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Draft Day No. 3 live blog starts here at noon

When the draft resumes this afternoon, I'm hoping the Dolphins land a certain RB that I've had my eyes on for a while whose name I will not type here because, believe it or not, I've recently learned at least one rival AFC team reads this blog for updates on what the Dolphins are thinking -- obviously not recognizing that I don't know squat about squat.

Joke's on them!

Nonetheless, I won't mention this RBs name at this point, not that it's a big secret.

Lookit, the Dolphins need speed today. It is lacking for them on offense. It is lacking on defense, although not to the same degree. It is definitely lacking on special teams.

Speed, speed, speed, speed, speed, speed!

When Bill Parcells first started constructing this team it started looking like a mirror image of the 1990 New York Giants for a while there. The Dolphins were big, hulking, and bulking. This team looks very imposing in the airport.

But the game has changed since 1990 and is played on the field not in an airport. So the plodding Fins have some adjusting to do.

They need speed to be more dynamic. They need speed to make sure those kickoff returns and punt returns stop going 90 yards in the other direction. They need speed to do something that we haven't seen around here a lot lately: Blow somebody up with a 90-yard punt return of their own, or hit them on a 74-yard run, or throw a 68-yard bomb over the top of their defense, or return an interception 101 yards.

So my hope is today is about turning the Incredible Hulk into Flash. Or something like that.

The hope for today is a:

Change of pace fast RB.

A return man. Must be ... fast.

(Hopefully the Dolphins can get two for one by having the fast RB also be a fast return guy.)

OLB help to punish Tom Brady and Slim Shady now that they're boys in New England.

Maybe a  NT. He's the only one that doesn't need to be fast. Don't sleep on the NT, by the way.

[NOTE: Live blog happening right here at noon. Yesterday was the biggest day on this blog in all of 2011. Enormous! Thank you. And thanks to that team for checking in. I don't know anything.]


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The last time Frank Kearse says he spoke with the Dolphins was four months ago when someone from the team called to ask his social security number.

just getting in and love the Gates pick, speedy receiver who can stretch the field, if only we had a QB who can get him the ball!!!!!!!

This isn't a bad spot to get a backup for Soliai

Someone that can develope

Dolphins are on the clock again.

The Phins probably took Kearse with their first 7th round pick because the Steelers worked him out individually.

miami has a history to brett belima - of course that was a few decades ago but we have a history too

Hopefully this will be Ireland's very last pick with the dolphins.
Unless Thomas and Pouncey dominate this draft has been embarassing.
Notice how nobody ever talks about the Dolphins on draft day, its because our picks suck.

Can they please take a QB now??

So we were big on the guys from small schools this year huh? Ireland must think he can find the next Jerry Rice in Gates and the next Charles Hailey (sic)

waste of a pick wwoooww
remember ERIC KUMEROW!!!!

last pick Jeff make it a blockbuster

I'd challenge anyone on this board to research how many 7th round picks are currently contributing in some meaningful capacity for the team that drafted him. Defining "meaningful" may be difficult, but it definitely isn't practice squad or training camp fodder. I'd love to do the assignment, but I know the results will be somewhere less than 10%, so why bother.

Looks like a lot of people believe taking a "name" player (whatever that means) after round 6 is crucial to a successful draft.

BIG MONDO - youre on the clock - for the 4th time - what positions in free agency besides qb damnit

4.37 speed please

Amen to that FinsBaby. I hope it's the last pick he ever makes as well.

Charles Youdontknowme, ST, goes with our last pick, out of North Dakota State Community College

who did we pick?

Jimmy Wilson, Montana DE is the Dolphins final pick.

J Wilson Montana, cb

James Wilson?

Jimmy Wilson!

and the dolphins take - channing chowder again - hes that awesome - we go ahead and redraft him again

John Walley, LT

on nfl.com it says jimmy wilson is a centre

A (zero technique) would mean a nose tackle aligned nose-to-nose with a center.
(1 technique) the defensive lineman is line up in the middle of the A gap.
(2 technique) defensive lineman is nose-to-nose with the offensive guard.
(3 technique) defensive lineman is line up in the middle of the B gap or outside shade of the guard. He is responsible for maintaining outside leverage and not letting himself get hook or reached blocked by the offense.
(4 technique) defensive lineman is line up nose-to-nose with the offensive tackle.
(5 technique) meant that the defensive lineman had his nose on the outside shoulder of the offensive tackle.
(6 technique) was nose-to-nose with the offensive tight end.
(7 technique) meant the defensive lineman had his nose on the inside shoulder of the offensive tight end.
(8 technique) meant that the defensive lineman was aligned on air outside the outside shoulder of the offensive tight end.
(9 technique) meant that the defensive lineman has his nose on the outside shoulder of the offensive tight end.

I had to look that sh*t up. Tells you what I know about playing D-line.

What's the word on Wilson?

He is a CB not DE right?

OOPS...dont know him either

James WIlson, Montana...i wasnt far off!! Cant even find him..!!!!!!!!OMGGGGGGGGGGGG!

C'mon another DB?? They have one QB on the roster and they pick another DB?? Devlin!!

This guys was charged with murder. If you don't believe me, here:

Its not how you start the draft, its how you finish that matters. Words all the geniuses on this board apparently live by.

Jimmy a SHOCKER!!! they could have signed him as a free agent!!!

another 7th round gone, another GM throwing darts at names blind folded;

BIG MONDO - we gonna get some action tonight or what - im large and in charge and lookin for some chickies

Is this the example you are setting here Jeff? Unbelievable. Really.

No need to pick a QB this draft

We drafted him cause otherwise it would have been an all offensive draft.

Next year, I will only draft special teams players!!

Fins Up!

Armando, please tell me I'm wrong and that this isn't the guy who was charged with murder below:


Is this possible?

Ok just who in the hell is Jimmy Wilson. Sounds like a bad alias you use in a trashy bar. Uh hi I'm Jimmy Wilson!

If there was one scat back available in the 6th or 7th round that was better than Korey Sheets (injured or not) please let me know.

Last year??? I can't even remember the 7th rounders we picked this year!!

charged with murder, I'm glad we're getting rid of the hoodlums

If we where to waste the last two pick i'd have picked devlin since we need firepower on Offense

Well, now I know what they mean when they say they are going to turn over every stone looking for a QB. They mean EVERY stone before choosing someone.

Good like finding a starting QB under a stone.

per walterfootball.com

James Wilson is a talented corner, but spent two years in prison because of a murder charge. He eventually was acquitted, so maybe someone will give him a chance as a UDFA.

Jimmy Wilson is a DB, not a DE. Sorry.

BIG MONDO - are you off on the side gettin some - we havent heard from you lately

University of Montana Cornerback Charged With Murder

Should fit right in with the rest of our players!


i wanted to draft ted ginn's family again


Wilson: "I'm a real competitive guy, real physical. At the next level, my physical abilities will shine through."


Wilson: Dont mess with me or I will kill you!


Armando, why don't you answer? This guy has been charged with murder son. Bring him on. We make the U look like Sainthood.

What do you guys want to know!!!

he should fit in great in the miami area - ive seen enough episodes of the first 48 on tv.

Wilson was charged with murder at one point. Obviously got off.

He said it definitely came up during pre-draft process but doesn't want to discuss it.

I think the point of this blog is for people who have never seen any of these guys play to offer expert opinions based on 3-5 sentences they read on a guy 5 minutes ago on how the Dolphins are drafting and presume they know more than people in the organization who actually have seen them play.

And can someone explain to me how you "waste" a 7th round pick? Is that like if you pick someone who's dead? Pretty sure that most teams know that its highly unlikely that their 7th round picks aren't going to make the active roster anyway. Anything at all you get out of these guys is gravy, so can we turn it down a notch?

Let me guess, Wilson is 24?

LOL. We only draft players 24 years or older?!

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