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What to do with Henne, and why not Ryan Mallett

Chad Henne is still Miami's only quarterback. But as I write in my column today, the Dolphins have a plan for getting better at that position this offseason that both includes Henne and replaces Henne.

Please check out the column because it gives you inside information on the changes the Dolphins are making to the offense to make Henne better. It also gives you an idea of what Miami is certain to attempt to replace Henne.

Having said that, the quarterback that everyone around here believes could have and should have been a Dolphin is Ryan Mallett.

Many of you wanted a quarterback in the draft. And I get it. Mallett had first-round talent with that great arm and accuracy. Mallett also could be had because he dropped like a lead pipe in water for reasons too many to name. That kind of quarterback talent doesn't fall to the third round very often yet that's exactly where Mallett and his Slim Shady personality fell.

The Dolphins get it, also.

General Manager Jeff Ireland and Tony Sparano get it. They wanted the right quarterback in the draft, too. And they tried to make a play to get Ryan Mallett. Lacking a third-round pick, they tried to trade into the third round to get Mallett, according to a source.

They were not able to get in high enough fast enough.

"We were willing to take him, we just couldn't get our hands on him," the source with knowledge of the front office's thinking told me. "We tried, but we couldn't do it. He's going to be a good quarterback."

Instead the Dolphins are moving on because, for all the work they did on Mallett, for all the skills they know he possesses, they just didn't see him as a first- or second-round player. (Neither did anyone else, by the way.)

The Dolphins tell me they couldn't get a vision for Mallett to invest in him that early. To pick a player you have to know how he fits the team, how he fits the position. As a first or second round pick, that would mean Mallett would be your presumed starter immediately.

Proof: First-round pick Mike Pouncey and second-round pick Daniel Thomas are Miami's presumed starters at center and running back today.

The Dolphins weren't comfortable with that for Mallett. Call it gut. They just didn't feel this kid is ready to handle the daily grind of being an NFL starting QB -- something that reaches far beyond going on the field every Sunday and throwing the rock.

I'm told the Dolphins, as an organization, tried to find someone who has succeeded in the NFL that has a Ryan Mallett-type of personality and approach. They tried to find someone that has a character like Ryan Mallett and has succeeded in the NFL. Thinking ....

Thinking ...

Still thinking ....

I got it! Nobody!

Who does this kid remind you of that has been successful? Nobody! Not Manning, not Brady, not Brees, not anyone that came before. Well, he reminds me of Ryan Leaf but they were looking for someone successful.

That troubled the Dolphins' brass. No one felt strongly about his makeup.

"There are questions there," a source tells me.

I'm writing this having talked to Mallett once on the phone. I don't know him. I have no clue (no jokes, please.)

But the Dolphins were all over this kid. Ireland brought Mallett here. He went to see Mallett there. He went to dinner with him. He met him at the combine. He watched him play on tape and live. He wanted to get exposure to him. He evaluated the kid and the quarterback.

And there was just no comfort level there to invest on him in the first or second round. So it just didn’t happen.

It did happen for the Patriots in the third round. But remember, their situation is different. The Patriots are not looking for a starting quarterback. They don't need Mallett to come in and compete for a starting job.

He will not be their starter this year. He will not be their starter next year. Or the year after that, as long as Tom Brady remains healthy.

The Patriots, unlike the Dolphins, have the luxury of remaking Mallett in their image. They can use the next two years to turn him into the person they want him to be. They can store him away rather than thrust him into a starter's limelight where all the pressure and expectations are found.

That's a wonderful luxury to have. The Dolphins didn't have that luxury.

So they go in another direction. They have their plan for getting the quarterback position right.



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greg z,

Your right about about the paranoid thing or playing too safe maybe. I was thinking when i mentioned Orton that he wouldn't do well here because he's best as a gunslingler.

The Wildcat would be MORE effective if the starting QB could be the triggerman as well.

Henne walking off the field was always a dead giveaway that a Wildcat play was coming up.

Vince Young would be the only FA QB that would be a good fit for the Wildcat with his running skills.


I said McNabb because the fo isnt looking for someone to actually "BEAT OUT" Henne. They want a guy to push him to become more competive but also be a very good mentor. McNabb is best available to fit this bill.

You guys are not looking at from this fo's perspective. They are not looking to replace Henne. If Henne bombs then 2012's 1st rd pick will be qb even if they have to trade up. The offensive weapons are already in place for that guy to quickly succeed!

Dolfan Rick,

Orton is the epitomy of a pump and dump qb. Brandon Marshall will tell you that. Thats why Elway wants to move on from him.

If Henne bombs in 2011 we may see Ireland trade our entire draft to move up for Andrew Luck! LOL.............

Let's not lament the Dolphins not getting Mallett, a guy you have written has a) character concerns and b) all the mobility of a fire hydrant and c) problems with accuracy under pressure. No the guy they could have had and SHOULD HAVE TAKEN was Ricky Stanzi. That's the one that will come back and haunt them. Daniel Thomas looks a lot like Eddie George with his upright running style. If he has Eddie George's career it'll be a great pick but that kid is going to take a ton of punishment. Between the picks they gave up to move up and get him and the RBs they could have had later in the draft, well, they blew it again.

Speaking of character issues, they can't bother Miami too much given that they took a CB from Montana in the 7th round over a) Mark Herzlich a guy who beat cancer and with maybe more character than anybody else in the draft a guy everybody and their mother acknowledged as a guy teammates rallied around or b) Pierre Allen a DE from Nebraska that was also productive at a major program and a team leader. So let's throw character concerns out the window. The Dolphins did.

Being that the lockout's back on its good we didnt draft a qb. He's the guy who suffers most from this lockout situation. Think about it?

I see what your saying though DB. Its kind of what I was thinking about Horton or Palmer or Kolb. You don't go after one of those guys unless you plan for him to be your starter day one.

That being said I believe Alex Smith and Vince Young would work in the theory to push Henne as well. Although I guess Young could be distraction with his attitude.

I have to admit I'm a little high Orton because I had him in fantasy last year...lol. He kicked some serious butt.

Armando, the Mallett doubters have been saying exactly what you just said WHILE YOU were tossing his name around like he's the next Marino. Late to catch this bus? He's the next Vanilla Ice, not Marino. Even NE wasn't high on the guy, but figured "what the hey". --Also, I read that Ireland intends to do trade/FA for their Qb comptetion. He listed: Palmer, Kolb, McNabb, Young and Quinn. Ireland said he's looking for an Alpha type QB, undisputed leader in the huddle. That says a couple things: One- out of that group that leaves only Palmer and McNabb. Two- One more sign that Henne ISN'T the guy, and even has the front office disappointed in his leadership. Henne supporters, you are in denial, and no amount of blame on coords, coach, line, WRs will ever equal success. Henne is a solid 2nd string QB, -DONE. Move on.

I like the draft, for once Ireland proved to have a plan in place, stick to it and I thought he came away with some solid players. I see four significant contributors in this class, a dominant LG to pair with our war hammer at LT. I don`t believe Thomas will be a 20 to 25 carry a game player but will give Ireland the benefit of the doubt on that one because his 4th. rounder in my opinion will end up being one of the steals of this draft.

In Gates we get a real burnner to put opposite Marshall, while adding alot of sizzle to the punt return position, were as good as Bess has been a slot rec. his skills as a punt returner leave alot to be desired and that`s when he isn`t muffing one up, which he`s done every year back there at least 3 to 4 times a season.

In Clay you get an interesting prospect to play the H back a position we haven`t addressed since QB convert Jim Jensen played it for us 20 years ago. Even in the seventh round we get a project in Kearse with upside 6`4" 315 pd. DT`s don`t fall of trees and there is alot of success stories with guys playing the position after being late picks Norman Hand and Kip Vickerson are 2 Phins that come to mind that were 7th rounders as well. The last player selected Wilson seems to be a player for the ST unit. All in all not a bad haul.

BTW, Wildcat supporters and haters- Question: All these analysts and coaches keep talking about this QB/RB whatever isn't pro ready because they came out of the Spread, and that won't work in the NFL. Really? Tried it? They said the same thing about the Wildcat, and -whoops, that worked. Hmm. Just wondering why not try the Ol' Spread in the NFL and see.

JS in LA,

For me it doesnt definitively prove Henne "isnt the guy". I definitively proves they believe Henne definitely needs serious competition at the position(Thigpen wasnt).

Also definitve proof at present we dont have a backup qb because its highly unlikely they will bring Thigpen back. I think you guys maybe seeing this picture wrong. They want to push not replace Henne.

Coming from a dolfan

I think this may be a good draft for the lock out as well. As DB says Henne may be our best choice because of lock out and a shortened season at least we got him some weapons to make him better.

Dol Rick it Orton, not Horton.

DB @3:04,

I agree thats were the thinking is on Henne as well, good point ! You know the one guy you don`t want to be if Mallet is starting and blowing up the spot in the next 3 to 4 seasons in N.E. is Rick Speilmen, WOW !!! I nearly fell out of my seat on the Christian Ponder at the 12th spot going to Minnisota, again WOW !!! Thank God Huzienga pulled the trigger and 86`d that idiot !!!

I realize that most want an exciting, explosive pass happy offense. It is fun to watch. However, unless you have Dan Fouts, Marino, Jim Kelly, Phil Rivers...basically a top 5 QB, that just isn't realistic.

Likewise, nobody wants a 3yd and cloud of dust offense.

Thinking back to the wildcat in 2009, it was far more exciting than 3yds and a cloud of dust. I just loved watching this team literally steamroll play after play over the likes of the Colts and Saints, both who went on to the superbowl. We ended up losing those games true, but dropped passes, coaching decisions and other factors were part of the reason.

We had seen, for a season and a half, up until 2010 when the 2nd rate Berger took over at center, the WC was indeed highly productive, beat up tough teams and dominated time of possession.

With these new additions, I'm not one to say the WC is done or that everybody has figured it out. They knew it was coming in 2009 and still couldn't stop it. Not even Rex Ryan, arguably the best defensive coach in the league stopped it. When your personnel and strategy matches up favorably against your opponent, even knowing whats coming is not enough for them to stop it.

I have no idea if they plan to use the WC again, but I am all for them going back to it if they can get it back working to where it was in 2009 or even better. Even better would be scary for the competition. No fan will be against it if we embarrass our opponents with it as the same way before.


How did our old pal Speilmen taking Ponder at 12 grab you !!!

With all the criticisms against Henne, including my own, at least not even the biggest Henne supporter can say they are not giving him a fair chance. They have surrounded him with superior talent. They are putting him in the best position to succeed, as they should. Now its up to him.

Interested in seeing who the Cardinals drop off their roster after free agency and they pick up a veteran. If they drop John Skelton we should pick him up to develope. He is tall, strong arm, and doesn't get shook up. He's 2 years away from being another Joe Flacco.

It seems like a good play to me. A reach for this guy ends up being for show and fan support. I still suspect some competition for Henne and if all fails we draft a QB first round next year. I like the long term approach and even willing to give Henne one more year with all the new pieces...just to be sure he is a dud! An exciting vet would be welcome to, if he has some mileage. The 1 to 2 year band-aid doesn't help us evolve. I might rather see Henne in that case and then it's clear cut that we draft high next year for the position.


That person you mentioned has been permenantly banned from my mind. No comment. I prefer to not even remember he exists.


Good post at 3:12pm.....I rescind my comment that the WC is done. If they can show it will work, I'm all for it.

0x80 @3:18,

That sounds about right !!! Please excuse the mear mention, I was just completly floored and shocked by the pick. You know he better pray Mallett turns out to be Ryan Leaf because if he turns into Aaron Rodgers he won`t be able to get a job selling soda`s in any stadiums around the league.


I have to say... I agree, this was a very solid draft IMO.

The only way you can look sideways at the Pouncey grab is having a misunderstanding of Miami’s weaknesses and why they existed. Like those arguing the “should have drafted Price” angle. Miami is not soft at the corners and already has major investments there. Will Allen has been resigned and it simply is not a major need. The interior line of Miami was in a great part responsible for the poor running attack. It CERTAINLY was responsible for getting Henne killed every game, and was responsible for very little to no lateral movement for the QB out of the pocket when needed. It indeed was “A” if not “THE” Primary need to be addressed.

I am pleased with the RB Thomas; I feel he fits Miami's profile to a tee. I think Miami will add a FA there to supplement Thomas and may even ask Risky to stay a piece. Gates is EXACTLY what we needed at WR. We did not need a guy who catches everything thrown at him. We did not need a rout runner; we have all that and then some. We needed a burner to pop the zone… PERFECT fit. And I believe the young man Charles Clay will end up being a fan favorite because of his ability to run and particularly catch the ball out of the backfield or off the TE position. Clay is going to be a fun player IMO. Watch some of his video if you have not done so. He looks like a blast to watch play.

Mallet would have been wonderful. But he would NOT have given Henne an honest challenge for the starting role. Henne would have done circles around him and it would have not help Henne, or the team in the slightest. Henne needs to be pushed hard enough that if he does not work and play better... he ends up replaced by the man pushing him. The only player going to do that is a Veteran. That is the only way Henne will improve and the team will improve outside of the new tools he has been given. I feel the changes that have been made on this team, plus the picks and returning injured players (Odrick, Edds, Sheets) is going to allow Miami to place a competitive team on the field. I feel Miami is better then it was Thursday morning, and will be MUCH better the day the season starts, if it ever does.

Most of all… I am happy Tony and Jeff did not draft “Scared” or do “Dave Wannstedt Panic Button Moves” that screw the team for years. They had a good plan and stuck to it… right in the face of the “Heads” who said they would panic. Way to Nut-Up!

Henne can and will be a good QB. What he needed the most has been addressed, now he needs fans that are supportive and really are DOLPHIN fans. Henne had more impressive stats in college than any of these QB's in the draft and upstairs guys knew that! Enough said be supportive and be a DOLPHIN fan

Bob Huff,

There's a good chance Derek Anderson will be the guy gone. He didn't work out too well last year. I expect Arizona to be involved in Kevin Kolb discussions as well as look at Vince Young and McNabb. The Cardinals like John Skelton and I doubt he will get chopped.

beerphin to your 12:06 post.

Your a hypocrite in denial.

Alcohol is a drug dumba$$.

I bet you drink a drive.

You are no better then the so-called druggies you talk about

And one day your going to kill someone/family with that denial.


You said before the draft you were a fan of Mario Fannin. would you like to be added as a non-drafted FA?

Actually rather surprising that Fannin was never drafted by anybody.

OX80.... Reff 3:16

I believe that is a very fair and honest post, man. It would be difficult to sum the situation up any better concerning where Henne's future lies... with what has been placed around him, and with the patients that has been (sort of ) shown... His destiny now is his own to create.

I wouldn't be surprised if the dolphins signed Pat Devlin as an undrafted FA. He's not great but he could be someone they develop as a second or third stringer.

Please dEAR lORD:

& there's no unfrafted FA yet due to Owners insisting that lockout be reinstated, & 8th Circuit's mindless compliance with big biz.

Craig M,

So many players dropped much further than expected or didn't even get drafted. My guess is that it's surprising probably only to the fans who have no direct access to the private workouts, interviews, inside sources, and are left with only the online scouting reports and selective youtube clips to evaluate. Notice the youtube clips are always 'highlights' and not 'lowlights'.

henne sucks period. let him get the job handed to him once again and watch him ruin the offense and watch them be last in all categories and watch how fast him, ireland and sparano are out the door!


You're on the ball today 0x80...another good point.

Gotta check out fellas...have a good afternoon!

The Seer...

Two side to that argument my friend... don't buy into either of those two parties "Spin" on things. Yes, the owners have their faults, BIG FAULTS... but they also are the guys who have everything at stake and have "$$$>>$$$" Invested in their teams and stadiums. Both side are acting like insolent children in the matter and they are BOTH spinning matters for the fans benefit.

Derek4 @3:24,

That was a great post chief !! I couldn`t agree more with all of your assesments, it`s almost as though you were reading my thoughts. The key for me is in moving Incognito inside to Center in order to take advantage of his strength, while masking his obvious weakness in pulling or leading into the hole. In placing Pouncey at LG you get more of a natural athlete, in watching video on him he tends to remind me of the Kevin Mawae of old who was the best either pulling or leading into the hole while wipping out the LB`s at the 2nd level.

The wild card here will be Garner who can play either Guard position and when he was in for Smiley in 09 looked athletic in his ability to effectively pull which at the end of the day is what I`m looking for in my Guards. It doesn`t mean I`m giving up on Jerry but he looked slow in there last season as well. I would be more inclined to let him have a crack at unseating Carey at RT position he played in College.

In watching Thomas it is very evident to me that he is practically a Ronnie Brown clone, I see him serviceable much in the same line as Brown and the pick assures Ronnie wont be back in my opinion. Gates falling to rd.4 was a real gift and I`m sure that he not only brings speed to the O but also will unseat Bess as the Punt returner filling another position that required an upgrade.

I agree that Clay will be fun to watch, the last real athlete we had at the position was Crash Jensen back in the day and you remember what an interesting match-up nightmare he use to bring and how well he and Marino exploited teams from the H back position. I can`t remember another player we`ve had since that filled that particular skill set ?

star tracker, being a dolphin fan is wanting the best players at the position. you can support henne all you want and when they finish in last place because of him, dont cry because people don't support him.


@ 3:31 PM Absolutely! His speed would give us a big fast change of pace rb to attack the edge run defenses with. He was very effective in limited role in college.

Thats all we need from him. Size and blazing speed baby!

Every game, at least twice a quarter, Henne should be ORDERED to drop back and throw the ball as far as he can.

Gates job will be to get under it.

Forget the diagrams, schemes and routes. Make it a routine in practice and games. Make a little game out of it ala Rapelesbeger/Wallace. Let Henne try and over throw the 4.2 speed of Gates.

I just hope to hell these 4 new rooks pan out as expected cause if they do this Fins offense will be much improved.

Pouncey is a lock to start, but will he play up to his rep?

Thomas is a lock to start, and RB rooks usually do well.

It's Gate and Clay I'm worried about - sure hope they "get it" quickly cause Lord knows this O needs a deep threat and an H-Back / seam TE to throw different looks at opposing defenses. These two will be big difference makers IMO if they can step up as rooks and play well.

Sparano better let Daboll play these guys whether they are "ready" or not come Sept., only way they will get better is by playing, even if it is painful for the first 4 - 8 weeks. I don't want to see a repeat of Marlon Moore, a speed guy that never got on the field. That's on Henning and Sparono.

How bout a 4 WR set with both Moore and Gates going deep on opposite sidelines. Would love to see that 5-6 times a game.

odin, i like your idea but henne cant hit a deep receiver in practice let alone a game. he doesnt "lay it out there with air" so the receiver can "go and get it!" henne tries to throw it on a line and there's no room for error. he's got 1 chance in 20 of completing that pass.

good one mando

Sparano is lying to cover his A** with the fans. They've been lying since day one. I was also put off when I heard Mallet was a "wannabe" , there's a name for it when a white acts like a black. When a person acts like that it shows a weak character. But I was willing to take a chance he would grow up.

Craig, brady is signed through 2015. Mallett will be carrying the clipboard much longer than 2 years. Brady still has at least 6 good years left. Knowing Bellichick he will trade the kid in two years for 2 #1,s a 2nd and a 3rd. That trade will be to us, we will throw away all of those picks and he will bust out of Miami.

Mando great article. I especially found this part interesting.
"It begins with the new offense. Miami’s new offense will give Henne more options, more protections, more variations."

"Sometimes in games last year, the Dolphins were a five-step drop team nearly 100 percent of the time. After a while, defensive coordinators figured that out. Defensive ends simply targeted that spot 7 yards behind the line of scrimmage and knew that’s where Henne would be standing."

"That hurt Henne and the made the assignment tougher for Miami’s offensive tackles, which hurt Henne even more. Bottom line, there were many things hurting Henne based on one scheme decision to use the five-step drop almost exclusively."

"The new offense will include five-step drops, seven-step, three-step, and one-step drops. The Dolphins don’t intend to feed defenses the same Henne entree every pass play".

"Miami will also include sight adjustments and more audibles in the new scheme the old one simply didn’t have. The Dolphins also intend to unveil plays that will help Henne not look so robotic — a word that makes the team cringe, by the way."

"Imagine this: The Dolphins are not going to ask Henne do the same thing over and over so he doesn’t look like the same staid guy every play."

It just shows how behind the times and egotistical (to a point) that Dan Henning was. He would scoff at the media for suggesting he change schemes. Would make fun of us fans as if we couldn't possibly see something was wrong and needed to be changed. He would throw his players under the bus when plays didn't work. And now this! 5 step drops over 95% of the time?!!! Other DBs telling our receivers which routes they were running??!! Holy hell Henning was a cowboy on a mission. He wanted to prove us all wrong while almost purposely trying to ruin a young QBs career. I'm very excited about what Daboll is doing and can't wait to see the changes. Allthough we will be a running team I think our offense is about to get a lot more exciting. I'm really rooting for Henne to put it all together for the team but also so we can all collectively laugh at Henning for being such an arrogant jerk.

DB @ 1:05,
don't like the wildcat no way. i don't want a running back throwing the football; former qb or otherwise. besides, the wildcat is a dead play in the nfl. it's run its course, even parcells said that. he said the other night on espen that they drafted pat white thinking they could put him in to run the wildcat and turn it into something that no one would be able to defend but it turned out that the wildcat wasn't going to work. look at how the yards gained on wildcat plays just continue to go down. the formation is supposed to create mismatches. where? you have a running back that either keeps the ball or hands off to another back running accross the field. even if the back can throw how long do you think it will be before defenses figure it out and squash it again. you may have some initial success but multiple formations, sets, etc with rb's and wr's make more sense. what are they going to do, let henne take the team down the field and pull him out in the redzone again to run the wildcat? this time they'll run it for 4 yds and put henne back in. GET RID OF IT. THE FORMATION SUCKS.

Hey what's up fellas?

I liked Miami's first 3 selections. They filled 3 GLARING NEEDS. I still don't get why at no point in the draft you don't take a young QB to try and groom. I thought all along the plan was to bring in a low tier vet (Bulger, Hasselbeck) and draft a guy too. I obviously wanted Mallet but after the passed I thought possibly Tyron Taylor, TJ Yates, Pat Devlin and Miami did no such thing.

I haven't read Armando's column yet but I see it now as Miami has to have some sort of TOP TIER QB come in like trading for Palmer, Kolb or at least bringing in Vince Young and allow Young and Henne to battle it out. It would at least be a competitive training camp. I don't want to see Henne as the only answer but if he is Miami will have a NEW COACH next year. You can't win without a good to very good QB and Henne is not IT!

I guess with some of our posters, it true that you throw the horse in the water but still cant make him take a bath.

Shows me some of you are wet haired shower and go about your business type. Only wetting your hair to appear to others you've just gotten out of the shower when you really havent.

Dont you guys know that others can smell the difference? LOL...........

DyingBreed: Gotta respectfully disagree. Name me one top-tier quarterback that the top brass figures they need to bring in competition for (the aged ones are an exception since it's eventually replacement thoughts). If you got a top tier guy, then you go after weapons, or possible back-ups for emergencies. Not competition. Spending serious money for competition in a multi-million dollar business means you're unhappy with the employee. Ireland isnt even hiding it, godness knows why everyone else keeps hanging on to the notion that Henne just needs "this" or "that" and he'll turn into Captain Awesome. Henne is a back-up as soon as a serious contender can be landed, and BELIEVE me they're looking. Decent QB means Tony and Ireland keep their jobs. Another mediocre year... not so much.

Never did fully understand what is with some guys hating to wash their stinky a*sses!

Please if you dont apply to the above statement there's no need to answer! LOL

JS in LA,

On this issue lets agree to disagree. Youre not going to sell me and Im not going sell you. I think its best we both wait and see how it plays out.

Miami Heat are putting the wood to Boston! LOL...........

Ryan Mallett + South Beach night life = Disaster waiting to happen.

They made the right call. They stuck to their board, made picks that offer potential help right away in key areas, particularly the vertical game and return game. As was pointed out endlessly during draft coverage, SD had the #1 offense and the #1 defense in the AFC and failed to make the playoffs because their special teams were horrible (with Darren Spoles). Miami's special teams have been a work in progress for most of this decade. What we added through this draft has the potential to change that. Surrounding Henne with talent and giving him more than 1 sometimes 2 options on any play will go along way in shaking this offense out of its doldrums. Sending TEs and fullbacks out into the flat instead of pass protecting creates many mismatches. We will only go as far as the Oline takes us. They need to get to the second level and or sustain blocks 5 on 5 long enough for Henne or ANY QB to go through multiple reads and find the open target.

Sign a speed back who can work along side Dan Thomas, sign a situational pass rusher, and a veteran QB who can compete with Henne and push him and you'll see a recipe for a successful team. Not every team can have a Manning, Brady or Brees. We were spoiled for almost 2 decades with arguably one of the greatest of all time. He will never be replaced. However, we need a caretaker who has an arm to challenge defenders when the play is there to be made. Is Henne that guy? We don't know yet. Give him the tools and find out. Ireland and Sparano have done that now.

This year is Henne's last chance with the supporting cast they've put around him, or else it's curtains next year.

Think Palmer is just too injured, would be like pennington maybe one good year.

Vince Young for me, can come an do a job this year and then 2 years after while we groom next years first round pick. Mobility is a big plus, in case the O line dont live up to expectation.

As for headcase issuses Sparano will sort that,I hear that FIST PUMP makes a great uppercut

football's not rocket science! It begins and ends in the trenches...if you cant win the battle of the lines then you are going to lose more often than win...aight??!! adding Pouncy will give Henne more time to go through his check downs, more poise and confidence in the pocket, and open up more space for the RBs....this pick made Henne better and will give us a 1000+ yard RB this year...I hope its Ricky! Bring back Ricky the stud....solid draft Mr. Ireland, now dump the oft-injured Brown and bring Ricky back!!!

On one of the draft shows they said that multiple organizations felt RM was being less than truthful about the drug related questions.














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