan to work out Elmore for a personal workout.

"He's a good guy, he took us out and we did a private workout," Elmore said. "Then we did some work in the classroom. He was actually the first coach that did a private workout with me. That was four weeks ago. If I'm able to work with him, that would be pretty good because I think I can fit in that style of defense."

One knock on Elmore is that he's a pass rusher but not great at stopping the run. That is not a certainty but the way to deal with that is ask the kid straight up. The blunt question gives Elmore a chance to speak for himself and also tells me something about how he deals with frank criticism.

He passes on both counts.

"That's just one more thing to prove people wrong about," Elmore said of his run defense. "When you're in the spotlight like I was coming out as a sack guy, people try to pick at you to find something. For me, if you turn on the film, I think you'll see my performance against the run is just as good as it is against the pass. I know I can do it. It's just that people try to dissect something about my game."

Why do I care how Elmore handles critical questions? What do you think coaches do in part for a living? Yes, they instruct. They also criticize to get an improvement. Some kids wilt under hard coaching. The Miami coaching staff coaches hard.

And Elmore would not wilt.

"At the University of Arizona I was lucky enough to have coaching like that, that would point you out, that would get in your face," he said. "So that's going to make it easier for me to adapt to all the coaching styles because I have been coached hard. And I have coaches go the other way, so I'm able to handle it either way."


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Im personally not concerned with mid rd picks at the moment. LOL.........


i have no probs with the fins picking defense but in a way they need to be "on the money" picks even more than offense ( no - they need to be on the money as well) becoz the pain of a failed defensive pick this year will be .... agony - oz it's sacrificing an offensive pick

bring on fa and quick

I like the kid! Would love to see him in a Dolphin uniform...provided we don't reach for him and get him at fair value.

I like bunnies.

Man id luv to see us pickup Sands WVA in the 4th- a 6'5" safety that hits like a truck, armando ill take your 1-2-3 picks if we could p/u sands -

The dolphins need to remember that free agency is still coming. So they shouldn't reach. Try and get the best player availalbe in the draft and also take some chances and then try and fill the holes in FA

Me and Ethel were really going at it last night. Had the old gal bellowing like a scalded nanny goat. Hope we didn't wake the Ricardos.

Pat Kirwan's latest mock has Gabbert falling to Miami. He said he's hearing rumblings that Gabbert will fall. If we don't take him, maybe we can get a lot in a trade down.

why does anybody take any of these pundits seriously? every year same thing, they know nothing, all hype, rumor, or smokescreen.

joe blow said it might snow. and it might not.

Fred, tee hee!

If a great rush LB drops to the Dolphins at #15 then great. Otherwise add the offensive lineman. Draft speed from there in.

Looking at FAT TUNA on ESPN talking football really pisses me off....

Way not to finish ONE jobe before moving on to the NEXT payday....

Parcells can suck it


Who do you pick at 15?


Who do you THINK Ireland will actually pick at 15?

If Gabbert drops to 15 I will drop a deuce in my drawers.

Armando.....as far as Ricky Elemore....zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

Trivia Question:

Who was the most overated vice president of football operations of all time?


What Kris said!


I KNOW....I KNOW....



Very good, you are correct.

But Kris, next time, please raise your hand first...............


You got any tranquilizers or sedatives?

Anything good man?

I'm on the edge of my seat hyperventilating and Armando's talking about sitting back and relaxing with Ricky Elmore!


Odin.....its so rare that I know the Answers....well...i got excited....

Armando loves anyone who will do an apperance on his radio show....

If ole Ricky Elemore does somehow make his way into a fin uniform.....Armando will be hating on him just like all the rest...

Guess thats an unfair statement about Armando....I have been hating on Henne since week 9 of last season......

By hate I mean critique....Ok Garbage Plate......

Linebacker. Well I guess the cat is out of the bag. For every team in the AFC East that didn't know and is drafting around where the Phins might pick this guy here is the news.

Thanks. Bill Bellichuck

..With all of the other important NFL news going on and we get.....Ricky Elmore? C'mon Armando you are better then this.

Guys..There wasn't too much participation last Sunday as far as posters putting up their mocks. Armando has every right to run his blog as he sees it. He posted Sunday his thoughts on our first three picks with a trade down scenario. This wasn't how I saw the exercise going down, and I think it may have stopped a few folks from posting their mocks. I can if you would like go back and re-post the few that got put up. I think it was less then 10. Or we could try it again on Wednesday. I posted a mock under Armandos scenario. This saved my hide as I still have no good solution to who we should take if we stay @ 15.

My pick is Dalton. I know this seems like a huge risk. My thinking is that if under Armandos scenario where we trade back with New Orleans it would be only 7-8 spots difference. Is 7-8 spots that big of a reach once you get passed the top 10? I don't think it is. The reality is that If the Dolphins Have Dalton rated the highest quarterback on our board. It doesn't matter what anyone thinks they will take him.


At least he didn't tip them off about Stanzi.

Listen up people DO NOT post ANYTHING here about Ricky Stanzi, the 6-4 230 lb QB from the University of Iowa.


Elmore James was a great blues guitarist.

..Let me clarify my post @ 6:47. If we have quarterback in our cards in the first round. My pick would be Dalton. If that ends up being at 15 so be it. I do not think this would happen. But I would be fine with it. I should have been more clear on this matter. I don't have a clue who is the right choice at 15 in all honesty.

What's that? Oh, Ricky Elmore

when i look at elmore's last two seasons, yeah, i see the 21.5 sacks but i don't see a lot of tackles and i don't see any tackles for loss. so, his comment about his play speaking for itself is about of kilter. if a guy has a lot of sacks and people are criticizing him and he has a lot of tackles and tackles for loss, e.g. aldon smith, they are just blowing smoke but not in elmore's case. i'd rather pick keith darbut over him.

i posted my entire mock, all 7 rds, including trades to get us picks and nobody even sneezed. i guess everyone had too much bunny.

dm1dolphan..I saw your mock. I wasn't planning on commenting on any of them until after the draft. Just so we could compaire ours, with the real one. This was just for fun. The whole thing got little to no participation. I will go back and re-post all of them from Sunday after the draft as planned. Then we can examine them, and see if any of us were right.


Thanks for noticing my one man protest in not posting my mock.

I think Mando felt you were trying to upstage him or something.

Mando read what we were planning, then offered to participate. Then he inconspiciously mentioned an enitre 1st round mock.

After DB and I corrected him, he still came out with his own little scenario and proposed we all use the same.

I think he has control issues. Anyways, if it's going to be Darryl Original and Annual Dolphins In Depth Mock, I'll participate.


POUNCEY? Really? we've aleready heard from you so save it!


Count them among those who will become training camp fodder and eventually cut!


I'd pick Elmore!


Meet me on the Blog at High Noon!

Just kidding, I won't be high by noon. Heck, I might not even be out of bed by noon. YeeHaaaaW!!!!

Seriously, I challenge you to MOCK OFF TOMMORROW!!!!

You wanna GO?

We can do it RIGHT NOW!

You want somma dis?

I'll do it man. I'll post my picks right here, RIGHT NOW!

Armando wants too go three rounds here and three rounds there. I'm tired of people talking about it, it's time to BE ABOUT IT!!!!

I think if gabbert gets to 9 Ireland might do a trade up with dallas to get him.

Pick the guy the Saints want and force a trade.

They'll give up plenty if they want him badly enough.

Yeah, that's what I thought!

Time to put up or shut up and everybody running scared.

Uh, huh.........yeah.........dats whut I'm talkin bout...............

Damn, where did everybody go?


Just kidding fella's.

Look, you can even keep your lunch money, just come on back.


Seems like the guy whose all about hate is you kris, not Mando. Just sayin'.

Odin, ain't no good at it but I do like slide guitar

I just came across this mock from The Quad News. It was posted less than an hour ago:

15. (Miami): Brooks Reed, OLB, Arizona: This may seem like a bit of a reach here considering the fact that Reed was once considered to be a mid-second round pick. But many have been comparing him to the Packers' Clay Matthews (and he even kind of looks like him too) in terms of his great work ethic and superior pass rushing skills. The Dolphins have been looking for an outside pass-rusher since Jason Taylor left and Reed's upside may get them to pull the trigger on him at this spot.

For some reason, I think this is exactly what that tricky little leprechaun will do.


You and me too!

I've tried to develop the knack for it, but I'm absolutely horrendous. It's just like my singing. I suck at it, but THAT doesn't STOP ME-LOL!

I don't LIKE the slide, I freaking LOVE IT!

If you want to express feelings and emotions in your Blues Guitar Playing, you can't beat the Slide!

PS: My singing sounds like the perfect mix between Alice Cooper and Edith Bunker!


Odin, I know you're suppose to mute about the slide but I must be missing something.

BTW, just got thru seeing Locker and Gabbert on the Gruden QB show. Locker has this weird stance under center where he's bending right leg at an odd angle. Makes his drop backs really slow and looks clumsy.

Gabbert seems almost tongue tied...maybe it's the pressure? Looked real good in the drills.

Meant above the slide

I can't think of slide guitar without thinking of Duane Allman, the two are inseparable.

Odin...Thanks man!! I thought that Armando kind of put the kiabosh on the whole thing. I made it clear by no way was I trying to hijack his blog. I thought it was something that would be fun to do. Anyway, I'm still game. BTW, and this is true. I have been thinking that Brooks Reed could be a wildcard selection. Even at 15. There is another guy, and Know this won't be popular. But the CB Wilson from Colorado may be a guy that is a possibility.

I'm just trying to think of players that are obscure(they are obscure for a reason, I know) But I cannot just accept that we will draft Pouncey, or Ingram @ 15. Even if they both are to good to be true.

Do you have any Hydrocodone left? It may help if you take more then perscribed. I found I did my best work when over medicated. These days I only get to look forward to my dose of suboxone...Yipee!

If the Top two or three QB is there at 15 the PHINS need to draft a QB and go out and sign a Veteran QB to groom the new guy! HENNE is not the answer at QB we all know that by now, I like Gabbert and Mallet Ponder Locker we need to draft one of those guys, I didn't mention Cam Newton because I think my opinion , he didn't take snaps over center and mental part is up in the air... Now late first round or second round yes he is worth picking, that's my two sense!

when the heck was the parcells special on?

Duane was the man. Anybody playing slide today was influenced by him whether they realize it or not.

Some agents of veteran free agents are actually contacting teams now, shopping their services, as directed by NFLPA attorney. Here is what they are getting from teams, in reponse....

Agent David Canter wrote on Twitter that he initially couldn’t get a response from teams when contacting them. Eventually he did, and heard the same message repeatedly:

“No one will deal because ‘we don’t know what rules we are functioning under”‘ Canter wrote.

Agent Drew Rosenhaus told Liz Mullen of the Sports Business Journal he has also been contacting teams.

“Can’t comment on their reaction,” Rosenhaus said. ”Don’t want to get anyone in trouble.”

From PFT.

0x80, you are correct sir. Took slide to another level. Many years after his death, he still maybe the best.

..Allman Brothers "Live at the Fillmore East" Awesome!

...Watching this Qb, special on ESPNbefore that fraud who is Parcells empties his windbag.

Does anyone think that Tyrod Taylor could be a good late round pick? I don't see him as a player that would make the roster this year. But as a developmental player that we could put on the practice squad. This guy has some skills! He could be a good "slash" guy, or even a wildcat option for Daboll. I know we aren't far enough removed from the disaster that was Pat White. But I'm talking about a 7th round pick. Not a second. Taylor is very very impressive.

Live at the Filmore is maybe my fav. A Night with the Allman Brothers is quite good too.

Can't wait to hear Parcells tells everybody how to pick a QB. Should be pretty funny.

didn't we draft outside linebacker last year Misi
we have to go offense here, armando they will not draft this guy at 15 no way that would just prove they made a mistake on misi , who is an oksy player, they better draft O

Coco and 0x80,

Eric Clapton agrees with you.

He said Duanne Allman was the best WHITE guitarist/slide guitarist he ever jammed with.

Clapton knows a thing or two about it. He jammed with the Jimi's, Hendrix and Page. Keith Richards and George Harrison. He's jammed with all the blues legends, like the Kings, Albert and BB. Buddy Guy and even one of my personal favorites Hubert Sumlin(played for Howlin Wolf).

Duanne Allman was simply on another level. Why do all the great ones get addicted and die young?

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