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What to do with Henne, and why not Ryan Mallett

Chad Henne is still Miami's only quarterback. But as I write in my column today, the Dolphins have a plan for getting better at that position this offseason that both includes Henne and replaces Henne.

Please check out the column because it gives you inside information on the changes the Dolphins are making to the offense to make Henne better. It also gives you an idea of what Miami is certain to attempt to replace Henne.

Having said that, the quarterback that everyone around here believes could have and should have been a Dolphin is Ryan Mallett.

Many of you wanted a quarterback in the draft. And I get it. Mallett had first-round talent with that great arm and accuracy. Mallett also could be had because he dropped like a lead pipe in water for reasons too many to name. That kind of quarterback talent doesn't fall to the third round very often yet that's exactly where Mallett and his Slim Shady personality fell.

The Dolphins get it, also.

General Manager Jeff Ireland and Tony Sparano get it. They wanted the right quarterback in the draft, too. And they tried to make a play to get Ryan Mallett. Lacking a third-round pick, they tried to trade into the third round to get Mallett, according to a source.

They were not able to get in high enough fast enough.

"We were willing to take him, we just couldn't get our hands on him," the source with knowledge of the front office's thinking told me. "We tried, but we couldn't do it. He's going to be a good quarterback."

Instead the Dolphins are moving on because, for all the work they did on Mallett, for all the skills they know he possesses, they just didn't see him as a first- or second-round player. (Neither did anyone else, by the way.)

The Dolphins tell me they couldn't get a vision for Mallett to invest in him that early. To pick a player you have to know how he fits the team, how he fits the position. As a first or second round pick, that would mean Mallett would be your presumed starter immediately.

Proof: First-round pick Mike Pouncey and second-round pick Daniel Thomas are Miami's presumed starters at center and running back today.

The Dolphins weren't comfortable with that for Mallett. Call it gut. They just didn't feel this kid is ready to handle the daily grind of being an NFL starting QB -- something that reaches far beyond going on the field every Sunday and throwing the rock.

I'm told the Dolphins, as an organization, tried to find someone who has succeeded in the NFL that has a Ryan Mallett-type of personality and approach. They tried to find someone that has a character like Ryan Mallett and has succeeded in the NFL. Thinking ....

Thinking ...

Still thinking ....

I got it! Nobody!

Who does this kid remind you of that has been successful? Nobody! Not Manning, not Brady, not Brees, not anyone that came before. Well, he reminds me of Ryan Leaf but they were looking for someone successful.

That troubled the Dolphins' brass. No one felt strongly about his makeup.

"There are questions there," a source tells me.

I'm writing this having talked to Mallett once on the phone. I don't know him. I have no clue (no jokes, please.)

But the Dolphins were all over this kid. Ireland brought Mallett here. He went to see Mallett there. He went to dinner with him. He met him at the combine. He watched him play on tape and live. He wanted to get exposure to him. He evaluated the kid and the quarterback.

And there was just no comfort level there to invest on him in the first or second round. So it just didn’t happen.

It did happen for the Patriots in the third round. But remember, their situation is different. The Patriots are not looking for a starting quarterback. They don't need Mallett to come in and compete for a starting job.

He will not be their starter this year. He will not be their starter next year. Or the year after that, as long as Tom Brady remains healthy.

The Patriots, unlike the Dolphins, have the luxury of remaking Mallett in their image. They can use the next two years to turn him into the person they want him to be. They can store him away rather than thrust him into a starter's limelight where all the pressure and expectations are found.

That's a wonderful luxury to have. The Dolphins didn't have that luxury.

So they go in another direction. They have their plan for getting the quarterback position right.



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To those who suggest the South Beach nightlife is too dangerous for this player or that one, I don't get it. What danger does South Beach have that every other football town in the country doesn't have? Every town has bars, strip clubs, hookas, drugs, and some of those places are more lawless than Miami.

Okay, the draft is over. And, despite what some of you "closet Jets fans" think, Miami is a better team for it. We'll be even better once we can have free agency. Anywho, here's the stats from Scouts on what we've got. Enjoy!

First pick, first round, #15. Mike Pouncey-Center-Florida. Ranked as the #1 center in the draft, overall 19, graded out at 92. He's 6'5" 303 lbs. with 9.3" hands and arms are 32.2". He ran the cones in 7.7 seconds, the forty in 5.12 with a vertical of 25", broadjump of 96" and a shuttle time of 4.64 seconds.

Second pick, 2nd round, #62. Daniel Thomas-RB-KSU. Ranked as 4th runningback available, overall-70, graded at 78. He's 6 feet 230 lbs. with a hand span of 9" and arms at 32.29". Benched 21 reps and forty time of 4.6 seconds. (Although the Fins said they clocked him at 4.55 seconds).

Third pick, 4th round, #111. Edmond Gates-WR-Abilene Christian. Ranked as the 11th receiver in the draft, overall 77, graded at 77. He's 5'11" at 192 lbs with 9.3" hands and an armspan of 30.6". Benched 16 reps, 4.31 second forty time, vertical of 40" and a 131" broadjump.

Forth pick, 6th round, #179. Charles Clay-FB/TE/HB-Tulsa. #1 ranked fullback, 157 overall, graded at 59. He's 6'2" at 245 lbs and 9.5" hands with 33.0" armspan. Benched 18 reps, cones in 7.1 seconds, forty time at 4.69 seconds, vertical leap of 33.5", broadjump at 118" and a shuttle speed of 4.15 seconds.

Fifth pick, 7th round #231. Frank Kearse-DT-AAMU. Ranked as the 36th best DT available and graded out at 20. He's 6'4" and 311 lbs. (Nickname is "BIG SPOON"). Scouts didn't have any more info available.

Sixth pick, 7th round #235. Jimmy Wilson-CB-Montana. Scouts didn't list any info.

So, there you are. This is your draft. Love it. Hate it. Live with it. You've got no choice. It is what it is!


A couple more reasons this was, overall, a solid draft:

1. Pouncey. Anyone notice who Buff and NY drafted? Marcel Darias and the big kid outta Temple. Dont forget, the Pats still have Vince Wilfork. Thats 6 games a year vs. talented, big, middle clogging DT's.

2. Next years QB class: Looks like Henne is being given a chance to make a huge step forward this year, and rightfully so. However, if he flops, or remains stagnant, then it's time, by whatever means necessary to grab a top QB talent. Good thing is, next years class is much better than this years. Luck and Barkley off the top of my head are both better than anyone that got drafted this year. Christian Ponder #12? Really?! This years QB class is gonna be similar to '99. Someone will emerge (my guess is Locker or Dalton) like McNabb, the rest will be a bunch of Cade McNowns and Akili Smith's

LOL at not being able to find anyone successful Mallett compares in history of NFL. How about Brady, Marino, Fouts.

i can not find anyone successful Henne compares to. But they are going with him.

What a joke of human beings this FO is.

Does Paul Pierce really think he`s gonna come in here with a shot at the NBA Finals on the line and push D-Wayde around on his floor !!!! Somebody better get Pierce a copy of the Eastern Conf. finals in 06 when the Pistons tried that !!!!

Just saw D-Wade take flight and fly into the stands for about .2 secs. Somebody get that man a cape! LOL..............

Fin4 I agree, throw the bums out...celtics are dirty players!

Let's go HEAT!!!

Wish Rondo was on the Heat!!!!

Heat only needs to protect home court and take one in Boston. Then March towrds championship #1 of 7 on the list! LOL...........

Some one mentioned Hilliard being a nice compliment to Thomas. HOW! They are both bigger backs with no wiggle or speed/quickness to be a threat to gain chunks of yards. I say that to say they are the same player. Thomas having more speed but still not enough speed or elusiveness to scare a defense. D. Williams would be a a good blend with a big back with no home run hitting ability like Thomas.

That's 2 str8 over the Celtics. The lock has been picked! SWEEEEEP! LOL..............

Henne the hero. Oh, wait a minute. That's ALoco's line.

Just hit the Celtics with a 9 iron(9pt victory)!

I know all the Heat haters are crying in thier haterade right now! LOL.........LOL.............

D-Wade pistol whips Celtics with his .38(pts) Lol................

F*uck a draft. HOW BOUT DEM HEAT HEAT TODAY! lol..............

Ireland has restored my faith in his ability to make a coherent draft. Making it even more significant is doing this in the face of intense fan scrutiny, job security, and of course I was highly scrutinizing him pre draft too!

LOVE IT !!! LOVE IT !!! LOVE IT !!!!! Any opportunity at bringing a title to Miami is fun but when we can do it at the expense of any of the Boston or N.Y. teams then it`s all the sweater !!! Celtics, Patriots, Red Sox, Jets, Mets or Knicks !!! Take your pick I`m an equal opportunity hater !!! Notice I din`t mention the G-Men always enjoy watching them give the Cowboys a good old fashioned beat down !!! AND REDSKY YOUR RIGHT THE CELTICS ARE A BUNCH OF BUMS !!!!!

Thomas is no threat. Kid will struggle to get to the line of scrimmage in the wildcat. Not sudden nor shifty. Dude is a north/south big guy with no lateral agility or real power. People hyping Thomas like he is Ryan Williams.

Williams was the only back with really good size that is truly fast an explosive laterally but ran strong between the tackles. Thomas will be underwhelming ...we need a home run hitter at the rb position...not a fullback who will be chased down on the 3rd level of defenses consistently at the NFL level.

Actually the last 4 drafts have been the best since the post Shula era. JJ was a genius in defensive talent alone.

Anyone not agreeing with this, I guess you dont believe the sky is blue either.

We have landed at least 1 good starter from each of the last 4 drafts. I believe we land at least 3 starters from this one.

2008--- 3 Starters
2009--- 4 Starters(Includes Clemons)
2010--- 2 Starters (Jerry started some games and Odrick would have. But Misi and Jerry starters.)

Add at least 3 starters from this draft(Pouncey, Thomas, Smith). Thats a heck of a lot better than we've been recieving post Shula era.


No offence but am puking at remembering the truely bad draft we put together in 09 with White and Turner headlining. Also will never forgive passing on Best or Bryant last season as well as passing on Calais Campbell with the 1st. pick of round 2 in 08 and lets not even get into passing on the 3 T.E.`s last season (Gronkwski, Graham and Hernandez) I think Ireland under alot of pressure from us all did nicely but they put up some whoppers in the other 3 drafts they ran.

Mark in Toronto...living here in the Nashville area, i can POSSITIVELY tell you that Locker will be the starter. kerry collins is 39 and has the mobility of an elm tree, and Rusty Smith is gun-shy.

BTW, we have to have a contest to RENAME (get a nickname) for EDMUND Gates. EDMUND?

Not on MY team. How about Bill? Nah, taken.
Not rusty, or swinging, or,,,wait....OPEN Gates, like "wow, he's OPEN again!"
Hopefully not wishful thinking.

Odrick stays healthy and 2010 starters tally at 3 and counting. I believe Reshad Jones will become a starter too. So that would be 4 2010 draftv starters.

Justin that is the problem. Every other team in the league that has a big back outside of Cleveland...has one that can run and if given space will take it to the house. Thomas won't out run a lb at this level better yet a safety or cb. More boring offense. When are we going to have a real back who can make defenses hold there breath every time he gets to the outside or is running on the 2nd or 3rd level.

We won't win games with this ground and pound boring philosophy of football. Big heavy slow backs and wr's no longer win games. U need speed on offense and not just 1 guy who can run. Clay isn't one of the faster te's in the draft..people are acting like this guy has the running ability of a DJ WIlliams who was making corners and safeties miss in space at Arkansas and running away from secondaries.

Pounsey starter for sure. Just hope they have the good sense to start him at guard. IMO, it's insanity to play him at center. We need a pulling guard and there's nobody else on the team that can pull.

Incog? Nope, too slow. Jerry? Don't even know if he can play RG. Garner? Who knows, he hadn't played enough to know anything.

Agree with Darryl regarding building a core.
I just wish this group were a bit more imposing. I hope Pouncey is somewhat as talented as his brother, and Thomas doesn't run straight up and down like a tackling dummy.
We shall see. If there's a new CBA, or they play another year with the old contract in force.


"flood-gates" when starts scoring lond td's.


Still we have 4 starters from 2009 alone. Davis, Smith, Hartline, Clemons.

Once again though this new regime failed to do what all the others failed to do before it, find a franchise QB. There is no franchise long term QB in FA, so it will be going on 5 years. Considering this teams history, 5 years for a regime to find a franchise QB is not acceptable.

Well guys Im out for now. I know I have up to game 1 against the Pats to read all of the negativity. Im sure I wont miss a thing! LOL.........

PS--- Im sure you guys will have all of your negativity lines full "memorized" by then! LOL.........

DyingB, I agree this Heat win is important, we need to win Tuesday also! Great day for me....Yankees win, Heat wins and the Marlins are going to win beating Cincy in the 9th, 9-3, but one out a Cincy has bases loaded! Anyway, I'll read blog, come back and talk football!!

The funny thing about your article here is: On one hand you say the Dolphins tried to trade back into the 3rd to get him and then later on you say the Dolphins just did not have a vision for him in their system. So why would they try to trade back into the 3rd if they didn't have a vision for him? I am doubting that either are true.

redsky= Red hot Heat fan!

D-WADE sez: "Not In My House!"

i like what i see from brandstater. watched some of his video "highlights" and was impressed with his pocket presence and mobility. i did see, like they said in his scouting report, that he had the tendency to float the long-ball but he was very accurate on short and intermediate passes that i saw him throw. he was drafted in 2009 and has had 2 years to develop so he may be a good 3rd string to keep around. he has the talent. if dabol can develop it he may turn into a solid qb for the team.

Fin4life, thx, Boston teams (NE Pats included) are the enemy, as well as well as NY! But thx for leaving my Yankees out of your post, my grandpa and I would watch the Yankees when I was a kid in Cuba in the 1950's....and I grew up in NY, but I love the Dolphins, Heat and Marlins....and the Yankees! Don't mess with them!

Who gives a crap about R Mallet.
I wanted C. Kaepernick above all the other QBs.
Aparantly someone who knows alittle something about being a successful QB in the NFL felt he was worth moving up to the top of the 2nd rnd & grabbing him before the other 3 teams did.

Can't wait for Sorano & Ireland to be fired.
By then we'll have the best Oline in the NFL while the rest of the offense crumbles to shambles.


Marlins beat Cincy 9-5, great baseball!!!

Sig, good point, the Patriots took him because they can develop Mallet for 3-4 years, while they have Brady to tutor him...he would have been a poor choice for us since he would need to play right away....there was no QB to take care of our need NOW!!!! So FA QB for us!

Sorry, meant Sug!

DyingB, thx, love the HEAT, love to sweep those Boston Buzzturds under the rug!!! It probably won't happen, but as long as we win I'm good!

You guys are funny.

Ryan Williams? For real! You talk about over hyped! He CAN'T stay healthy. An averaged over 4 yards a carry in only 4 out of the 8 games he played this year. He played in a spread option with Tyrod Taylor and the WR Boykin who is a pro prospect and also had a pretty good backfield mate Darren Evans who btw led the team in rushing yard, average and TDs. He has wiggle and nice quickness but not break away speed at all and played around 210 lbs for his career so no power that would translate to the NFL. He might have a nice career but he is at best Knowshon Moreno without the hands.

Daniel Thomas is a nice North/South runner with ability to make someone miss and then fall forward once he is hit. He is 230 lbs and isn't a classic bruiser type but he does have power. Could he be a miss? Absolutely but I see him as Corey Dillon type. He is big and runs hards and finishes every run falling forward. He also has much better hands then Ryan Williams whose hands are made of stone.
You guys are the worst. You judge him off of YOUTUBE? For real? He was the only player on Kansas State this year and teams focused on shutting him down every game and he still lead the Big-12 in rushing and in rushing TDs.

Seriously don't just go off the bigger name and more know college player. First you should watch the player in a GAME not youtube. Also go off production. 1585 19tds and not missing a game due to injury!

Cocoajoe, I think Pouncey might be a better guard than center, but he is a better center than what we have now! A center is critical although normally unnoticed. If you have a good one, it can make the difference between a losing team and a winning team! Just my humble opinion

its always the same with you guys, wasnt henne a second round pick, and was he suppose to come in and start. how about your favorite pat white. oh thats right he was a second round pick and he was going to start from the get go.its just amazing the kind of bs the dolphins feed you and you eat it all up. chad henne will never be a championship caliber qb and neither will the dolphins until they find one.

AndyNJ, you always have well researched posts, thanks, I agree...I like this kid, he deserves a shot!!!

i just like watching the edmond gates videos over and over and over and over. the guy can fly.


Every Cuban knows that the Yankees are the exception to the N.Y. rule for hating on there teams. I use to go with my Grandfather to the old Miami Municipal Stadium behind Jackson Memorial Hospital to watch there Spring games vs. the Oriels every year, it`s how I got to know the game as well my friend.

sports illustrated's graded gates 2.77 which means "prospect that has the ability to make plays from the get-go and start early into his rookie season".

Fins4, me too, didn't go there with my G-pa, but as a cop in the 70's I'd go and watch. I was assigned to JMH from 75-77, so I'd catch some games at Bobby Maduro stadium. Just north of NW 21 St on 10th Ave in Miami! Great memories thanks!

Heat came to play!!Marlins playing well, thought we had a good draft for the Fins. Feels good to be a Miami fan right now


I like him a lot too. The only back I liked more was Ingram. Thomas just isn't the big name I guess. But the negative post on here about him being too slow and not powerful and all that is ridiculous. He is just under 6'1 and 230 lbs. His build looks like he is 215 so he is well put together. I don't understand when a North/South runner is bad thing. I am not sure what people wanted. I guess the more hyped player or bigger school.

College football is my favorite sport. I watch a ton of it. I have seen D. Thomas play and always came away thinking he was a great player and the same for Ingram too. I watched Ryan Williams and thought what is all the hype about. He goes down as soon as he is touched and can run away from people. I guess that career long run of 84 yards against the Canes had him sold to Dolphin fans.

Ireland had a nice plan on what he wanted to add on this offense under new offensive cordinator Brian Daboll. He added a versatile RB who is a North/South which is the way to run in the NFL for 90 percent of the backs! Remember fellas fastest way to the end zone is up the middle! Thomas who can catch the ball as evidence by his 52 receptions in 2 years has that added dimension to his game as well. The Wildcat is dead to me so I don't feel that was the reason he was picked. It just so happens so many teams run it now and it does work still in college with lesser skilled players.

Outside of Thomas the Dolphins add the best CENTER/GUARD in the draft to a topsy turvy line. They add the fastest combine WR who is also built solid at around 6 foot 190 lbs and add a veratile H-Back who I honestly don't know much about but Mayock seemed to love him and thought he could have gone late in round 4.

My only wish is to get this CBA resolved and find out Henne's competition or replacement. Unfortunately I see Miami going the Gradkowski or Alex Smith route over the possiblr trade for Carson Palmer or Kolb.

I think Palmer would benefit from a change in scenery. I felt bad for AJ Green. He is an outstanding player and he goes to the worst organization in the sport.

I happen to like this draft for it`s potential to yield 4 quality players that can help from the word go ! In Pouncey you have a star player at LG, not so sold about him at Center from what I`ve seen. A bit slow getting out of the breaks in the delivery, more than likely due to not having played there significantly but a beast of a LG. I think our best bet would be to let Incognito play at Center, it`s his more natural position and were he played in College before the Rams moved him to Guard out of need.

Thomas is a straight ahead runner like some have posted and I believe him to be a Ronnie Brown clone, while Andy NJ put up a nice post I will hold off on those Corey Dillon comparisons for a minute, for starters Dillon had shiftyness and could absolutely run away from Def`s especially early in his career, he begins to loose a step later and would re-invent himself more into a possesion runner later, go back and see the tape he could fly early in his career. This kid Thomas will be more like R.Brown a straight ahead no frills back. I was also expecting to try and get a Derrick Locke or Taiwan Jones type I guess we`ll be looking in FA when that gets rolling.

In the H-Back Clay they have an interesting player, he`s not a conventional T.E. or F.B. he`s more of a Chris Cooley type tweener a real H-Back and I for one welcome it. The last one we had was a converted Q.B. by the name of Jim Jensen playing that position and offering opposing Def. Coordinators headaches, remember they plan on lining him up at various positions and with his pass catching ability he will be interesting. Andy if you want to slam Ireland for the T.E. position then your 1 year to late passing on Graham for Jerry or Hernandez for Edds last year sealed our fate at the position for me. I`m not even gonna get started on Gates he runs a sub 4.3/40, enough said !!

The phins have to ex-QBS who can run the wildcat. Daniels ran the wildcat in college and also I believe TE/HB/WR Clay was also a QB in his past.I can imagine a dual threat in the backfield and B Marshall, D Bess, and Gates running down field. Yes Henne can throw the ball with good protection. My vision 200 plus yards a game rushing and over 200 yards passing. Oh yes I forgot to mention kick-offs and punts will also put up some good yards.

Yeah, the hatred directed at the Heat is ridiculous. As if this is the first team ever to spend big in pursuit of a title!

I live in Philly. Pretty easy to shut them up about LeBron being a "bad guy" when I remind them they root for a quarterback that tortured and killed dogs. Not hard to silence their criticism of "buying a title" when I remind them the Phillies opened Fort Knox to put that pitching staff together.

Go Heat!


Dillon had very good speed and probably was faster the Daniel Thomas but shifty? He was a one cut and go kind of runner. He had some shake to his game but not much. I see the comparisons in that they are built very similarly, both are straight up runners who can use their upper body to push forward and both were around 225-230 and arent true bruisers but always fall forward. You have a good post so just a difference in what we saw from Dillon I guess.

Honestly the Ronnie Brown comparisons are fair in that they both are the same size but the biggest difference is that Ronnie doesn't like contact anymore. And if at best Daniel Thomas is YOUNG and by YOUNG I am talking first 3 years in the league Ronnie then that is a heck of a player. Brown always had the ability he just could never stay healthy. I feel injuries were his enemy not his skill set. So if you feel he is Ronnie Brown and I can see some similarities then I will take that as long as he is a young Ronnie Brown who runs hard and not to avoid injuries for the bigger pay day or extension like Brown did last year.

Have a good one fellas. Gotta go watch a movie with the wife.

IF is a big word! IF Pouncy and the O-line give Henne some time.....IF the coaches deliver an offensive game plan that is not predictable.....IF the new RB bust through the holes like he did in college.....if the new WR runs like the wind. You will all forget that you wanted to draft Newton, Mallett, Ponder, Locker, or some other can't miss QB prospect just like you have forgotten that you wanted the Phins to draft BRADY QUINN !!! IF

Andy NJ,

Deffinetly the young Ronnie who I agree was a big powerful back who initiated contact alot of the time, the R.Brown we had before the injury in 07. I also agree with your assesment about Dillon being a one cut runner, I was reffering though to his ability in the open field. I can remember a boat load of runs were I saw him take D.B.`s out of there cleats on his way to a 70 yard TD run back in his Cincy days. The Dillon who played in N.E. was slower and more of a possesion type.

Everything I`ve seen about Thomas is encouraging believe me 5 minutes after the pick I was on-line downloading the color of his socks and the kid`s a baller you don`t run for 1,585 yards and score 19 TD`s in the Big 12 or SEC. The argument that he can`t play because he`s to weak or slow that somebody put up earlier is rediculous, I agree. I just see more of the Brown we drafted than anything else and there is nothing wrong with that. I think people just wanted to see Taiwan or Locke in a dolphin uniform and to them I say don`t forget proven commodities like Darren Sproles or Ahmad Bradshaw once FA gets going.

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