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What to do with Henne, and why not Ryan Mallett

Chad Henne is still Miami's only quarterback. But as I write in my column today, the Dolphins have a plan for getting better at that position this offseason that both includes Henne and replaces Henne.

Please check out the column because it gives you inside information on the changes the Dolphins are making to the offense to make Henne better. It also gives you an idea of what Miami is certain to attempt to replace Henne.

Having said that, the quarterback that everyone around here believes could have and should have been a Dolphin is Ryan Mallett.

Many of you wanted a quarterback in the draft. And I get it. Mallett had first-round talent with that great arm and accuracy. Mallett also could be had because he dropped like a lead pipe in water for reasons too many to name. That kind of quarterback talent doesn't fall to the third round very often yet that's exactly where Mallett and his Slim Shady personality fell.

The Dolphins get it, also.

General Manager Jeff Ireland and Tony Sparano get it. They wanted the right quarterback in the draft, too. And they tried to make a play to get Ryan Mallett. Lacking a third-round pick, they tried to trade into the third round to get Mallett, according to a source.

They were not able to get in high enough fast enough.

"We were willing to take him, we just couldn't get our hands on him," the source with knowledge of the front office's thinking told me. "We tried, but we couldn't do it. He's going to be a good quarterback."

Instead the Dolphins are moving on because, for all the work they did on Mallett, for all the skills they know he possesses, they just didn't see him as a first- or second-round player. (Neither did anyone else, by the way.)

The Dolphins tell me they couldn't get a vision for Mallett to invest in him that early. To pick a player you have to know how he fits the team, how he fits the position. As a first or second round pick, that would mean Mallett would be your presumed starter immediately.

Proof: First-round pick Mike Pouncey and second-round pick Daniel Thomas are Miami's presumed starters at center and running back today.

The Dolphins weren't comfortable with that for Mallett. Call it gut. They just didn't feel this kid is ready to handle the daily grind of being an NFL starting QB -- something that reaches far beyond going on the field every Sunday and throwing the rock.

I'm told the Dolphins, as an organization, tried to find someone who has succeeded in the NFL that has a Ryan Mallett-type of personality and approach. They tried to find someone that has a character like Ryan Mallett and has succeeded in the NFL. Thinking ....

Thinking ...

Still thinking ....

I got it! Nobody!

Who does this kid remind you of that has been successful? Nobody! Not Manning, not Brady, not Brees, not anyone that came before. Well, he reminds me of Ryan Leaf but they were looking for someone successful.

That troubled the Dolphins' brass. No one felt strongly about his makeup.

"There are questions there," a source tells me.

I'm writing this having talked to Mallett once on the phone. I don't know him. I have no clue (no jokes, please.)

But the Dolphins were all over this kid. Ireland brought Mallett here. He went to see Mallett there. He went to dinner with him. He met him at the combine. He watched him play on tape and live. He wanted to get exposure to him. He evaluated the kid and the quarterback.

And there was just no comfort level there to invest on him in the first or second round. So it just didn’t happen.

It did happen for the Patriots in the third round. But remember, their situation is different. The Patriots are not looking for a starting quarterback. They don't need Mallett to come in and compete for a starting job.

He will not be their starter this year. He will not be their starter next year. Or the year after that, as long as Tom Brady remains healthy.

The Patriots, unlike the Dolphins, have the luxury of remaking Mallett in their image. They can use the next two years to turn him into the person they want him to be. They can store him away rather than thrust him into a starter's limelight where all the pressure and expectations are found.

That's a wonderful luxury to have. The Dolphins didn't have that luxury.

So they go in another direction. They have their plan for getting the quarterback position right.



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Playbooks?? Henne has the play book, not that hard to copy and give to his teammates




I'll just summarize:

Drinking, doing dope, waking up with a stripper and eating everything in her house.

Drinking, doing dope and fighting with some chicks boyfriend or husband.

Drinking, doing dope and fighting with the bouncers because the bar owner didn't want to pay up.

Yeah, I don't remember any names and all the places kind of blur together, but that was the eighties and nineties for me!

Today, I take great pride in the simple fact that I'm still alive!

I wouldn't recomend it to anyone, but if I had it to do all over again, I wouldn't miss it for the WORLD.



bobbyd12 unless something has changed its not easy for 31 teams to copy our playbook either lol, lets hope Daboll has got something good cooked up



When did Henne get his playbook?

I know Daboll didn't hand it to him when he was in that golf cart with Mr. Boss Man.

I don't know the bull from the truth. I do know that according to Henne's statements to the press, he and Daboll DISCUSSED the new offense. No mention was made of a playbook.



Odin, Aloco, 18 game season is a no brainer,

ALoco now that is a very scary thought lol

Cut off! Again! We have 4 preseason plus 16 regular season games, take 2 preseason, add to regular season

Preseason cut to 2 games

I give up! Add 2 games to reg season and delete 2 from pre!

I say 16-18 what difference does it make lets just play some friggin ball and have the players and owners quit biching bout money when broke az people like me pay to watch the game not listen to crying

anyway im heading out of work to get rest to get my boy in morn . you all play nice catch up with you all on thurs . Ill either be under this tag or Richard . good night fellas


I was a 15 year old runaway playing in a garage band and working as roadie for a band called Lady Grace.

We did a show with the Joe Perry Project(from Aerosmith)and Alice Cooper. They we're on tour together.

That night I ran into another roadie that was working for a somewhat famous band. Their Bass player overdosed speed balling on Cocaine and Heroin. He went into a coma and later died.

That roadie got me an audition and I got the job. I went from stealing food at the Quality Dairy to stealing young girls hearts almost overnight. Women don't like a guy that has to steal food. But they like musician, for a weekend or two anyway.

By the time I was 16 I was playing big time clubs and arenas all over the eastern United States. They had a manager that was smoking hot. They tried to tell me she was a personal assistant. Her only real job was making sure I was sober and in the right city.

I ended up doing her too!

Whats up all !! been a while works had me real busy lately. On the 18 game season thing, ain`t gonna happen. I saw an interview with Trevor Price and Ledanian Tomlinson were they explain that players are hesitant about it because they feel like they really only have so many plays in there career, Tomlinson compared it to being a new car that begins to depreciate the moment it leaves the dealership.

There reasoning and consensus with players around the league is that they rather have the extra seasons on the back end of there careers with an ever escalating Salary Cap and I can`t say I blame there thinking on that particular issue.

odin whats up bro !! that`s a pretty wild story.


I have to agree with Tomlison.

These players today are pretty much spoiled and get ridiculous amounts of Mulah!

Still, there's only so much a human body can take! This sport is probably the most brutal and has only gotten more so as the years go on.

I do think most of them are overpaid but that isn't all their fault. How many times can you ask a guy to go up against Ray Lewis and Brian Urlacher a year? How much recovery time do you deem necessary?

I like to think of myself as healthy and athletic, but I don't envy these guys in todays NFL in the least!

I think 16 games is just about perfect, unless you want to go the way of the Roman Gladiators. Enough is enough!

2 game preseason, 18 game season! Same number of games!!!


Agree with LT as well, seems alot of the Vets did to ! Don`t think the owners get that one but I also think that they threw that one out there to have something to pull off the table later when they talk the players down from a 50/50 split to a 60/40 one and at the end of the day that`s what the players will get not more and it`s fair as well, when you look at it from ownerships prespective, it`s not the players putting up there personal fortunes.


Not so !! Vets play a max. of 40% of snaps during the preseason and alot of it is really at half speed to boot. Those games are glorified tune-ups.


Good point.

I didn't think of it like that-Duh!

At least not until now. Bargianing chip, I should've known. That makes a little more sense.

To be fair and to be a fan, I'm sick of ALL the posturing! Get a deal done and get it done NOW!!!!

In the words of the Great Hank Williams Jr. Are you ready for some football!


I just got that feeling with the 18 games, it`s like the owners wanting to bring the players down from the original 60/40 split from the original 2006 CBA , so naturally the players asked for 50% probably hoping to bring the owners back to the 06 deal, it`s alot of BS and posturing while trying to jockey for position at the food line. At the end of the day we both know they probably settle on 60/40 with 16 game seasons. The frustrating part is it looks like it will take maybe a check or two to get everybody back in line or at least I hope not!!


Sorry Fin 4, disagree, 2 pre and 18 reg satisfies all!! Done!

None of us likes 4 pres anyway! Make it 2, and the other 2 count in reg season!

...Don't you guys think that 16 games is the perfect amount? I think that just the potential risk of overload may ruin what is a perfect product. Don't fix what isn't broken. I know there is the argument that they have added games from 12 to 14 to sixteen, or whatever the number was. And I understand that the NFL realizes that it's fan base craves its football like...Well a dope addict searching for that next shot(had to throw that in..Dope talk always gets me going).

I think that an extended schedule cheapn the product a little. The games at the end of the year already are filled with the taxi squad. The ways players drop these days it is inevidible that player injuries will be even a bigger issue.

Some of the positives is it may keep some teams in contention longer, and of course we will get 2 more weeks of football.

I'm sure the players in cold weather cities will be looking forward to a few more brutal condition games. Add the playoffs for a few teams, and you could be looking at 3 months of games in poor weather. Not the biggest deal to us the fans, shut up an play right? But I'm sure a concern among the players. This last point is a week argument.I know.

All player salaries are broken down into 16 payments, one check after each reg. season game and the owners want them to play out all existing contracts that were negotiated but to the tune of an additional 2 games per season. Sorry redsky not fair will side with the players on that one and remember you heard it from me 1st. it`s nothing but a ploy to have something to negotiate with by taking it of the table "in good faith" At the end of the day this is about the players demanding to be equal partners and the owners refusing to share half there earnings with there employee/entertainers.

The owners should have never backed out of the 2006 CBA though, it gave them 60% with each seasons salary cap being determined by an anually escalating TV deal, it was sweat for them and they got greedy with the players, no winners here in this greed fest only loosers, in the shape of us the fans who could be cheated out of games this year.

Players that I dont think are up to the required level..
1 RB's: Hilliard and Cobbs
2 Safeties: Sapp
3 Lines both O and D: McQuistan, Carey,Jerry
4 TE's : all of them
5 WR: Would like a closer look at Pruitt
6 QB's : Pennington is done.Thigpen is still a prospect worth perservering with.
7 Pass Rush: Misi..average in my view
8 MLB: Crowder, Dobbins...both bottom level.

Note we will have ODRICK, Edds, Garner and Proctor back from injury.Thats 3 starters and 1 backup...plus maybe 4 starters from DRAFT...maybe 2 starters from FA, makes 9 new team starters.....quite a shakeup...

With good managing and coaching we can do 11-5.

Biggest problem: SPARANO is a poor coach.


I`m pretty sure if the additional 2 reg. season games came with the two extra pay checks they might have something to talk about but like you said no player is going to risk getting hurt for what amounts to zero compensation, and oh yeah ! Don`t forget the ownwers also want to bring down there piece of the pie while promising a return to pay that`s compensatory to the last capped season of 2009, what huhh !!

At the end of the day I got a gut feeling the players keep there 40%, minus about 2 weeks of game checks this season, while playing out the 16 game format.

Fin, they're playing the same # of games!!! 16 plus 4 equals 18 plus 2!! Preseason is cut short, and WE get 2 extra reg season games! Same schedule!!!!

Bigafly, don't bet on Odrick. Edds maybe, poor choices last year!

Redsky..Whats up??

This is where I disagree with you. The math adds up, and makes sense. But really how many plays do the starters play in the pre-season? Maybe a half, or 3/4 of a game, some a full game. But these quarters are spread out over 4 weeks. The final game the starters don't even play.. My argument here is that a full game the recovery time is short..1 week, unless you have a bye. In the preseason you can sit out if you have a small knick. In the preseason you have much more time to recover. So in essance those guys aren't playing full games. Just my thought.


With all due respect nobody and I mean nobody gets paid before week one of the regular season unless there collecting a signing or roster bonus. Alot of players get the brunt of there money in the form of signing bonuses but you have to be Brandon Marshall who we owe 10 Mil the minute they rap up this monkey business or for that matter you could be VY who gets cut from jump street in the new CBA to avoid paying him his 8.8 roster bonus.

Sorry chief it`s the way it works and why alot of people end up getting cut in preseason which are basically glorified practices to determine teams and starters, unless your hurt during one of these games and then the teams on the hook for your salary and rehab until your up and running. Your thinking MLB or the NBA when it makes no sense anyway because all contracts are guaranteed and can only be dumped thru trade, sucks huhh !! but that`s the NFL which never has and never will, as long as the owners can help it ! if they can avoid giving guaranteed deals in a violent sport that promises nothing from play to play. You could however insure yourself thru Lloyds of London like many players but will have to pony up those premiums.

solomon wilcots said earlier today on nfl network that chad henne is a "20 to 20" guy meaning he does well between the 20 yard lines but once he gets into the redzone he had trouble moving the ball. i think solomon needs to do his homework because most of henne's td's came when the fins were in the redzone.
2nd, maybe he would have moved the ball better in the redzone if they didn't keep pulling him out to run the wildcat.

Darryl, Fin4, you're both making my point! Over 4 preseason games, the starters play 2. So, 2 preseason, 18 regular season, still same # games, same risk

Give Henne one more year, he can improve if we got a good running game,Mark Sanchez is not better than Henne but the players around him are better, having Pouncey,Thomas, Gates and maybe Clay the offense is better, also new playkalling.

We hire a terrible OC to start. Make a joke of ourselves by going to the west to try to get a different coach. After all of that we give the current coach an extension oh and yes......we screw up the draft by passing on Mallett. I would rather take the chance than not. The Phins do not have the guts to take that chance. That is why we will be second to third in The AFC East every year for years to come. This type of ownership is getting old very fast.
Oh and by the way Mando.......what round was Tom Brady drafted in again? I think he dropped further than Mallet. That point you made is very mute bro! Who cares where he dropped. You get him!!

Roethlisberger. You know, the one that isn't fast enough to get out of the way of anyone and yet has a strong enough arm and is big enough to completes passes with guys in his face and hanging on his feet? You know, the one with a couple of NFL Superbowl rings to his name.

Now I'm not saying that Mallet is gonna win a couple of SB's, but he does remind me of Roethlisberger.

Now what Armando?

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