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The Dolphins' mock: Rounds 1 through 3

This Dolphins draft is as much about quantity as quality only in that the team has to find a way to stave off the Patriots with their legion of five picks in the first three round and the Bills, which have only three picks the first three rounds but are taking their turns at the top of those rounds.

The Dolphins have a first round pick (15th overall) and are not scheduled to pick again until the third round with the 79th overall selection. The Pats will have picked five times by then.

I gave this long consideration as I set out to do my Dolphins mock for the first three rounds.

Having thought about it, I decided the Dolphins must move heaven and Earth to get back that one of two second round picks they used in the trade for, ahem, Brandon Marshall. And that's why my mock includes a trade back for Miami.

I believe the Dolphins will have the opportunity to trade back and for my purposes today I am saying the trade back partner is New Orleans. The Saints, you see, are a team on the cusp of playing for another title. They are thisclose to getting back to Super Bowl caliber. And so they need quality, not quantity. They want to get higher in the draft to pick a more dynamic player, and likely a defender in this defender-rich draft.

So for our purposes I'm making a trade for Miami.

(Full disclosure: This is just done in fun and as speculation. This is not based on anything sources are saying has been discussed or will happen. Just want to let everyone know that because the Internet can be a freaky place.)

I envision the trade as follows: The Dolphins trade their first round pick (No. 15 overall) and their third round pick (No. 79 overall) to New Orleans. The Dolphins get the Saints' first round pick (No. 24 overall), their second-round pick (No. 56 overall) and one of their third round picks (No. 88 overall).

What does this accomplish. It gets the Saints nine spots higher in the first round ostensibly to pick a better player. It moves the Dolphins down to a place in the draft I believe the value for what they're looking for -- running back, offensive line, wide receiver -- is greater.

Yes, the Saints lose their second rounder. But they have two third-rounders anyway. Yes, the Dolphins have to drop back in their third round. That's the price of dropping in on the previously closed-to-them second round.

And so here we are, at No. 24 overall in the first round.

With the 24th overall selection in the 2011 NFL draft, the Miami Dolphins select: Mike Pouncey (Center) of the University of Florida. I hate the pick. And I love the pick. I hate it because Pouncey will never score touchdowns. But I love it because it is a value selection at No. 24 -- five spots lower than where his brother Markice went to Pittsburgh. I also love it because the Dolphins need a center to solidify their offensive line. The position has been unsettled since 2008. Joe Berger is nice but his best asset to the team is as a backup. Pouncey could be the starter for the next decade.

With the 56th overall selection in the 2011 NFL draft, the Miami Dolphins select: Daniel Thomas (Running back) Kansas State. Mark Ingram will be gone by this spot. So will Mikel Leshoure, whom I would think the Dolphins will consider in the first round but pass on because he's not a value at No. 15 nor No. 24 for that matter. So it's the next best guy on the board at Miami's greatest position of need. Ryan Williams is also a candidate here, but I just think Thomas is bigger, quicker and fumbles less. Don't hate.

With the 88th overall selection in the 2011 NFL draft, the Miami Dolphins select: Traiwan Jones (Running back) Eastern Washington. I'm more excited about this running back than the previous one, but this one is too risky to take in the second round. Jones is a bullet. He ran a 4.30 on the Miami scouts' stopwatches at his Pro Day two weeks ago. He is a home run waiting to happen and the Dolphins need some of those on offense and special teams. By the way, the Dolphins have doubled down on draft picks before, picking two cornerbacks in the 2009 draft. I hope Arkansas tight end D.J. Williams will be here when Miami picks but he probably won't be. I love that kid. He reminds me of Keith Jackson.

I know, I know, you're going to wonder why I didn't address the QB spot. Well, this doesn't mean I'm on board the Chad Henne bandwagon. If you read my columns, this blog and listen to my radio show, you know that already. But I wait to address it in free agency. I go get a veteran.

OK, that's a lot to chew on. And there is much work for you to do. It is your turn to give me your Dolphins mock for rounds 1 through 3. If you believe the Dolphins will trade, you have to use that scenario in your draft as I did.

We will do rounds 4-7 next week.



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aaron rodgers avg per attempt is a little over 8 yds while henne's was 6.75. aaron rodgers also had a lot more to work with. the green bay packers arguably had the best receiving corp in the league in 2010 and they got much better play out of their offensive line than did the dolphins. i'm sticking by my assertion that we are not looking at a problem with the qb on this team. the offense lacks the talent to get the job done. marshall may have been an elite talent at the wide receiver position but where were the rest of the guys. bess is a great slot but who the heck else does this team have on offense at a skill position that is a playmaker.

my mock:

what i want:
rd 1 justin houston, olb, georgia
rd 2 danny watkins, g, baylor
rd 3 ricky stanzi, qb, iowa
rd 3 greg little, wr, north carolina
rd 4 bilal powell, rb, louisville
rd 5 derek newton, ot, arkansas state
rd 5 dion lewis, rb, pitt
rd 6 ricardo lockette, wr, fort valley state
rd 7 johnny white, rb, north carolina
rd 7 keith darbut, olb, baldwin-wallace
rd 7 ryan bartholomew, c, syracuse

it's what i want not what i think we will get. if we could somehow get another 3rd and another 5th it's as good as we could hope for.

I actually see the dolphins moving down with S.D., but also think they could move down again with New Orleans. The end result of that is 2 extra 3rd round picks(88 and 89)San Diego will be looking for the DE or OLB. There may be only 1 or 2 players left at 15 that can play those positions. New Orleans will be looking at Mark Ingram or DL. At 18 they will need to get in front of the NY Giants for Ingram and at the DL they might get a shot at Bowers. Now that Miami has 3 3rd round picks they can hold pat or make a move back into the 2nd round.

cal fin fan,
if they can pull that off then i would change what i had in my "what i want" mock above and chose rackley in the third along with stanzi and little and just forget about the pick in the 2nd.

Can I assume now that a few of you will be re-posting your mock draft 4000 times just to make sure that EVERYBODY sees it over and over and over?

Seriously. Posting it once is sufficient.

I will post my first three picks later today using Mando's trade down scenerio, but perhaps simplier. Not harder like, as is the case with the first attempt @ 12:06.

I will only post it once. As it stands, there is only one mock on this Blog that meets Armando's very simple Set of instructions.

His very own mock.

dm1dolphin made an effort. How he winds up with 10 picks without even explaining disqualifies that sheet.

Two pages now, and not one exceptable mock...just a bunch of bickering and back-stabbing.

I guess I'll give you'll two pages to howl about the moment I post my first three draft mock.

Get out your rotten eggs. The ones the Easter Bunny left you. He-he

time for the FO to be brave and go for the QB with the best franchise potential who will be available to them- IMO thats KAEP


1. QB KAEPERNICK (will need to sit for at least half season but if henne fails this guy could rock next season, imo, he’ll be a franchise qb somewhere, so i say let it be in a finsuit) have to get your man so has to be picked here

2. RB DIMARCO MURRAY (thomas or williams fine)


FO won't be brave and won't reach LIKE THE WOLF for kaep so i'D PREDICT THEM TO GO-

TRADE DOWN (no KAEP when pick 2nd round)




kaeps there for 2nd rd pick




I have no idea why people keep thinking Pouncey would be good at center. Yes he did play center but the guy was not very good at it. IMO the guy is overrated. He gets most of his notoriety from his brother more so than his talent. He is a good guard but he has problems with getting to second level blocks. I am not sure that is worth a 1st round. in fact I will go as far to say Incognito will be a better center then Pouncey will ever be. If Miami is going to go OL in the 1st rd they should go with an OT, that is where the value is at. Call me Jimmy Johnson, but I even would trade out of the 1st round, get a couple of 2nd rd picks,a third and maybe even roll the dice and pick up a 1st rd in next years draft even though there may not be a draft simply because all the 1st rd talent dose not really match Miami's needs.

That's a very respectable mock there wolf.

Nothing wrong with that picture.

But as soon as the clan wakes up, they'll be setting out the claw-traps.



i look forward to a mauling

the pouncy pick's a bit sheepish, in my war room we wouldn't have to worry about whether he's any good or not but i wouldn't be surprised if ireland picks a different OL man here if he goes OL RD 1, to be honest though i expect him to be mega safe and pick a rb back 1st round whatever trade down or not coz he'll be able to defend his rep with that pick - "we had no rb's, ts wants a run 1st team so I had to pick the best rb available"

irelands got to make/save his career on this draft!

Pretty good sequence AS, mine is pretty close I'd like to see us trade back to the colts at 22 who want to beat out the giants for either pouncy, Castanzo or Carimi then we pick Danny Watkins or Pouncey at 22 and get the colts second round pick moveing back in the third. Get the kid D. Thomas out of K-State in the second at 52 then Stanzi at 87 before getting Either Lockette or Gates from Fort Valley state/ Abliene Christian respectivly to be the speedy receiver/punt returner at 110 before picking up Charlie Gant from MSU at 143 before finally picking up another corner and OLB in the sixth and seventh rounds.

no one will make a trade with us.

1° we have a lockout situation: draft is the surest way to address weaknesses for all teams
2° pick n°15 is not very good one

Armando, you actually put together a pretty draft scenario that makes sense. Im VERY critical of you over the years but I can at least give you some credit when you do good. But, the comment you made about comparing the Arkansas TE to Keith Jackson was absurd. The Arkansas player is non vertical player who cant seperate. You will see, he offers the Dolphins nothing they dont already have in the pedestrian at best and newly resigned (what a joke) Anthony Fasano aka FumbleBOY

I could NOT disagree with you more. Trading back puts you further away from an impact player. Get an impact guy.

Plus, you need a dance partner to trade back. Who, without free agency, is going to trade picks?

If the FO picks Pouncey in the 1st round they mayas well pack their bags now. The boos they heard last year will begin April28th and last until they are deservedly shown the door.
Seriously Armando, who is the QB in your scenario.............Henne again???
When is this FA starting we are supposedly going to get our QB from????
The only way we guarantee getting a QB to challenge/beat out Henne is to select one in the 1st round.
I too think the Dolphins may well trade down with San Diego to 18 and again to 24 with New Orleans or some other team. In this scenario armed now with 2 extra 3rd round picks at least they will take the best QB available, in order of preference, that would be Mallet, Dalton, Ponder, Kaepernick, if Mallet is still there they jump all over him.
In the next rounds they could trade into the 2nd round but I def feel they will draft Taiwan Jones, DJ Williams, maybe Dion Lewis as a later round sleeper, that guy can make moves.

This is one of thr rare years that 6 or more QBs could be drafted. Miami MUST draft the best QB remaining at 15 or trade down a couple spots as long as teams needing a QB will not pick before them. Dalton or Mallet should be ther. Only 50% or less actually make it at the NFL level. With 6 being drafted the odds say 2 or three of the six will. NOBODY knows who will and who won't. Opinions are like a-holes, everyone has one and most stink. All these experts are wrong more than 75% of the time. No team succeeds without a solid QB. If Henne turns out to be the guy then great. If he gets beat out by a rookie, the rookie will have had to play well. Best case, both guys end up being good and we trade one like the chargers did with Breese and Rivers.


I would not change your picks. As far as Mallet...hmmm did you guys see who sat next to him during Gruden's TV piece?.... Daly, the golfer. Now, come on guys is that the guy you want to have around to improve your character? What was he thinking?

frank i hear u but not a good analogy

what d'u mean most a-holes stink?

all a-holes stink!

this was also supposed to b about putting your head on the block

if kaep is a bust as a qb i expect to get ripped, same with d murray and boling

if they make it, i expect as himself to remember

the wolf called it on his blog !!!

even though in 5 years he'll probably be on some other dodgy site!

Here's what i think will happen...

The Dolphins will trade their 1st round pick (no.15 overall) to the New York Giants.

The Dolphins get the Giants 1st round pick (no.19 overall and the Giants 3rd round pick (no.83 overall),leaving Miami still without a 2nd rounder but they do have the luxury of 2 3rd rounders.

With the 19th selection in the 2011 NFL Draft,the Miami Dolphins select Mike Pouncey (I dont believe Ireland and Sparano will select Mallett or any other QB in the 1st)

Now on to the 2nd round...

The Dolphins will trade one of their 2 3rd rounders (possibly no.79 overall) to the Dallas Cowboys and move up to the 2nd round (no.40 overall)

It's here that Miami takes Colin Kaepernick (i honestly believe Miami will take_ a QB in the 2nd)

In the 3rd round (no.83 overall),the Dolphins select D.J Williams

I believe Ireland and Sparano are desperate to sign DeAngelo Williams once Free Agency comes around so i dont see a RB selected in the 1st 3 rounds but i do think a RB will be selected in the 4th though.

So,after 3 rounds,Miami select..

1st round Mike Pouncey
2nd round Colin Kaepernick
3rd round D.J Williams

I'm with Mando, fill some holes and hope another QB acorn falls.............Carson Palmer

I believe they will trade as well for 2nd rounder.

The way I see it.

1. Mike Pouncey
2. Ryan Williams
3. D.J. Williams (Luke Stocker if he's there)

Total Fantasy Island picks.

Trade down and take Pouncey at 24 or later? He'll be gone by then.

Take Mallet at 15? He'll be gone by then.

A 6th round back and a FA RB will solve the running game...again fantasy island.

It's ok. None of you are GM's and this is all for fun...no matter how far from reality it is.

You have it all wrong ."That's the price of dropping in on the previously closed-to-them second round."

The price of moving up to #15 and getting to the Superbowl like you say is swapping first and getting the saints 2nd also. Its only a 30 point difference in favor of dolphins. No need to swap 3rds and swing it in Saints favor by 45 points.

agree, but I'd make the second rounder Colin Kaepernick. Fins double down on RBs in the 3rd and 4th, grabbing Bilal Powell or Roy Helu in 4th round.

Okay, I may be younger than most of you nut I think I have some pretty good picks. 1: at 15, they choose Mallett. We are in desperate need of a QB, and Palmer is definitely not the answer. 2: ( if there is a trade) NOT Williams. He's a sure bust. I doubt he'll still be there, but I'm going with Castonzo from BC

Sorry, forgot 3: Taiwan Jones. Best player in division 2 football

If dj Williams reminds you of Keith Jackson shouldn't we just take him in the 2nd?

Way to get another DIG in at Marshall.....Armando.....

Even as you change the Blog topic....

Kick a man when he's down......

Why are some so sympathetic to a thug like Marshall? People want to believe their heroes are angels. That guy has had trouble with the law his whole life, multiple domestic violence charges and now people want to wimper for him cause he got cut. He got his own damn friend and teammate shot and killed with a bullet meant for him, so says the police investigation. Wimper about that.

Is Church over?


i think there is a high possibility that could happen just like you said it but if pouncey is gone by then i think they jump on mallett

daniel thomas has great hands and prototypical size but is missing quickness

but thats where taiwan comes in


you seem to be the one that is bitter....I say let the facts come out and then make judgements from there......

Want some FACTS....

Marshall was STABBED....

Marshall was in the ICU

Marshall wife was ARRESTED.....

Marshall was RELEASED drom the ICU....


Marshall WAS NOT charged.....

Marshall has NEVER BEEN convicted of any previous incidents levied against him.....


Your postion is slanted.....and CAN'T be based in facts.....unless you YOU can post something to dispute mine....

YOU CAN'T.....

But you do come off as just a BITTER person who finds JOY in others misery....but thats an OPINION.....

You see the difference......

I think Pouncey is gone by 24. I think QB will initiate the trade. Either the Colts or Seattle will trade up to get Andy Dalton or Ryan Mallet in that order. Either way Miami selects: Mike Leshoure RB #1. #2 DJ Williams #3 Colin Kaepernick.

forget mallett; we've already got a qb who is a statue. forget pouncey; he's only a guard and not near as good as his brother. forget ingram; rb's arent a value and can be had in lower rounds or FA. i submit we take an offensive tackle,fs or an offensive weapon at 15 where we would have value. i like greg mcelroy qb from bama as a later round pick and definitely acquiring a vet qb in FA. henne is toast mentally by now. the FO realizes it also.

In order to trade down we have to have a player somebody is willing to trade up for.

There will be a run of DE's in that middle area and teams are going to want to leapfrog Jax and NE.

The players - JJ Watt, Cameron Jordan, Ryan Kerrigan and maybe (doubtful) Robert Quinn.

So Miami can just sit back and wait.

The players we probably want - Pouncey, Ingram and Mallett will fall. I'm guessing 20-32 range.

If I were running Miami I would trade down just a few spots to SD. Take the third rounder.

I wouldn't be against trading out of round 1 completely. I think there's value in what we're after in the second round and third rounds.


Bitter about nothing. Just can't understand they sympathy towards Marshall. I don't fear reality like you. One domestic violence charge can be a mistake or a non-issue. 7 charges in three different states with different women? Conincidences? Flukes? A bullet meant for him kills his friend? And this guy is an innocent angel? Ok. Uh huh. Sure.

Wonder how you'd feel about your daughter marrying a guy with that history.

OJ wasn't convicted of murder either. I guess you believe he was innocent.

Happy Easter

Rye....I have shown Marshall NO SYMPATHY......I merely say....judge him on the facts...AMERICA did away with this LYNCH MOB mentality back in the 1800's....

but your right....Why let the FACTS get in the way of your OPINIONS....AND PROPOSED HYPOTHETICAL'S...

Happy Easter to you as well Mr. Rye......

First of all, let it be known that I have 0 confidence in Ireland that he could get us the great Draft that we need. We need players that can play TOMORROW rather than in one year. I agree that we need a selection in the second round but, UNDER NO CIRCUNSTANCES, are we to lose that #15 pick. Trade other picks, next year's, whatever, I don't know the trading arsenal that Ireland posseses. So that being said here's my mug draft:
1- Mark Ingram(surprise!).
2-Christian Ponder(yes, reach up and grab him).
3-Marcus Gilbert(G-T), UF
That's it.

My mock draft.. Acorn, acorn, and..... More acorns

Trade down with Seattle to #25 in the first and pick up #57 in the second round.

1. Ryan Mallett at #25, 1st round. He's a stud and wont be an immature punk forever.
2. Titus Young or Jerrel Jernigan at #57 (bottom of 2nd). We need a speed WR on offense. 3. Traiwan Jones at #79 (Middle of 3rd). We need speed on offense. We can always re-sign Ronnie or Ricky or another free agent for the pounding. Also Lex Hilliard is a beast dont forget about him.

Add guards, TE's and Middle LB's from round 4-7.

Don't fear the FACTS of his arrest record, nor FACTS of the bruises on his women, nor the FACT the police investigation showed the bullet that killed his teammate was meant for him.

I guess beating women is just some trivial thing to you that without a video tape of it there is no use in taking it seriously. It is VERY common for the women to drop charges in these types of cases for a multitude of obvious reasons.

nor the FACT the police investigation showed the bullet that killed his teammate was meant for him

Posted by: rye | April 24, 2011 at 09:23 AM

Please post the police report...or even the link that says this.....SINCE WERE DEALING IN FACTS.....

If you can't......then PLEASE GO AWAY......because now you are just making a fool opf yourseld and your argument by mixing LIES....with your OPINIONS.....

I respect your opinion....weather I agree with it or not...

I will not debate a LIAR.....

But the subject is the Draft..

1. Mallett

3. James Carpenter T (BAMA)

James Carpenter is rated as a 3rd rnd prospect @ RT. Some coaches say he would make an outstanding guard @ the next level. Good footwork, Blocks through the whistle, He's a mean SOB, and he's really versitle. Very good 3rd rnd pick if you ask me.

A LIAR who is SO QUICK to pass judgement on others.....ISN'T THAT ALWAYS THE CASE.....

The HYPOCRITE see's himself in the MIRROR (headline).....and hates what he see's so much he tears down the mirror (headline) in order to make HIMSELF believe he is better than his OWN deeds.....

I'm done with it......

OK, MJ. We do need one of those.

Hey! Guys Dalton is not a first round pick at all

not bad move and not a bad pick. it is more solid then sexy and accomplishes 2 things OL and the need for more speed. I like henne more than you do and unless we can get carson palmer I'm ok with giving him 1 more year.

Stocker mocked is a joke. Dude is slow and provides nothing that Fasano doesn't. We need a real TE that can stretch the field and get some y.a.c. Slow...plodding...blocking...possession types are not wanted. Daniel Thomas is slow and can't avoid a tackle to save his life....Ryan Williams or Jones is the pick at rb.

Make the deal with the Saints. Acquire that much needed 2nd. round pick & do the following. #1pick Mallett qb Arkansas
#2pick Leshoure rb Illinois
#3pick Baldwin wr Pitt.
#4pick Wisniewski c/g PennState
#5pick Housler te Florida Atl.
#6pick Keo s Idaho
#7pick Whalen wr Stanford

Why does everybody talk Marino when they talk about the 'ideal' situation for us to be in? They talk about the fact that Marino 'threw downfield a lot and we're supposed to believe that's the answer to all our problems. I got news for you guys....we won NOTHING under Mariono....NOTHING. So why is that the model plan? People want to say it's because we didn't have a good enough defence or a good enough running game. Whatever! Did you ever think part of the reason the defence wasn't good enough was because they were on the field too much because of the quick strike offence? The were likely tired and certainly overused. Running game wasn't good enough because Marino was slow to handoff and we didn't run enough. It was a different philosophy than what Sparano and company are all about.

Guys want to say, 'adding a guy who can throw the ball 60 yards is the answer'. How is that the answer? First of all, what makes you think we'll have anybody who can get open to catch a 60 yard pass. Who is that guy? He wasn't able to get open last year, so why would this year be different. Secondly, what makes anybody think our offensive line can hold up long enough to let plays like that develop. They couldn't do it last year, so why would this year be different?

What these guys are talking about is a 'high risk, high reward' form of offence and that's not what Sparano and company are all about. For that reason Mallett won't be the pick and I can't wait until the draft so that this garbage talk will be over with.

Regarding Mallett, MJ, it's a VERY tough call. No doubt he is the best QB in this Draft and then some. But, the psychopath OJ Simpson behaved splendidly in his years in Football only later to reveal his true self. Of course, at that time drug consumption was minimal. Could Mallett do the same. Too fine a line for me to take Mallett.

I guess bottom line regarding Mallett, MJ is, can he lead(he is a QB) or is he going to rub the other players the wrong way.

Dolphins brass won't take Mallet anymore because of Marshall. They would be too afraid of a snafu for which they would surely get blamed. Thanks again Brandon!

Miami trade #15 to San DIego for #18 and #89. San Diego move up past the Jags and Pats for their choice of D-Ends.
Miami trade #18 to Indy for #22 and #87. Indy move past the Giants and KC who may both take O-Tackles. Youve got to keep Payton upright.
Miami trade #22 and #179 to Dallas for #40,71 and 110.Dallas do this because they`ve got to get ahead of Philly and Baltimore for the third Corner on the board.
With the #40 pick the Dolphins take Mike Leshoure.#71 DJ Williams,#79 Jon Moffitt and at #87 Colin McCarthy , LB, Miami and finally at 89 we`ll take Greg Little, WR, North Carolina


Best mock I've seen yet. I'd be very happy if we could pull this off and end up with the players you mention. Might be awfully tough to pull off all those trades but I am sure Irealnd will try hard.

...Forget about Ryan Mallet. It is not happening for this team. He is absolutley the worst fit for this team,and this system.

Much was made about 8 man boxes and how to beat them. Deep passes are one way. But you have to be able to protect on those designs to even have a chance. Or you would see every team with a strong armed quarterback throwing it deep every time there are these fronts. EVERY quarterback in the league faces these.Loook at you tube videos, or old games you may have on TIVO.

The way to beat this formation is actually by controlled short timing throws, to set up the long pass. You need a quarterback that can handle pressure, make quick decisions, and be accurate. I'm not sure under diress Mallet can do any of these things.

Nfl quarterbacks must be able to feel the rush, and be accurate outside of the pockets. Defensive coordinators will feast on Malletts imobile nature, and make him move to his left, where if you look he has shown to be very innacurate when he has to move to this side and throw. The right of our offensive line is....Our weakness.

So we have to leave another back in for max protection so this statue has a chance. Taking away a possible playmaker so Golem can have extra time...Think about it.We have seen this movie.

Ryan Mallet is the wrong quarterback for this team. Plain and simple. We need a leader. We need an identity. And Ryan Mallet is sad example of both.

Thank you Craig.I tried.

Who else you like, MJ?

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