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What to do with Henne, and why not Ryan Mallett

Chad Henne is still Miami's only quarterback. But as I write in my column today, the Dolphins have a plan for getting better at that position this offseason that both includes Henne and replaces Henne.

Please check out the column because it gives you inside information on the changes the Dolphins are making to the offense to make Henne better. It also gives you an idea of what Miami is certain to attempt to replace Henne.

Having said that, the quarterback that everyone around here believes could have and should have been a Dolphin is Ryan Mallett.

Many of you wanted a quarterback in the draft. And I get it. Mallett had first-round talent with that great arm and accuracy. Mallett also could be had because he dropped like a lead pipe in water for reasons too many to name. That kind of quarterback talent doesn't fall to the third round very often yet that's exactly where Mallett and his Slim Shady personality fell.

The Dolphins get it, also.

General Manager Jeff Ireland and Tony Sparano get it. They wanted the right quarterback in the draft, too. And they tried to make a play to get Ryan Mallett. Lacking a third-round pick, they tried to trade into the third round to get Mallett, according to a source.

They were not able to get in high enough fast enough.

"We were willing to take him, we just couldn't get our hands on him," the source with knowledge of the front office's thinking told me. "We tried, but we couldn't do it. He's going to be a good quarterback."

Instead the Dolphins are moving on because, for all the work they did on Mallett, for all the skills they know he possesses, they just didn't see him as a first- or second-round player. (Neither did anyone else, by the way.)

The Dolphins tell me they couldn't get a vision for Mallett to invest in him that early. To pick a player you have to know how he fits the team, how he fits the position. As a first or second round pick, that would mean Mallett would be your presumed starter immediately.

Proof: First-round pick Mike Pouncey and second-round pick Daniel Thomas are Miami's presumed starters at center and running back today.

The Dolphins weren't comfortable with that for Mallett. Call it gut. They just didn't feel this kid is ready to handle the daily grind of being an NFL starting QB -- something that reaches far beyond going on the field every Sunday and throwing the rock.

I'm told the Dolphins, as an organization, tried to find someone who has succeeded in the NFL that has a Ryan Mallett-type of personality and approach. They tried to find someone that has a character like Ryan Mallett and has succeeded in the NFL. Thinking ....

Thinking ...

Still thinking ....

I got it! Nobody!

Who does this kid remind you of that has been successful? Nobody! Not Manning, not Brady, not Brees, not anyone that came before. Well, he reminds me of Ryan Leaf but they were looking for someone successful.

That troubled the Dolphins' brass. No one felt strongly about his makeup.

"There are questions there," a source tells me.

I'm writing this having talked to Mallett once on the phone. I don't know him. I have no clue (no jokes, please.)

But the Dolphins were all over this kid. Ireland brought Mallett here. He went to see Mallett there. He went to dinner with him. He met him at the combine. He watched him play on tape and live. He wanted to get exposure to him. He evaluated the kid and the quarterback.

And there was just no comfort level there to invest on him in the first or second round. So it just didn’t happen.

It did happen for the Patriots in the third round. But remember, their situation is different. The Patriots are not looking for a starting quarterback. They don't need Mallett to come in and compete for a starting job.

He will not be their starter this year. He will not be their starter next year. Or the year after that, as long as Tom Brady remains healthy.

The Patriots, unlike the Dolphins, have the luxury of remaking Mallett in their image. They can use the next two years to turn him into the person they want him to be. They can store him away rather than thrust him into a starter's limelight where all the pressure and expectations are found.

That's a wonderful luxury to have. The Dolphins didn't have that luxury.

So they go in another direction. They have their plan for getting the quarterback position right.



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After "hearing" about the success of wildcat 10.0. When you actually "watch" for yourself and its still successful. Im sure you be one of our many posters posting your "WOWS" too.

Im looking forward to it and Im sure you would like for that too happen too. Imagine the wc trigger man actually having the ability to hit Gates on a long td throw! LOL..........

Didnt mean "prowler @ 1:00 PM. Meant pro bowler. LOL...........

Guarantee if Thomas successfully throws out of the wc he make pro bowl his first season. He will completely change the landscape in how defenses will have to play the wc.

Because defenses will now have to play the wc honestly it will be back to 5-6yds per clip. If we got a guy like Locke or Devine as a ufa, we can place one them back there with Thomas as trigger man and hit a few home runs because the defense would be so spread out.

Hope to God we get Locke or Devine as a ufa.

Pouncey is a center, no doubt. It was the wise pick. Not being able to trade down, they were sort of stuck in no mans land. All the value at that spot was on the D-Line. They made the most of being forced to pick were they were. Pouncey: A-

Thomas: Ugh, I'm pulling for the guy, but trading up for a plodder that has a history of fumbling is shaky. His "highlight reel" is a collection of 15 yard runs where he breaks away from no-one. That generally doesnt translate well to the NFL. Watched him vs. Syr in bowl game, not impressed. Hope I'm wrong. Thomas: C-

Gates: Obviously I've never seen Abilene whatever play, but he's fast, good height and leaping ability, and he can return kicks. That type of speed can still have an impact even while he learns to be a more polished WR. Nice pick: A

Not gonna pretend to know much about the next 3. The big kid from Alabama A&M, by all accounts, is very athletic for his size. If you can add depth on the D-line in the 7th round, thats a win. Same goes for the CB from Montana. Better than 7th round talent, but a bunch of legal troubles. But we need to improve nickel D and the 7th round is where you gamble on questionable guys with talent

My big problem was with the Clay pick. This a typical Sparano guy. In the same mold as Cobbs. Nothing against Pat Cobbs, he always plays hard and rarely makes mistakes. He also doesnt really help you. He never drops a pass, but he never makes anyone miss after he catches it.
Passing on 2 talented guys at positions of need for this guy is a huge mistake. Both Virgil Green (TE, Nev) and Jordan Todman (RB, UConn) were available. Clay pick: D

Overall, I give it a B- . Needs were addressed, a speedster was added, but we may have missed the boat with that Clay pick and I'm very iffy on Thomas. Just one guys opinion....

I'm very happy with the fins draft. I was thinking from day one that he fins would somehw draft Daniel Thomas I just thought it woulda been in the 3rd round. I know we were all dissappointed in Henne last year but this is another year. I would like to see Orton in a fin uniform maybe even Hasselbeck. Cant wait for the season alot of offensive possiblities. The WC will be reborn into a legit threat.

Me fear is that Daniel Thomas is Sammie Smith Part Deux. I know you're all excited about what Thomas can go for the WC, DB, but I don't believe that's the reason he was drafted.....part of it but only a small part. He's the type of back this regime likes and that's why he was taken. Mike Mayock had him as his second back but I don't see it. He was at least 4th or 5th on my list and to be honest, of all the backs has the biggest chance of being a bust. There's nothing dynamic about him...he's just a guy who will wear outher defences down. We still need that home run gun in FA.

This was a very solid draft.. I think people miss took what Ross meant by drafting long term.. That didn't mean risk picks and take a chance on the franchise Qb that might or might not be in this draft. It meant Draft like your going to be here for the long term.. Mayock says Pouncey will be a Pro Bowler for years to come..Thomas,Looking at the Scouts insider calls him the 3rd best back in this draft..Cincinnati wanted him 3 picks after us..This talk of trading 3 picks to get him is un real.. we didn't.. Do the math..5th and a 7th..that was the cost to turn our 3rd into a 2nd..Draft charts show this was in Miamis Favor. Gates is a great pick up..Hate Ginn if you want but this pick replaces the Mistake they made in trading him..We got a Te/Fb or H back that was compared to Chris cooley..His #'s for a Te or Fb are very great..The fact is we are putting weapons around Henne weather he is the starter or not next yr, Im so happy to see them putting offense together.. Look at what the Jets have done for Sanchise..They put weapons all around him..Funny though in more starts How bad his #'s are compared to Hennes.. 53% com with that offensive talent..Yet ESPN and NFL Network pretend like this guy does nothing wrong..Sanchise led the league with over 18 int dropped...Henne had 8 int's that were direct result of the wr's and or backs on this team.. Putting people around Henne for the 1st time in his Carrier will show what level he is really on... Bring in DeAngelo Williams for the speed back and a Qb to push Henne and I can see this team which is Better right now today then it was last yr (Only a fool would disagree)We could make a Play Off push

I dont understand why so many people wanted Mallet in the first place. One of the biggest things people claim Henne doesnt have is leadership ability. Saying that its his biggest problem. Mallet is the same. No leadership plus all of the offield crap. So why draft him. When it comes to skills Mallet and henne are nearly identical. But Mallet is more of an idiot. Why poick him?



I give Thomas a A grade because he's big and physical enough to run the wc in bween the tackles, and is a legit threat to throw. He's only 2 yrs removed from being a former qb.

I give Clay an A for his versality to be a mulitple threat. The guy is a reciever first and formost, that plays in the backfield. Just to mention one attribute of the many he has. In a pass formation with a fb as the only back in the backfield with the qb. Qb now has a legit safety valve as a recieving target if everyone's covered in pass patterns.

You dont really get that with Polite. This guy can actually catch the ball and do more with it than Polite. But I expect Polite to still be the blocking fb in our traditional running plays.

Flexibilty is the key with Clay. The guy is so multi-dimensional, adding an element threat to our offense we never had.

Mr Genius, Bill Belichik didn't have his best draft. Several questionable picks. For a team that was as loaded as they were they didn't come away with a great crop. Maybe he misses Pioli more than we think.

Right on Craig. If Thomas is a compliment to, say, D'Angelo Williams, I'm cool with that. But if that is the case, should you be trading away multiple picks to get a complimentary player? As a feature back, he doesnt excite me. I live in NY, so I see alot of Syracuse. K-St played SU in the Pinstripe Bowl and I'd heard alot about Thomas but had only seen highlights. Maybe it was the field at Yankee Stadium, but he didnt look very fast vs. a SU def that is kinda slow. Maybe my expectations were too high, but I was less than impressed. I think DeMarco Murray will be a better pro

I know he'll be cheaper than Ronnie, but will he be better? Not so sure. That said, prove me wrong, Daniel!!

This is easily the worst draft in Dolphins history. Perphas NFL history.

You trade UP to get a nobody running back, but cant't trade up to select a possible franchise QB with that pick??

The Patriots picked Mallet, I have tons more confidence in their group then the Dolphins clowns.

Let the Andrew Luck cound down begin today.


You have solid concerns about Thomas because you're looking at him as a "traditional" rb. The Dolphins did not draft him to be a traditional rb. He's everything for the wc Pat White Couldnt be.

Yes he will be used in a "traditional way at times. But this fo sacrficed a "2nd rd" pick(White) because they had a higher vision for the wc attack. They arent scrapping that vision because White was the wrong type of player to fit that vision.

The Dolphins did not draft Thomas on "traditional" rb vision alone.

Deven, great post........ DB, hope you are right about Thomas. Trust me, I wanna like the pick, I really do. And given our RB situation, i dont mind moving up to get Thomas, he was obviously productive in college, just not the type of back I wanted.

On the other hand, the I thought the Clay pick was awful. Thats really the only part of this draft i was angry about. This pick has Sparano's fingerprints all over it. Far more talented guys were available

Ok guys now Im done. LOL..........

I cant press anyone into seeing my vision of what I percieve this team is doing. You guys have a right to your own opinions.

But until I see otherwise on the field of play. I choose to be very optimistic about this draft and all of the first 4 players chosen. LOL...............

Gotta go, have a good one fellas.

Mallett's gone... moving on:

I see only three real prospects here that might work:

1. Henne: He now has the supporting cast that has been lacking and that all of his supporters have been saying he needs. He also has 2+ seasons under his belt. He also has a new OC. With all these things (and I'm sure Ireland will add more weapons in FA), there are no more excuses: either he gets it done or he doesn't. As much as I think he doesn't have it, I hope he does because I'd rather not have to wait another few years to groom a rookie.

2. VY - I know not many people like him because he is a headcase but his stats are really good (not including his first season, of course). Sparano can straighten his attitude out. Sparano may not be very good at much but he is really good at getting players to buy in and behave. Plus, he wouldn't cost much (4th rounder or a player like Crowder), he's young and mobile.

3. Orton - a lot of upside. Better than good with a reasonably strong, accurate arm. BM had his best stats with Orton. Might only take a 3rd rounder to get him.

The Others:

I'm not enamored of MCNabb (best days gone) and Palmer is broken, won't come here and will cost FAR too much (if Brown lets him go, which is unlikely).

Getting Kevin Kolb makes absolutely no sense. First, he will cost at least a 1st round pick, but the current ask is a 1st and a 3rd!! For an unproven guy! Kolb consistently failed to get the ball downfield to Maclin or Jackson last year. He is not a vertical passer. He is not even a west coast guy who can get the ball downfield when it is available like Aaron Rodgers. He is a dink and dunk QB who doesn’t have the arm strength to throw the deep or intermediate routes and he doesn’t have the footwork or mechanics to even make those plays intermittently like Drew Brees and Tom Brady do. (I borrowed some of that opinion from a guy on PFT)

Good Job Armando

I liked the players we got in the draft.Our O-line will be better with Pouncey,we now have a big,versatile back,and a speed wr that opens up the field for marshall and co.This guy Clay is the wildcard;he is going to create mismatches for opposing defenses.I like our team going forward.Now,Go get D'angelo Wiliams,and Carson palmer or Orton for Qb.

I still think their drafting sucks so until they prove me wrong on the field I will continue to have that opinion.

Notice the PATS already have two first round picks for next year.

I can't get over all the clowns that think they know more than ALL the team executives in the NFL that passed on Mallet TWICE! Its not like the Phins didn't study the crap out of this kid. If he came here it would have been Ryan Leaf all over again. He's in a good spot for himself and as a fellow human being, I hope he (Mallet) takes advantage of this opportunity. As a Phin fan I wish he was in New Orleans and not the AFC.

How people think we could have traded up to get one of the top QBs is another joke...did you see what Atlanta gave up to get a WR? We didn't have a 2nd rounder! It would not surprise me if none of the Qbs from this draft are considered good in 5 years.

Pouncey was a great pick. Interior OL was a big need and he was the best in this draft by far. Matt Ryan can't throw from off the ground either.


I'll have to see it on the field that to be convinced that they drafted him for that reason. My belief is that going back to the WC would be a terrible mistake. Teams have figured out how to defence against it and there's no surprise to it any more. I know you're going to tell me 'this is different. FocuWe've never had a guy who could run it like Thomas can'. Guess what?....they said the same thing about Pat White. They should stop with the nonsense and figure out how to make Henne and the offence better.

To the guy who said, 'trade up to get a nobody running back'....do your homework....thomas was very highly thought of going into this draft. If you'e studies it, you'd see he had very impressive numbers from last season.

Garbage, I was fine with the tradeup. No harm in a 5th and a 7th and we were basically exchanging a third for a second after that. I'm with you though....I'm not sold on Clay....I see him as a project. As Armando says, if you're versatile, the other way of saying that is that you aren't good at any one thing.

I'm surprised that nobody had anything to say on my thoughts of adding Alex Smith. He's not old by any means and yet has years of experience playing in the league. He's had countless changes and like 5 or 6 different OC's since he's been in the league. Something tells me he might be a little ticked at the Niners adding Kaepernick, his eventual replacement in the 2nd round. Might be a great chance for a change of scenery. Come to Miami, we're you'll be offered the opportunity to start.

Most publications have the Phin's draft graded a B, and NE's draft graded a D. Imagine that.


Not one team has to yet have a trigger man that can pass successfully from the wc. Thomas is 2 years removed from being a qb. When I saw that in his resume I instantly knew why we traded up to get him.

Almost the same with Clay. No Clay isnt a passer, but he's a legit run and catch threat while in the wc with Thomas. He was also a wc trigger man in his college wc.

I just cant believe you guys arent reading the wc 10.0 tea leaves here! These additions totally changes the way defenses will now have to play the wc. They now just blitz it. With a passing qb/rb cant wait to see Clay hit Gates for a long td! LOL...

My Top UFA List:
Derrick Locke RB Kentucky
Nic Grigsby RB Arizona
Ian Williams NT Notre Dame
Joeseph Lefeged SS Rutgers
Adam Froman QB Louisville
Cedric Thornton NT Southern Alabama
Kris O'Dowd C USC
Zane Taylor C Utah
Brandon Bair DE Oregon
Jeff Maehl WR Oregon
LeStar Jean WR FAU
Darvin Adams WR Auburn
Ugo Chinasa DE/OLB Oklahoma St
Lawrence Wilson OLB UCONN
Mark Herzlich OLB Boston College
Deunta Williams FS UNC
Nate Williams SS Washington
Colin Franklin TE Iowa St

Nice draft assessment, GarbagePlate. I am not sure I'd give Clay a "D" because I like his pass catching ability - he's got very sure hands. BUT, I totally agree that Green or Todman were the better value - even for what this team is trying to do. Clay adds that H-Back versatility that will make him dangerous enough that opposing defenses will have to account for his whereabouts at all times.

Thomas I am not sold on at all. I was big on Murray and I think he'll be the better pro. I hope I'm wrong, I really do.

I am looking forward to FA. I am hoping for a couple of big splashes there. D. Williams being one of them. Wishing Zach Miller wasn't tendered at a 1st and 3rd though. A new CBA may change that. How I wish the Fins had taken just one of either Hernandez or Gronkowski last year. I about sh*t in my soup when they didn't.

Overall, this was a much better draft than last year, IMO (of course, if Odrick has a leg to stand on and Edds is as good as they seem to think, my opinion will change).

Now that defenses will have to honestly play the wc because of legit passing threats. Guys the wc is back to 5-6yds a clip.

They would now pay heavily blitzing the wc. LOL........

Jimmy Jam,

The fins want to throw out of the wc. Williams, Leshore or any other rb didnt give that.


You forgot Noel Devine in your ufa list. Did you omit him intentionally?

Defenses are going to much rather concede 5-6yds per clip than 10-15-20-30yds or more a clip! LOL..........

From wc 10.0! LOL........

in 3 years,we threw out of the wildcat 3 times. its time to scrap the cat. pat white was a qb who was going to throw out of the wildcat;he never completed a pass period. same old offensive philosophy;same old results.


Agree with you on the WC. If your gonna stay with Henne you can't keep pulling him off the field in the middle of drives.

On Alex Smith, I thought I heard during one of SF's picks in the draft that Harbaugh was keeping him. If not he's as good as anybody available to compete for the job here. Barring a trade Palmer or Orton that is.

jeff, I hate to say it, but you know absolutely nothing. From Mayock to Mcshay, they all had Thomas as the 2nd or 3rd best back in the draft. Because YOU have heard of him doesn't make him bad.

In our traditional passing offense Marshall and $Emunds will be beats to contend with. Through this draft it looks to me the Dolphins are trying to build a "pick your poison" offense all across the board, including the wc!


3rd time will be an absolute charm! LOL

DolFan Rick,

The Niners may want to resign Smith but his team just drafted his replacement at the beginning of the second round. Kaepernick isn't ready yet but he has a chance to be a good one in a couple of years. Does Smith want to go back and groom his replacement or get a fresh start. We'll see what happens.

I can't see ANY way that the Broncos trade Kyle Orton. Tebow may be the man of the future but from everything I have read coming out of there it doesn't sound like they are convinced he is ready.

Craig the 49er's are planning to give Smith a long term contract. Kaep isn't going to be the starter for a long time. He has too many whole. Thomas wasn't brought here to run the WC, he was brought here to be the starting RB. It's a plus he can run the WC 1 or 2 times a game.

Mallet would've been another Leaf here in Miami, but then again, so will any QB, unless we get a QB in FA that is a veteran and seasoned and can train a young rookie for 2 or 3 years. People think Marino just stepped in and was an instant success, but he had Don Strock.


As I said above, the Niners may WANT to resign Smith but that doesn't mean he wants to stay. They just put another nail in his coffin by drafting Kaepernick. I'm not saying he's ready to start but his time is coming. Smith may just be tired of the whole circus in SF and the fact he's never delievered there. There's a chance he's bitter and ready for a fresh start....I say get the cheque book open. Smith is an UFA, by they way, and can go wherever he wants when FA opens.

Dolfan Rick,

I know it isnt popular but I believe McNabb will be far cheapest(if willing to take a MUCH lower contract). Of all available qb's McNabb has by far the greatest playoff and championship experience.


Plus he's a guy guy that can both push Henne and at the time offering great qb wisdom. If McNabb comes cheap he's the absolute best fit. I dont think they are looking to replace Henne. Thier looking to "push him" to compete harder.

dying, hope you are right. i gotta quit getting so discouraged but can't seem to get upbeat because i lost confidence in the FO. i wanted a qb selection somewhere in the draft;even a mcelroy in the 7th who i liked.

Betcha the guys on here who TOLD us that Henne would never start another game for us and was done as a starter in this league are eating a WHOLE BUNCH of crow right now.....

Have some GRAVY with it fellas....makes it much easier to get down....LOL.

These are also the guys who told us last year that Henne being benched meant the team had lost complete confidence in him....

WRONG AGAIN fellas....

Anyone seen Bill Connors?.....did he jump off a ledge somewhere?

Ok DB, I can get behind that. I know Daboll is huge on the WC. I just hope he doesn't disrupt the QB (whoever it is) in order to run it if then QB is hot. Even Henne would get a bit of a hot hand and then Henning would take him out. Made no sense. Not much of what Henning did made sense though.

I feel like the offense just got a whole lot more solid and difficult to contend with. I really hope this bunch can put it together. You can have all the right groceries and a lousy cook and you end up with some sort of gnarly gruel.

I am most worried about Tony's micromanagement and conservative field goal mentality and having a WR coach who has never played or coached QBs for a QB coach. I am not even that worried about Daboll, believe it or not. Tony and Karl are my two biggest worries on that staff.


It would probably take a very enticing offer(like a 1st rd pick) to get Horton from denver.

I don't think the Dolphins go that route if they still have hope for Henne. Judging by the the selection of an OC and our draft picks. I'd say we're going Henne. Unless a FA sets the world on fire in camp. Thats if we have a camp..lol.

Imagine Henne getting better with McNabb to pushing him to become more competive. Plus giving the kid tips and pointers on how to handle pressure of playoff races, the playoffs themselves, in the conference championship pressures itself.

McNabb appeared in 3 nfc championships though only winning one, he can give Henne pointers in some of the things he thinks he even did wrong in those appearances.




it probably doesnt matter who we acquire as a qb;this regime will make him paranoid. a real qb cant play afraid;they have to be accurate but with a gunslinger mentality of getting it done no matter what. even if there's risk,they have to perform. a shooter keeps shooting;a qb has to keep making throws. sparano has the whole team playing TIGHT!!! players get very uncomfortable in that system.



Interesting that Bill Polian didn't draft Manning's replacement this weekend. Guess he didn't see in Mallet what the 'experts' on here saw in him.

Someone should have told him 'Bill, forget about what you know. Never mind that you've had one of the most competitive teams in the last 10 years. Haven't you ever heard 'no risk/no reward'. Come on Bill....get with it!'

mando this is bs...

what about selecting a qb with a first or second round pick, prevents you from still acquiring a veteran free agent as the starter?

this freaking organization doubles down all the time on other positions, safety, de, lb, why not for the most freaking important position on the football field?

stop peddling this babbling bs by this run first, fist pumping field goals, safe picks of an organization.


Contrary to popular belief Duboll is the qb and Karl Dorrel is his assistant. He will be Duboll's liason to his qb's when the season begans.

qb coach


I don't think McNabb is the answer. Are you proposing adding him if he's cut or trading for him?

DolfanRick, no to Orton if it's going to cost a first round pick. Kolb will probably be the same and he's a FA next year.

I'll say again, Alex Smith would be a nice add. Won't cost any picks either. After him I'd find out what the cost was on Palmer. Not saying I'd do it, I would just ask. I think you explore VY and I think you look at a guy like Bulger. After that I'm not seeing much and let's not forget we need to add TWO QBs, not just one. Maybe Thiggy come back as our third-stringer again.


Like I told someone about Kolb. You would have thought if they wanted to go with McNabb they would have added a west coast coordinator like Childress for example.

I personally don't like McNabb as a choice. They were trying to replace him in Philly even when he had good numbers. He just never seemed to get it done in big games. He ended up on the bench in Washinton where they need a QB worst than we do.


Contrary to popular belief Duboll is the qb coach and Karl Dorrel is his assistant. He will be Duboll's liason to his qb's when the season begans.

Posted by: DyingBreed

Thank God.

I have to say I don't see McNabb. I get what you're saying in terms of his pedigree but McNabb is a West Coast guy and your argument is predicated on the idea that Henne could be good enough with even more time behind a veteran QB. I think either Henne can get it done now or not with this suppoorting cast he's been given, so any FA QB should be viewed as a replacement or competition not as a mentor.

Let me repeat that 'cause it's good stuff:

Any FA QB should be viewed as a replacement or competition not as a mentor.

beerphin may have something with this adam froman. there is a pretty good reel of him on the adam froman image results site. looks like he brings it all on every play, seems like he'd be worth a look at least.


Think what you guys will, but I dont think they are looking to replace Henne. I think they believe they've seen enough where he needs to improve but not being replaced.

IMO, they are looking for someone to push him. Im sure they'll look into the McNabb thing and if able to get him(right price). He's #1 on the list because he can:

A. Push Henne to become more competive
B. Offers very valuable qb, playoff race, playoff experience, even conference championship and SB experience.

No other qb on the market offers this total package of experience to help Henne. They are not looking to "REPLACE" Henne. I believe they are looking to make Henne "BETTER".

Think about it. Hint...hint..... former qb coach as OC too...

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