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Draft Day No. 3 live blog starts here at noon

When the draft resumes this afternoon, I'm hoping the Dolphins land a certain RB that I've had my eyes on for a while whose name I will not type here because, believe it or not, I've recently learned at least one rival AFC team reads this blog for updates on what the Dolphins are thinking -- obviously not recognizing that I don't know squat about squat.

Joke's on them!

Nonetheless, I won't mention this RBs name at this point, not that it's a big secret.

Lookit, the Dolphins need speed today. It is lacking for them on offense. It is lacking on defense, although not to the same degree. It is definitely lacking on special teams.

Speed, speed, speed, speed, speed, speed!

When Bill Parcells first started constructing this team it started looking like a mirror image of the 1990 New York Giants for a while there. The Dolphins were big, hulking, and bulking. This team looks very imposing in the airport.

But the game has changed since 1990 and is played on the field not in an airport. So the plodding Fins have some adjusting to do.

They need speed to be more dynamic. They need speed to make sure those kickoff returns and punt returns stop going 90 yards in the other direction. They need speed to do something that we haven't seen around here a lot lately: Blow somebody up with a 90-yard punt return of their own, or hit them on a 74-yard run, or throw a 68-yard bomb over the top of their defense, or return an interception 101 yards.

So my hope is today is about turning the Incredible Hulk into Flash. Or something like that.

The hope for today is a:

Change of pace fast RB.

A return man. Must be ... fast.

(Hopefully the Dolphins can get two for one by having the fast RB also be a fast return guy.)

OLB help to punish Tom Brady and Slim Shady now that they're boys in New England.

Maybe a  NT. He's the only one that doesn't need to be fast. Don't sleep on the NT, by the way.

[NOTE: Live blog happening right here at noon. Yesterday was the biggest day on this blog in all of 2011. Enormous! Thank you. And thanks to that team for checking in. I don't know anything.]


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Chelsea Win! Still alive. Go Gunners tomorrow!!

Marc the missed alot of crybaby biching and a debate over some guys inch :)

Round five, still no TE, 3rd down speed back or OLB

Most pointless and inane exercise in the world?

Assigning "grades" to a draft before any of these guys have played a single down of pro football.

It's ridiculous, but people can't help themselvesI guess.


CORRECTION! 12 WR's picked b4 him he was the 13th wr chosen

Jernigan, Pettis, and Vincent Brown all had lower scores than Gates and went in the 3rd rd. LOL..........

Thanks DD, the voice of reason!!!

If this front office puts all of their eggs in Henne's basket, they will not be hear to make a pick next year.

We should definitely pick a FA QB or two but who says that we will be in position to get a good QB next year? We have to risk being great and this FO can't do that, they have no stones and they will be gone at years end.

Arsenal sucks, chelsea sucks MAN UTD All the way!

10th according to nfl.com


I have Green, Jones, Baldwin in round 1.

Young, Smith, Little and Cobb in round 2.

Pettis, Hankerson, Brown,in round 3.

Durham and then Gates.

Am I missing anyone? He's the 12th WR.


NFL.com didn't list them in draft order but by grade..

my fault


Get excited

no ur looking at rank mathew look at rounds

whats our next pick Armando? your best guess please


Thank you and keep up the great work!

I think the Phins are being very smart and methodical. Love the picks. They have a strategy and a plan for the team needs and the execution has been outstanding! Some picks may not be flashy and sexy but very strategical picks.

Go Phins... good job Armando...

Love the Gates pick!!!

You are missing jerrigan.

Yeah Footie smack!!! Go Reds...The midget gooners are going down like a russian submarine. Watch Fergie play the B squad tommorow!

armando Tandon Doss

Barrett Wallace , I hear ya but so long as we dont over reach in FA we can always trade to get a good QB next year if needed. I think we pick one up in FA and Henne does better with new OL, OC , and offensive weapons

Jerrel Jernigan Troy University 3rd round

jernigan to the gints
and pettis

Armando, assuming FA reappears in some form before much longer what do you think would pry Carson Palmer from Cincy?

A 2nd and a starting caliber player? Combination of picks?

I'm sure they'll start the bidding at a 1st-rounder, doubt they would get that from Miami or anyone else considering his age. Thoughts?

deon off the board



I say trade Thigpen,Crowder,and maybe a 3rd Round pick for Palmer

Jernigan indeed.

You guys are better editors than those at ... well, nevermind.


So maybe Dolphins got some value for Gates.

Is the QB from Idaho gone?

Defense 6th rd picks

Ross Homan OLB OSU
Tyler Sash SS Iowa
Ugo Chinasa OLB Oklahoma St
Ian Williams NT Notre Dame
Johnny Patrick DB Louisville
Cedric Thornton NT Southern Arkansas
Lawrence Wilson ILB UCONN

Offense 6th rd picks

Charles Clay HB Tulsa
Virgil Green TE Nevada
Tyrod Taylor QB VT
Derrick Locke RB Kentucky
Stephen Schilling OG Michigan
DeMarcus Love OL Arkansas

Virgil Green still there and he has tons of speed for TE

Did we get Thomas and Gates?

Alright I'm leaving work and going to get my son , Everyone have a great weekend

Any chance we trade into the til end of the 5th round? Looks like it would only cost us a seventh (and our sixth of course).

Odin, yes

Charley Casserly seems convinced Carson Palmer will not be traded.

Enderle is still there (Iowa)

I think value is relative also. Miami desperately needed a stretch receiver...and Gates may be the best suited prospect. So perhaps his value is even greater that #9 to the Dolphins,

Wow..Casserly is lighting up Ocho Cico right now. Says no way Palmer gets traded....Then back peddled and said perhaps for a first rounder. If that was the case..I would vote no. Obviously this isn't the gosphel. But from a voice of an ex-GM

Yates has gone to Houston

By score Gates was a top 10 rated wr in this draft. I think getting him in the 4th is tremendous value when considering is seriously outstanding speed.

Maybe he reminds us of Mark Duper?

Marvin Lewis said on ESPN yesterday that Carson Palmer will retire.


Any thoughts on Devlin (QB from Deleware)?

If Tyrod Taylor is still available at 179, I hope they take him.

if the value is there the patriots will take Vgreen even though they dont need him

Figured Dalton going there might get the ball rolling as Palmer seems VERY intent on sticking to his guns.

Hard to believe the Bengals wuld risk him "retiring" for a year and winding up with nothing but I guess wth a dysfunctional gang like that anything is possible.

...or Virgil Green

I see two players that could add new dimensions to the Wildcat. The question is which need do they fill first. TE or QB?

(1) Charles Clay(6'3")- H-Back / FB / TE

(2) Tyrod Taylor (6'1") - QB, broke all of Michael Vick records at Virginia Tech, Wildcat triggerman

Oakland and Detroit tore it up-WTF!

Is Mario Fanin still on the board?

We still need TE Julius Thomas from Portland State.

Hey Armando,

Any idea what the backstory is on E. Gates' getting kicked off a JUCO team?

Armando..You wrote a piece last week about undrafted rookie free agents. Of course current climate will not allow these signings until further notice. But do you have a beat on some guys that the Phins may have on the radar? Or is this info kept under lock and key?

Palmers stays, Ocho Cinco goes. Watch and see. T.O. Ocho combo enough to make any qb want to go into retirement! In comes AJ Green and Palmer has change of heart. LOL......


Cage the Wildcat because, if you don't, the NFL will shoot it because it is DEAD!

Home, this is Jeff Ireland's quote about Thomas yesterday:

"He is kind of a one-cut runner, but very physical. He punishes defenders when he gets his pads down. He has only played running back for two years; He is a former quarterback."

Posted by: Armando Salguero | April 30, 2011 at 02:24 PM

Not sure where Ireland got that one- cut runner thing from, perhaps he is "capable" of being a one cut runner
If u watch/read any of the scouting reports highlights or any of the you tube footage on Thomas, U can clearly see Thomas is def more of a patient runner
Thomas waits for his holes to open and almost mirrors Ronnie Browns patient, wait for the blocking to develop style and then does his "dancing"
This is clearly evident in all the highlight clips of RB Thomas
Yes he was a QB
a QB in junior college
Thomas plays well in the Wildcat and does display a good arm
One play Thomas drops in a beautiful arc throw for a 67 YD TD Pass

Do not see Thomas as a Brandon Jacobs or Marion Barber one cut & burst running style at all

See a mirror image of Ronnie Brown in Thomas's running style

This is precisely why Home does his own "Homework"

So far if these picks are coached up by the Dolphins and r NFL ready by Sept. 12th (R U listening this year tony? Try having the team actually ready on opening day this year. wink,wink) then Jeff Ireland and the Dolphins have made excellent choices and filled obvious needs in the 2011 draft

Go Phins!

Like the Gates pick. Who's gonna get the ball to him though? Palmer's (heard the same thing Mando) either gonna play for the Bungals or sit at home.

Probably gonna need two (2) QBs and time is short.

I wouldn't do it for a first-rounder, either, although I do think Palmer would be a definitive upgrade for Miami.

Lower pick, maybe in combo with a player (we have a stable of good D-linemen), I start to get intrigued.

I'm kind of curious why the Phins chose E. Gates over Ricardo Lockette.

Lockette is just as fast, is bigger, and taller.

You guys want the truth?

About 20 percent of players taken in the sixth round are on a roster for three years.

About 10 percent of players taken in the seventh round are on a roster for three years.

Nevermind, Gates was the 12th WR taken in this draft.

Posted by: Armando Salguero | April 30, 2011 at 02:41 PM

Wrong Armando,

Actually, Gates was the 10th WR taken off the board. As a matter of fact, the last receiver taken before him, was Leonard Hankerson, who ironically was the 79th pick, the one we traded to the Redskins.

Jodan Todman would be a nice pic, the kid could fly. nice third down/change of pace back

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