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What to do with Henne, and why not Ryan Mallett

Chad Henne is still Miami's only quarterback. But as I write in my column today, the Dolphins have a plan for getting better at that position this offseason that both includes Henne and replaces Henne.

Please check out the column because it gives you inside information on the changes the Dolphins are making to the offense to make Henne better. It also gives you an idea of what Miami is certain to attempt to replace Henne.

Having said that, the quarterback that everyone around here believes could have and should have been a Dolphin is Ryan Mallett.

Many of you wanted a quarterback in the draft. And I get it. Mallett had first-round talent with that great arm and accuracy. Mallett also could be had because he dropped like a lead pipe in water for reasons too many to name. That kind of quarterback talent doesn't fall to the third round very often yet that's exactly where Mallett and his Slim Shady personality fell.

The Dolphins get it, also.

General Manager Jeff Ireland and Tony Sparano get it. They wanted the right quarterback in the draft, too. And they tried to make a play to get Ryan Mallett. Lacking a third-round pick, they tried to trade into the third round to get Mallett, according to a source.

They were not able to get in high enough fast enough.

"We were willing to take him, we just couldn't get our hands on him," the source with knowledge of the front office's thinking told me. "We tried, but we couldn't do it. He's going to be a good quarterback."

Instead the Dolphins are moving on because, for all the work they did on Mallett, for all the skills they know he possesses, they just didn't see him as a first- or second-round player. (Neither did anyone else, by the way.)

The Dolphins tell me they couldn't get a vision for Mallett to invest in him that early. To pick a player you have to know how he fits the team, how he fits the position. As a first or second round pick, that would mean Mallett would be your presumed starter immediately.

Proof: First-round pick Mike Pouncey and second-round pick Daniel Thomas are Miami's presumed starters at center and running back today.

The Dolphins weren't comfortable with that for Mallett. Call it gut. They just didn't feel this kid is ready to handle the daily grind of being an NFL starting QB -- something that reaches far beyond going on the field every Sunday and throwing the rock.

I'm told the Dolphins, as an organization, tried to find someone who has succeeded in the NFL that has a Ryan Mallett-type of personality and approach. They tried to find someone that has a character like Ryan Mallett and has succeeded in the NFL. Thinking ....

Thinking ...

Still thinking ....

I got it! Nobody!

Who does this kid remind you of that has been successful? Nobody! Not Manning, not Brady, not Brees, not anyone that came before. Well, he reminds me of Ryan Leaf but they were looking for someone successful.

That troubled the Dolphins' brass. No one felt strongly about his makeup.

"There are questions there," a source tells me.

I'm writing this having talked to Mallett once on the phone. I don't know him. I have no clue (no jokes, please.)

But the Dolphins were all over this kid. Ireland brought Mallett here. He went to see Mallett there. He went to dinner with him. He met him at the combine. He watched him play on tape and live. He wanted to get exposure to him. He evaluated the kid and the quarterback.

And there was just no comfort level there to invest on him in the first or second round. So it just didn’t happen.

It did happen for the Patriots in the third round. But remember, their situation is different. The Patriots are not looking for a starting quarterback. They don't need Mallett to come in and compete for a starting job.

He will not be their starter this year. He will not be their starter next year. Or the year after that, as long as Tom Brady remains healthy.

The Patriots, unlike the Dolphins, have the luxury of remaking Mallett in their image. They can use the next two years to turn him into the person they want him to be. They can store him away rather than thrust him into a starter's limelight where all the pressure and expectations are found.

That's a wonderful luxury to have. The Dolphins didn't have that luxury.

So they go in another direction. They have their plan for getting the quarterback position right.



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What's up fellas?

Whenever this CBA gets resolved there will be even more clarity to the decisions made in this draft. Does anyone have any specific Free Agents they want to target?

Odin, I agree, stop Dick- ing around and get this resolved!!!! It's time for football, let these draftees learn, free agency

Prediction for this season assuming there is one : Gates - Downfield Beast
Wilson- Shutdown Corner with Killer Instinct
Thomas- R&R who
Henne- Who are you and what did you do to my robot
Miami Dolphins 12-4 AFC East Champs

..Is Kellen Winslow a free agent? I read that on a list of free agent TE's. He may be franchised? He would be a good pickupif available...We need a tight end...

Onr thing about kickoff returns. Yes there will be a lot more touchbacks. But! The kickoff team will no longer get a running start. They will have to line up on the ball. This will be the equalizer to any ball that is returnable. You may see returns that would have been kneeled on, coming out because the defenders won't have that head of steam coming down the field. This will make it much easier to block... I bet that the startin field position on balls that get run out is better on average then in the past.

To all the people who hate that Ireland took the safe picks, here's a classic tweet from Armando today.

"Jimmy Johnson said "Do you want to be safe and good, or take a chance & be great?"

"Then he picked busts Green and Avery."

Lobo...Wilson isn't a shutdown corner. He is very very good in run support. His best shot to make this team is at saftey, strong saftey. This is where his measurables for this level make the most sense. I told this to dying breed yesterday. But Wilson wan't even a starter for the Griz until mid season. He played every position in the secondary except for the "shut down corner position"

I wouldn't be suprised if he played some dime, or maybe nickel. But his strength is crushing people,not so much coverage.

This is a big year for the defense. The Dolphins play a lot of good teams again this year.

The Dolphins D was the story of the team for the last 15 years; they can handle bad teams and a lot of mediocre teams yet routinely lose to the better teams.

The Dolphins could not bring consistent pressure on good teams. They look close to being solid at times though. Several games could have been W's but for a dropped pick 6.

With a full contingent of DE's hopefully the Dolphins D line just plays out of their minds this year.

I imagine they are still looking for that Aldon Smith type, what is it hybrid LB/rush LB to play opposite Wake.

hey DyingBreed, until suck boy henne takes the dolphins to a playoff game and wins, till he takes them to a super bowl and wins, guess what FU#K HENNE!!!!!!!!!!!!@!!!

Darryl Dunphy I was wrong in my assesment of Wilson and your right . Either way I think he will make a surprise impact for us

Darryl D,

No Winslow isn't a FA. When he was traded from the Browns he signed like a 5 year extension too.

I want 4 things in Free Agency and they are all realistic options to obtain. I want a veteran QB for obvious reasons, a Free Safety, a RB and another cornerback.

QB - I woould prefer Miami try and find a way to get Carson Palmer. I think he would find the fountain of youth in Miami. I think he is capable of a few good to possible great but Cincy might not be willing to trade him so a realistic option could be bringing in Alex Smith. He might not have had much success but has showed promise at points. San Fran's lack of leadership at the top has cost him developing througout his career but Mike Nolan drafted him there are ties even though Nolan has no say in offensive personel. Alex Smith is athletic, young enough to still salvage and has been up and down, mostly down. He is similar to Henne in that aspect.

RB - I stated earlier a RB who has ties to Brian Daboll earlier in Jerome Harrison. Harrison was traded so maybe he wasn't a fit in Daboll's offense but at the same time he does have familiarity and offers a change of pace to Daniel Thomas. Also the obvious favorite of many of us is Darren Sproles. I think he would be a nice change of pace, 3rd down playmaker and his obvious value on special teams.

CB - I dogged Sean Smith all year because he was bad in coverage and wasn't playing physical at all but the second half of the season he started to be in the right spot to make plays he just dropped pass after pass. I know he can catch (Started as a WR at Utah) and is athletic enough to make tough catches but I think he just needs to calm down a bit and he will start making some of them ints. I think Miami is set at starting CB with Smith and Davis but Sapp stinks! Miami should try and target a nickel to compete for a starting job but more so be a nickel like Chris Houston or Chris Carr from Baltimore.

FS - I haven't mentioned a bank breaking FA signing to this point but I think Chris Clemons is a decent back up but with Y. Bell being the run support safety there has to be a play making center fielder of some sort and I like Michael Huff. There will be competition for his services in Dallas, Houston and probably Oakland but Miami should try and make him there priority. Huff was good his last 2 years in Oakland. He has 3 ints in each of his last 2 season and he also forced 3 fumbles and had 4 sacks in 2010. I think he is the final piece to Miami's secondary.

Any thoughts?

Andy NJ my wish list for FA is as follows

QB- Palmer or Clausen
RB- Reggie or DeAngelo


I like your RBs too but don't see them being available for one reason or another. I think Bush stays on with the Saints and DeAngelo Williams will probably get a big payday and Miami drafted Thomas in round 2 so not sure if Miami wants to go the high priced FA route and high draft pick route in same offseason.

QB - we beg to differ on one of your guys. Never liked Clausen in college.

Rumor has it V.Y to the dolphins.

Andy... The saftey play was ok. Clemons got lucky a few times when recievers got behind him but dropped balls. Bell is solid, not the best, not the worst...As I wrote earlier, I think Wilson could be his heir apparant if he makes the team. I think he has practice squad player written all over him, so I'm not sure he helps this year.

Nickel corner, and tight end are the 2 biggest areas of concern(at this point, I think we will try and trade for a qb, the free agents aren't much of an upgrade) We struggled to get off the field on third down. Especially against better quarterback play. Sapp IMO is not quick enough to keep up with slot recievers. I have put the thought out there that in some nickel spots. I wouldn't mind seeing Vontae Davis moved inside. This is dependant on finding a corner we can trust on the outside. I robbed this idea from watching the playoffs. Green Bay put Woodson in the nickel spot all throughout the tournement. The jets had Rivas inside some as well.

It makes sense. Put your best cover guy on the best route runner, and the spot on the field where it is most difficult to cover. Nickel corner is quickly becoming a crucial position to stop the pro spread. The offense relies on mismatches, and help from slower linebackers.T The defender not only has to worry about length, but even more important the width of the field. The Cover corner cannot depend on the sideline, or a saftey for help...Nickel corner has to be better this year.

Andy NJ I know Clausen seems crazy but given what he had to work with in Carolina I think he would do much better here , come cheap and prob be better than Henne

Night Rider I prya we dont get Vince Young, between him and Marshall they would both get shot or arrested and we would have nobody to play lol

News flash Guys, here it goes... This comes from a very reliable source, Vince Young was quoting, "before the start of this years draft, I have my eyes on the dolphins and as soon as I am released from TN, the Miami Dolphins will be the first place I stop. Also quoted as saying "I am the missing piece that Miami needs". (We just have to wait until this whole lock out mess is cleared up)


How in the hell can Jeff Ireland say he studied Ryan Mallet and studied some more! This is the same staff that coached Matt Ryan and Joe Flacco in the senior bowl and thought Chad HENNE was better come on son!!! Let's stop fooling ourselves this group couldn't recognize talent if it slapped them in the face!!!


What about Reshad?

We didn't get to see much of him yet, but what we did see was better than Clemons.

I think Nolan will start Reshad and Clemons will take over for a fading Bell.

Clemons is better suited for Strong Safety anyway.

...I think a possible free agent pickup could be Jeriuos Norwood...Know I know he had had health problems.. But this is a guy that would come cheap, and could be the scat back, situational guy this offense lacks. I think we should forget about Deangello Williams. Thomas will soak up a bunch of carries. Lex can carry it 5-6 times a game. Add Norwoods big play ability, and now the backfield is formadable. I doubt we will spend on a high profile running back now. Norwood does come with obvious red flags, but if healthy he could be a very good piece into this offense.

The smell of mallets jock is clouding some peoples judgement.

Get over it already.

Get some fresh air while you're at it.



I think D'Angelo Williams should be the priority in FA. I think he will come here. I don't think there will be huge competition for his services and I think he'd be a great fit here with Thomas. The two Bush's would be next on the list and likely Ahmad Bradshaw.

For me QB is between Palmer (depending on the price), Young and Alex Smith. After that we're looking at guys like Bulger, Derek Anderson, Quinn and Matt Moore. The picking become slim in a hurry. I think Young is as good as any of them and if not you ship his a** out of town.


Because of the fact this regime likes to use a tandem back setup I think they will make someone like D Williams priority. I think it's a great move.

Odin, I like Reshad, lot of potential!!!


I read an article that stated Harbaugh is so positive Alex Smith will sign with San Fran, he gave him the playbook before the lockout, even though he is a FA. FWIW

d williams wouldnt be worth the money he thinks hes gonna get. we dont play till 2012 so take your time and have another solid draft

Craig M...I would be thrilled with Williams. And I hope you are right. My thinking is that we have major holes yet to fill, and the cash will have to be spread around to fill these holes. So I was trying to figure out a reasonable choice. Nothing agaisnt Williams as a player. I think he would be awesome. I just wonder if a higher profile back will be a priority...You could be totaly right


I don't know. But I do know this regime likes to have tandem backs and right now all we have is Thomas and Hilliard. I think they will add someone in FA and I don't know why it wouldn't be D Williams, unless he gets greedy. Besides another QB or two what else do you see as major holes on this team?

I don't know who has the playbook. I don't even know who the Free Agents are.

I long for the days when my biggest football concern was having enough Beer to last through the late game.

I don't know who is avaliable, but I'd look to FA to find replacements for Chowder and Carey.

The Lions weren't content with Suh in the middle. They spent another top pick to put another blue chipper right next too him.

That's what we need to do with Dansby. He's a team strength, we need to exploit that. Solia keeps improving, Dansby is Dansby. We put another legitimate playmaker in the middle of our defense and we shut down a lot of options for opposing offenses.

Chowder might be the best we got, but it ain't good enough. Get me another ILB.

PS: Don't say Edds either. As much as i hate to say it, I have too. With all the down time this off season, I went back and watched as much film as I could find on him. Though he looks like a phenom in coverage, he's just not an every down line backer. I could be wrong and I hope I am.

If you watch film on him it's almost bizarre. Big giant guy moving around back there like a nickle corner or a safety. It's almost unbelieveable to watch. Anyways, for whatever reasons, all these skills and they don't translate into run support. Even his stats bear this out.

Just looking at the schedule again trying to guess W/Ls.


Just to go 8-8, which ones? Yeah, have to admit we did get better but so did the others.


It's an execercise in futility, but a damn fun one indeed. I think every real fan does this about a hundred times before the season starts.

I can pick what I consider an easy 8.


If we pull off a split with NE and steal one from Hou, Giants, or the Cowgirls and were close to Wild Card contention.

When in doubt, remember, Hennings OUT!

That's my new War Cry, how ya like me NOW?

I wish Miami could have pulled the Mallett draft off.

It really hurts that N.E. drafted him.

And the Jets draft Ingram...

Ain't sayin' the two can't be stopped, but will say both are special, and forces the Dolphins to draft according to the strenghths of a mere two players for years to come.

We need to start our own grass roots campaign against Goodell and the NFLPA.

We need to post their main e-mail addresses and shut it down twice a day. Say 6:00pm and Maybe Midnight.

I know it's not much, but I'm afraid to try anything more radical.

I mean look what happened to Bin Laden.

Anyway, if we all started flooding their e-mails twice a day, everyday we could at least cause a little legal trouble.

We have to come up with a good standardized message. Any suggestions?

The organization HAD to be comfortable with Mallett or you would have had a major cluster (see: Tennessee)where no one was EVER happy with the starter.

New England ignored their biggest issue, D-line, in order to make a splash. I'm glad they're stuck with Mallett instead of rotating someone like Allen Bailey into the game. The lose of Pioli is finally starting to be seen in New England. No WAY he wastes a pick like that!

I just read this in another paper:

>>There wasn’t time for new offensive coordinator Brian Daboll to hand out playbooks, Sparano said, but some players were able to meet with new coaches for the first time…”It felt like football,” Sparano said.<<

So other teams managed to get playbooks to at least a few players so they could be copied and the whole team could have them but our Fins were so disorganized that they weren’t ready to hand at least ONE out? Come on! This is the kind of crap that bottom rung teams pull. Wasn’t time? Friday and Saturday wasn’t enough time? Are you kidding????

I was starting to have hope - really, I was - but this is ludicrous… heck, it’s almost criminal. At the very least, it’s worse than stupid.

I count Hous as a loss , them sobs have beaten us everytime now :(


Come on now! Smack yourself in the face and pull your boot straps up.

Brady has been kicking our a s s for years now and your saying were going to have to modify our draft strategy because they now have mallet riding the pine?

I think your suffering from some Post Draft Syndrome or something there my good man.

Mallet ain't the boogie man my brother, now get a grip. 32 NFL GM's passed on the guy TWICE almost three times a piece.

Bellicheat has a zillion picks a year and secured two picks in the first two rounds next year already. He can afford to take a flyer on the white kid that can't rap.

If it wasn't for Bellycheat and his unique situation, Mallet COULD have slipped all the way down to UDFA status.

Gulf, all these GM's, scouts and personnel people passed on Mallet for a reason. Get a Grip. Adjust our drafting strategy because of Mallet-ROTFLMAO!

Jimmy Jam , Henne,Marshall and Dansby already have copies of playbook . I'm sure they will find a way to get copies to the rookies

Odin @8:12 LOL, guilty as charged. I do it every year. It's a damn hard schedule and your guesses are pretty good. We've never beat Houston, even their 1st year(?) in the league. I figure the odds will finally get us a win. Maybe this year.

Jimmy Jam,

You posted something about this during the draft If I remember right.

I posted back that I was sure that Miami wouldn't get the playbooks out. It's just the way it is with these Douchebags.

I wanted to try and start getting optimistic about the upcoming season. But I have to give credit where credit is due. I credit these A-Holes with being the biggest douche bags there is.

We have a tiny window of opportunity to address one of the biggest issues facing our offense this off season. Do we capitalize? Nope!


I had more urgency and dedication to my team when I coached High School football. Truly inexcusable to the most sickening degree. These guys are the Keystone Cops of the NFL world!

If I hadn't been drinking some good liquor tonight, I'd go force myself to puke! Fuking Pigs!!!!

This kind of shyt SERIOUSLY pisses me off. Fuking 4th grader retard shyt and these guys keep on living down to it!

SORRY, I got to stop for a second. I'm coming unglued! In situations like this I have to remind myself to laugh.

A billion dollar NFL franchise and these douchebags can't even prepare for a chance to get the playbooks out. Such is life in present day Miami!

odinseye if memory serves me the Phins got fined because Henne met with Daboll during lockout . I'm pretty sure they all have playbooks and Sparano is just blowing smoke up media rearends

offense is awful with henne, so until that changes it doesnt matter what else we get

Lobo - I hope you're right. Although, I thought Henne only had some plays because Daboll hadn't worked it all out yet. I also cannot imagine why Saprano would blow smoke as the league was allowing teams to hand out playbooks.

Odin - we better hope Lobo is right... otherwise, it's just one more in a string of debacles...


I hope you're right. I knew he met with them, I never heard that he actually obtained a playbook. It would make sense and again, I hope you're right.

The thing is this. No need for a smoke screen. It was all legal smeegle. TWO DAYS to get your players their playbooks.

Was Tony able to come out and say heck yes we got them their playbooks? I mean, he'd sound stupid to say he didn't right? Was he able to say that? NOPE!

All he was able to say was that the players came in and it felt like football-DUH! He had no reason to lie and there is only one answer that would make him look INCREDIBLY STOOPID!

You know what? Big surprise, that's the answer he gave. REGARDLESS of everything else, this kind of shyt is just inexcusable.

There was only one right answer to give to this queastion: Hell yes we got the playbooks out, what do you think were stoopid?


Odin - we better hope Lobo is right... otherwise, it's just one more in a string of debacles...

Posted by: Jimmy Jam | May 02, 2011 at 08:58 PM

Jimmy, I appreciate your optimism, I really, ah....um yeah, do. You know, ah, cause ah Jimmy see this thinggy is um really well, as you might of ah seen, beacuse yeah all the others, I mean teams ah the y got thse ah thinggys called um, books, yeah you know those things ahem, I mean playbook..............

Soory guys, this Front Office has already established a pattern of behavior here in Miami and it's just not conducive to Intelligence on any levels!

Can't even get the playbooks out! C'mon MAN!!!!

odinseye lmao good immitation of Sparano. Who knows maybe they didnt give out playbooks because there afraid Hennes aura might contaminate it . Either way at this rate I would be grateful just to see a full season of football win or lose


All of your faithfuls here demand a blog on the Playbook-Gate.

You call Tony, you text him, you go over to the freaking rock he lives under if you have too.

We demand to know the details on why we weren't able to give our players their playbooks!





All of your faithfuls here demand a blog on the Playbook-Gate.

You call Tony, you text him, you go over to the freaking rock he lives under if you have too.

We demand to know the details on why we weren't able to give our players their playbooks!

Posted by: odinseye


Aloco - from Sparano himself:

>>There wasn’t time for new offensive coordinator Brian Daboll to hand out playbooks, Sparano said, but some players were able to meet with new coaches for the first time…”It felt like football,” Sparano said.<<

Our offense is a house fire. We will not be able to keep up with any reasonable offense on our schedule. Houston...NE....NYJ etc. Wishful thinking on your behalf for feeling just because we got Pouncey it cures all of our woes. Not even close.

We are still very easy to stop. Power running game. No one scares any one on our offense. Marshall's long gain last year was what. 30yds?? That won't win many games. When a slot wr is your only weapon on offense you are in trouble.

Thomas is a power back that has little power and not enough speed to hit the home run. Snore our way to an Andrew Luck pick next year. Daboli.....what a joke our O will be.


I hear you man.

I'm no fan of the 18 game NFL season.

But if this strike continues, I hope the Lingerie Football League increases their schedule to AT LEAST 18 games!!!!

I just love the QB for the Chicago Bliss. Here's a nice highlight reel of her getting pants-ed on a sack!




Lingerie Football League mmmmmmmmm yummy . Forget the wide recievers ( aka ex girlfriend lol ) give me some tight ends


I'll talk music if you like.

I just got a call from a friend who has a chance for us to make some big money.

He's close to making a deal for doing a sound track for a video production company. He wants me to work on it with him 50/50.

It's rough work staying up late, drinking and smoking inspirations. Playing guitar into the wee hours of the morning. It's tough, but somebody has to do it!

How would that trick anyone? The rest of the teams managed it (except the Panthers to Newton - but there's a reason they were in last place last) so how would it benefit us?

If he thinks that is trickery then he's a buffoon. Of course, if he didn't hand out playbooks, he's a buffoon.









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