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Where the QBs should fall based on the grades

This being a Dolphins blog, it's about the quarterback here. Always. About. Quarterbacks.

I would tell you that 2011 could be remembered as the Year of the Quarterback because there are no less than 15 that might be selected in the coming draft. This could also very easily be the Year of the Quarterback Busts.

The reason I say that this year more than any other is that there is not one absolute, sure-fire, can't-miss quarterback that will be ready to go in the 2011 season opener. And there is no certain future starter here, either.

I wouldn't be surprised if we get half-a-dozen starters. I wouldn't be surprised if we get none. Based on the scouts I speak with and taking their grades into account, I have only nine QBs with grades worthy of picking these players as high as the third round -- two in the first round, four in the second round,, and three in the third round.

Beyond that? Doesn't matter. Tom Brady comes along in the sixth round once per generation. And a generation hasn't passed yet so forget that.

This quarterback draft if freaky that way. Maybe it has something to do with the fact most of these guys are coming out of a spread attack that makes them strangers to the Pro set. Colin Kaepernick comes out of the Pistol offense that makes him a total stranger to NFL brand offense.

All these guys have warts. There are no John Elways in this draft, folks.

First rounders:

Blaine Gabbert: The rumor around the league is there are teams considering trading up to No. 2 overall to pluck Gabbert. I can understand it because although he is not the best physical speciman QB in this draft, he is the most start-ready QB in this draft. That means he is more ready to start as a rookie than any other QB. This kid has the best footwork of any quarterback in the draft. I did not say good footwork. The best. That's important. There are questions about his ability to complete long and even intermediate passes. His completion rate on those was quite low in college. I believe that can bee addressed with solid coaching. I do know that Gabbert is very good at understanding how using his eyes can help him move safeties. It says a lot that this kid already has that figured out.

Cam Newton: Great kid. Great attitude. Driven. Contagious enthusiasm, which is one of the most important intangibles a QB can have because it infects the entire huddle. He's headed to Hollywood if he wants. But, unfortunately, there's a little detail about having to be a good quarterback involved in that. And he's just not ready to contend with NFL defenses at this point. Just isn't. He will be confused more often than not when he faces the defenses if he plays as a rookie. Period. Of course, Newton doesn't feel that way. "If I don't believe in myself, who else is going to believe in me?" Newton said. Someone will believe in Newton, perhaps may Carolina at No. 1. But ... He's a project. He's not ready to start right away. He needs to learn to call plays. He must improve his footwork. His technique is not the best, which sometimes affects his accuracy. But his arm is beyond question. He can make every throw. Despite the technical glitches, his accuracy was still pretty good. And he can extend plays like nobody's business. He won't do it as often in the NFL as he did in the SEC. He better not if he wants to stay healthy. But that ability to run is a big, big plus. I worry about the fact Newton has very little experience, having only one season as a starter under his belt. But if a team has two years to work with this kid before starting him, I think he's going to be great starting in 2013.

Second rounders:

Andy Dalton: Brilliant football mind. Killer instinct. Not fast or quick in space, but he has good pocket mobility. He can step up well and evade the rush. He has tons of experience, having played in 50 games with 34-3 record over the last three years including victories over outstanding teams such as Oklahoma and Boise State. His arm is good but not great. He takes coaching very well. He picks it up quickly. His release is very good in that it is quick and off good technique. Nice stroke. This player has all the intangibles.

Christian Ponder: This kid deserves to be a value pick for a West Coast offense, in my opinion. His arm is not strong enough to produce bigtime results outside the West Coast. Ponder also has a history of being injured and fighting shoulder problems. Those are pretty much Ponder's only problems. He is quick, he is mobile, he has 10.2'' hands, which are enormous. Newton, by contrast, has 9.699'' hands and they are considered average. Gabbert has big hands at 10.0''. The prototype is 9.4''. Why am I bringing this up? Big-handed QBs can be more effective in bad weather. They can grip better in the rain. They are almost tailor made for playing in outdoor, Northeast stadiums like Foxboro.

Ryan Mallet: Perhaps the best arm in the entire draft. That's important considering the position is built around the player's throwing arm. Mallett can throw the deep ball. He can throw the in-cut and deep out and seam pass that are must-haves for a quarterback to succeed in today's NFL. But playing quarterback is not always about the arm. Ryan Leaf had the arm. Jim Drunkenmiller had the arm. And they sucked. Here is the worry on Mallett: He is a target in the pocket and one that doesn't move all that well. He didn't recognize blitzes very well in college. That tells me the first year he's playing, he's going to be blitzed and hit and teams are going to try to make a coward of him. We shall see at that point what he is really made of. He seems to move slow in my opinion. That means he doesn't get out from under center and in a throwing position quick enough. I also question his conditioning. One scout told me he seems to tire in games and he seems to tire after long practices.

Jake Locker: Hard worker. Loyal, which I love. Great arm. Has speed to burn, having run a 4.52 at the Indianapolis Combine. Are you kidding me? Questionable accuracy. He played behind a less-than-stellar offensive line last year. He played hurt. But he apparently has issues getting comfortable in the pocket. His instincts tell him to scramble, to move out of the pocket, to get away from the hit. I guess that happens when your offensive line isn't great and you can run like the dickens. He has to get away from that stuff.

Third rounders:

Ricky Stanzi: He was coached by an NFL caliber staff so that matters. He's ready for what he is likely to face in the NFL meeting rooms and when he opens a playbook. He has a nice delivery in that it is quicker than average. But the arm is adequate. It doesn't take your breath away. He knows how to read defenses. He knows how to go through his progession. Again, he's been coached great. There are worries that Stanzi lacks the killer instinct that is so obvious in a guy such as Dalton. I worry about that because the NFL is dog eat dog.

Patrick Devlin: He's got prototype size (height, weight). He's been durable but he is kind of lean and did suffer a concussion last season, which is important these days. He has a compact release, he comes over the top and therefore doesn't get many passes batted. Dolphins fans recognize Chad Henne gets a ton of passes batted at the line of scrimmage. He's neither exceedingly fast or quick but he's not Mallettlike immobile. Intangibles? I worry about this kid's stick-to-it nature. He commited to the University of Miami out of high school and backed out. That torqued me off right away. He then went to Penn State but eventually left there as well when he couldn't win the starting job. That kinda, sorta bugs me because what? Is he going to ask for a trade if things don't go well in the pros? He's by all accounts a bright individual, an honor student in fact. That has shown in that Devlin is excellent at recognizing defenses, particularly blitzes. Obviously, you have to wonder about his level of competition. It didn't hurt Joe Flacco.

Colin Kaepernick: Arguably the second-strongest arm in the draft, tied with Newton and just behind Mallett. Smallish hands, and has only recently bulked up from 216 to 233 pounds. Kaepernick can make all the throws. He stood at that Senior Bowl practices and was good enough during the game. He can run. He's a winner. He is big enough for the big stage despite playing at small Nevada. But coming out of the Pistol offense worries me. It's going to take him a while. He's never seen the kind of defensive trickery he's likely to see in the NFL. He doesn't have the building blocks in reading defenses and going through progressions that Stanzi has. He's a project. But he is a value pick in the third round and can be a factor in two or three years.

That's it. There are no other quarterbacks worthy of going in the first three rounds according to the scouts and personnel people I speak with.

So if you want the Dolphins to draft a quarterback, you can forget about them reaching for a QB in the first round. They don't have a second round pick. If it is going to happen, barring a trade down, it will have to happen in the third round.



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Expect them to try to move down with San Diego or maybe Chicago and take Dalton, Mallet, or Ponder. Then go OL, RB, WR and possibly TE with the next few picks

I'm kind of ready for the draft already, been hearing these names over and over and over again.

Fwiw Phil Simms was on w/ Sid Rosenberg today and said that Kaepernick had the very simplest offense to play in, by far easiest of all the qb prospects. The point is there is no way he will be NFL ready this year.

I believe Chicago at #29 will be the most willing tradeback partner. Definitely garnering a 2nd rd pick(#62), possibly adding a 4th rd pick(#127).

Alright Armando, so your scouting buddies brought you up to speed.

You realize that this differs from your last stated opinion in that you had Mallet rated higher than everyone but Newton. Now you have Gabbert, Dalton and Ponder ahead of him as well.

Last week I believe you stated Mallet was the most starter ready QB in the draft. This weeks it's Gabbert. So which is it, ahem, Armando?

I'm going to go with my earlier assessment and say again, I think Gabbert, Dalton and Stanzi will be the best NFL QB's out of this entire draft class. Not necessarily in that order. Gabberts the wild card of the three.

Looks like a consensus has begun to rear it's head. Mallet is poised to begin an all out free fall!

Well, at least according to 32 sportswriters, Armando's scouts and his personnel people too.

Oh yeah, and me as well.

AwwwwRiiiight Miami!!!!

..Also Kaepernick played in a system that was a top 5 rushing team. That is a huge adavantage, as the running game is a quarterbacks best friend. Also Kaepernick had to make fewer reads then even Newton. He may be a good quarterback one day, but to expect him to be a difference maker right away is stretch.

Now. I think that if Kaepernick is around in round 3 does it make any sense for us to use this pick on a developmental player? I guess it depends on how our board is set up. It looks like we will be able to grab a tight end in the 4th round. If we have passed on Ingram in round 1. Do we need to take a RB in the third? Or do we wait until later, ans depend on free agency? So many questions that make this draft so difficult, and unlike any we may see for awhile. These questions would be slam dunk certanties if we knew what free agents were on the roster.


Using your Chicago scenario, how about:

1. Martez Wilson ILB.

2. Edmund Gates WR

3. Ricky Stanzi QB

4. Taiwan Jones RB/Jordan Cameron TE

Odin, I think Kaepernick Stanzi and Dalton. But it's not the best QB class I've seen, nor by a long shot. I'm out guys, goodnight!


This isn't my mock for......ah.....later today-LOL.

Just another practice run using another scenario.

It's getting closer, but not quite...........

I agree Mando, the dolphins will not trouble themselves with a drafted QB this year.

I bet you they are going to simply wait on the CBA to contract, and lure Kolb or (please never Palmer) another vet...

To compete with Henne, etc.

..I guess I have a problem with the thought that a team would sacrifice 2 picks to move up and take an offensive lineman. The Value chart needs to be tossed out the window this year. Teams are going to overvalue their picks, and rightly so. Too many questions about free agency, and the possible economic fallout from the unknown.

Put yourself in the Chicago GM's shoes for a second. In all honesty would you trade away your only second round pick, and another 4th for the fifteenth pick in the draft? If Miami did this we would be asking for Irelands head..

I think that the only way we get into the second round is by multiple trades. Where a team that only has one second rounder picks up another from either SD, Denver, or NE. And we get involved some way with that team. Remember, we aren't the only team without a second round pick. The Panthers, and the jets both want into the second as well.

Odin...I really like Martez Wilson. He would make a nice pickup..I think that one our picks will be used on an Inside linebacker...

Where is Micah Johnson when you need him????

For What it's Worth:

1. Mallet's going in the first round. QBs with his combination of size, arm strength, accuracy and experience in a strong conference don't come around too often. If the Phins want him, they will need to take him at 15.

2. Dalton is this draft's version of John Beck. Small, intelligent, fair arm, small school. Despite his college record, he will bomb in the pros.

3.Kaepernick will be drafted before Locker, who is going to drop into the third round. Accuracy is vital to success in the NFL. For all Locker's athleticism, he doesn't have the accuracy. It is very difficult to teach accuracy.

The Fins have two pressing needs in this draft, one must be addressed with that #15 pick.

1) RB - Mark Ingram: Ricky Williams is all but done. Also, I hate to say this but Ronnie has lost a step. Hardly looked explosive last year. We need an inside runner with more explosion than Lousaka (although that should be an automatic call on 3rd and short).

2) Interior OL - Mike Pouncey: With this pick or Ingram, the running game gets better. Why did the Dolphins make the playoffs in 2008? Because we ran the football. Use the run to open up the pass; yes, back to the Jimmy Johnson days --- although he could never accomplish that. Establish the run, make opponents respect the run and give Henne a fighting chance on play action.

Please, for the love of Aqua and Orange, do not take a quarterback. I am not ready to pull the plug on Henne. I have a feeling that the best thing to happen to Henne's NFL career is the retirement of Dan Henning. Henne went into every game with an arm tied behind his back. That said, Chad's decision making MUST improve. The end of the Browns game was a textbook example of how not to run to a two-minute drill.

Rest in Peace, Mad Dog Mandich

Yeah DB,

I like the Chicago trade back scenario:

1. Martez Wilson ILB.

2. Edmund Gates WR

3. Ricky Stanzi QB

4 A. Taiwan Jones RB

4 B. Jordan Cameron TE

5. Joeseph Barksdale OT

6. Mario Fanin RB

7 A. DeMarcus VanDyke CB

7 B. Zach Hurd OG Conn.

7 C. Julius Thomas TE 6-5 246 4.64


6-4 230 is small for an NFL QB(Stanzi)?

Oh yeah, I guess it would be when you're swinging on the nads of a 6-7 gump.

Dunno if i should say Doof or Doh right here, but I'm sure you get the picture!

I definitely like Stanzi in the third round but he won't get passed the second round. He's easily one of the most pro-ready QBs. I don't agree he doesn't have a killer instinct, did you see all the 4th quarter comebacks he led Iowa to in the 2009-2010 season when they won the Orange Bowl? No way Taiwan Jones makes it past the third round, he is the most explosive player in the draft and as far as TE I would like to get Virgil Green from Nevada, definitely a seam threat TE.

..Ok Odin. I have been doing my homework ahead of tommorows "showdown in the sun"(in my case frickin snow..still snowing) I'll give you a little heads up as to what I'm thinking.

At some point there will be free agency. We will not be able to fill all of our needs via the draft. So I am counting on 1 or 2 free agents to fill starting roles. If we can find 2 starters via the draft that would be great, and the rest. If they could just be productive in their roles we will be sittin purty.

Studying the list of free agents. What strikes me is the depth at a few positions that could help our team. This depth in free agency isn't from high priced mercenaries, but solid veterans. Sadly, quarterback isn't one of those spots where depth is found. Mix this with I do not think that we will be drafting a quarterback until possibly round 3, if at all. And barring a trade at some point.......tah dah..Ladies and Gentleman introducing the starting quarterback for your Miami Dolphins. Mr, Chad Henne.


I have to agree. Chicago would never go for it, but damn, it sure is fun to have all those picks!!!!

What time are you going to post your mock tommo....ah, later?

I'm in the EST zone.

..Julius Thomas in the 6th or 7th would be a sweet pick. He has practice squad written all over him. But this doesn't mean he cannot be a good player. He is just to raw(imo) to be ready to play now. Maybe he can get onto the roster by mid-to late season.

This guy has all of the tools to be a dominant pass catching playmaker. He had a 74 yard run after the catch td this year against the State JV. squad, and totaly dominated that game. I think he went over 160 yards recieving in that game. That is a lot for a tight end, at any level.

How many games did Crowder miss last year? I was about to defend him since so many folks wanna spend a high pick on a LB so I looked up his stats.

Good grief:
Only 33 solo tackles,1 tack for a loss,no interceptions,no forced fumble,and no ints.

On Ronnie Brown I was kinda thinking his running might improve if we stopped using him in the Wildcat. It seems like in the regular offense he dances before hitting the hole as if he's trying to read the defense as if he were running the Wildcat.

Of course I would like them to quit using the Wilcat altogether....

Odin...I have nothing to do tommorow, so I'll be around about 1 pm your time, somewhere around then...

Julius Thomas...55 yrd td, not 74..I thought it was longer, just looked it up. This is my brain on too much draft stuff.


Julius Thomas is my sleeper pick. Played basketball too. Super athletic.

My schedule varies, so I'll try to make it 1:00.


However many games Crowder missed, I wish it would have been more-lol.

Seriously, he's the best we got to put next to Dansby, but i don't think that's saying much.

I would love to see this defense with two killer LB's in the middle!

I'm out, have a good night.

May God be with Mad Dog, my prayers will be tonight.



I posted my Chicago tradeback scenario on the last blog. Here's the cut and paste:

Bears may be willing to trade up to #15 to grab a premium LT after wayching Cutler get smashed in the playoffs. Bears are at #29.

Here's the deal:

To move up to #15 ask for thier 2nd rd'er #62 and 4th rd'er #127.

Here's My Mock After that scenario:

1. Ryan Mallet #29(Bears)
2. Daniel Thomas #62(Bears)
3. Taiwan Jones #79
4a Virgil Green #111
4b Mario Harvey #127(Bears) ILB
5. Steven Burton #146 WR
6. Ricardo Lockett #179 WR
7a Noel Devine #217 All Purpose
7b Greg McElroy #219 QB

Posted by: DyingBreed | April 27, 2011 at 12:21 AM

After watching all of the mocks it seems Bear are the team needing to move up most. They sit at #29 and need a premium LT.

At #29, we can easily get a 2nd rd pick and perhaps a 4th rd pick because they sit at back of the pack in the 4th rd at #127. Basically like an early 5th rd pick.

Bears offer the most tradeback value and we could still easily land Mallett at #29.

Posted by: DyingBreed | April 27, 2011 at 12:31 AM

RIP Jim! Go Miami!


I know you're not crazy about Mallet but at #29 he's a safer value. I also add Greg McElroy 7th rd. He could be a great steal aa a 7th rd value.

Added Crowder's potential replacement or he could end up being great value. ILB Mario Harvey is big(260lbs) and fast(4.5 40). He should be a 4th rd steal at #127.

Also added 2 wr's because one of Marshall's women or woman, could kill him before the 2011 season ends. LOL...........

This is why you can't pay to much attention to what you read:

Chad Reuter of CBS Sports.com has Mark Ingram at #5 on his top 50 prospect big board but he has him going #28 to the Patriots in his mock???? Maybe he's a Pats fan....

Damn it took a while to catch up!

First things first, Thanks for the shout out a blog or two ago kris! I appreciate the kind words bro. I enjoy your contributions to the blog as well so keep em coming my friend.

I look forward to the draft with fingers crossed Ireland's correctly going to play this draft like a Lohan plays judges. (Insert Subliminal Mesmerizing visual here MALLET).

Question to you Mr. Ireland...

"How are you going to HAMMER your AFC East foes?"

Ireland's Answer: "We will use our newly drafted secret weapon, this MALLET!"

Enter the Mumbly snicker here.

DolFan Rick @2:41, Chad is corrctly reading the tea leaves. The RB position has nice depth from 2-4 and the RB position is being downgraded in importance for teams in this pass crazy era. The rules and teams that succeed almost always have great trigger man. There may even be NO RBs drafted first round.

If a GM is adroit enough to put together a stud roster then going to a SB can sometimes get done without a stellar trigger guy but this is now definitely an abberation and not a rule as it used to be years ago. The recent Jets getting so close (Sanchez is no Broadway Joe right now), Ravens 2000 are the examples that spring to mind.

Take into consideration that many teams even have a 3 man rotation and that RBs have the shortest shelf life and it's easier to understand why the RBs are not going as high.



Keep the faith bud. Your still sporting him in your mock drafts 1st round so I know you have not jumped from the wagon.

None of us Mallet supporters are blind to the downside elements that Mallet has. I believe most of us are simply stating that much of the scrutiny is over zealous and unfair in some cases.

I saw the Burmeister piece on NFL with the Draftwinds kid and I thought Paul B bullied that young author so that he could barely get in a word edgewise. Burmeister never produced any documents confirming neg drug tests and instead went with the vague (Folks I spoke with off the record stated he was a drug risk)

Besides Newton I don't think there is a more galvanizing kid in this draft than Mallet. It seems you either love him or hate em in most cases.

When things are all said and done it may end up being a sort of Bradshaw type affair... "Oh he's too dumb, he doesn't have the intelligence to be QB, listen to him talk etc" and then when he uncorks an accurate deep strike to Brandon Marshall for a TD then he will look plenty football smart.

NO one in this draft can force a DEF to have to defend more of the field at the same time.

There are a few that have stated that NFL teams will blitz the guy into oblivion. That is precisely why my Mock included not one but two players that will make you pay on bubble screens and hot reads in space. WR Jerrel Jernigan and RB Taiwan Jones. Both players can be blitz breakers.

It will be up to Daboll, TS and any Offensive minds we have in the building to get the blitz beating plays dialed up and honed so they actually work. They will need them for Henne to win as well as Henne is closer to drying paint than track star himself in the speed department.

In the end I just feel that with the lack of a second round pick and the homerun that Mallet's college career numbers and arm represent, he will try to position himself to aquire Mallet. In order to do that he may just have to select him at 15. ANY trade back and extra picks acquired would be killer value.

With Mallet playing in Patrino's Pro style offense he should be able to compete with Henne right away. This plays well with the shorter leash Ross must have looming.



I can definitely echo your same sentiment.

If Mallet goes out in a huge Scarface pile of ahem, baby powder, then I will be giving him an "A" for trying to identify the position and player that he thought would fill that void and help our Fins reach higher heights!

The many detractors can say I told you so.

That "I told you so" line is a keen double edged sword. If Mallet simply plays to his potential he demonstrated in the SEC he should be a force to be reckoned with and driving force to Dolphins playoff bids for years.


PS Aloco, this bat is signing off. My schedule is crazy so this is the only time I can squeeze in any time to blog.

Im changing my mind...its BLAINE GABBERT...ive really looked into this kid...has a brain and can play...Id trade up with DALLAS at 9(?) and pick him if hes there....I think he is a Franchise QB....therefore by what ever means necessary...GET HIM..!!!!

Craig M,

On the other thread you said you would take my bet.

I say Mallet will go 1st round for sure.

You say Mallet will go after the 1st round.

The loser simply has to publicly acknowledge that they were completely wrong in their pre draft prediction about this single matter is all.

(Virtual handshake)


PS Thanks for stepping to the plate. The little gentleman side bets make the draft a tad more fun imho.

Im comfortable with Mallet at 15...but if they get really really aggressive and are convinced by Gabbert and he is still on the board when DALLAS picks...id offer one of our players to trade up...for me its GABBERT or MALLET....maybe Stanzi....theres nothing else out there better than what we have now

Howdy bigalfy,

Longtime no see!

I hear Gabbert is slipping some, so he may fall to that range.

With no 2nd rounder I can't fathom what Ireland would use as ammuntion to trade up into the top 10.

As you can see I am a HUGE Mallet proponent and I would still not want a trade up to get him.

It too costly and every QB in this draft has questions. Gabbert spread offense, only 16 TDs 9 INTs?, checked down quite a bit, decent not killer arm strength.

I would let things play out and have Ireland sit tight at 15.

That's just my take. I hope things are well down under.

Cheers bro,


Not to mention the $$$ top 10 QBs make. There will be a salary cap eventually and maybe a rookie salary pool which should limit the Jamarcus Russell type financial bunders.

For me it just depends on where you get the Kaepernicks, Daltons, Ponders and Stanzi'z of the world. At the right pick they all have value.

Cheers bud,

Gotta it the hay!


Tick tock, tick tock...draft day cometh!

On Mallett and the world as we know it......

First let me state an all too obvious point. I'll take the liberty to assume not one blogger here has personally had a private workout or private interview with any of the QB's in this draft. Had any of us had such an opportunity, it could have totally changed our minds about any of them. So, just saying, no doubt the teams have a far better insight to these guys than any of us can from afar.

Now then, a question, which NFL QB from the following list instills fear and dread in the opponent?

Redskins QB's:
John Beck
Rex Grossman
Donovan McNabb

Vikings QB's:
Rhett Bomar
Tarvaris Jackson
Patrick Ramsey
Joe Webb

Still thinking? So am I. None do.

One could arguably say both of these teams need a QB even MORE than we do!

Mike Shanahan knows a thing or two about QB's. Bill Musgrave, the Vikings new OC, ex NFL QB and long time QB coach knows a thing or two about QB's as well. I'll concede both know far more than I do.

Is Mallet really as good as some of his fans here think? I really don't know. My thinking is simply this, if Mallet is really that much of a prize as some of you suggest, Shanahan or Musgrave would pick him.

Granted, how Mallet eventually turns out in the pro's is anybody's guess, but if both Shanahan and the Vikes don't pick Mallet, if neither of them feel he is worth a #10 or #12, I'd be leery of taking him at #15 just based on that considering they both need a franchise QB even more than we do.

There are so many questions. Maybe everyone is digging too much. This stuff has to get in a player's head.
Is is Momma a ho? What kind of crap do we really need to know.

Just for the record, while I am not making a case for or against Mallet, I personally have yet to see anything that would steer me away from him soley based on character or past behavior issues. Not saying they don't exist, just saying the media has presented nothing beyond whispers and rumors.

I could care less if he did some experimenting with drugs in college as long it was in the realm of occasional partying and not anything on the verge of addiction. Many over the counter drugs are more detrimental to your body than party drugs. Ibuprofen will destroy your liver faster than a barrel of Jack Daniels.

Speaking of Mallett, there is a timely feature article on him on SI today.

Here is one interesting tidbit:

We have gotten to the point where people are inventing reasons not to like him. He isn't mobile enough. Oh, come on. How many 6-foot-7 pocket passers run a 4.5 40? If Mallett is so immobile, why didn't it show on the field? Cam Newton, who is an elite athlete, threw 280 passes last season and was sacked 23 times. Mallett threw 411 passes and was sacked 25 times.

The full article is here, definitely worth the read:

Link from above post was cut off:


The blog is truncating the link, you'll find it easily enough on the SI site.

Report: Steelers want to trade up, pair Mike with Maurkice


Just sayin....that, that is what i've been sayin..lol.

At a time when the D-Lineman and LBers are getting faster, bigger and stronger, mobility means a lot. Having a statue in the backfield with the ball can equal huge problems.

Number of sacks indicate an issue with the O-Line more than it does with the QB, btw, did Mallett account for 50 TD and only 7 INTs?

The truth of the matter is pure pocket QBs are totally dependant on their WRs, RBs and TEs to get anything done. If other players aren't playing well, they cannot help the offense, while a mobile QB can keep the offense on the field and keep a drive going and keep the defense off of the field.

Give me a Mobile QB with a good arm and good accuracy over a pocket QB with great accuracy but can't move and force the defense to cover the whole field any day.





Why would the Dolphins use their #1 pick for an ILB? There is no way they will invest that amount of money on ILBs, they already have Dansby signed for big money. I think they should trade back into the second round and pick up additional picks. There will be good value in the 2-4th rounds this year.

Cam Newton and Gabbert will be gone by 15, so trade back and select Mallett or Locker in the late 1st round, there would be some value to select them there. I think Cincy, Tenn, and Wash will be looking to trade back up into the first round to pick a QB to get the guy they want.

Dolphins will most likely not take a QB in the first, they havent since Dan the Man. The Fish will take someone we havent heard of or doesnt have a first rd grade. Remember Jamar Fletcher ? Remember that clown RB(John somebody) from Ole Miss? Ted Ginn ??? Pat White ?? The Fish can really pick'em.

AwwwwwRight Miami !!!

There is ONE player who will be ready to make an immediate impact on day one...

...Mark Ingram.

I pity the fool who passes on Ingram.

...oh yea, that crap about his knee is over-hyped as there have been no less than two respected doctors who have cleared him @ 100%.

Mad Dog Mandich passes away last night.
One of the most beloved and fervent dolfans. Not a word from Mando. Still waiting for Mandos article in his honor.

This is what i have said a million times here. I have no clue if I am right or not. but the truth is, everyone calling for a QB. This is not the draft to reach for one at all. Next years crop is a lot more solid for overall grades on the position as a whole. This group in this draft, there are just to many HUGE QB's for every guy. It may only be ONE thing, but they are big things.

Drafting a QB in a middle round, as a chance and a value pick makes sense. but none of these guys are worth drafting in my opinion early. the risk/reward is to great.

My point... None of them grade out better than Henne even. I know most of you hate Henne, I am one who does not and thinks he will be a really good QB. But if these guys can not even grade out better than the guy we have, why are people wanting to pick one of these guys early?

I don't get it. I understand that one, or two or maybe all of the guys in this draft MAY be great. But nothing points to this at all. So, It's not like drafting one of these QB's is playing red on a roulette wheel, it is more like playing a number, or evern green if you draft early. That just does not make sense to do in this draft with all our needs.

Just my opinion.

ingram wont make any impact with our current oline. luckily with no season we have 2 drafts to improve it. pouncey should and better be the pick

If the phins pick a QB, either Locker or Kaepernick should be one of these guys. It's not crazy, these 2 guys are better than Mallett. TO THE MANDICH FAMILY, MY DEEPEST SYMPATHIES

I read on PFT that steelers want to trade up to take pouncy and have him start next to his brother. If pouncy is there at 15 I think we can move to steelers spot

I also wanted to send my condolences to mandich family. Listening to phins games without maddog is gonna be very strange. RIP jim

I'm ok with the Pouncey pick, but not at 15, trade back some and then pick him if you can. I agree that this years QB crop only looks average at best, reminds me of the 1999 group. Dolphins need to take advantage of this and trade back in the first round, then if Pouncey is gone, trade back again and stockpile picks. Either Wash, Cincy, or Tenn would want to trade back into the 1st to get a QB. Dolphins still need to draft a QB somewhere in the draft, in the 5-7 rounds, bring him in as a project as the 3rd string. Get rid of Thigpen and bring in a veteran to push Henne. Stockpile picks and load up on offensive weapons RB, TE, deep threat WR. Give Henne one last chance by adding skilled players around him.

Mad Dog Mandich passes away last night.
One of the most beloved and fervent dolfans. Not a word from Mando. Still waiting for Mandos article in his honor.

Posted by: 72perfectstill | April 27, 2011 at 09:13 AM


Real Dolfans are listening to WQAM today to hear all the great Mandich clips and memories.

Salguero can blather on about the draft if he wants. I could care less right now.

RIP Mad Dog.

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