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The Dolphins' mock: Rounds 1 through 3

This Dolphins draft is as much about quantity as quality only in that the team has to find a way to stave off the Patriots with their legion of five picks in the first three round and the Bills, which have only three picks the first three rounds but are taking their turns at the top of those rounds.

The Dolphins have a first round pick (15th overall) and are not scheduled to pick again until the third round with the 79th overall selection. The Pats will have picked five times by then.

I gave this long consideration as I set out to do my Dolphins mock for the first three rounds.

Having thought about it, I decided the Dolphins must move heaven and Earth to get back that one of two second round picks they used in the trade for, ahem, Brandon Marshall. And that's why my mock includes a trade back for Miami.

I believe the Dolphins will have the opportunity to trade back and for my purposes today I am saying the trade back partner is New Orleans. The Saints, you see, are a team on the cusp of playing for another title. They are thisclose to getting back to Super Bowl caliber. And so they need quality, not quantity. They want to get higher in the draft to pick a more dynamic player, and likely a defender in this defender-rich draft.

So for our purposes I'm making a trade for Miami.

(Full disclosure: This is just done in fun and as speculation. This is not based on anything sources are saying has been discussed or will happen. Just want to let everyone know that because the Internet can be a freaky place.)

I envision the trade as follows: The Dolphins trade their first round pick (No. 15 overall) and their third round pick (No. 79 overall) to New Orleans. The Dolphins get the Saints' first round pick (No. 24 overall), their second-round pick (No. 56 overall) and one of their third round picks (No. 88 overall).

What does this accomplish. It gets the Saints nine spots higher in the first round ostensibly to pick a better player. It moves the Dolphins down to a place in the draft I believe the value for what they're looking for -- running back, offensive line, wide receiver -- is greater.

Yes, the Saints lose their second rounder. But they have two third-rounders anyway. Yes, the Dolphins have to drop back in their third round. That's the price of dropping in on the previously closed-to-them second round.

And so here we are, at No. 24 overall in the first round.

With the 24th overall selection in the 2011 NFL draft, the Miami Dolphins select: Mike Pouncey (Center) of the University of Florida. I hate the pick. And I love the pick. I hate it because Pouncey will never score touchdowns. But I love it because it is a value selection at No. 24 -- five spots lower than where his brother Markice went to Pittsburgh. I also love it because the Dolphins need a center to solidify their offensive line. The position has been unsettled since 2008. Joe Berger is nice but his best asset to the team is as a backup. Pouncey could be the starter for the next decade.

With the 56th overall selection in the 2011 NFL draft, the Miami Dolphins select: Daniel Thomas (Running back) Kansas State. Mark Ingram will be gone by this spot. So will Mikel Leshoure, whom I would think the Dolphins will consider in the first round but pass on because he's not a value at No. 15 nor No. 24 for that matter. So it's the next best guy on the board at Miami's greatest position of need. Ryan Williams is also a candidate here, but I just think Thomas is bigger, quicker and fumbles less. Don't hate.

With the 88th overall selection in the 2011 NFL draft, the Miami Dolphins select: Traiwan Jones (Running back) Eastern Washington. I'm more excited about this running back than the previous one, but this one is too risky to take in the second round. Jones is a bullet. He ran a 4.30 on the Miami scouts' stopwatches at his Pro Day two weeks ago. He is a home run waiting to happen and the Dolphins need some of those on offense and special teams. By the way, the Dolphins have doubled down on draft picks before, picking two cornerbacks in the 2009 draft. I hope Arkansas tight end D.J. Williams will be here when Miami picks but he probably won't be. I love that kid. He reminds me of Keith Jackson.

I know, I know, you're going to wonder why I didn't address the QB spot. Well, this doesn't mean I'm on board the Chad Henne bandwagon. If you read my columns, this blog and listen to my radio show, you know that already. But I wait to address it in free agency. I go get a veteran.

OK, that's a lot to chew on. And there is much work for you to do. It is your turn to give me your Dolphins mock for rounds 1 through 3. If you believe the Dolphins will trade, you have to use that scenario in your draft as I did.

We will do rounds 4-7 next week.



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wolf's idea of drafting Kaepernick is a pretty good one, I just don't like him in the first either. At this point, he's a bit raw and there's no certainty he'll be a good pro. I like him but I have him as a late second or early third (even that might be a bit high). I haven't given up on Henne yet either but I like the idea of Kaepernick sitting for 2-3 years until he's more ready. We add a vet in free agency and let him and Henne battle it out. Keapernick plays in pre-season and gets reps in practice, all the timing developing and getting better physically and mentally. Henne is a FA after this season and there is NO guarantee he will stick around. At worst, Henne or Kaep become trade bait down the road.

Just wanted to wish everyone here a very Merry Christmas and a happy and prosperous New Year!

GP + cr m

end of the day mocks by us r just chat

sure kaep isnt 1st round grade or murray 2nd for sure (initially just wanted a 2nd rd pic that folk wouldn't argue would have gone)

sites r often hindsight reviewing previous drafts and constantly show that the order the picks r chosen doesn't reflect their ultimate performance value (scheme,team and coaching affect this too), but if u really want a player then u must pick him b4 u estimate he will go - not take the chance that they have gone when u next pic, if on the other hand your priority is never to reach then u must to a certain extent ignore your needs and pick the bpa , in so doing build your team year by year not try and transform it each year

thats actually the way i would do it, coz then u would likely have a fair spread of position picks with less reaching, picking bpa at each pic year on year, and fill absolute holes with fa , but the fins didn't play it that way last year imo, and no fa this year

- the reasoning behind my mock!!

24 of the 25 invitees have confirmed their presence for Round 1.


I respect your thinking. My only thoughts on the subject are I'm not in LOVE with Murray or Kaep, that I would take them a round or two early. I think it's really important that we hit on as many picks as poosible, and I'd prefer not taking these guys earlier than they should go. For example, while I like Murray, I wouldn't be disappointed if it ended up being Vereen or Todman a little bit later. I think a lot of these guys are interchangeable.

Your picks are completely fine, I'd just prefer they be a little later...no biggie.

We HAVE to take Ponder somewhere early. But not at the expense of Ingram.

Who is going to be on here live Thursday night? How about through the weekend? Who will be watching all three days?

Somebody mentioned here yesterday trading places with San Diego(our 15th for their 18th) and Miami's 1st in 2012 and our 5th this year for their two 2nd round picks this year. If so, go ahead and do it.The more desperate the more chances should be taken.

Who is going to be on here live Thursday night? How about through the weekend? Who will be watching all three days?

Posted by: Craig M | April 25, 2011 at 04:02 PM


I'd sooner plunge shish-kebab skewers into my eyes than put up wit Mel Kiper and the rest of those talking heads yammering away for three days.

I'll watch a couple of hours at most. The passage of time has taught me that draft "analysis" is completely worthless. And I do mean COMPLETELY.

its an honor to have u here mr marino sir

any reason for the preference for shish kebab skewers, they blunter?, sting more?

o, reading and contributing to fin blogs is close to worthless too, but some of us can't help ourselves with that either

I'll watch Rounds 1-4, 5-7 are for the highly gifted.

dan, it only looks worthless to those People with low Wonderlic scores.

Nah, I'm reasonably certain "draft analysis" would be deemed completely worthless by anyone with a functioning I.Q. above, say, 'melon.'

Perhaps, dan, but in this Blog, at least me, are not really into draft analysis(even if it seems we are) but into other "things".

Craig @ 3:20,
i second that.

sorry craig,
i meant @ 3:26

it will be nice when saturday is over. then, all of the specualtionwill be over and we will know who the team picked. of course, not everyone will be happy and, chances are, db and aloco will be doing their imitations of chicken little but that's part of the fun of it.

Just a reminder.
2011 will be the No Football League.

Miaimi trades 1s with the chargers and get the 61 pick so the charges can move up and get a DE/OLB
1. Mike Pouncey -(C/G)No QB on the board is worth is pick and the top two are gone.
2.Daniel Thomas -(RB) Miami likes the wildcat and the RB used to be a QB
3. Lance Kendricks -(TE) They want a TE that streches the field and this guy can do it.
4. Marcus Gilbert- (RT) This is a good time to address a need in the future
5.Derrick Locke-(RB) he is a speed threat Miami will takea chance on.
6 Da-Rel Scott(RB)- He is fast and big for his size this also means no Ricky or Ronney next year.
7 Ricardo Lockette-(WR) This is the speed WR Miami wants will need alot of work but he has the speed to go all the way.
7 Chris Neild-(NT) He is a project but NT is deep in this draft which makes him a steal.

Miami likes the wildcat, which draft year are you predicting?

Ok were trading with N.O. For there second.

1st LaShore
2nd DJ Williams
3rd Stanzi
4th RB that ran the 4.29
5th C with the long name
6th WR Lockett
7th best Guard
7th best safety


Pouncey will never play a DAY at C for anyone, especially a team that uses the 'gun a whole lot. He was horrible.
Just cause his last name is Pouncey, he's elevated. Brantley was sacked tons last year, partly due to his indecisiveness and partly due the bad O-Line calls by. Pouncey. FWIW, i don't think Icognito would be any better.
I believe a center's ability to communicate with his line-mates is underrated. You rarely see a really good center change position, and more rarely is a guard converted to center. They are TOTALLY different positions, not only for the physical aspects (guards need to have fast feet, be mobile) but for the ability to make calls at the line.

I hate that pick, and would MUCH prefer us to stay at 15 and grab the best pass rusher or OLB we can. Why not go ala the Ravens, and win 13-10 games? As we will be running the ball a lot (with hopefully a better group of RB's and a FA guard or center) an ultra stout defense at least KEPPS US IN GAMES, till we can get a more consistent and talented QB.

People, Michi should have been charged with atempted murder, not aggrevated battery. She took the law into her own hand, with premeditative intent claiming self deffence with no phisical injury or evidence on the scene to colabarate her story, that's why she was arrested. If you listen to the 911 call she did not give the address of the incident even after being asked several times, she wanted Marchall to bleed to death ($). For the sake of our sociaty a proper prosecution should be sought and Marshall should be treated as a hostile witness for his lack of judgement and contribution to the incident.

There is still a small chance we could have free agency and player trades before the draft.Just on NFL LIVE. That could only help our situation.

Henne is not the issue. lack of Run game, folsk droppoing balls, bad play calling ect was all to blame b4 Henne. Sure he missed some open WR's but so does Brees, & rivers, & Rodgers etc. OPen up teh passing game, get a TE that can help teh guy by separating & soem speed @ WR so they cant double B. marsh & a decent run game then we are ok

I would go with the next Bert Farve in Jake Locker from Washington Huskies. Or possibly Colin Kaepernik. And we need a QB.

The Giants will Catch Mike Pouncey before the Dolphins and Traiwan Jones won't be available at 88 overall...

all things and needs considered, i HOPE miami leans toward retaining their 15th pick. good things will come from this strategy. 1) instead of filling needs with late picks and average players, miami can actually solve one position or even make it an exclamation point by adding a PLAYMAKER. miami does NOT have ANY playmakers on offense, so exploiting this years 15th overall selection to aquire the best running back(preferably with hands) is a must. 2) in the event miami feels there is no other way to aquire a 2nd rounder, and trades down(Boo!) at the very least, making their stance above known( see #1) will bring a better deal to the franchize.
my hope is that miami can address QB and O-LINE via freeagency, make a trade that includes ricky + a 2012 draft pick to aquire that 2nd rounder and use that pick to get another stud reciever.

No trade down- 1.Jake Locker
3.DJ Wiliiams

Trade down - 1.Mark Ingram
3.Taiwan Jones
3.DJ Williams

Costanzo OT is best value at 15...move Vernon Carey back to Guard. Pick up RB in 3rd and QB to challenge Henne in free agency.

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