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Where the QBs should fall based on the grades

This being a Dolphins blog, it's about the quarterback here. Always. About. Quarterbacks.

I would tell you that 2011 could be remembered as the Year of the Quarterback because there are no less than 15 that might be selected in the coming draft. This could also very easily be the Year of the Quarterback Busts.

The reason I say that this year more than any other is that there is not one absolute, sure-fire, can't-miss quarterback that will be ready to go in the 2011 season opener. And there is no certain future starter here, either.

I wouldn't be surprised if we get half-a-dozen starters. I wouldn't be surprised if we get none. Based on the scouts I speak with and taking their grades into account, I have only nine QBs with grades worthy of picking these players as high as the third round -- two in the first round, four in the second round,, and three in the third round.

Beyond that? Doesn't matter. Tom Brady comes along in the sixth round once per generation. And a generation hasn't passed yet so forget that.

This quarterback draft if freaky that way. Maybe it has something to do with the fact most of these guys are coming out of a spread attack that makes them strangers to the Pro set. Colin Kaepernick comes out of the Pistol offense that makes him a total stranger to NFL brand offense.

All these guys have warts. There are no John Elways in this draft, folks.

First rounders:

Blaine Gabbert: The rumor around the league is there are teams considering trading up to No. 2 overall to pluck Gabbert. I can understand it because although he is not the best physical speciman QB in this draft, he is the most start-ready QB in this draft. That means he is more ready to start as a rookie than any other QB. This kid has the best footwork of any quarterback in the draft. I did not say good footwork. The best. That's important. There are questions about his ability to complete long and even intermediate passes. His completion rate on those was quite low in college. I believe that can bee addressed with solid coaching. I do know that Gabbert is very good at understanding how using his eyes can help him move safeties. It says a lot that this kid already has that figured out.

Cam Newton: Great kid. Great attitude. Driven. Contagious enthusiasm, which is one of the most important intangibles a QB can have because it infects the entire huddle. He's headed to Hollywood if he wants. But, unfortunately, there's a little detail about having to be a good quarterback involved in that. And he's just not ready to contend with NFL defenses at this point. Just isn't. He will be confused more often than not when he faces the defenses if he plays as a rookie. Period. Of course, Newton doesn't feel that way. "If I don't believe in myself, who else is going to believe in me?" Newton said. Someone will believe in Newton, perhaps may Carolina at No. 1. But ... He's a project. He's not ready to start right away. He needs to learn to call plays. He must improve his footwork. His technique is not the best, which sometimes affects his accuracy. But his arm is beyond question. He can make every throw. Despite the technical glitches, his accuracy was still pretty good. And he can extend plays like nobody's business. He won't do it as often in the NFL as he did in the SEC. He better not if he wants to stay healthy. But that ability to run is a big, big plus. I worry about the fact Newton has very little experience, having only one season as a starter under his belt. But if a team has two years to work with this kid before starting him, I think he's going to be great starting in 2013.

Second rounders:

Andy Dalton: Brilliant football mind. Killer instinct. Not fast or quick in space, but he has good pocket mobility. He can step up well and evade the rush. He has tons of experience, having played in 50 games with 34-3 record over the last three years including victories over outstanding teams such as Oklahoma and Boise State. His arm is good but not great. He takes coaching very well. He picks it up quickly. His release is very good in that it is quick and off good technique. Nice stroke. This player has all the intangibles.

Christian Ponder: This kid deserves to be a value pick for a West Coast offense, in my opinion. His arm is not strong enough to produce bigtime results outside the West Coast. Ponder also has a history of being injured and fighting shoulder problems. Those are pretty much Ponder's only problems. He is quick, he is mobile, he has 10.2'' hands, which are enormous. Newton, by contrast, has 9.699'' hands and they are considered average. Gabbert has big hands at 10.0''. The prototype is 9.4''. Why am I bringing this up? Big-handed QBs can be more effective in bad weather. They can grip better in the rain. They are almost tailor made for playing in outdoor, Northeast stadiums like Foxboro.

Ryan Mallet: Perhaps the best arm in the entire draft. That's important considering the position is built around the player's throwing arm. Mallett can throw the deep ball. He can throw the in-cut and deep out and seam pass that are must-haves for a quarterback to succeed in today's NFL. But playing quarterback is not always about the arm. Ryan Leaf had the arm. Jim Drunkenmiller had the arm. And they sucked. Here is the worry on Mallett: He is a target in the pocket and one that doesn't move all that well. He didn't recognize blitzes very well in college. That tells me the first year he's playing, he's going to be blitzed and hit and teams are going to try to make a coward of him. We shall see at that point what he is really made of. He seems to move slow in my opinion. That means he doesn't get out from under center and in a throwing position quick enough. I also question his conditioning. One scout told me he seems to tire in games and he seems to tire after long practices.

Jake Locker: Hard worker. Loyal, which I love. Great arm. Has speed to burn, having run a 4.52 at the Indianapolis Combine. Are you kidding me? Questionable accuracy. He played behind a less-than-stellar offensive line last year. He played hurt. But he apparently has issues getting comfortable in the pocket. His instincts tell him to scramble, to move out of the pocket, to get away from the hit. I guess that happens when your offensive line isn't great and you can run like the dickens. He has to get away from that stuff.

Third rounders:

Ricky Stanzi: He was coached by an NFL caliber staff so that matters. He's ready for what he is likely to face in the NFL meeting rooms and when he opens a playbook. He has a nice delivery in that it is quicker than average. But the arm is adequate. It doesn't take your breath away. He knows how to read defenses. He knows how to go through his progession. Again, he's been coached great. There are worries that Stanzi lacks the killer instinct that is so obvious in a guy such as Dalton. I worry about that because the NFL is dog eat dog.

Patrick Devlin: He's got prototype size (height, weight). He's been durable but he is kind of lean and did suffer a concussion last season, which is important these days. He has a compact release, he comes over the top and therefore doesn't get many passes batted. Dolphins fans recognize Chad Henne gets a ton of passes batted at the line of scrimmage. He's neither exceedingly fast or quick but he's not Mallettlike immobile. Intangibles? I worry about this kid's stick-to-it nature. He commited to the University of Miami out of high school and backed out. That torqued me off right away. He then went to Penn State but eventually left there as well when he couldn't win the starting job. That kinda, sorta bugs me because what? Is he going to ask for a trade if things don't go well in the pros? He's by all accounts a bright individual, an honor student in fact. That has shown in that Devlin is excellent at recognizing defenses, particularly blitzes. Obviously, you have to wonder about his level of competition. It didn't hurt Joe Flacco.

Colin Kaepernick: Arguably the second-strongest arm in the draft, tied with Newton and just behind Mallett. Smallish hands, and has only recently bulked up from 216 to 233 pounds. Kaepernick can make all the throws. He stood at that Senior Bowl practices and was good enough during the game. He can run. He's a winner. He is big enough for the big stage despite playing at small Nevada. But coming out of the Pistol offense worries me. It's going to take him a while. He's never seen the kind of defensive trickery he's likely to see in the NFL. He doesn't have the building blocks in reading defenses and going through progressions that Stanzi has. He's a project. But he is a value pick in the third round and can be a factor in two or three years.

That's it. There are no other quarterbacks worthy of going in the first three rounds according to the scouts and personnel people I speak with.

So if you want the Dolphins to draft a quarterback, you can forget about them reaching for a QB in the first round. They don't have a second round pick. If it is going to happen, barring a trade down, it will have to happen in the third round.



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We need a solid back-up to Henne and we all know Thigpen is NOT that guy. (anyone know the playing status of Pennington for 2011?).
Therefore we take a project QB in the later rounds like Colin Kaepernick and grab either Kolb or Palmer once the lock out is over.

Poizen says:
My point... None of them grade out better than Henne even. I know most of you hate Henne, I am one who does not and thinks he will be a really good QB. But if these guys can not even grade out better than the guy we have, why are people wanting to pick one of these guys early?

I have a question for you. There are only 32 NFL head coach and GM jobs in this country of 320+ million people. Would you be willing to risk your job on Henne making a massive leap forward, because that is what you would need to save your job.
You have already stated public that Henne will have competition at the position and you have no idea of when FA will begin and you know that the public and the owner are watching closely.

To not bring in the best possible competition at the most important and public position is an doorway to the unemployment line.

I have no problem with Ireland and Sparano being fired, especially Ireland. I have no faith in his ability to pick speed or talent and I do not trust his bigoted character. I will dance when they are fired because he will find a way to screw it up.

Last year Jake Locker was considered a top 10, if not top 5 talent. I don't think he lost that talent, qb's have down years for many reasons, even the best.

In my mock, I have the Dolphins taking him at 15. Be nice to work a trade down with the Chargers, pick up at least an extra 3rd and get Locker at 18, but Jags could have real interest in him, too.

I think the best plan is for the Dolphins to trade back with a team like New Orleans who wants a good DE pass rusher, then draft Jake Locker. If Wash passes on Locker than he will drop that far. I think Locker is a good pick at 23. Alot of teams in the begining of the 2nd round will be looking to draft a QB. I think Locker has the experience and intangibles to win in the NFL, he never had any weapons around him, give him a half season to learn things and he will be ready.

Jags have too many holes to fill, Garrard is an adequete QB, I don't see them picking a QB in the first round, more likely if one falls to them in the 2nd or 3rd they would make the pick. I look for the Jags to continue to improve pass rush and take a DE.

Cam Newton driven? Driven to be an "icon", like jay-z. Lol.

all I need to know about jake locker I saw against nebraska twice last year. pass on locker.

Cam Newton can't succeed at Carolina, he needs at least a year to learn in the NFL. Clausen isn't the answer either. Carolina should trade out of #1, if they can't then I would take Marcell Dareus or Von Miller to build up the defense, then sign a veteran free agent QB to lead the team.

Locker will not fall to 15 because Shanahan (skins)has a huge man-crush on him.
ESPN reports that Shanahan has been following Locker for years and will not pass if he is available at #10.

forget taking another linemen with the first pick. some of you are worse than this fo. offensive weapons will make the oline better. one offensive weapon who can't even stay out of altercations in his private life is not enough. draft rb, te, wr. this fo has only drafted on lineman worth a dang, long, the rest busts or question marks.

nhfin espn pft si and not even buddha have a clue what any gm will do in the draft.

ESPN, SI, PFT and not even Budda have any idea what any GM will do in the draft. They provide nothing more than entertainment in terms of who will draft who.

Locker would be an utter disaster. He's the second coming of Brady Quinn. He might have suckered a team or two if he'd entered the draft, but now everyone can see just how inaccurate he is.

If I have to take a QB from this underwhelming QB class, it's Ryan Mallett. He's got the arm, makes all the throws, has a huge upside.

Pouncey at 15 is at least 10 spots too high, and, in my view ought to be a second rounder. If I take O-line at 15, I'd rather have Carimi

When it came to the Redskins pick at No.10, Risdon (scout) had them choosing Washington quarterback Jake Locker. Then comes the scout's take. Get ready...

"I’m going with the thinking that (Skins coach Mike) Shanahan was gonna take him #1 last year. Mike’s stubborn enough to still see it, and he’s arrogant enough to think he’s the guy that can make Locker into Steve Young.”

Skins need a QB and Shanahan has his guy in his sights...Locker is a "lock" for Skins!



Here is a mock draft from 2010 just grabbed off the net....nowhere does ANYONE mention Odrick as a possible pick by the Dolphins which just goes to show that even the so called "experts" got it wrong in a big way.

Miami Dolphins: Jerry Hughes, DE/OLB, TCU
If Dan Williams is available, I believe he'll be the pick. Nose tackle is a huge need, and Bill Parcells' coaching staff had the opportunity to get to know Williams at the Senior Bowl. The fact that he was a 4-year starter at Tennessee is huge.

However, if Williams is off the board, there's a good chance Miami trades down; the team has huge needs at rush linebacker, free safety and nose tackle, and they don't have a second-round pick to help fill all of those holes.

One guy the Dolphins seem interested in, even at No. 12, is Jerry Hughes. Hughes has the experience, production and athleticism that Parcells loves. Outside of Jason Pierre-Paul, Hughes resembles DeMarcus Ware the most from an athletic standpoint - and Hughes doesn't have the same slight character and production concerns that Pierre-Paul possesses.

2010 NFL Draft Day - Final Thoughts: Both Mel Kiper and Todd McShay have Sergio Kindle here. I considered Kindle as well, but Jerry Hughes is the better athlete and seems like the better complement for Cameron Wake. Kindle is a one-trick pony as a pass-rusher, while Hughes can be very effective against the run as well. I'm going against the grain here. Miami may grab Hughes in the 20s if it swaps picks with the Eagles.




Jake Locker a 2nd rd pick?? he will most likely be gone before 15. If not he will def be picked by Seattle at 25. Definitely disagree about Devlin and Stanzi being worth 4rd rd picks as well. They are 4th rders at best Devlin prolly 5th or 6th and that'd be reaching after his terrible pro day. Also Kaepernick may fall out of the top 64 but not by much and some teams are really high on him enough for a 2nd rd pick for sure. Tyrod Taylor is the next best QB after Stanzi with a 5th rd grade. McElroy is better than Devlin as well...

UT, agree with picking Locker at 15 but if we could land that trade w the Saints he may still be available at 24... I've heard that the Vikings and Titans like Locker alot though...

Locker is the next Elway


Thigpen is a twig. Locker bull rushes DBs

Ponder may go 1st rd as well...





1. Ryan Mallet #29(Bears)
2. CANNON (huge OG from TCu) (Bears)
3. Taiwan Jones #79 .... lighting fast
4a DJ WILLIAMS, TE #111 (Mallets top receiver)
4b G.JONES #127(Bears) ILB
5. Enderle, QB (Idaho)#146
6. Ricardo Lockett #179 WR
7a Powell, RB 217

Then ... once we can pick up FA .... get Deangelo Williams, RB

and .... trade HENNE for #3 pick in 2012
and trade that #3 pick to Cincy for C.PALMER

our QB situation in 2012 will then be


Powell is most likely gone by 6th rd it'd make more sense picking Powell in the 5th and Enderle in the 7th. He isn't rated that high...

some of these trade down scenarios are hillarious. how about lets trade down for the pats 17 and two 2nds and a 3rd. Why not?

lets trade up to #3 and give up a 6th round pick. why not?

once fa starts, lets trade thigpen for rivers straight up. then lex for adrian peterson.

Well, Since you asked. Am I willing if I am one of 32 GM's in the league to go with Henne:

Here we go:

I am not at everyday practice. BUT, from what I have seen from Henne, there are indicators he has a ton of talent, and that he was over ciached with the o-ccord. I would be willing to give Henne the benefit of the doubt and bring in a solid verteran if we can.

I would be more fearful of wasting a high draft pick with just as many downsides as upsides. I look at next years possible crop of QB's and the 4 best has more solid allaround ability thatn the 1st QB we have this year. And this is as a package. Obviiously none of them are as athletic as Newton. however all other skills are better for the most part.

So it seems the more prudent thing, would be to get competition for Henne with a good vet, That way if Henne is not the guy we have a solid vet to teach a QB we draft next year.

again, Just my opinion.

The fact is No one can predict whats going to happen especially due to possible trades and team movement. Trades can have a huge impact on how teams draft and who will be available.

I'm hoping for a best case scenario where we can trade down to pick up a 2nd rounder and still be able to get someone like Ingram or Pouncey in round one.

However I realize this is a very slim possibility.

Heard an interview today with a talent scout (a guy who usually doesn't follow the pack) and he said Locker's getting a bad rap:
A- the kid was hurt last year
B- his team SUCKED
C- his oline was worse that ours
D- his receivers bite

That was the reasoning for his inaccuracy (about 53%, which is not good). But the guys says he can make the throws, is very loyal (like Mando says), willing to be coached up, can succeed in the NFL.

So, take that for what it's worth. If we went for a QB in the 2nd round (if we move back and pick up a 2nd), and Locker is still there, I say we take him.


Just google "Ryan Mallett Scantron". Guy is BRILLIANT!


Wonder if this is the scout you refer to....

Similarly, Razzano was down on former Washington quarterback Jake Locker – until he watched more tape.

“Everybody says he’s inaccurate,” Razzano said as Locker completed an intermediate pass against USC on the TV behind him. “He’s not – he throws a great ball! It’s a low-percentage offense. There’s never anybody open underneath, and he’s got no protection. You can see it if you look closely enough. People are stupid."

Here's a link to the article. Good read.


Mike Band over at DraftAce made a comment recently that sticks with me. "What teams don't run a form of the West Coast passing game? They all do, and it's about time fans start to realize it."

Given that, I'm all for Ponder in a Dolphins uniform. We just need to get rid of the guy currently occupying jersey #7.

the one thing parcells said last night that made sense was, when you're looking at a qb, you have certain things you are looking for; size, arm strength, comp % above 60%. he said, "if a qb isn't completing at least 60% of his passes in college don't think that you're going to be able to take the kid and make him better." "he's not going to become more accurate in the nfl than he was in college." so, where locker is concerned he shouldn't even be a consideration in the first three rounds of this draft. he doesn't have the accuracy necessary to get the job done at the college level he certainly will not improve at the pro level.

Wonderful inteview wth Larry Little on the Michael Irvin show (WQAM)remembering Jim Mandich. Buoniconti will be on later.

I know the draft is important but you fellas will have to forgive me for having no interest in it today.

Love you, #88.


This may explain away some of the accuracy issues, it may not....

Before I departed, Razzano wanted to give me one, final look at his favorite quarterback in this year’s draft. “Let’s watch Favre,” he said before catching himself. “I mean Locker. Man … I’m calling the guy ‘Favre.’ ”

Watching Locker roll to his right and release the ball just before an oncoming pass rusher arrived, Razzano exclaimed, “Look, he puts his shoulder into it. Look! It’s just like Favre. If people can’t see that …”

I could almost feel the Excitement Meter shaking with seismic abandon. Razzano paused the tape and continued: “My first exposure to Locker, watching a game on TV, I did not like what I saw. He threw errant passes and wasn’t very accurate. But then I saw the tape and realized it’s not him. He had more drops [by receivers] than anyone in the Pac-10, and he was running for his life – his line was probably the worst in the conference. And he still made plays with the game on the line. The guy’s a winner.”

Razzano hit play on the remote and paced around the room as Locker faked a handoff, rolled to his left and threw a touchdown pass to a receiver in the middle of the end zone.

“Look at him here,” Razzano said, “throwing against the grain …”

here are my rationalizations for our picks:

1. ireland is set on providing this team with a better pass rush. everyone knows the offense needs to improve but ireland also knows that the draft is top heavy with defensive picks and if he can get a pass rusher to compliment wake he's going to try for it. a championship caliber defense needs to produce in excess of 50 sacks a season. thus, my pick on defense in the first round.

2. besides the obvious needs on the o-line at guard and center the team needs to begin looking for a replacement for vernon carey. insurance is needed at the right tackle position should carey go down again. none of the players who took his place had the impact carey had at the right tackle position but carey's health and ability to play a full season are a concern. thus, the pick of derek newton in the fifth.

3. speed at wide receiver is something that needs to be added; everyone knows that. greg little isn't a fast guy but he is a dominant player at the position because he will go after the ball and fight for it. he is very strong and can wrestle it away from a defender. little would also be able to get off the line because of his strength and is also good at breaking tackles and getting yards after the catch. he is also an exceptional blocker. he isn't much smaller than virgil green or dj williams and he is much stronger. they could possibly line him up at the tight end position in a 3 wide set and basically have four very good receiving threats in the game. thus, my pick of little in the 3rd.
ricardo lockette is fast and has very good hands. he's a small school prospect but a lot of receivers in this league have come from small schools. he could provide the ability to spread the field that this team needs. thus, my pick of lockette in the sixth.

there are also other obvious needs on offense at running back, o-line and qb.
thus, my picks of danny watkins, ryan bartholomew, ricky stanzi, bilal powell, dion lewis and johnny white. finally, i round it out with keith darbut. i belive all of these playears will contribute in their first year on this team. barholomew may be the project of the bunch but he's fast for his size and has tremendous strength. despite being a 7th rd pick he may end up being a starter at center.
a backfield that consists of bilal powell, dion lewis and johnny white could be one of the best combinations of three backs in the league. parcells said last night that when it comes to evaluating backs there really is not prototype. you have big backs and small backs. you have elusive backs and those who run over tacklers. what you're looking for is production. all 3 of these guys were producers in college.

I don't see a lot of impact players in picks 15-32 so why not trade out of round 1 and try to pick an extra 1 for next year? We could trade down with someone like San Diego and then move out with someone that wants to draft a Mallet/Locker in the late 20's
Andrew Luck is coming out next year and we could use the extra ammo to trade up for him.

if it's a rationalization being presented where locker is concerned why would so many people be willing to rush to his defense where his accuracy issues are concerned but not henne when henne suffered the same fate. he was constantly under pressure because his line couldn't block for $hit and he had receivers dropping balls and he also had them falling on the ground and tipping balls in the air resulting in interceptions. so, why is it if locker's accuracy can be defended in that way that nobody will come to henne's defense in the same way. henne completed over 60% of his passes and in some games he was as high as 73%. but, instead of looking at the circumstances surrounding henne people will justify locker's innacuarcy with the same defense that can be used for henne. don't get the rationale.

This is a good year to stay away from drafting a QB high. Why? because too many teams have need at qb and this draft is full a potential misses. No sure fire picks after Newton and Gabbert. Plus the two 1st round grade QB's will be gone by 15#.

Much better to look for the trade back, find a quality G 1st or rush LB if he falls to the Dolphins, then get speed at WR, RB and hopefully TE.

Ireland does this then he has had a good draft.

Target D Williams, V Young and a G in FA.

If Ireland does that then has has had a very good off season. Still have the problem with Mr. FG being way over his head though...

As a member of G.O.D(Gang of defeat)(or as lil Aloco would say :GANG OF DEFEET) I hope the mighty air breathers pick Ingram, He is a winner of the most prestigous award but from what I'm hearing up here New England will be picking him for there second 1st round pick...(How does this happend,I mean New England has so many picks in the 1st 3 rounds(And this after being a rebuilding year for them(2 and 14)this is not right........

Sorry they were 14 and 2........................

It's time for 'Gary Stevens Revies the Facts'

FACT 1: Even by the '1st round QB crapshoot' standards -- there are no safe bets in this draft.

FACT 2: The closest things to safe bests (Newton, Gabbert, Locker) are not 'plug and play' first round starter material.

FACT 3: The Dolphins Head Coach and General Manager are on a tight leash and cannot afford to let a rooke QB learn on the job.

FACT 4: The Lockout will likely cripple the ability for the Dolphins (and their brand new Offensive Co-ordinator) to acquire an FA QB on time or to bring that QB (rooke or veteran) up to speed on the offense.

The result of these four facts: Your Miami Dolphisn QB in 2011 is...Chad Henne.

i like what parcells said last night about "the economic devastation" a team suffers by making a bad decision on a firt round pick. one of these guys, mallet, kaepernick, dalton could be the franchise qb a team needs but there is no clear indication they will be. people argue that, if we miss on taking mallet and he turns out to be a great qb in this league we will be sorry but we will be just as sorry if we take him and he turns out not living up to the expectation. mallet has a great arm but who knows what he will be like when he gets the money. others, kapernick, dalton and ponder, etc. may never become anything other than ok starters or good backups. so, drafting one of these guy high, like in the first round, would be a mistake. if another team wants to take a chance because they "don't want to miss out" so be it. if they turn out ok you live with it. but, it's worse taking one of them and living with a bust.

there will be a scramble in the middle of the draft to pick up a few players who have slipped to the middle of the round. The phins should try and trade down not once, but twice and pick up a second and additional third draft pick. They will then be able to address most of their needs.

i also like one stat parcells thru out. in the last decade 60 qb's were taken in the first round. of those 60, 35 did nothing and some don't even play in the league anymore. 10 of the remaining guys may have been good starters for their teams and about 4 were elite.


Henne had his fair share of drops by receivers, no doubt. His accuracy may have been padded by the high number of dump offs, though.

Locker is much more mobile, and seems to be able to run/move away from oncoming pressure, not step/duck right into it. He also appears to be able to throw well when flushed out of the pocket.

Of course, who knows what happens at the next level? Just my shot at this.

Gary, You forgot a most important fact that I'll call #5, Because of 1 through 4 Miami will end up as 3 and 13, The Fist pumper will be gone by week 11 and Ireland let go after the end of the season.....IMHO..


Teams may not have to worry about "the economic devastation" aspect of failed first round picks, due to an expected rookie wage scale. It may even begin with this draft, after a new deal is worked out.

Locker or Pouncey at 15

if you look at video of henne there are a number of plays where they rolled him away from pressure and he was very accurate throwing on the run even across his body. however, if you look at this past year you don't see those types of plays. why? henne is a talented qb. dabol and sparano need to be on the same page this year and give this a chance at showing what he can do with his arm instead of giving him an offensive scheme that the defense can shut down. finally, everyone places the dink and dunk and checkdown thing all on henne's shoulders. remember, receivers need to get open further downfield. if they can't it doesn't help the qb. he will need to take what the defense is giving him in order to have any kind of success. if you watched most or all of the games in 2010 you would see that our receivers were less than stellar at getting off the line and getting open.

Steelers will trade down and we could get more than one pick for Pouncey. 31 63 and 95 (127th maybe) for # 15 Pouncey. They want to reunite the brothers and the Giants want him at 19 so they will look to trade down before NYG.


Parcels is a punk to out the Dolphins draft board on national TV. WTF! He is taking a check from Ross currently. How does he rationalize this? Man the ego on this guy is amazing. Especially when he hasn't done anything in football in 20 years.

parcells has been 100% done with the dolphins for months, not taking a check.

...Alright Odin. It is showdown time. I challenge you to a duel!

After much thought, and trying to follow the protoype players I think the Dolphins would pick. Here is what I would do if I were the GM and had to choose at the positions we are at now. No trades.

15...Pouncey. I'm not 100 percent sold because I would like a playmaker. None to be found, Pouncey is the best value here
Round 3..Luke Stocker TE. We need a tight end. Stocker by all accounts is the second rated tight end in the draft.
Round 4...Colin McCarthy Ilb.. Could be the replacement for Crowder. Can cover, good against the run. Team leader
Round 5...Darell Scott RB... We need a running back that has some speed. Good value here IMO
Round 6.. Greg Mcellroy..QB. Excellent pedigree, Smart, WINNER. Did not lose a game until his senior year of college. This includes high school
Round 7.. Ricardo Lockette WR..Fast outside reciever, could return kicks as well
Round 7...Jerron Johnson SS..We need depth at this position. Big hitter. All the Boise kids are well coached, I'm sure he can play special teams..
Round 7...Mike Pearson G..Fits the protoype size for lineman. Is athletic, can pull,and block at the next level. Played fot the State J.V. so this says a lot that I would include him in my mock.

So there it is. I know that Running back, and reciever are not addressed until later. These are 2 positions with tons of depth for our needs in free agency.. Interior offensive line, and tight end need to be addressed via the draft as the free agent class is not great for either position. This was my strategy, and I tried to follow the guidlines I think the GM would in the real draft.

Yes Aloco, they(Hollywood Ross) Is just putting off what should have been done after losing to the Browns,Lions, and Bills at home in the last 5 weeks of the season, Lets face it, who here believes Fisty can bring a Super bowl to the Fins????Anyone???let me hear you........

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