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The Dolphins' mock: Rounds 1 through 3

This Dolphins draft is as much about quantity as quality only in that the team has to find a way to stave off the Patriots with their legion of five picks in the first three round and the Bills, which have only three picks the first three rounds but are taking their turns at the top of those rounds.

The Dolphins have a first round pick (15th overall) and are not scheduled to pick again until the third round with the 79th overall selection. The Pats will have picked five times by then.

I gave this long consideration as I set out to do my Dolphins mock for the first three rounds.

Having thought about it, I decided the Dolphins must move heaven and Earth to get back that one of two second round picks they used in the trade for, ahem, Brandon Marshall. And that's why my mock includes a trade back for Miami.

I believe the Dolphins will have the opportunity to trade back and for my purposes today I am saying the trade back partner is New Orleans. The Saints, you see, are a team on the cusp of playing for another title. They are thisclose to getting back to Super Bowl caliber. And so they need quality, not quantity. They want to get higher in the draft to pick a more dynamic player, and likely a defender in this defender-rich draft.

So for our purposes I'm making a trade for Miami.

(Full disclosure: This is just done in fun and as speculation. This is not based on anything sources are saying has been discussed or will happen. Just want to let everyone know that because the Internet can be a freaky place.)

I envision the trade as follows: The Dolphins trade their first round pick (No. 15 overall) and their third round pick (No. 79 overall) to New Orleans. The Dolphins get the Saints' first round pick (No. 24 overall), their second-round pick (No. 56 overall) and one of their third round picks (No. 88 overall).

What does this accomplish. It gets the Saints nine spots higher in the first round ostensibly to pick a better player. It moves the Dolphins down to a place in the draft I believe the value for what they're looking for -- running back, offensive line, wide receiver -- is greater.

Yes, the Saints lose their second rounder. But they have two third-rounders anyway. Yes, the Dolphins have to drop back in their third round. That's the price of dropping in on the previously closed-to-them second round.

And so here we are, at No. 24 overall in the first round.

With the 24th overall selection in the 2011 NFL draft, the Miami Dolphins select: Mike Pouncey (Center) of the University of Florida. I hate the pick. And I love the pick. I hate it because Pouncey will never score touchdowns. But I love it because it is a value selection at No. 24 -- five spots lower than where his brother Markice went to Pittsburgh. I also love it because the Dolphins need a center to solidify their offensive line. The position has been unsettled since 2008. Joe Berger is nice but his best asset to the team is as a backup. Pouncey could be the starter for the next decade.

With the 56th overall selection in the 2011 NFL draft, the Miami Dolphins select: Daniel Thomas (Running back) Kansas State. Mark Ingram will be gone by this spot. So will Mikel Leshoure, whom I would think the Dolphins will consider in the first round but pass on because he's not a value at No. 15 nor No. 24 for that matter. So it's the next best guy on the board at Miami's greatest position of need. Ryan Williams is also a candidate here, but I just think Thomas is bigger, quicker and fumbles less. Don't hate.

With the 88th overall selection in the 2011 NFL draft, the Miami Dolphins select: Traiwan Jones (Running back) Eastern Washington. I'm more excited about this running back than the previous one, but this one is too risky to take in the second round. Jones is a bullet. He ran a 4.30 on the Miami scouts' stopwatches at his Pro Day two weeks ago. He is a home run waiting to happen and the Dolphins need some of those on offense and special teams. By the way, the Dolphins have doubled down on draft picks before, picking two cornerbacks in the 2009 draft. I hope Arkansas tight end D.J. Williams will be here when Miami picks but he probably won't be. I love that kid. He reminds me of Keith Jackson.

I know, I know, you're going to wonder why I didn't address the QB spot. Well, this doesn't mean I'm on board the Chad Henne bandwagon. If you read my columns, this blog and listen to my radio show, you know that already. But I wait to address it in free agency. I go get a veteran.

OK, that's a lot to chew on. And there is much work for you to do. It is your turn to give me your Dolphins mock for rounds 1 through 3. If you believe the Dolphins will trade, you have to use that scenario in your draft as I did.

We will do rounds 4-7 next week.



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On another note.....guys want to keep adding players with checkered pasts and then wonder why we run into problems and the team never gets any better. The Bucs are likely to release CB Talib. Should we run out and snap this guy up now?....I highly doubt that would be wise!!

It's the same reason I don't want Mallett. Too many question marks around him. Where there's smoke, usually there's fire. He's a guy who will cause us problems at some point in his career....NEXT!.....


Totally agree. I echo those sentiments exactly.

Can't wait until the draft is over, so that we can stop talking about him.

It is hard to argue your suggestions Armando, because we do need a center and O LINE MEN, but I think we should get the most explosive offensive player available maybe another wide receiver with the 15th pick, trading back is a good Idea if you are good at picking players and that is up for debate with these guys, 3 years in a Tony's line is worse then he started. We need touchdowns people more touchdowns last year and we would have been in the post season. I agree on getting a veteran qb when we can and the wide receiver thing is because we need someone else to go with Brandon and Bess who is awesome and could be great with a good qb and we also have to consider whether Brandon is going to work out or not he looks very unstable and I am sure the dolphins are concerned with his behavior on the field last year and the latest problems.If he keeps cracking up then we would have to move on, either way I would say draft someone who can put points on the board directly this season, even if it is a running back however I would be in favor of Ricky and Ronnie one more year as I believe they can still play, there was a lot of problems with the O last year there wasn't many holes to run through and we probably had the worst qb play in the league or close to the bottom which doesn't help anybody on the offense.

QB Greg McElroy(BAMA) scored the highest on the Wonderlic test at the Combine. But, in my opinion, he doesn't have the physical skills to compete in the NFL.

I'm still worrking on my mock guys but I think it's either Ingram or Pouncey in a tradeback. ?I just don't have the tradeback down and I don't have the team and what's coming back. Might be New Orleans, might be San Diego, might be a team like Chicago. I'll try and get something up later today.


Instead of dealing with reality, your fear of the truth causes you to blatantly and erroneously call others LIAR. You are what they call a closed minded individual.

Here are the facts supporting what I wrote, I have no need to make stuff up:


Lake, a regular in the Best American Sports Writing anthology, writes of the murder:

"You would not be wrong to call the murder of Darrent Williams a simple case of mistaken identity. The evidence suggests that Little Willie meant to open fire on Marshall's limousine -- that he thought the white Hummer was Marshall's limousine. The trial judge found this a likely explanation, and so did Marshall when he talked to the police. While educated guesses can be made about how this knowledge affected Marshall (an ESPN report showed he had some 12 encounters with police in the 27 months after the shooting, most of them domestic disturbances), it didn't stop him from becoming a superstar.

And then here is the full investigative SI article on the incident:

You can apologize anytime.

trade 1st and next yrs 5th to New Orleans for 24 and 56 AT 24 Mallet at 56 S Winsiewski at 79 DJ williams at 111 E Gates at 146 R hula at 179 A black at 217 M Herzlich at 218 D Berry at 235 BPA

link was cut off above, here is the full one:

Mike Pouncey can not cut it as a center in the NFL. However, he would be a Pro-Bowler at guard like his brother is at center. Wouln't it be something if Pittsburgh grabbed him? Uff..

But the subject was the Draft...

Then CraigM, we would be talking about banana peels and the knots in the Pineapple.


The only one lying is you, you are lying to yourself.
Fact from the article: 12 encounters with police in the 27 months after the shooting, most of them domestic disturbances.

12 encounters! I ask you, seriously, is that normal?

It's only a matter of time before Marshall screws up and you risk that happening when you need him most. I wouldn't invest millions in that.

NO, NO, NO!!! That would be a bad draft, Armando. Instead, take Ryan Mallet at #15. Then take RB Johnny White out of UNC in the 3rd. Take the best Guards in the 4th and 5th rounds and speedy guys thereafter. THAT would be a good draft.

you have to count in the factor of ego. Every year they draft picks no one is expecting or for that matter wanting. Who had them picking Odrick or Misi? Don't expect names from these guys...maybe it's not ego and I'm giving them too much credit...they draft starters and not stars.

...Thanks Craig... I can't wait until the draft is completed. Although form me there is far less excitment, or anticipation for this years draft as opposed to last years.

Last thing on Mallet for me. The debate about him as the future here is an important one. I would like to be a fly on the wall of the Phins war room. So I could get a real feeling for what the team really thinks of him, and where they have him rated as a prospect. I would be willing to bet that he is up there on the board as far as quarterbacks we think will be available to us. But I wonder if he is on the board that says players we will draft if given the chance? Big difference.

this organization is a mess, what a joke of a franchise. so glad we arent playing football this year

Daniel Thomas is a nice player, but he's basically Ronnie Brown 2.0. Same size, skill sets, etc...both do a lot of things well, but nothing elite. He's not a home run threat, but could run the wildcat assuming Daboll still uses it. So if Ronnie stays around, you'd have basically two of the same player at RB. D.J. Williams, due to a weak TE crop, will probably go higher than expected, maybe 2nd round.

Guys on ESPN radio just remarked that Pouncey would be the best pickup for the Dolphins in the 1st round, and I can't totally disagree. He at least starts right away and makes a difference. They could take him at 15, because trading down in this draft may be very difficult. Bad year to have no ammo (players) to include in a trade scenario.

It looks as though Miami will get stuck picking at 15 unless another team has a high value on a QB, Mike Pouncey, or a DL they think another team ahead of them will draft. Only NE & SD have multiple 2nd rounders to spare after pick 15. I'm sure either of them could move up to #10 because the Skins are also starved for picks. Miami might have to settle for getting a 1st or 2nd rounder for next year which wouldn't be horrible if they're only moving back a few spots. There is no one I absolutely love for the 15th pick. I think the smartest & safest & fills a big need is Pouncey. But I'll probably be more excited about their later picks,

Dwayne Harris(WR/KR) and Cecil Shorts(WR) look good in the 4th round. Although small.

5th Round- Julius thomas(TE), grab immediately.

We need a Center desperately because Incognito can neither pull or get to space.


The ORIGINAL statement on which I am challenging you....and your Credibilty was on a POLICE REPORT.....and what you claimed the POLICE REPORT said.....I could care less about the OPINIONS of Sports writer.....

Remeber....were dealing in FACTS...not OPIONIONS......

I'll learn you yet......


Agree on the trade down and getting an offensive lineman (Pouncey) if available at 18. However, don't agree on selecting 2 RBs in a row (can get 1 in free agency). So, I'd select Mallet in Round 2 (best scenario) and go with agree on Taiwan Jones in the 3rd.

nor the FACT the police investigation showed the bullet that killed his teammate was meant for him

Posted by: rye | April 24, 2011 at 09:23 AM

You didn't say...some Journalist wrote......

You confidently boast......"the fact that the police investigation showed...."

Sooooo......show the police report.....or admit that it doesn't exist......

2 choices.....

Produce the police report and I will apologize.....point blank....PERIOD......

Don't produce it....and YOU admit that line doesn't/didn't exist.....point blank...PERIOD

Shrewd of Armando to notice the Dolphins do double down at the same position in the draft. Thats no accident, its a Tuna strategy.

I'd be happy with Armando's draft, (especially if DJ Williams is waiting for us in the 4th), I'd just prefer pairing Jordan Todman with T. Jones rather than Daniel Thomas.

Stefen Wisnewsky(C) in the 4th?

Yeah great call Armando, lets just keep repeating the same draft mistakes since 1983 and avoid rolling the dice on a QB. We have been so successful settling for Vet QB's in our past. The same lack of courage you display in your Mock is evident in the regimes that have run this team into the ground. If this team had had the courage to pick Aaron Rodgers over Ronnie Brown, or Matt Ryan over Jake Long.....where would we be right now? Talking Superbowl...not sub-500 seasons.

I have to be honest guys I don't like Daniel Thomas. If guys want to criticize Ingram by saying 'he's nothing special', then for certain Daniel Thomas is nothing special!

I think what Armando has done is show what he thinks the Maimi braintrust will do (and he may be very right), as the picks are very SAFE. But something tells me they will be looking for more dynamic play-makers in this draft and they will go AGAINST safe for a change. If it's a choice between Ryan Williams or Thomas they will take Williams hands down because he's the more dynamic player.

@Matt: I'd bet even someone as anti-Henne as Armando can see the logic in giving Henne one more year to improve. It's been shown time, after time, after time, after time: For alot of QB's, the breakout comes the 3rd year of PT. Or somewhere in the 35 games started range. It would be silly to invest a high draft pick on a QB this year when we have a QB we invested a 2nd rounder in who may pan out. We'll know by the end of this year.

Not to mention, this QB class is excessively weak. Some good raw talent and a whole bunch of red flags. Armando's mock is whats best for the team, hope something pretty close to that happens

i think that what oscar said yesterday is true and that this draft will truly show what the organization thinks about henne, in that if we believe in him (no qb will be drafted in the first) if not a qb will be taken first because Ireland has his orders to not draft only for a win now scenario but for the future.

If Henne is not our guy (he will play this year) you need to draft a qb early because even in a trade down scenario the 2nd tier qbs will be gone before we pick again. If they truly don't believe in Henne you have to start grooming another qb now, if not you have to take 1 next year and wait another year or 2 to get him up to speed (Ross won't like that)

With you on that Craig. Thomas is much farther down my list than Armando's. I thought the RB from Cal (Shane Vereen) looked much better than Tomas

6th Round- David Arker(G) IF he is still there. If not, we have a lot of 7th rounders(Valderverde, G) but those are very long shots to make any Team.

i say we trade down woth atlanta to 24th for their first second and we flop thirds they move higher in rds one and three. best part is we stay ahead of NE each round for a rb. Take Ponder first, Thomas secon T jones 3rd and OG boling from georgia or Moffit from wisconsin 4th and WR gates 5th

How about that RB Todman we have been discussing in the 6th Round?


You are right on again. There's a number of guys on here who think that going out and drafting a first round QB is the answer to all our prayers. What they fail to realize is the number of first round QBs that fail miserably in the NFL. They are the same guys who two years from now will be telling us this regime isn't using Mallett properly or he's not the right fit and we need to draft ANOTHER first round QB...mark my words.

The problem is not the lack of drafting QB's, it's that we can't develop them and we are very impatient with them. San Diego waited for several years for Brees to develop before letting him walk in free agency. Rodgers sat for three years. Even Brady didn't start right away or have the type of expectations we put on our QBs. Alex Smith is in year six with the Niners. Us?....we give a guy two years to play and then decide 'not good enough', let's draft somebody else. Crazy strategy to try and have success.

If Henne is SO bad, why don't the Jets go about replacing Sanchez with somebody else. After all, couldn't you argue they would have won the Super Bowl with better QB play. The reason?....it's about continuity guys. Players and coaches get tired of a management team that keep changes their mind on guys every few years and keeps changing things midstream. It shows ZERO faith in the players and makes them wonder if THEY are next. That's not how you run a team. It's not how the Steelers, Packers, Colts or Ravens do things and they are among the most successful teams in the league. What you guys are proposing is how the Raiders, Bills and Browns do things. How is it guys can't see this?

Just to repeat what I said above, Sanchez's numbers are worse than Henne's. Why is there ZERO talk of replacing Sanchez with one of the so-called 'stud' QBs in the draft? Two reasons....one, that's not how you run a team and two, none of the QBs are anything that great. If a guy like Mallett is everything some guys would have you believe the Jets would do everything in their powers to get him. He's not.....so they won't.

In the end, we are all talking about Pinneaple skin here. It's Ireland and Co. who will decide who they will pick on Draft Day. And, of course, it's Mr. Ross's responsebility to have correctly picked his FO.


Dont want to start an argument but i do somewhat disagree bud

The reason why the teams you've mentioned (Colts,Steelers,Packers and Ravens) are where they are is because they've all drafted a QB in the 1st round.

It's great that you still believe in Henne (I'm 50/50 with him) but there has to be some concern that he regressed last year. I'm not expecting him to put up 30+ TD's with 4000+ yds a season,but he has to show improvement which he hasn't shown so far.

And why is it that alot of people seem to think IF the Dolphins Draft a Ryan Mallett in the 1st,he wont contribute in his 1st season and make this team better? Didn't Sam Bradford transform the Rams from a 2-14 team into a 7-9 team?

It is'nt under the realms of possibility that Mallett could make this team go from a 7-9 team to a 11-5 team...

I will go play my Ponies now(it went terrible for me last Friday).

Pouncey would not get a sniff in Rd 1 if he had a different last name. Have you ever seen him snap in the shotgun? He would give true meaning to calling the formation a shotgun cuz the ball goes all over the place. Until this team drafts a QB - overreach if you must - they are doomed to 7-9/6-10 and drafting in the no man's land of the middle of the round. Are you going to trade more draft picks for your veteran QB? Maybe we can trade a 2nd for some other washed up QB that we will cut in a year. We would be the only team loading up on RB's in a passing league. Unfortunately I just KNOW Ireland, in his last draft ever for Miami, is going to take Pouncey. All they need is a guard, Incognito can play center and you don't take a guard in round 1. GAWD HELP US, obviously we cannot help ourselves

you might be right in your assessment of pouncey FWE; would he be getting as much attention if not for his name, and what his brother did last year with the Steelers?

2 questions 1. will he be an elite center? not his natural position so i would say no, then he isn't worth a 1st rounder

2. Will he be an elite guard?


I'm not looking to argue with you on this one either. I'll take that bet if the Dolphins draft Mallett at 15 that they don't finish 11-5 with Mallett at starter. Betcha Bellichik and Ryan can't wait to face Mallett 4 times a year. They will eat him for dinner. There's 4 of your losses right away. That means you can only lose one more game all year.

Drafting a first round QB is NOT the answer to all our prayers. It's not why those teams are good. They are good because they don't ask their QB to win it all for them and they have good surrpunding casts. Pitt's defence is the primary reason they win time and time again. Then they ask their QB and running game to control the clock. You NEVER see Big Ben leading the league in yards passing or TDs. It's not the way they want to win. They play to their strengths.

You bring a gunslinger like Mallett into the fray and add to the fact that he can't move in the pocket and we will fail miserably. Teams can defence against that. David Klinger was a gunslinger and first round pick....failed miserably. Todd Marinovich....same thing. Ryan Leaf....same. Russell....again, same thing. Ny changing nothing else on the team and that's what we're doing by drafting Mallett at 15, you give him no more reason for success than Henne.

Henne did regress last year but how much of that was him and how much of that was a loack of running game, shoddy OL play, lack of a pass-catching TE and lack of imaginative play-calling. Are you guys REALLY going to tell me in all honesty that Mallett would have succeeded under those circumstances last year? You're kidding yourself....

You don't win in this league SIMPLY by drafting a first round QB. The two APPARENT franchise QB everyone wants to talk about, namely Bradford and Stafford have yet to lead their teams to a winning season. Can we ease up on annointing both of those guys for now....please!

1. (trade down with Seattle for 1st and 2nd) Ryan Mallett (QB) - His pocket presence and rocket arm are worth the risk over his off-field "concerns". He will compete with Henne for the starting spot and the Phins will also pick up a veteran like Marc Bulger to be a backup/mentor.
2. Orlando Hudson (C) - He's versatile as he can play C or G.
3. Rob Housler (TE) - The Phins could easily take DJ Williams based on availability, but I lean towards Housler because he's faster, taller and better hands. He's the stretch-the-field TE that Miami is missing from their two TE sets. Daboll will love this guy and use him often.
4. Alex Green (RB) - It makes all the difference that Miami is one spot ahead of the Rams in the 4th round because they have shown interest in Green too. He has good hands, impressive explosion, perfect build for an RB.
5. Jerrard Terrant (FS) - The ballhawk the Phins D is desperately needing. He's also a kick/punt returner. Free Safety is a position the Phins can't ignore this off-season.
6. Ricardo Lockette (WR) - One of the fastest players at the combine. He's unproven, but the Phins have shown interest
7a. Mario Fannin (RB) - The Phins double up on RB. He's speedy with pass-catching ability
7b. Ryan Pugh (C) - The Phins double up with another center the Phins have shown interest
7c. Matt Murphy (OT) - Only one of two OT's the Phins have held a workout with.

Pouncey, really!! I would not take him on the 1sr or 2nd rounds; he's not elite. In your trade scenario, I would take Mallet or Kaepernick, whoever is there and then an OL in the round and then maybe Taiwan Jones or DJ Williams or Virgil Green in the third. I wouldn't touch Thomas or Williams as RBs.

Well, if that's the trade we manage, fair enough, but you don't want Mike Pouncey as a center. He's a guard in the NFL.

My mock, using Omar's trade:

Round 1: Mallett. Much more likely to be the future than Henne, although I could see the Dolphins gambling on Vince Young.

Round 2: Watkins. Worth picking here in terms of value, would strengthen the O Line.

Round 3: DJ Williams/Taiwan Jones/Weird Al
(ok, I am kidding about one of those)

My guess is that the Dolphins bring back one of Brown/Williams, or pick up DeAngelo Williams from free agency to serve as the veteran RB, with Jones as the speedster, assuming they can't get DJ Williams. If Williams lasts that long, they would take him over Jones, because the TE position needs even more shoring up.

Craig, I can't speak for everyone on here but i think that most of the people who advocate drafting a qb in the first round may not necessarily believe we will automaticall be 11-5. They do not believe in Henne (whether justly or not) and like you said qbs need time to develop want to draft one now, even though everyone should by now realize Henne will start this year, and let the qb drafted (if it happens)have time to sit and learn since waiting another year to draft one puts the team another year or 2 away from developing a qb.

but hey i don't know what others are thinking, and i myself would like to see Henne come out and play well this year, but if not a qb; whoever it is, would be nice to have for developmental purposes.

We're not picking all seven rounds. Just 1-3. Please try and supress your inner Mel Kiper

(your 'Complete Dork' quotient will go down as well)


Thats fair enough but what you're basically saying is that in order for this team in general to be a consistant playoff team and Henne to be a good QB,we need all the following at the same time...

1) A top 3 Defense
2) A fantastic RB
3) A great Offensive line
4) A productive TE
5) The very best Offensive coordinator

If thats what this team needs to make us a consistant playoff contender,we'll all be waiting forever.

Just because a QB cant sprint from Defenders,it doesn't mean he wont be successful in the NFL. Last time i checked,Mallett did ok for Arkansas being a 'statue' and QB's like Peyton Manning and Tom Brady never have a problem in today NFL no being very mobile.

I will guarantee now,that Sam Bradford leads the Rams into the playoffs far quicker than Henne leads the Dolphins...

Mando is correct they will TRY to move heaven and earth to get that 2nd back. But considering our spot at 15, I think it will a top 10 rated player falling to 15 to make that happen.

A more realistic scenario would be to trade getting another 3rd rounder. Not sayin I favor a trade like this but it fits in with the acorn thing.

Drove through South Georgia yesterday. Man, I had forgotten what a butt-ugly part of the country that is! The towns are all like 'Village of the Damned' as well!

I realize I'm coming in to this draft party late but let me get my 2 cents in lol.

Armando remember when you poo poo'd my idea about trading down with the Steelers as the Steelers may want to go after Pouncey?

Well since then I have seen a couple mocks from reputable sites doing that very same thing and Pouncey's stock has risen quite a bit since that time. Not sure why everyone is so negative on him. This kid has played for big time programs his whole career. Lakeland High School, UF. The trend will continue with his brother in Pittsburgh. But as you say I digress...here's my mock 1-3.

Trade down to 32 for Pittsburg's 2 and 4th rd'ers.

Rd1- Mark Ingram. Just too much value to pass up here in a position of need.

Rd2-Colin Kaepernick. Something interesting I thought about here. It's been widely reported that the lock-out hurts the Dolphins more maybe than any other team. I think it may actually help Tony Sparano because even though he has a 2 year deal its pretty much been said he has to win this year. But with a strike shortened season and no free agency before the draft he may get a reprieve for another mediocre year. So they can take a chance on Kaepernick who they really covet anyway because he'll take som time to develop. This kid has all the intangables. Size, arm strength, accuracy and he runs like a deer.
We'll probably have to give up the 4th rd'er from Pittsburgh to move up in the 2nd to get him.

Rd3-Vigile Green. Could go OL here but there are more ol available in free agency than te's. Very hard to find a good te.

Acorns are for squirrels.

Sorry but this blog had too much sound reasoning for me. At this point as a Dolphins fan I'm desperate. Desperate to see my team win a playoff game (I won't even reach for Super Bowl). So please, Jeff Ireland, abandon all reasoning and take Ryan Mallet. He has the potential to be the next great NFL QB. Without a pro bowl caliber QB we are going nowhere. I don't care what you do in the draft. Take a chance on potential greatness. If he doesn't work out in a couple of years, then do it again in the 2013 draft. And damn it, keep doing it until you give us a pro bowl QB.

Armando...I'm not going to call you out, or make a big fuss becaude this is your blog, and you can do whatever you want. Who am I say what the content should be. I thought today was going to be the day where folks could share their 7 round Dolphin Mock.We have been talking this up for a few weeks, and I assumed you were going to take part. Oh well, gave it a try fellas.

I'm going to go ahead and give a round mock under the conditions that Aramando set forth. This is an admition of defeat on my half as I said I would only do a Mock that was with the picks we had in hand now. I couldn't figure it out. With the hypothetic second round choice. The path is much clearer...Here it is

Round 1 Andy Dalton QB.
Round 2 Danny Watkins G
Round 3 Tawain Jones Rb
Round 4 Virgil Green Te
Round 5 Kendrick Burney cb
Round 6 Jake Kirkpatrick C
Round 7 Jeron Johnson ss
Round 7 Ricardo Lockette Wr.
Round 7 Mike Pearson G.

There it is...

Colin, Colin, the toughest for me to come to a decision.

Bill parcels aka "The Tuna" wasnt wort a rats butt without Belichick. Parcels has never won without BB BUT, BB has won how many super bowls without Parcels????

The Pats have a monopoly on picks.

First-rounder from Oakland Raiders (for Richard Seymour).

Second-rounder from Carolina Panthers (from trade at this year's draft).

Third-rounder from the Minnesota Vikings (for Randy Moss and seventh-round pick).

Fourth-rounder from the Denver Broncos (for Laurence Maroney and sixth-round pick).

Not to mention whatever scraps or trades they will do setting themselves up for 2012 and beyond.

MY POINT is that it comes down to the origination and management and HC. The Pats, Steelers, etc KNOW HOW TO RUN A FOOTBALL TEAM.

COWHER KNOWS how to win and yet Ross passes on COWHER?

We used to RULE the East and league as the Dolphins but we are now reduced to bottom dwellers or suckers who clean up the Ireland Acorns or scraps from the bottom.

Ireland is not GM material, look at his Pat White pick! Soprano is at best a line cup adjuster and all Sparano's assents are in diapers and even SOME are PROVEN LOSERS from other teams.

Trade in Ross, Ireland and Soprano and ALL their staff except the DC for a 7th round. That's all they are worth.

My fellow fans.. Please don't get all pumped up about who the brain dead draft pickers we have pick or trade for. The Fins Scout's also suck and have sucked for 10 years.

I as a life long fan since the Fins came into the league seen the best and worst. We have had the worst of it all since Shula left.

We will continue to have the worst until Ross sells the team, Ireland and Soprano are fired and a new owner who understands the legacy of this team and has a vision to regain it's crown, comes forward.

Until then mark it down as you deem fit...

We will NOT win anything until this new trifecta are all purged and a new "committed to winning" owner comes by and hires a REAL GM and HC to rebuild.

That HC will be COWHER. Unknown who the new owner will be or GM.

I look forward to winning in 2023 which is when the team will finally be rebuilt from the bottom up.



Not a bad offer scenario Mando I only want to make 2 points:
1.If there are nine guys on the board that we would take at 15 then I say go ahead and make the trade. If not then we run the risk of Pouncey being gone at 24 and having to draft someone we don't really want or value that high.
2. No one will give up a 2nd just for trading places in the 1st and third. We might get a 4th or 5th for that.

You can't "replace" an owner. Ross isn't going anywhere, nor should he. Yeah, the celebrity obsession stuff is an annoyance but he's also the 2nd wealthiest owner in the league (after Paul Allen) and has amply demonstrated that he will spend heavily. If you've seen evidence to the contrary then please present it now.

If they need to make changes elsewhere, they'll do that after the 2011 season.

Colin was invited to the opening day of the Draft. That means he is going in the 1st round, but by whom?

Additionally, the Dolphins drafts the past three years have been totally average by NFL standards, with a completely normal amount of hits and misses. Apparently, some of you think the rest of the league has been hitting the jackpot every year while Miami has had woeful draft after woeful draft but that is not even remotely accurate.

Even the sainted Pats miss on a LOT of picks, folks. The reason they do so well is because they manage to ACQUIRE extra picks knowing damn well they will muff on some.

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