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Don't sleep on Ricky Elmore, LBs for Dolphins

Yes, this must be, should be, a draft to improve the Dolphins offense.

Nobody refutes the idea the Dolphins could use more than half of their eight picks in the coming NFL draft on players that will upgrade the No. 30 scoring offense in the league. But don't sleep on the defense. The Dolphins could and probably will add defenders, with the outside linebacker spot generally a spot the team could be targetting.

And so look to players such as Arizona's Ricky Elmore as possible future Dolphins. Elmore has quite a resume. He is the PAC-10's sack leader the past two seasons with 21.5 sacks. He is 6-4 and 256 pounds so he has prototype 3-4 OLB size despite having played a down DE spot in college.

Count him prominent among the group of middle-round players the Dolphins could find interest in -- along with Mario Addison, J.T. Thomas, Jabaal Sheard and others -- as possible additions for the defense and (very important) on special teams as well.

"Things are starting to come down to the wire and slow down a little right now so it's kind of nice to sit back and relax and wait for Thursday, Friday and Saturday to come around," Elmore told me during a recent guest visit on my radio show Armando and the Amigo.

 "Playing is something I'm very passionate about and the success I've had over the past 2 1/2 years with 21 2/1 sacks it's because of my attitude and the way I approach the game. I come out and go to work. I believe if I don't go hard every single play its a wasted down. A lot of guys have the talent but not all the guys have the work ethic. I think having the work ethic with the talent will take you a lot farther in the game. I have the relentless motor. I go to work every single day. I have the desire to do that every single snap. That's going to help me be successful at the next level."

Like that? I do. So do the Dolphins, apparently. They sent linebacker coach Bill Sheridan to work out Elmore for a personal workout.

"He's a good guy, he took us out and we did a private workout," Elmore said. "Then we did some work in the classroom. He was actually the first coach that did a private workout with me. That was four weeks ago. If I'm able to work with him, that would be pretty good because I think I can fit in that style of defense."

One knock on Elmore is that he's a pass rusher but not great at stopping the run. That is not a certainty but the way to deal with that is ask the kid straight up. The blunt question gives Elmore a chance to speak for himself and also tells me something about how he deals with frank criticism.

He passes on both counts.

"That's just one more thing to prove people wrong about," Elmore said of his run defense. "When you're in the spotlight like I was coming out as a sack guy, people try to pick at you to find something. For me, if you turn on the film, I think you'll see my performance against the run is just as good as it is against the pass. I know I can do it. It's just that people try to dissect something about my game."

Why do I care how Elmore handles critical questions? What do you think coaches do in part for a living? Yes, they instruct. They also criticize to get an improvement. Some kids wilt under hard coaching. The Miami coaching staff coaches hard.

And Elmore would not wilt.

"At the University of Arizona I was lucky enough to have coaching like that, that would point you out, that would get in your face," he said. "So that's going to make it easier for me to adapt to all the coaching styles because I have been coached hard. And I have coaches go the other way, so I'm able to handle it either way."


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Cam Newton on Gruden next then Parcells

...Check out Derrick & The Dominoes "The Jams" It is 4 jams recorded with Duanne Allman right before he died....All instrumental.One of the best "jam" albums of all time.

Got hit on his motorcycle. Barry (orig bassist) strangely, got hit a few blocks away a few yers later.


I watched a Biography channel speacial on Clapton last night. It was awesome.

For my musical tastes, it just doesn't get any better than a Clapton/Allman collaboration.

Clapton said when they jammed together neither acted as the leader, so they would both just take turns cranking it out.

Straight up just rippin the strings of their Guitars!

Cam newton I think Gruden got to him mentally imagine the NFL he was not feeling comfortable he was moving around in that chair ready to get the hell out of their!

2010 arkansas vs georgia on espn u right now for the mallet crowd who want to watch their qb.


Not sure, but I think he was going around a vehicle turning right. He was sliding to the left a little to go around.

Hit some kind of flat bed truck with a crane boom on the back.

I love riding my Bike up here through the Hiawatha Forest. It's just too freaking dangerous in the city. To many idiots and a s s holes!

Sad day for the music world. I feel like I was robbed!

Odin...If you ever want to get hippy chicks fired up...I'm tellin' you. That jams album gets them everytime. By jam 4 they usually lose their clothes!!!

By the way..high noon motherfuc%#r!(Is this high noon central time or mountain time?)

One of my favs is, Whipping Post (Filmore). Whole side of a LP. Near the end, Duane just don't want to stop. You can almost hear the rest of the band...cmon Duane, we need a break.

Odin, don't remember the details...been a long time. Here in Fla, you got a better chance of living if you ride in groups. Too damn many people.


the addictive personality is an obssessive personality. When having that trait you have to be careful everything you expose yourself too. Its a great and a terrible thing.

Greats die young because the same obbssession leading them to be great is now equally focused on distruction(drugs). That's why the obssessive personality trait has to be very careful what its exposes itself too.

A many of us have the obsessive personality trait. I know that I do and have to be careful of what I expose myself to. Many of the "good die youngs" had the trait and never knew.

Picking up bad habits are even more so deadly for us. We're obsessive in nearly evrything we do. Good or bad. We can be just as overly destructive as we are overly constuctive. Our middle gear is seriously flawed.

By the way..high noon motherfuc%#r!(Is this high noon central time or mountain time?)

Posted by: Darryl Dunphy | April 26, 2011 at 09:12 PM

What, you want your but kicked in two different time zones?

I don't think I've ever done that, but I'll try ANYTHING once or twice.......or three times or 4...........LOL!


Gruden can be an overly hyper jerk. I wouldnt feel confortable around Gruden I would probably bumrush him thru that 42in flat screen tv he has in his office!

Thats where my Burger King career begins! LOL.............

Why would I "sleep on" Ricky Elmore? He's not even cute.

Tyler Thigpen? That's another story. Mmmmmm!

Batter up: Bill Parcells(espn)


One of my favorite guitar licks of all time is the Lick Duanne plays during:

Oh Lord I feel like I'm dying.

It's a pretty simple lick to learn as far as step 1, step 2, step 3.

The hard part is trying to put it together with the soul and feel that Allman could. It's just about IMPOSSIBLE!

....Odin. Youre on!

After just hearing about MadDog Mandich the draft seems unimportant


I know exactly what you're talking about and I agree.

I don't have any kind of middle gear whatsoever.

I got Low gear which equals: Normal.

I got High gear which equals: It's on Mutha Fukka!!!!

I don't even try to explain it anymore. I survived it(barely)and I've learned to use it to my advantage!



My favorite guitar player of all time "nose- hair" Gibson. No one could pick'em like he.

Extremely sad to hear about Mandich. A great Dolphin and, more importantly, a great man.

Could care less aboput the draft or labor issues or the rest of it right now. Mad Dog, you were loved and will be missed.

Oh man.

We were just talking about a musical great who died and now a football great has passed.

It's going to happen to all of us sooner or later. So instead of grieving, tonight I'm going to revel in the grat memories.

THANK YOU Jim Mandich! May the Valkyries that lead you to ValHalla be SMOKING HOT!

AwwwwwRiiiiight Miami!!!!

RIP Mad Dog. Your sufferings are now over. All Dolphans love you baby!

My favorite guitar player of all time "nose- hair" Gibson. No one could pick'em like he.

Posted by: DyingBreed | April 26, 2011 at 09:47 PM

Just remember, use the right one for picking, the left for FINGERING ;)

Jim Mandich was a Dolphin TE that did so much with so little. It's been a pleasure to have him in our Dolphin family.

Anyone dumb enough to be watching Parcells on espn right now besides me? LOL.............

A great Michigan player.

A great Miami Dolphin!

Jim Mandich signed a football card for me one time. From that day forward, he's was INSTANTLY one of my ALL TIME FAVORITES!

That's probably my best memory of Jim Mandich and that's the way I'm going to remember him.

Thanks for signing my card, thanks for all the great play and most of all thanks for being Jim mandich!!!!

A dolphin great died today, Jim "Mad Dog" Mandich is dead from bile duct cancer!!!!

We will miss you Mad dog may you rest in piece, I will miss you on Sundays saying ALL RIGHT MIAMI!!

Yes a dolphin great died today, Jim "Mad Dog" Mandich is dead from bile duct cancer!!!!

As an announcer he always used to say, "Awww Right Miami!" RIP Jim, thanks for the memories! He lived in Miami Lakes, where I live, I've met him more than once, a regular guy always willing to talk Miami football, even while walking out of our supermarket and his ice cream was melting! We also frequented the same wine store....sad...

I'd just seen his wife 2 weeks ago, she said it didn't look good, I guess I should've warned you guys....guess I was hoping for the best and didn't want to jinx him.....

Mandich always came up big in the biggest games. That's the mark of a champion.

A favorite memory: Listening to him on WQAM years ago when a Steelers fan (Jim also played for the great 1978 Pittsburgh team) kept trying to get him to say those Steelers were equal or better than the undefeated team.

Mandich finally exploded and told the guy "Let me tell you something, pal. We were the best ever. Period. And I BLEED aqua."

A true Miami icon passed today.

I'm so sick of these nuts and bolts players, meat and potatoes or whatever you want to call them.

Miami's offensive talent is a joke. They have no QB, no starter opposite Brandon Marshall, no RB and no TE who is a legit starter.

Miami drafted John Jerry in the 3rd round last year and resigned Richie Incognito. So there goes 2/3 of you interior Oline. I don't want to use a first rounder on the 3rd interior linemen.

My draft WISH list. Find a trade partner and they are teams out there that want Ryan Kerrigan, Aldon Smith and Da'Quan Bowers possibly at 15. Recoup that 2nd rounder! Trade back with New Orleans, Atlanta or Seattle and in the 20's draft:

1. Ryan Mallet QB Arkansas
2. Leonard Hankerson WR Miami or Randall Cobb WR Kentucky.
3. DJ Williams TE Arkansas
4. Taiwan Jones RB Eastern Washington
5. Best available Offensive linemen
6. John Clay RB Wisconsin
7. Best available special teams contributor

What a great player tough mentally a true



Scott deleware,

Armando wasn't suggesting drafting Elmore in the first round. Elmore is projected as a 6th round choice. He's rated at #193.

Our sixth round pick is established at #179. Which means if we select him at #179, we are, as pundits say, "reaching."

Our first 7th round pick is established at # 217. Again, Elmore's rating is 193. He will likely be gone during the 24 picks seperating the two numbers.

The way we should approach aquiring Elmore is work a 6th round trade-down-scenerio; or reach (hey, it's the 6th round, not the 1st, 2nd, etc.); or hope he is still there at our Rd 7 @ 217. Not likely. The kid is too good.

And if we could, we should.

ps, If you have 360 seconds, check out ILB Mario Harvey. Marshall U. They call him "Thumper", for good reason.

As a 6th rounder, not a round sooner...

I'm having a "Green Lizard" on your name Jim the Mad Dog Mandich.You most have better games to call.




..The Parcells piece is very informative. Very, very good insight into how, and why teams set up their draft boards. I take back what I said earlier about BP(called him a windbag) I only wish I had an ounce of his football knowledge.

Aloco I agree! If Elmore is available in the later rounds, then take him, we need OFFENSE!!!!


Requiescat in pace, Jim Mandich. G-d bless his family. G-d bless the Miami Dolphins. And G-d bless the United States of America

Did you fools fix the team yet????

Fist Hump!

Go Phins!


Have you even posted a mock?

Rarely come here anymore, so I wouldn't know. If you have, need not repeat post, just tell me what tme-table you posted it so I can review...

NJ Andy, Slow down buddy. Everybody has a wishlist, but you have to be realstic.

Every other team out there wishes the exact same players (or almost) you demand.

How do you surmise we draft those players (some of which you merely deem "BPA")?

But to the point (BPA, aside) your wishlist is really inconcievable, given the complex nature of the cut-throat arena we call, "NFL."

Don't think for a second, that if we get a trade partner, for whatever reason, another team isn't lurkng in the shadows with their own interior/ ulterior motives...

But I do love that mock draft of yours. If I had a wishing wand, I'd get 'er done, and fill in your vaant BPA...


Bears may be willing to trade up to #15 to grab a premium LT after wayching Cutler get smashed in the playoffs. Bears are at #29.

Here's the deal:

To move up to #15 ask for thier 2nd rd'er #62 and 4th rd'er #127.

Here's My Mock After that scenario:

1. Ryan Mallet #29(Bears)
2. Daniel Thomas #62(Bears)
3. Taiwan Jones #79
4a Virgil Green #111
4b Mario Harvey #127(Bears) ILB
5. Steven Burton #146 WR
6. Ricardo Lockett #179 WR
7a Noel Devine #217 All Purpose
7b Greg McElroy #219 QB

After watching all of the mocks it seems Bear are the team needing to move up most. They sit at #29 and need a premium LT.

At #29, we can easily get a 2nd rd pick and perhaps a 4th rd pick because they sit at back of the pack in the 4th rd at #127. Basically like an early 5th rd pick.

Bears offer the most tradeback value and we could still easily land Mallett at #29.

That mock looks great DB. Probably need a two-by-four to use as a weapon to get that draft board signed.

Just sayin'...


Added two wr's because we really dont have any idea how long Marshall will be with us with those continuous off the field issues. One of his women may even kill him before 2011's over with.

Never know about that kid Marshall so we better also be thinking pre-emptive strike developing a possible replacement right now.

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