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Undrafted free agent pipeline shut for Dolphins

The hits just keep on coming.

We all know the Dolphins -- a team with deep pockets because the owner is among the richest in the NFL and a team that is also desperate for veteran upgrades -- has been injured as much as any by the current NFL lockout because that lockout has wiped out free agency so far.

The lockout has wiped out free agency.

The lockout has wiped out trades of veterans.

The lockout has wiped out new coordinator Brian Daboll teaching his offense to Miami players.

And then there's this: The fact there is no collective bargaining agreement also means no undrafted free agents will be allowed to sign with any teams after the day after the coming draft. That affects everyone. But it hurts the Dolphins more than most.


Well, look at Jeff Ireland's history. He and his personnel department love to make hay on undrafted free agents. When Ireland was in Dallas, the Cowboys signed Miles Austin as an undrafted free agent. They signed starting QB Tony Romo as an undrafted free agent. Both have blossomed into starters and have been to the Pro Bowl.

With the Dolphins, Ireland hasn't hit it quite so big. But it hasn't been unprofitable. Kicker Dan Carpenter displaced Jay Feely as a Miami's kicker when he was an undrafted free agent addition. Davone Bess has been Miami's second-best wide receiver the past few years and he was an undrafted free agent signee.

Jonathon Amaya, arguably Miami's best special teams player last season, was an undrafted free agent signee. So were Fay Feinga, Marlon Moore, and Roberto Wallace.

So the Dolphins like to do work in the undrafted free agent department.

This draft, however, that work won't be done immediately following the draft, barring an unexpected agreement between the league and the players' union. The truth is no one is really sure how those undrafted players will ultimately join the NFL.

Does that affect everyone? Yes. Does it hurt the Dolphins more than most teams? Absolutely.


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Amen, DB.

...I'm bummed that for a lot of rookie free agents. This year looks like a tall order for any of them to get on, even make a roster. This is purely from a self interest angle. Most of the guys I was hoping would catch on as free agents,and at least get a look probably won't this year. These are good players, but also longshots at best.

Every team has a few of these players on the roster. And it is a shame that some of these guys that may have had a chance. We will never hear of. Oh, well. That's the way it goes sometimes.


Not so big a bummer. Guy worth his weight in grain of salt catches on with someone in 2012.
Cream rises to top no matter the obstacles.

Good maybe they will pay more attention to the talent in the draft instead of worrying so much about the players that for whatever reason don't make the cut. I understand it's a great way to add depth and some really great talent but if these idiots would put as much emphasis into the draft and veteran free agency as they do in finding"ACORNS" we probably would have been in a much better place right now.

Also will open more doors to CFL for these guys. Valuable "pro experience" prior to 2012 audition for NFL teams.

Life throws lemons make lemonade.

IMO maybe is a bless the lockout because the dolphins are more or less good selecting draft choices but regular selecting free agents, Gibril Wilson is an example.
The holes especially with the running backs will be filled better with the draft than with the free agency.
The lockout prevent experiments at the offensive line, may be better let the first team play together healthy, gain understanding each other, and have an offensive line ready from day 1 than making experiments and have the offensive line ready by the week 4. The offensive line need and upgrade but that will be smooth.
Chad Henne knowing the offensive system in advance, and training without the coaches’ pressure could gain chemistry with the receivers especially with Marshall
Without the undrafted free agents, Ireland should be motivated showing how good is he, just with the draft, and gain time to take another look selecting "Acorns"

Gys sits on couch for entire season its his own fault. CFL pays money too. LOL...

DB, Charles Clay and Greg Salas are solid 4th rd projections no later than the 5th... what is you always say get your facts straight... LOL

Also semipro leagues to keep guiys in football shape prior to 2012 nfl auditions. Semei-pro pays money too.

Amen brother solorza. These guys are like my mom; loves to shop at the dollar store. Cmon man chances are if only cost a buck it ain't that great. Is it possible to find some good stuff at the dollar store man hell yeah but most of it is going to break sooner than later lol.


Roger that, just rechecked. Thanks for the update.

Their stock has risen for good reasons... Question marks only come from the fact they played at smaller schools...


Correct! Most of the ufa's become bag boys or CFL semi-stars at bets. Most are unworthy of the ink Armando used on this blog! LOL.........

1-2% of these guys can be actual stars. 20% may actually be st's/backup potential.

The rest bag boys and future CFL stars.

Some of these guys will utter, "how will you like that burger cooked" in their futures.

While others will ask,"Would you like to super size that meal sir?"

These are the ones that cut their college classes.

Lol db they should have taken advantage of that scholarship instead of putting all their eggs in the Ima b a pro basket. Now they are putting eggs in the paper sack lol.

The NFL Network just released our 2011 schedule we get the NFC East and AFC West this coming Season, the other 2 opponents are Fins at Browns, Texans at Fins. Our road games with those two divisions breaks down as follows.

On the road: Chiefs, Chargers, Cowboys, G-Men,

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Excuse me on the road as well: Our 3 div. games and Browns.

At Home: Broncos, Raiders, Redskins, Eagles, our 3 div. games and Texans.


Completely wrong; Every NFL team has free agents on their roster. The Dolphins will be hurt no more or no less in signing undrafted free agents due to no CBA. I dont see a new CBA for quite some time. We will lose some games this yr, maybe the SB.

Dolphins QB's - Henne, Bulger, Brandstater and add Devlin. I think everyone will be happy with this line up

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