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Undrafted free agent pipeline shut for Dolphins

The hits just keep on coming.

We all know the Dolphins -- a team with deep pockets because the owner is among the richest in the NFL and a team that is also desperate for veteran upgrades -- has been injured as much as any by the current NFL lockout because that lockout has wiped out free agency so far.

The lockout has wiped out free agency.

The lockout has wiped out trades of veterans.

The lockout has wiped out new coordinator Brian Daboll teaching his offense to Miami players.

And then there's this: The fact there is no collective bargaining agreement also means no undrafted free agents will be allowed to sign with any teams after the day after the coming draft. That affects everyone. But it hurts the Dolphins more than most.


Well, look at Jeff Ireland's history. He and his personnel department love to make hay on undrafted free agents. When Ireland was in Dallas, the Cowboys signed Miles Austin as an undrafted free agent. They signed starting QB Tony Romo as an undrafted free agent. Both have blossomed into starters and have been to the Pro Bowl.

With the Dolphins, Ireland hasn't hit it quite so big. But it hasn't been unprofitable. Kicker Dan Carpenter displaced Jay Feely as a Miami's kicker when he was an undrafted free agent addition. Davone Bess has been Miami's second-best wide receiver the past few years and he was an undrafted free agent signee.

Jonathon Amaya, arguably Miami's best special teams player last season, was an undrafted free agent signee. So were Fay Feinga, Marlon Moore, and Roberto Wallace.

So the Dolphins like to do work in the undrafted free agent department.

This draft, however, that work won't be done immediately following the draft, barring an unexpected agreement between the league and the players' union. The truth is no one is really sure how those undrafted players will ultimately join the NFL.

Does that affect everyone? Yes. Does it hurt the Dolphins more than most teams? Absolutely.


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DB, I can do nothing about the Team; but I can guarantee you that, if there is a season, I will be whooping and hollering for the Dolphins, same as you. OK?


Ass whuppins makes you not afraid to get hit. Less knocked out you become oblivious to the pain. If afraid to be hit you can never win a fight. LOL..........

Put him in a gore-tex sweatsuit and have him sprint around with a parachute all summer in the South Florida heat.

He'll be just fine!


We're not a ton away from to 2nd rd playoff team. It's just the interstate's still under construction. If you've you lived near a mojor interstate you know it takes quite awhile. LOL........

Just hope this construction crew knows what the hell thier doing!

I'm not afraid to get hit, I just don't like it-LOL

That's why I took up multiple Martial Arts early on.

Usually, when I do get hit, it puts me in a "zone". It makes it worse on my opponent!

I do remember one or two ass-kickings I received when I came from Cuba to Miami, from WASP's.

I really need to slow down hitting the keyboard kittles! LOL.....


My enviroment taught me to quickly decide if there will be a physical fight or not. to quickly get in the first punch you have to be great at extending the olive branch.

Make the opponent think thier isnt going to be fight, then wham! LOL...........

1st punch has to be aimed at a critical area. Like throat or solar plexes. The opponent cant respond if he cant breath. LOL...........

Hey, Luis, remember when I hit you with that crowbar? Yeah, Watson man that was something else man Igot youwith the chain. Haaa! And they kept on burning it. All you need is Love.

Nose shots are great too. Temporarily stuns the opponent! LOL...........

Never throw one punch and let up. The fight could get really ugly, but not your favor! LOL.........

once the opponent is stunned or hurt stay ultra aggressive. LOL...........

The longer a fight lasts, the greater chance you have of losing. LOL..............

When not on the offensive youre moving ever closer to defeat! LOL...........

Thats all guys. No more of my "violent" side! LOL..........

Some guy from Bleacher Report published some u tube videos on 10 players he thinks the Dolphins should draft, from 1, 3-7. I fell for it(I promised myself never to look at college players replays). I saw absolutely nothing there worth more than a 3rd or 4th round pick.

I said as much 2 months ago. The lockout is gonna hurt the lower tier teams the most.

Just common sense: Teams that have less turnover, win. Same coaches, same playbook, same players. It's not rocket science.

One more and I promise Im done.

"Have you ever shoved a twig up a guy's nose while having him on the ground"?

It aint very pretty but really effective! LOL......

I'm done! LOL.........


I learned that the hard way.

I had my adams apple fractured/displaced.

I responed quite well, in that I didn't die. I went down with a thud. Thankfully I had a good friend there that cranked the guy before he could start stomping me.

I learned from it and from that point on I always laughed when I would see guys getting up in each others faces.

I'm tall with a very good reach. If there's even the slightest "issue" going on and somebody steps into range, BLAM!!!!

Thanks DB, just reminding me of that brought back some pain! Oh well, like I always say, a hard learned lesson is a well learned lesson.



No biggie, 95% of all undrafteds are 2-3yr development projects anyway. Bess-like players are very few and far in-between.

Dying, don't forget to put the boots to 'em when they're down.

What is best in life?

To crush your enemies, see them driven before you and hear the lamentation of their women


Thats why you really have to watch the guy feigning the "olive branch" during heated argument. He's the one with most potential to even kill you in a fight. Keep major distance and dont let your guard down.


If not carrying a weapon always survey the landscape for potential weapons. A smart opponent will and get the drops on you.

Ive slammed guys with mop bucket ringers, bycycles, anything that can be a weapon when thier down. There's no fair in the word fight! LOL.............

Where did this bunch of juvenile delinquents here come from?


You remind me. I once got into a fight, whipped the guy's ass and knocked his woman out too.

Did this because Ive seen fights where a guy's old lady smack someone in the back of the head then the whups hell out of you. If his old lady's around she's fair game too.

Never ignore the guy's old lady when fighting him. Could be fatal mistake. LOL....

LOL@ oscar 5:00 PM.

Mop Bucket Ringers-ROTFLMAO!

This didn't happen to be while you were incarcerated was it?

I used a bicycle more than once. The first time, the guy was attacking me with a mini-louisville slugger. I won!

Dying, quite right. The Queensbury rules are only for fools. Hit first with whatever you can get your hands on. They don't give out awards for good sportsmanship at most of the places I've been. Sometimes you get to take his woman with you which is a plus.

Where did this bunch of juvenile delinquents here come from?

Posted by: oscar canosa | April 19, 2011 at 05:10 PM

Westside of Chicago Dawg!


odin- Actually got into fight with a guy at a hotel when I spotted the mop bucket with ringer.

cocoajoe- Absolutely! Fair firghts are the ones you have greatest chance to lose. LOL.......

I do remember that, back in the early sixties, we found a huge stash under some bushes near the Miami river. Man, did we love everybody!

Dying, no doubt been beat on, scratched, you name it by their girlfriends. Hate it when they jump on your back....LOL

Also, never say "Im going to get my gun." The other guy may already have his. LOL.........


That's why you knock that b*itch out 1st chance you get! LOL......

I'm all right, odin. I hope you have moved from there since.


Im undefeated in short fights, but maybe .500 in t5he long ones. That's why I learned to make them end as quickly as possible! LOL.........

Mop Bucket ringers use to only get you a 30 day stay in max.

Now days they give you another "real world" charge. Aggravated assault if you do any damage with it.

You used the mop bucket ringer in lockup didn't you DB?

I'm all right, odin. I hope you have moved from there since.

Posted by: oscar canosa | April 19, 2011 at 05:20 PM

Yeah, I moved away.

To the Eastside of Detroit Dawg!

Whaazup NOW!?!?

Also, when fighting bigger stronger opponents when no weapons are around. You better know where the critical areas are and strike them quickly.

When striking bigger stronger opponents hitting coventional areas have very little effect. LOL.........

I remember when simple assault was only a $100 ticket


Just messing around. I left Chicago and Detroit far behind.

I live in Gods country now and I'm loving EVERY MINUTE of it!

Goodness gracious! I'm beginning to get scared.


In jail I just kept a pen or pencil on me at all times. It doesnt look like a weapon but when used correctly very devastating.

Also liked smashing guys faces into the metal tables. Boy, what a bloody mess.

Seems nearly every time in jail I ended up in lockdown for fighting. But I was THE man on the unit when getting out. Usually never had another fight during the stay after the violent display. LOL...........

I'm glad for you, odin.

I pointed out a couple months ago that I felt Henne could gain some respect if he joined a fight-club during the off season...and got his butt kicked a few times.

All he'd need to do is hang out at a BBQ with some of you guys for his black eye.

Maybe then he'd learn what to do when some of his team mates start yelling at him in front of a packed stadium, or in the locker room.

Goodness gracious! I'm beginning to get scared.

Posted by: oscar canosa | April 19, 2011 at 05:27 PM

Good one-LOL! If I had a nickle for everytime I've said that..................

Usually dont have to spend your commisary money after violent display in jail. After seeing your violent display most guys will just give you whatever you ask for.

I still havent figured out why? LOL.........

Henne might do better at a massage parlor.

I've never been to prison. Some how was fortunate enough not to get caught when commiting prison offenses.

Not to worry guys, Ive really cleaned up my act since those days. LOL........

Henne would be someone's b*itch in prison. He thinks far to slow. LOL........


Bring Henne on up to C-Dorm Dawg!

It's off the hook!

No cameras in the showers. You either washing yo A s s or beating some A s s.

There ain't none of that.......other stuff.......going on in the showers of C-Dorm!

Henne would probably be a "fat-necked" head giver in the penal system. LOL......

What could Armando be thinking(I have this bunch of degenerates here)(but they are increasing my "hits"). Hmm..

After getting turned on by Henne's "fat neck", in the penal sysytem, he could probably be rented out for 3 packs of smokes per pop! LOL........

In the penal system, Henne's nick name would literally be "fat head". LOL..........

Guys would be coming to your cell using code, "can I rent your microwave." LOL.......

That it with all of the old way of thinking guys.

I disdain religion but I am now a very spiritual person. At times I will kid about about the old way of thinking, but I no longer fully practice it.

The difference in me now and then is truly night and day.


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