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Undrafted free agent pipeline shut for Dolphins

The hits just keep on coming.

We all know the Dolphins -- a team with deep pockets because the owner is among the richest in the NFL and a team that is also desperate for veteran upgrades -- has been injured as much as any by the current NFL lockout because that lockout has wiped out free agency so far.

The lockout has wiped out free agency.

The lockout has wiped out trades of veterans.

The lockout has wiped out new coordinator Brian Daboll teaching his offense to Miami players.

And then there's this: The fact there is no collective bargaining agreement also means no undrafted free agents will be allowed to sign with any teams after the day after the coming draft. That affects everyone. But it hurts the Dolphins more than most.


Well, look at Jeff Ireland's history. He and his personnel department love to make hay on undrafted free agents. When Ireland was in Dallas, the Cowboys signed Miles Austin as an undrafted free agent. They signed starting QB Tony Romo as an undrafted free agent. Both have blossomed into starters and have been to the Pro Bowl.

With the Dolphins, Ireland hasn't hit it quite so big. But it hasn't been unprofitable. Kicker Dan Carpenter displaced Jay Feely as a Miami's kicker when he was an undrafted free agent addition. Davone Bess has been Miami's second-best wide receiver the past few years and he was an undrafted free agent signee.

Jonathon Amaya, arguably Miami's best special teams player last season, was an undrafted free agent signee. So were Fay Feinga, Marlon Moore, and Roberto Wallace.

So the Dolphins like to do work in the undrafted free agent department.

This draft, however, that work won't be done immediately following the draft, barring an unexpected agreement between the league and the players' union. The truth is no one is really sure how those undrafted players will ultimately join the NFL.

Does that affect everyone? Yes. Does it hurt the Dolphins more than most teams? Absolutely.


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second. I predict Marlon Moore will be a starter halfway through 2011. Assuming there's a season.

It was ridiculous that he caught that 50 yard TD against Oakland and then got shut down by the coaches the rest of the season. Moronic actually.

lets hope this gets resolved soon

-the draft isnt that deep
- cant sing free agents or undrafted free agents
-cant trade for veterans

sucks! but lets hope its a blessing in disguise

...This hurts every team. Imagine the guys whos bad luck it is that they got stuck in the middle of this. I feel for these players more then the teams. Remember, it is the teams themselves that put us in this situation. Not the players.

You talkin "Acorns" Mando !! Yeah, Jeff Ireland loves these players seems to really stroke his ego, reminding you and the rest of the press corp. about his success rate. Hey don`t forget bringing NFL reject Cam Wake back into the League fold but at what time can we expect a borderline averege 50% success rate in picking players rounds 2 thru 5 ? I wonder can you tell what players he drafted in these rounds while at Dallas because I for one would like to know what his overall success rate is here. Or should are thinking be here that we trade every pick after round 1 and wait out the new CBA and then have at it in a feeding frenzy signing UFA?

FLDP...Moore couldn't beat jams, or get open. There was a reason his only playing time came after Hartline,and Marshall got knicked. This is the hardest thing for youn recievers to learn. In college they are bigger, faster, stronger then 99 percent of the corners they face. It is a learning process.

This is why we should be careful what we wish for as far as speed threat recievers. Take a guy Like Torrey Smith. Very fast straight line. But did not have to run routes in college, that he will in the show. His route package is basically go routes, and bubble screens. Go look. If these fast guys can't get open, their speed is useless.

Good point Darryl, that's exactly why Moore sat, and probably will this season as well.


Maybe you should tell us what you are doing about it, or what we can do about it, instead of screaming the sky is falling every day. Be helpful, not merely an alarmist.

0x80 | April 19, 2011 at 09:09 AM

Do not shoot the messenger.If you cannot figure out what to do, stick your head between your legs and kiss your rectum good bye.

God Bless you and your family

Julian Assange | April 19, 2011 at 09:15 AM


The Government has placed miniature GPS tracking devises in our sugar insuring there ability to follow the daily activities of all people on Earth. The only way to counter this sinister Gov. plot is to neutralize the tracking systems by removing a lamp or fan from your ceiling. You then grab the red wire with your left hand and the yellow with your right hand and place your feet firmly on the ground. This will turn you into the ground and the electric jolt should knock out the GPS in your Brain !! To ensure the success of the procedure you then place aluminum foil in a skee mask and wear at all times !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

fin4life | April 19, 2011 at 11:00 AM

BY THE WAY dm1 @11.04 LMFAO !!!

jeff ireland has to point to a few undrafted players making the squad. this happens with all 32 teams. i want ireland to pick football players on draft day and not get caught with frivolous picks like pat white and pat turner. we need tough guys who can"ball";look at danny woodhead or wes welker or the qb turned wr for the pats! we cant afford any wasted picks this year.

Some Observations:

1) Steve Sabol and NFL Films have been and continue to be an instrumental part of the overwhelming success of the NFL. But Sabol should never have put himself front and center in narrating or introducing some of their programs. He doesn't have the voice or face for it.

2) When I was a boy, I used to love watching the Dean Martin roasts. They were classic. But to be honest, I laugh a lot harder today at the roasts being shown on Comedy Central. Objectively, they're alot funnier.

3) Alot of women hit their physical peak during their teens or early 20s. Paulette Goddard was never more beautiful than in her early 20s in "Modern Times," and Lindsay Lohan looked her absolute best as a teenager in "Mean Girls."

4) If you were to put together the ultimate Dolphins wide receiver, he would have:

a) the speed of Ted Ginn
b) the hands of Oronde Gadsden
c) the cutting ability of Davonne Bess
d) the route running and grace of Paul Warfield
e) the ability to run after the catch of Mark Clayton
f) the Judeo-Christian values of Irving Fryar

Why don't they extend the draft by adding rounds 8 & 9 this year?

Mando...Ray Feinga is going to beat you up for calling him Fay Feinga in your story...

Jack Tatum,

That's the best, most logical, certainly original thought I've read this entire off season.

Armando, can we get Tatum a ticket to Minneapolis?

No FA? OK, lets add 2 or 3 rounds(at least) to the draft.

Seriously, whoever you are, EXCELLENT idea!

PS: Jack Tatum,

I played Free Safety in school. YOU were my role model.

I tried tp play just like you and Lester.
Coach called me a Head Hunter! THANKS!!!!

Armando, I think your getting stupid by the day

EVERYONE OF THE TEAMS are in the same situation,
so they can't sign any free agents right away,
so what...They'll be able to do it aventually

Sorry Armando, you're just as dumb as your AMIGO in the morning

Some Observations and a Question or Two.

2) When I was a boy, I used to love watching the Dean Martin roasts. They were classic. But to be honest, I laugh a lot harder today at the roasts being shown on Comedy Central. Objectively, they're a lot funnier.

Posted by: Nathaniel Dodsworth | April 19, 2011 at 12:28 PM

I think the differences between now and then directly reflect a general decline in the moral fabric of this once great nation.

Do you think this could be the result of one generation trying to "out do" the next?

While Comedy Central indeed presents some comedic genius, don't you find it rather tactless and tasteless?

Inquiring Minds Want To Know.............


Actually teams like the Dolphins with "multiple 7th rd picks" are in a better situation than those who are not, in regards to this. Dolphins have 3 7th rd picks placing us ahead of the curve in this respect.

Armando, I think your getting stupid by the day


I don't want to be known as a nit picker or anything, but I think the term you were looking for is: STOOPIDER!

Huh? Yeah! See what I mean?


That's what I'm talking about!

Making positives out of negatives!

That's how we roll Armando!!!!

Yeah, gotta agree with greg z. on this one. I'd MUCH rather have the GM hit on 1st and 2nd round picks than undrafted free agents. What Mando failed to mention is NEITHER occasion led one of Ireland's teams to the SuperBowl, so who cares if he spotted a few acorns faster than anyone else? Try spotting the right FIRST-ROUND stud that will take over a game and put the team on his back and win from sheer talent and drive.

This to me is positive, because now maybe Ireland will address his time to the rounds that count.


Late last nite everyone wondered where you just disappeared too. I posted your headed may have EXPLODED all over your falt screen monitor from all of the extremely long posts by you yesterday.

PS: Great to see you're still ok! LOL..........

The hits just keep on coming.

We all know the Dolphins -- a team with deep pockets because the owner is among the richest in the NFL and a team that is also desperate for veteran upgrades -- has been injured as much as any by the current NFL lockout because that lockout has wiped out free agency so far.

The NWO HAARP has wiped out parts of the USA with 265 tornadoes in only 3 days.

The NWO HAARP has wiped out many of Japans nuclear reactors only a few are being talked about publicly

The NWO HAARP has wiped out Australia & their food supply and something, something insignificant about some sports game practice of a losing team & coordinator Brian Daboll teaching his offense to Miami players.

have a HAARPy day :(


You surprised me with this weak ass blog. I was expecting to see the even weaker "why should wave the white flag" to Belichik that wrote a few days ago.

I guess after being relentlessly torpedoed in the comments section for that, you thought better of that one didnt you! LOL............

OMG, Belichik just has so many early rds pick we'll have to forfeit our 2 divisional games! Oh dear, oh dear......oh dear...dear...dear! LOL..............

"why we should wave trhe white flag"

By the way, I just read an article where Mark Ingram was compared to Adrian Peterson (not necessarily in body type but in running style and temperament).

While I am the #1 defender of NOT drafting Ingram in the 1st-round, I will say that's gotten me questioning myself.

IF Ingram is ANYTHING LIKE Peterson, then he definitely deserves to be drafted in the 1st round. I still don't know if I agree with that comparison, but it does make me rethink and want to go back and check out Ingram again to see if I can make that comparison too.

Either way, I'm excited that we'll have something new happening in football in a couple weeks.


At first I was a strong proponent of Ingram in the 1st. Now after seeing the much greater overall picture. Far too much value exist in the draft, fa, and our option to resign Ronnie or Ricky.

Not paramount to pigeon hole ourselves into takling a rb 1st rd.

Ingram doesnt have half the speed Peterson has. The only comparison I'll give to them is the ability to see where the blocks are set up at the line and very little dancing (unlike Ronnie). Ingram is more like an Emmit Smith get you plenty of 10 to 12 yard runs. No home run though 60 yards plus!

That got me thinking when was the last 60 plus yard play we've seen from the Dolphins?

Thats why Im on the Mario Fannin late rd bandwagon. He's 5'10 231 lbs and ran a 4-37 4oyd dash. The question mark is why in 5yrs at Auburn was he still a 3rd string rb?

My answer is at only 5'10, carrying 231lbs on that frame compromised "quickness". Imagine how much quicker he could become slimmed down to 215ls like Ingram.

Clearly the kid could be a slight project drafted 6th-7th rd. But you also gotta consider with that speed and size if the "lights were already on", the kid could clearly be a top 5 overall coming out this year. That's exactly what you get if you can figure out how to get this kid's electrical system "hooked up".

Have Mario Fannin drop down to about 215lbs and the kid could possibly be our 21st century version of Mercury Morris. That worked out pretty well didnt it! LOL.........

Just listening to the Mark Ingram interview on Sports Center. "Boy he is one well grounded and bright kid"!

I rather have Ryan Williams from V Tech this guy has explosive quickness and speed. Possibly a second rounder if we can ever get one back. This guy is the home run threat we need.


I'm an Ingram fan but I don't expect him to have the impact in the NFL that Peterson has. As has already been said, he doesn't have the same speed. But there's very backs in the league that compare to Peterson. However, with all that being said, if can't run the ball in this lague you'll be in trouble. Yes, guys want to cite the Packers of last year as a team that struggled running the ball and still won it all but the Pack were ONE game away from being done and missing the playoffs last year at 8-6. There were games last year that if they could have run the ball they would have one the game, one of them being against us.

We need to figure out if not Ingram running the ball for us, then who? I don't see that guy being Taiwan Jones but that's just my opinion. He's injured too much and is too much of a risk. Get Leshoure or Williams if necessary.

1st Jake Locker QB Washington
3rd Kendall Hunter RB Oklahoma State
4th Charles Clay RB Tulsa
5th Lee Ziemba OL Auburn
6th Zane Taylor C Utah
7th Mark Herzlich OLB Boston College
7th Dom DiCecco SS Pittsburg

This is a bummer! I was hoping we could package all of our picks for trade to the NFL to dish them out to other teams. then we get our lick of any of the left over crap... we seem to be more succesful finding use out of leftover crap than we do our draft picks. :)

I don't see the fact that free agents can't sign with anybody after the draft as being a big deal for us. It'll just mean we have to wait before we can add them. Yes, we've had success in this area before but we'll just have to wait and play by the same rules as everybody else....no biggie.

To combine the cutting edge social commentary of Nathaniel Dodsworth, the clear-eyed political insights of Home, the grammar of Aloco and -- of course -- the inspired leadership of DyingBreed...

...that would be the ultimate poster on this blog.

Odinseye, a perspicacious and thought-provoking query.

Society today definitely is coarser, which is for the most part regrettable. But when it comes to humor, all bets are off. While I appreciate the "elevated" humor of a Jack Benny or a Bill Cosby, gutter humor can be funny if it is truly original and creative. Some of the folks on those Comedy Central roasts (Jeff Ross, et al.) are truly brilliant, and they are funnier because of the freedom to be coarse.

trade back mock
1st Torrey Smith WR Maryland
2nd Colin Kaepernick QB Nevada
3rd Allen Bailey DE/OLB The U
4th Greg Salas WR Hawaii
4th Charles Clay RB Tulsa
5th Lee Ziemba OL Auburn
6th Zane Taylor C Utah
7th Mark Herzlich OLB Boston College
7th Dom DiCecco SS Pittsburg

It will certainly benefit the Miami Dolphins if there was no season at all. And having said that and with our luck, we will see a resolution of the lockout and a CBA signed within 24 hrs.


Your mock doesnt look so god awful except for both your 4th rd picks are projected 7th rd to undrafted free agents.

So why blow 4th rd picks on these guys when projected 7th rd'ers at best?

While I appreciate the "elevated" humor of a Jack Benny or a Bill Cosby, gutter humor can be funny if it is truly original and creative. Some of the folks on those Comedy Central roasts (Jeff Ross, et al.) are truly brilliant, and they are funnier because of the freedom to be coarse.

Posted by: Nathaniel Dodsworth | April 19, 2011 at 03:30 PM

Indubitably well played my Good Man!

Wow! I feel so ashamed tobe a dolphan with so many posters suggesting a white flag waving on the 2011 season.


Since you know so much about 7th round projections, help a guy out.

7-A. Denarius Moore WR Tenn.

7-B. Mario Fannin RB Auburn

7-c. ????

Keep in mind, we're looking for THAT acorn, soon to be Mighty Oak!

Ryan Mallet now visiting with the "hooded one" for the next 2 days. We all know who "Mr. Hoodie" is. LOL..........


Denarius Moore's further up the food chain. Think he's 4th-5th rd. Fannin 6th-7th. Guess you didnt read my numerous posts as to Fannin.

Click on my "blue nam" and you'll see them.

Greatest benifit to "blue" sign in. Click and see anyone in "blue's" most recent or past comments.


Haven't you heard?

Chief Crazy Horse Belicheat is going to annihilate Gen. Tony Custer!

Resistance is futile!

Lions, Tigers and Bears.......Oh my............


Listening to Armando we should wave the flag on 2 divisional game vs Pats. LOL.........

DB, the years along with the experiences(specially with the Dolphins) have taught me not to self-delude. That no season whatsoever will benefit the Team? That's a self-evident Truth. That if a season goes on we will support Miami all the way? That should be another One.

Looking at Todd McShay, he looks like the kid everyone wanted to smack in high school! LOL............

I read ALL of your posts on Fanin.

I don't know if your comparison to Mercury is warranted, but I liked it-LOL!

Also, I agree on Denarius. A lot of "experts" have him ranked pretty low.

I don't think he'll last until the 7th, but a man can DREAM!!!!


I didnt grow up with the already deliver silver spoon. It was a tough neighborhood and you fought whether your ass was kicked or not.

Even ass whippings earned respect. Wussing out brought even more ass whippings. Dont want my team to wuss out! LOL........

I think I did smack him.

Well, it might have been his brother or cousin, but it's all good.

Blue does not match with my inborn tan.


I suggested slimmed down to about 215lbs, Fannin has potential Mercury Morris comparisons if figure out to flip his power switch. He definitely has all the way to house speed. LOL...........


Blue makes me feel so much closer to my favorite female of all time. Smurfette! LOL.....


Funny how that works out.

Take your lumps and git in whatcha kin!

All the wanna be tough guys figure it'll be easier to F u k with someone else.

A s s whoopins taught me how to FIGHT!

Just think 231lbs is to much weight for Fannin to carry on a 5'10 frame. Slimmed down to 215lbs he could possibly become "lights out" with far greater quickness to match his great speed.

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