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The Dolphins' mock: Rounds 1 through 3

This Dolphins draft is as much about quantity as quality only in that the team has to find a way to stave off the Patriots with their legion of five picks in the first three round and the Bills, which have only three picks the first three rounds but are taking their turns at the top of those rounds.

The Dolphins have a first round pick (15th overall) and are not scheduled to pick again until the third round with the 79th overall selection. The Pats will have picked five times by then.

I gave this long consideration as I set out to do my Dolphins mock for the first three rounds.

Having thought about it, I decided the Dolphins must move heaven and Earth to get back that one of two second round picks they used in the trade for, ahem, Brandon Marshall. And that's why my mock includes a trade back for Miami.

I believe the Dolphins will have the opportunity to trade back and for my purposes today I am saying the trade back partner is New Orleans. The Saints, you see, are a team on the cusp of playing for another title. They are thisclose to getting back to Super Bowl caliber. And so they need quality, not quantity. They want to get higher in the draft to pick a more dynamic player, and likely a defender in this defender-rich draft.

So for our purposes I'm making a trade for Miami.

(Full disclosure: This is just done in fun and as speculation. This is not based on anything sources are saying has been discussed or will happen. Just want to let everyone know that because the Internet can be a freaky place.)

I envision the trade as follows: The Dolphins trade their first round pick (No. 15 overall) and their third round pick (No. 79 overall) to New Orleans. The Dolphins get the Saints' first round pick (No. 24 overall), their second-round pick (No. 56 overall) and one of their third round picks (No. 88 overall).

What does this accomplish. It gets the Saints nine spots higher in the first round ostensibly to pick a better player. It moves the Dolphins down to a place in the draft I believe the value for what they're looking for -- running back, offensive line, wide receiver -- is greater.

Yes, the Saints lose their second rounder. But they have two third-rounders anyway. Yes, the Dolphins have to drop back in their third round. That's the price of dropping in on the previously closed-to-them second round.

And so here we are, at No. 24 overall in the first round.

With the 24th overall selection in the 2011 NFL draft, the Miami Dolphins select: Mike Pouncey (Center) of the University of Florida. I hate the pick. And I love the pick. I hate it because Pouncey will never score touchdowns. But I love it because it is a value selection at No. 24 -- five spots lower than where his brother Markice went to Pittsburgh. I also love it because the Dolphins need a center to solidify their offensive line. The position has been unsettled since 2008. Joe Berger is nice but his best asset to the team is as a backup. Pouncey could be the starter for the next decade.

With the 56th overall selection in the 2011 NFL draft, the Miami Dolphins select: Daniel Thomas (Running back) Kansas State. Mark Ingram will be gone by this spot. So will Mikel Leshoure, whom I would think the Dolphins will consider in the first round but pass on because he's not a value at No. 15 nor No. 24 for that matter. So it's the next best guy on the board at Miami's greatest position of need. Ryan Williams is also a candidate here, but I just think Thomas is bigger, quicker and fumbles less. Don't hate.

With the 88th overall selection in the 2011 NFL draft, the Miami Dolphins select: Traiwan Jones (Running back) Eastern Washington. I'm more excited about this running back than the previous one, but this one is too risky to take in the second round. Jones is a bullet. He ran a 4.30 on the Miami scouts' stopwatches at his Pro Day two weeks ago. He is a home run waiting to happen and the Dolphins need some of those on offense and special teams. By the way, the Dolphins have doubled down on draft picks before, picking two cornerbacks in the 2009 draft. I hope Arkansas tight end D.J. Williams will be here when Miami picks but he probably won't be. I love that kid. He reminds me of Keith Jackson.

I know, I know, you're going to wonder why I didn't address the QB spot. Well, this doesn't mean I'm on board the Chad Henne bandwagon. If you read my columns, this blog and listen to my radio show, you know that already. But I wait to address it in free agency. I go get a veteran.

OK, that's a lot to chew on. And there is much work for you to do. It is your turn to give me your Dolphins mock for rounds 1 through 3. If you believe the Dolphins will trade, you have to use that scenario in your draft as I did.

We will do rounds 4-7 next week.



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Taiwan will be long gone by pick #88....he is a natural playmaker...I would be shocked if he is around at pick #50.

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Also Mike is not nearly as good as his brother so there is no real value in that regard

Anyone hop[ing for 2nd rd qb need remember we've used 4 2nd rd picks on qb's post Marino. Hasnt worked yet. LOL............

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Dude mando, come on now. This article is ridiculous. No way it will go down like that. Not even close. Pouncey will be gone. He's the best o lineman in the class. The rest is dumb too. No way this regime will ignore D.




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absolutely not!!!! Miami is not gona take 2 rb in the first 3 picks... too many holes to spent 2 picks just in rb


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We've spent 4 2nd rd picks(Beck, AJ Feeley trade, Henne, and White) on qb's post Marino era.

Knowing this, would you like to see this fo spend yet another 2nd rd pick at qb?

Post Marino era we've still yet to spend a 1st rd pick at qb and still thinking we'll find his replacement. Does not history teach us anything?

Breed, Dont worry Bout that, They dont have a # 2 pick for the next couple years.............

what are your thoughts on Easter?

Im pretty sure had we spent 4 1st rd picks at qb post Marino era. We would have found Marino's true replacement by now.

That's 4 pretty much totally blown 2nd rd picks trying to find Marino's replacement alone. Hope Ireland doesnt go for a 5th this draft.


In "next couple of years" Im assuming that youre assuming Ireland will at least waste 2012's 2nd rd pick on a Palmer trade.

If we trade back and get one this year, they'll almost certainly use it on a 2nd rd qb.

If we trade back, egt a 2nd and spend it on a qb. Plus, give the bungles 2012's 2nd rd pick. That will be 6 2nd rd picks trying to find Marino's replacement.

Talk about insanity being doing the same thing over and over again expecting different results. OMG! LOL.............

Wont matter, 3 and 13 this upcoming year Ireland and fist pumper 86ed mid season, 4 and 12 the following year, maybe 8 and 8 in 2013, if there's a world, you know the Mayans say 2012 is the end???, Hopefully it is...LOL

If we have only used 3 1st rd picks trying to find Marino's replacement. We would have our guy by now. Plus had 4 2nd rd picks to use on other needs. LOL...........


If youre anything like me. It'll be just our luck the Mayans are dead wrong! LOL............

Seems as a franchise, a team may as well blow every 1st rd pick trying to find a Franchise type qb. The odds of winning a SB without one seems to be hugely against you anyway.

Bteed, That's why we are "G.O.D"... Gang of defeat...LOL, Now Iam Outta here, have a "Phintastic" Nite ..............

Your not on the QB bandwagon because THIS DRAFT STINKS FOR QB'S!

Not one of the QB's in this draft will amount to anything. An NONE of them upgrade over Henne.

Sorry, but that's the truth. Mallett will be a combination of Ryan Leaf and the gutless, but strong-armed, dull-headed Jeff George.

Despite all the negative Henne talk, he passed for over 3,300 yards without a solid running game, with a poor offensive line, and without a down the field threat wide receiver and despite being benched multiple times. He easily could have passed 4,000 yards with better play calling and more support. He had some great games against quality opponents, ie NY Jets and New England Patriots. He may surprise everyone if given the chance. Just sayin'...


There hasnt been a 1st rd qb in nfl history that you couldnt find something to pick him apart about. That's exactly why we havent found Marino's replacement yet.

"All" of the previous regions have "picked apart" these 1st rd qb's when they were within our reach. Still post-Marino the league has continued to churn out franchise calibre qb.


Seems you dont understand pro football very well. Henne's one of the major reasons we dont have a run game. Defenses play 8 in the box against our oline. That's 5 guys trying to block 8 guys every run play. 6 trying to block 8 if you include our TE.

Advantage defense. Defense always has the advantage when they have 8 defenders to your 5 or 6 on run plays. They have 2-3 unblocked tacklers every run down.

Evening Gents,

Darryl Dunphy had stated let's do a 7 round mock Sunday. I don't know that I will have time to get back on and do much during the week.

I'll take my shot at who I want the Fins to draft.

That said, with so many riding the "Taiwan Jones Express" they are stealing some serious thunder.

Using Armando's trade back scenario:

Trade with New Orleans my picks

1. Ryan Mallet QB Represents the biggest "potential" piece of the offensive puzzle with most upside. Pro Offense, Gaudy Stats, NFL size, Accuracy, Deep ball, Crazy Strong Arm... Ireland & Co need a guy to compete early and Mallet has that ability.

2. Jerrel Jernigan WR Much tougher than his size would indicate. Can play as a game breaking slot guy as well as stretch the field. Fast both laterally and up the field. Fearless player you want on your side. With Mallet deep weapons start this year. ST KR demon as well.

3. Taiwan Jones RB I have been high on TJ for quite a while now. Seems like his "sleeperness" went out the window with his 4.3 Pro Day 40. Mad elusive skillset. 7.7 career average speaks volumes plus an absolute natural set of hands. In space this kid gashes DEFs. ST return man to boot so between JJ and TJ we should always have a wepon available. Wheel routes and double moves become deadly.

4. Alex Green RB Banger that runs behind his pads. 6'+ 225lbs, 4.53 and scored 19 TDs as a Senior. Has some speed to suprise if he gets some daylight. Can catch. If they re-sign Ronnie it will be a killer rotation.

5. Julius Thomas TE Yet another in what will be a successful basketball player gone TE transition. VERY athletic and nearly 6'5" and 260lbs. Best football is yet to be played.

6. Bryant Browning G Large man with some movement ability to pull. Big enough to maul straight ahead. Big school player.

7. Schuylar Oordt TE If this guy fills out and keeps his triangle numbers (6'5 3/4", 261 lbs, 4.67 40) he could be deadly at the deep cacth. Averaged 17.7 ypc. A tad lanky but a solid athlete nonetheless. Has very good upside.

7. Scott Tolzien QB Late round groomer. Killer accuracy of 72.9% with only 6 Ints as a Senior. Has comp percentage of 68.1% for his career. Understands how to throw a guy open and properly lead him for Y.A.C. Smallish size and run first team drops him.

7. Mana Silva S Good sized athlete at 6' 3/4" 206 lbs with nice speed 4.43. 159 tackles and 14 INTs in the last two years is a great platform to take a chance on this late round find. Should be able to find a spot on ST as a gunner/solid tackler.

That's my draft designed to add much needed speed and playmakers to the team.

It would be complete with a vet QB FA, a FA like G Carl Nicks and maybe any piece they might feel they need on DEF.

*Note, I see a lot of people say that we are trading back with Seattle...Seattle needs a QB and may end up taking Mallet which is why that trade partner doesn't make as much sense if you want Mallet as a Fin.


Be back in a while.


If Henne was a better downfield passer defenses will pull 2 defenders out of the run box. Now on run plays you have 6 offensive blockers vs 6 defenders in the run box.

The chances of having a successful run game becomes much better. That wont happen until Henne becomes a better "downfield" passer. Right now he's checkdown charlie at best.

i just don't see the hype on mallett. we don't even have a reciever to throw the long ball too. he doesn't seem good for much else.

take rb or ol first.

I disagree with your Henne assessment. Yes, he struggled. But the offensive line sucked. The line definitely took huge steps backward which impacted the running game. No one was scared of the running game or the wildcard because Ronnie couldn't break through and the wildcat became predictable. That's why the Dolphins want to replace both RBs. As you saw Thigpen didn't do any better with that line and was pathetic against the Bears. Absolutely Henne needs to play better, but he alone is not the issue. O-line and running backs need to improve. Also, Dan Henning's offense was predictable and conservative. Don't be surprised if Henne flourishes under a more creative offense with more offensive talent around him. A deep threat WR will keep defenses honest. Guess we'll see if and when the season unfolds.


I think part problem with Henne throwing deep(besides accuracy issues) is he still has "college eyes". In college wr consistently get open 5-10yds deep behind db's.

In the pros opens equals beating the db by 1yd-2yds deep. If a wr has the db beat by 1-2yds deep. I dont think Henne see's it as open and checks off to the next wr on his reads. Its a shame because that about as consistently as wr's get in the nfl.

Plus the coaching staff has him so paranoid of throwing picks. He throws even more picks out of uncertainty.


Wished I could be as optimistic about Henne as you. Ive lost all faith Henne becomes no more than he was at Michigan. Dr. Jeckyll/Mr. Hyde.

So far he's greatly proving this.

that may be a reasonable assessment dyingb but that doesn't sell me any more on mallet. 95% of the passing game is the short to mid range stuff. i don't see his pocket presence comparabble to marinos. without minimal scrambling ability and ability to throw accurately on the run i'd pass on him at 15.

Deal with Henne is he wasnt a 1st rd calibre qb to begin with. Then this coaching staff has turned him into a basket case to boot. It will be near miracle were Henne to turn it around now.

Hope no one's holding their breath on that. Im surely not.

QB is the reason we don't have a run game?

Read that again-LOL. Let it marinate as Armando would say.

I'm sure it had nothing to do with the brass getting our only real offensive linemane injured in a meaningless pre season game.

Probably didn't have anything to do with us "churning" our rodter either. You know, making us depend on rookies like John Jerry, awesome depth like Pat McQuistan and the neophyte starting center, who wouldn't even make ANY OTHER teams roster in BERGER.

The 8 men in the box had nothing at all to do with the dead man walking in Dan Henning either.

When you got only two WR's on the field, what else is a defensive coing to do? Henning used the two receiver set on 86% of our passing plays. You double Marshall and man up on Bess. What else is left?

You put 8 guys in the box. Hello? Houston, we have a problem.

Even in the two minute drill, the offense - NOT DESIGNED or CALLED BY HENNE had two running backs and a TE on the field. Opposing DC's even stacked the box on our two minute drill.

Yeah Buddy, this is all Henne's fault-ROTFLMAO.

The reason we didn't have a running game and faced 8 men in the box was ALL the QB's fault!

Boo Who Hoo!!!!

I definitely want us to draft a QB. Maybe Mallet and bring in a veteran to push him and Henne. I hope Henne can live up to his potential. Definitely need to build the rest of the team. Marshall and Hartline certainly didn't scare anyone deep, although I'm a fan of both WRs. Think Hartline has potential, but isn't there yet. Hope he has a breakout season. Recommend we keep Ronnie or bring in Deangelo Williams and draft one. Looks like they're pretty high on Kory Sheets and Hilliard. We need another Home Run hitting back or 2.

Mallets strength is a strong arm-Period.

His weakness is facing pressure.

He's a statue and in the NFL, statues are under constant pressure.

Do the MATH!

Nuff said!

Digressing for just a moment...granted this may be far fetched.

Let's say Odrick turns out to be what they hoped. I've given some thought to how Starks moved over to NT at times last season. Then I started comparing physiques between NT's and Centers. I was wondering what the possibility would be for Starks to switch to Center?


Basically my deal isnt just Mallet. I think we need to quit pissing away our 2nd rd picks. Because they may have to be like our 1st rd pick until we find Marino's replacement.

If I were gm I would use my 1st rd pick every year until I found that right qb. Once I find him then I began using my 1st rd pick in other area. History has proven the chances of winning a SB without a franchise calibre qb are very slim anyway.

So until you find that guy who can be franchise calibre, it seems using your 1st rd picks elsewhere means little towards winning a championship anyway.

I have consumed vast quantities of alcohol today.

At the onset of this binge, I was at first sympathetic to those in my domain---perhaps even a bit melancholy about the cruel punishments I have doled out from time to time on the populace. Well, NOT ANYMORE!

As I have descended into full drunkenness, I am reminded that you peons are nothing more than ignorant, halwitted chimpanzees whose only purpose in life is to serve ME and provide moments of royal amusement to me and the gang of Royal Thugs who enforce my edicts.

Let the word be spread across the land to every man woman and child: My rule is absolute and those who dissent will be SEVERELY punished!



Basically Im refering to it being even more difficult to run if you cant consistently throw downfield. Downfield passing opens up the running game.

Consistent downfield passing happens to be one of Henne's greatest weaknesses. Meaning Henne's no friend at all to your running game.

Somalia is full of Dying Breeds.


When ran well in 2009 under Henne partially because defenses respected his arm strength and may not have played as much 8 in the run box. This season DC's decided to play 8 in the run box and force Henne to prove he could beat them.

Henne couldnt. So therefore they forced 3rd and longs then forced Henne to prove he could adjust and beat thier blitzes too. Henne could not do thie either.

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