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The Dolphins' mock: Rounds 1 through 3

This Dolphins draft is as much about quantity as quality only in that the team has to find a way to stave off the Patriots with their legion of five picks in the first three round and the Bills, which have only three picks the first three rounds but are taking their turns at the top of those rounds.

The Dolphins have a first round pick (15th overall) and are not scheduled to pick again until the third round with the 79th overall selection. The Pats will have picked five times by then.

I gave this long consideration as I set out to do my Dolphins mock for the first three rounds.

Having thought about it, I decided the Dolphins must move heaven and Earth to get back that one of two second round picks they used in the trade for, ahem, Brandon Marshall. And that's why my mock includes a trade back for Miami.

I believe the Dolphins will have the opportunity to trade back and for my purposes today I am saying the trade back partner is New Orleans. The Saints, you see, are a team on the cusp of playing for another title. They are thisclose to getting back to Super Bowl caliber. And so they need quality, not quantity. They want to get higher in the draft to pick a more dynamic player, and likely a defender in this defender-rich draft.

So for our purposes I'm making a trade for Miami.

(Full disclosure: This is just done in fun and as speculation. This is not based on anything sources are saying has been discussed or will happen. Just want to let everyone know that because the Internet can be a freaky place.)

I envision the trade as follows: The Dolphins trade their first round pick (No. 15 overall) and their third round pick (No. 79 overall) to New Orleans. The Dolphins get the Saints' first round pick (No. 24 overall), their second-round pick (No. 56 overall) and one of their third round picks (No. 88 overall).

What does this accomplish. It gets the Saints nine spots higher in the first round ostensibly to pick a better player. It moves the Dolphins down to a place in the draft I believe the value for what they're looking for -- running back, offensive line, wide receiver -- is greater.

Yes, the Saints lose their second rounder. But they have two third-rounders anyway. Yes, the Dolphins have to drop back in their third round. That's the price of dropping in on the previously closed-to-them second round.

And so here we are, at No. 24 overall in the first round.

With the 24th overall selection in the 2011 NFL draft, the Miami Dolphins select: Mike Pouncey (Center) of the University of Florida. I hate the pick. And I love the pick. I hate it because Pouncey will never score touchdowns. But I love it because it is a value selection at No. 24 -- five spots lower than where his brother Markice went to Pittsburgh. I also love it because the Dolphins need a center to solidify their offensive line. The position has been unsettled since 2008. Joe Berger is nice but his best asset to the team is as a backup. Pouncey could be the starter for the next decade.

With the 56th overall selection in the 2011 NFL draft, the Miami Dolphins select: Daniel Thomas (Running back) Kansas State. Mark Ingram will be gone by this spot. So will Mikel Leshoure, whom I would think the Dolphins will consider in the first round but pass on because he's not a value at No. 15 nor No. 24 for that matter. So it's the next best guy on the board at Miami's greatest position of need. Ryan Williams is also a candidate here, but I just think Thomas is bigger, quicker and fumbles less. Don't hate.

With the 88th overall selection in the 2011 NFL draft, the Miami Dolphins select: Traiwan Jones (Running back) Eastern Washington. I'm more excited about this running back than the previous one, but this one is too risky to take in the second round. Jones is a bullet. He ran a 4.30 on the Miami scouts' stopwatches at his Pro Day two weeks ago. He is a home run waiting to happen and the Dolphins need some of those on offense and special teams. By the way, the Dolphins have doubled down on draft picks before, picking two cornerbacks in the 2009 draft. I hope Arkansas tight end D.J. Williams will be here when Miami picks but he probably won't be. I love that kid. He reminds me of Keith Jackson.

I know, I know, you're going to wonder why I didn't address the QB spot. Well, this doesn't mean I'm on board the Chad Henne bandwagon. If you read my columns, this blog and listen to my radio show, you know that already. But I wait to address it in free agency. I go get a veteran.

OK, that's a lot to chew on. And there is much work for you to do. It is your turn to give me your Dolphins mock for rounds 1 through 3. If you believe the Dolphins will trade, you have to use that scenario in your draft as I did.

We will do rounds 4-7 next week.



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Repost from last Blog:

Marshall and Michi will work out all the legal aspects. They probably already are as he's been released from the hospital and she's out on bond.

She has already been charged. They can't change that. Now they will both refuse to cooperate with police just like they did last time. Disorderly charges were dropped then and they'll hope for the same this time.

Marshall will promise the best attorneys, so she'll drop the self defense claims. She'll plea the charges down to a lesser offense if they don't get dropped altogether.

The lockouts bad enough and if Brandon gets a future suspension it will only hurt both of them more in the long run financially. So she'll shut up about any wrong doings on Brandon's part.

She'll take the hit because she ALREADY drew the charges. That is, if they're not dropped altogether. At worst she'll get a tether/home detention and some probation. The courts will require all kinds of counselling. Most of it geared towards anger management and conflict resolution skills.

Team officials will call for AT LEAST some marriage counseling.

Case Closed, End of Story..............at least temporarily....................

PS: I wonder if sleeping with one eye open messes with your hand eye coordination?

1. Ryan Mallet

3. DJ Williams/Virgil Green(Availability)

Maybe foolish to pass on Mallet. Press says he's dropping but could be entirely different story under war room pressure. Someone will lose their balls and take Mallet 1st rd.

Still have resign Brown and fa for rb's. Mario Fannin project 6th rd ran 4.37 40 at 231lbs. Imagine what he could run playing around 215-220lbs. Just need change of pace speed back.

Mando, it's hard to argue with your picks and if that exact scenario were to happen, I couldn't complain. Here's my ideal (and hopefully realistic scenario)

Trade 1st rd pick (#15) to San Diego for 1st rd pick (#18) and 3rd rd pick (#82).

Rd 1 - Mike Pouncey OG Florida - I really feel that if Pouncey is available at #19, the Giants will take him. Pouncey steps in at LG and starts from day 1, allowing Incognito to play center.

Trade both 3rd rd picks (#79 & #82) along with 2012 4th rd pick to about pick #50 and draft Mikel Leshoure RB Illinois.
Leshoure's talent level says he should go higher than this, but not many teams need a RB.

Rd 4 - DJ Williams TE Arkansas - he is projected to go in rd 4 and I think he'll be there for us.

If we are able to land Pouncey, Leshoure, and DJ Williams, I would be ecstatic. There are still a few needs to fill in rd's 5-7, but this would be a great start.

Not going to matter who rb is if Henne cant throw downfield consistently. Pouncey wont make great difference when always 8 in the run box.

Armando youre drafting more of the same. We'll still be in fist pump city.

Henne scares me so much Im willing to gamble on Mallet's much rumored character issues.

I have them trading down. But not quite as low as you think. Only 3 spots to our friends in san diego. And in return we get one of their 3rd rounders (82nd overall). With the 18th Pick we take.. Ryan Kerrigan or JJ watt. Do you really think this regime is going to pass up on the depth at defensive end in this draft... No WAY! Did anyone expect them to take odrick last year... noooo. They will go defensive end with the first pick. Bet on it

If the dolphins can trade down further they will. but I doubt they can. So I think with the 79th Selection they will get your boy armando... Taiwan Jones. then follow that up with the 82nd pick on DJ williams.

And hope we can find the answer for QB in free agency. There is the Dolphins mock Draft from the CaymanDolfan!


I have to love any mock with Taiwan Jones.

I like the idea of an offensive lineman, just not Pouncey. I like one of the monster Tackles there.

Double dipping that early on the RB's could be considered questionable by more than a few people.

Overall though, I like it. Definitely fills some voids.

PS: Pretty cool tradeback scenario too. Did you mean we should use this exact tradeback scenario in our own mocks?

The fact we finished 31st in points scored and replaced Henning with a guy who's offense finished 29th in scoring doesnt seem to scare you guys very much.

Henne scares me so much Im willing to gamble on Mallet's much rumored character issues.

Posted by: DyingBreed | April 24, 2011 at 12:46 AM


Henne doesn't scare me........or any opposing DC's either-LOL!

I want him to develop some character and learn how to scare some opposing defenses!

Wonder how well can Taiwan Jones run with 8 in the box. Awful close quartered running for a guy with known fumble issues.

DC's all over the league will instruct guys to attack the ball before tackle to ground. I see footballs hitting the ground all over the place with this kids. That really scares me.

here's a question. if you have a robert quinn fall to the #15 spot and you are looking to trade down does your #15 pick become more valuable than it would have been if lesser players were available. robert quinn is one of the prized possessions in the first round and one would think that teams would be salivating at the thought of being able to trade up and get him.

im sorry armando but if henne was a bit more consistant your mock would be perfect for us we are in need of a great center and rb but the team is essentially led by its qb and thats where hopefully mallet will come in to play and if he learns to be a leader will be a great asset to are offensive arsenal


I think Quinn will fall. Maybe not all the way to 15, but he'll fall.

I'm hoping to 15, because in my thinking this definitely makes our pick more valuable.

Big Day tomorrow. I got to go hide some Eggs!

Happy Easter and to ALL a Good Night.


Princess, you can't get invited to the Royal Wedding unless you can spell "Royal"! You did not spell it correctly so you have been REMOVED from the invitees!

We play much better passing offenses than in 2010. Last season finishing with 39 sacks. We'll need at least 55 sacks this season due to the eneptness of our offense.

Basically if we draft a pass rusher 1st rd. We need him to be a probowler his 1st season. He and Wake need at least 15 sacks a piece. Dont know about you guys but I dont see him in this year's draft.

PS: I understand all the reasoning behind the Mallet talk.

Seriously, do you really think it's going to happen? C'mon MAN!

Besides, he's got Ryan Leaf written all over him-LOL!

I just cant figure out how drafting a rb and olineman high will make our run game fair much better against 8 in the box. The qb is the key to having a more successful run game by being a consistent downfield passer.

Henne played down to the competition in college and is repeating that pattern in the pros.

Right, completely ignore the biggest problem on the team.

If for some reason Miami can't trade back. I think they will take Mallet. If its between Pouncey, Mallet, or Ingram then Mallet is the pick at 15. It is consistent with what the Dolphins brass has been saying all along, that they will bring in someone to challenge Henne right away. Who in Free agency will challenge Henne? No one! What's interesting is that I think Miami might be able to acquire a 2nd round pick with some team once the 1st round is over.

If the dolphins can get their man at 15, either QB or RB, they won't trade down, both positions are vital to this team. Based on that, my opinion Armando is that this draft is a a crap shoot for the Dolphins and therefore unpredictable! But I do like the names you mentioned, Leshoure and Taiwan Jones in particular. Good luck on your pick guys!

definitely agree on the sack number. we need to be somewhere in the mid to high 50's per year in sacks. if we can get to that number we will have a much better chance of winning games and becoming that championship caliber team we are all hoping for. i'm surprised you don't see anyone who can help in that respect. i would think either aldon smith or justin houston could get us to that point.

Wished you guys understood how successful downfield passing opens up successful running. Then when the defense gears up to stop the run it agains opens up successful passing. Defenses cant load up to stop both.

It begins with successful downfield passing. Problem with the Marino era is olineman werent even motivated to run block being so hynotized by great passing talent.

To add I think Miami will get DJ williams and taiwan jones in the draft. You can get a guard late and take a chance on a burner WR late as well. In Free agency the will get Deangelo Williams.
So if Miami ends up with all the above and Mallet it would be ideal, and this ideal is feasible.

DB, the argument can also be made that successful running opens up the passing game. You need both!!!!

i'm sorry dude but you're spreading rumours about tawain jones that you can't substantiate. he had ZERO fumbles in his last two years at eastern washington. where are you getting your info from?


The position Misi plays is the toughest for olb's to dominate their 1st season. 7-8 sacks the 1st season is almost unheard of. I see no way a rookie comes in plays that spot and have doubledigit sack total we truly need.

Lamar Woodley is one of the best in the business, played the exact spot for 5 seasons now, and still he totaled 10 sacks last season.
You guys think we're going to draft a guy to play Misi's spot and he'll equal or out do Woodley his 1st season?


Havent researched Jones. Those are the rumors Ive been hearing here from supposed guys who have.

i definitely do not agree with armando's trade scenario. if we trade down to the #24 position and give new orleans our first and third they are moving up in two rounds and we get two lower picks in the same two rounds that we traded our picks in. not going to happen. if we give them our higher third also we are getting a fourth in return for the higher first and the higher third. where's the value we would get otherwise.


It's hard to argue with much of your logic here. Pouncey makes a lot of sense for the Dolphins in your tradeback scenario. I don't love the guy, I don't think he'll be as good as his brother and I have questions about him long term as a centre. However, to take him at 24 seems reasonable to me. I don't like your pick of Daniel Thomas. He doesn't impress me. The guy I want it Leshoure but if he's gone I want Ryan Williams. Better overall skillset than Thomas, who is more plodding. I have questions about DJ Williams and I'm not as in love with him as you are. All in all, not an awful start to your mock.


Despite Henne's inconsistent downfield passing still as a team we average over 100yds rushing per game. Thats consistently with 8 defenders in the box because of Henne's downfield passing inconsistencies.

The oline wasnt as horrible as some here think. Henne's downfield passing inconsistencies added to it looking that way.

Great downfield passers changes the momentun for an offense. Dink and dunk boors the players and they play with very little enthusiasm.

Does this sound like the 2010 fins offense? Guess what, Henne will be back.

Nothing fires up an offense and home crowd like a great downfield passer. Nothing demoralizes a defense and ooposition home crowd like a great downfield passer.

Makes the crowd and defense both feel helpless.

Hate rapping on Henne, he may improve, but he aint getting "much" better folks. He was nearly the same at Michigan.

Great...now all we need is Henne (or someone else) to

'pass downfield'...

Just sayin.

ronnie brown had less than 40 yds a game 7 times in 2010 and the team avg was a dismal 3.7 ypc. no matter how you slice it the running game did not help the offense at all. you need to run the ball better and more consistently to help the passing game. if you aren't capable of running the ball it makes it difficult to get anything going on offense. you need an effective running game, otherwise, how can you use plays like play action to hold the linebackers and give your receivers time to get open. anyway, face it. the entire offense was broken last year from the line to the running backs to the receivers not being able to get open.

We had a qb like Henne who wasnt going to get much better. That was Jay Fiedler. However Fiedler had far more toughness and balls.

Still we were far from the big dance.

I'm still having a tough tome getting over....

"The Defendant was read Miranda on scene wherein post miranda she stated she
stabbed the victim
(wait for it...)


I'm just sitting here, laughing my @ss of, reading about the trouble that these idiots get themselves into.
Then again I'm crying thinking about the trouble the DOLPHINS get themselves into...

Think about it...Once the season resumes
and they read her account on the police report...(pressed charges or not) I'm thinking that he serves at least a one game suspension.


A lot of that can be attributed to lack in time of possession. Not neccessarily defense. Because of Henne's lack of consistent downfield passing everything had to be long sustained drives.

When not kicking field goals we were getting an awful lot of 3 and outs too. Then add times the defense although limiting opponents scores had a few issues getting opposing offenses off the field in under 4 1/2 minutes.

That eliminates touches for your rb's too. That alone could have given our offense an additional 5 minutes or more time of possession. Not saying that Henne does much more with it. Henne was king of dink and dunk.

Fiedler may have had those things that you said he had....but HE STILL WAS A HORRIBLE 'DRIVE KILLING' PIECE OF CARDBOARD!!!!!!!!


Youre seeing it backwards. The passing offense makes the running game go by forcing 8 out of the run box. Then when the defense drops 8 out of the box to clog downfield passing lanes chew them up to make DC commit 8 to the run box again.

Its pick your poison offense that begain with good downfield passing to first open run game by forcing 8 men out of the run box.


Just like Henne.

Neither Henne nor Fiedler are great downfield passers. Sparano's even said at times when Henne was given greenlight he still dinked it down.

a mock posted on the SS site by sam farmer? who polled 32 writer's, etc. has miami taking robert quinn at #15.

Because of Henne's downfield passing inabilities or whatever you wanna call it. DC were fully aware to shutdown our run game with 8 in the box because Henne couldnt or wouldnt beat them thru the air.

On offense we were the one legged man in the fight.

Henne Doesn't have a southern accent...

Fieldler's drove me crazy....

...and it was like wanny LOVED the guy no matter how poorly he did.

Wanny could have drafted Ben Rothlesberger

The emotional pain is making me digress...)

Wanny should never have been an NFL Coach.


Taking Quinn will be great. Does he score points too?

Mark my words. We will never be a great offense with Chad Henne as starting qb.

I'm still laughing about the CIRCUS going on @ Brandon Marshall's house!

It just so funny.

Henne's the same highly inconsistent qb he was his entire time at Michigan. Parcells errantly became enamored with his size and strong arm. We will always be middle of the pack at best with Henne at the controls.

Consider yourselves duely warned.

Win or lose. A qb is guy you have to be able to have full confidence he gives you a great chance to win every single game.

Can any sane man in this blog honestly say that about Chad Henne?

A qb with a bright future does not go 1-7 at home.

Then 6-2 on the road. Thats wildly inconsistent in play. You dont have chances to win championships that way.

in 2011 with Henne we have just as great a chance to be 6-2 at home and 1-7 on the road. That's how inconsistent he is as a qb.

long, sustained drives are what is needed to tire opposing defenses out and give your offense a better chance of scoring and your defense a chance to rest. long, sustained drives are the result of a combination of running plays and short to intermediate pass plays. very few teams other than the dan marino-lead dolphins of the 80's threw downfield consistently drive after drive. if you recall those teams we would usually end up in a shootout because our defense was on the field too often because of how fast we scored. miami's inability to run the ball to help sustain drives resulted from poor offensive line performance mainly due to their inconsistent play due to injuries and moving guys in and out of the lineup so often. the o-line never had a chance to play together as a unit for any significant length of time so they couldn't get "anything going." good offensive line play is a key to a good offense and it helps the running game and the passing game. the biggest breakdown on offense was the play of the line. they were unable to block for the run or the pass. does it mean we need to draft and offensive lineman in the first round? not necessarily. good offensive lineman can be found in other rounds. we could get rackley in the third and he would be a good pick for us. we could probably plug him in at left guard from day one. we could pick derek newton and the fifth and he would also be a good pick for us. he may not start immediately but he could end up being carey's replacement at right tackle.
as far as DB's argument about the passing game is concerned it's like the man with the crooked eyes said, "i see everything a bit differently from everyone else." we are not going to fix every problem we have on offense in one year with one draft and we sure as heck are not going to draft someone who can supplant henne at the qb position this season. we can draft a qb so we have depth at the position and have someone we can bring along and possibly replace henne but we have more pressing needs on offense at this time than the qb position. i think what you either don't realize or you foregt DB is that brandon marshall and devone bess set the single season reception mark for a miami receiving tandem in 2010 with chad henne throwing them the ball. they beat out the trio of marino, clayton and duper. pretty impressive if you ask me.

We thought that Henne was improving. He isnt. Just staying true to form in how wildly inconsistent his career was at Michigan.

Im out!


Yeah and Duper/Clayton had less receptions for far more yardage. Marino wasnt dink and dunk.

Also good luck in consistency of those long sustained drives when the defense can camp 8 in the run box with extremely little fear of your downfield passing. It stared you right in the face in 2010 and you still didnt see it.

Marino was actually too good for the team's own good. The olinemen were spoiled thinking Marino would throw for 500yds a game and they'll never have to put much effort into run blocking ever again.

The San Francisco 49ers exposed that in Marino's one and only SB appearance and loss. I believe the oline figured why work hard to block when Marino can just fling it for 400-500yds in a single game.

Thats why we never had a great running game under Marino. At least greatly attributed to it.

Against the 49ers in that SB we couldnt run against even 4 defenders in the block. The oline relied to heavily on Marino. The lazy bastards. LOL...........

give me this line and you can put 8 in the box against me and i'll run against you all day:

lt jake long
lg danny watkins
c richie incognito
rg john jerry
rt vernon carey

if i've got this line and it stays relatively healthy for an entire season you can take your chances with your eight in the box and i will eat you alive and i will do it with ricky and ronnie as my backs. you put eight in the box against a team that can run the ball and you are toast when your back gets to the 2nd level because there is nobody there to tackle him.

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