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Draft Day No. 3 live blog starts here at noon

When the draft resumes this afternoon, I'm hoping the Dolphins land a certain RB that I've had my eyes on for a while whose name I will not type here because, believe it or not, I've recently learned at least one rival AFC team reads this blog for updates on what the Dolphins are thinking -- obviously not recognizing that I don't know squat about squat.

Joke's on them!

Nonetheless, I won't mention this RBs name at this point, not that it's a big secret.

Lookit, the Dolphins need speed today. It is lacking for them on offense. It is lacking on defense, although not to the same degree. It is definitely lacking on special teams.

Speed, speed, speed, speed, speed, speed!

When Bill Parcells first started constructing this team it started looking like a mirror image of the 1990 New York Giants for a while there. The Dolphins were big, hulking, and bulking. This team looks very imposing in the airport.

But the game has changed since 1990 and is played on the field not in an airport. So the plodding Fins have some adjusting to do.

They need speed to be more dynamic. They need speed to make sure those kickoff returns and punt returns stop going 90 yards in the other direction. They need speed to do something that we haven't seen around here a lot lately: Blow somebody up with a 90-yard punt return of their own, or hit them on a 74-yard run, or throw a 68-yard bomb over the top of their defense, or return an interception 101 yards.

So my hope is today is about turning the Incredible Hulk into Flash. Or something like that.

The hope for today is a:

Change of pace fast RB.

A return man. Must be ... fast.

(Hopefully the Dolphins can get two for one by having the fast RB also be a fast return guy.)

OLB help to punish Tom Brady and Slim Shady now that they're boys in New England.

Maybe a  NT. He's the only one that doesn't need to be fast. Don't sleep on the NT, by the way.

[NOTE: Live blog happening right here at noon. Yesterday was the biggest day on this blog in all of 2011. Enormous! Thank you. And thanks to that team for checking in. I don't know anything.]


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Are we happy with Edmund Gates?

yeah I like this pick too

Yesssss some speed. Finally a dolphins receiver who can beat my grandmother down the field.

gee, even mike mayock likes our picks.

7th rd Adam Froman QB Louisville
7th rd T.J. Yates QB UNC

Mayock is talking up D. Thomas big time saying if R. Brown and R. Williams are back watch out this kid is going to take your job.

Well a speed at last I expect Stanzi or Jones, but this is ok for me.

Gates is a former basketball player.

Yeah baby. Edmund Gates! Top of my list for the 4th.

Gates - I like the pick!

Lets see how many were on their butt periods last night feel fresh as a daisy now!!!

People like this pick - oh oh now we're in trouble!


Finally some speed!! Hopefully he can be a legit WR and not just a track player.

If they want Tyrod, he'll prob be there 2 rounds from now

I still want Taiwan Jones

Edmund Gates was the pick?


Gates is the highest graded player of the 4th round according to ESPN

Real Speed by ED.GATES..NOT 4.5 SPEED of undrafted Marlon Moore!

Armado-Stanzi + running back--fast-Matthews?
Please give your thoughts-I feel happy with Gates-are you?

Good pick!! Trade the last of our picks to get Viril Green or DJ Williams and I'm a happy camper.

Both Edmund and Antonio.

Happy with the Gates pick but he is already one of the oldest players on our offense (25 yrs old)

Great pick!!! I love this draft so far, and all of you second guessing you are ignorants. our offense will be very good next year. Henne all wishes are becoming true!!!

great pick,but will sparano play him or make excuses like he did wit patrick turner......just let him play n get him the damm football......go phins

Speed baby
hopefully he's not another Ted ginn

Marlon Moore was undrafted and contributes on ST and had a beast of a play last year and lit up the pre season. Im a huge Moore fan, I hope he improves enough to get some PT.

The best pick yet. Finally some speed. Too bad Green and Williams will be gone by the time we pick again.

Good call BOONEDOG. You had this one pegged yesterday

gates is short. henne throwing down to short receiver = more batted passes. oh but he is fast...can run routes. he is ted ginn #2

meant to say 'can't' run routes


Good speed pick, but you guys do understand that one fast receiver taken in the fourth does not mean the team has speed now, right?

The team needed speed and excitment from the beginning and they did not deliver.

Ireland should still be fired.

GATES ' FACTS;;;;;;;;


We now need a TE that can spread the field, and another RB that also has speed.

I know we could sign some players after the draft, but with the lockout is going to be awhile before we can grab somebody else

what round do we draft again ?

The problem right now is getting stupid Henne to deliver the ball with accuracy to Gates, and not overshoot him by 5 yards!

gates was faster than julio jones and almost matched his broad jump wow!

pouncey - ireland doesn't know if he is a guard or center or tackle or shoe salesman

thomas - ronnie brown 2

gates - ted ginn jr 2

Alright, speed was picked in Gates. Doesn't seem to have much else besides that, but that's why he's late rounds, and not top. So, yeah I'm down with this. Ok, I'm regaining a little hope here. Maybe a good WR coach can turn him into someone special. - You can't teach speed, so worth the pick.


Gates just told me the SLOWEST time he ever ran in the 40 was at the Combine, which was 4.5 to 4.37

gates is a 1/4 inch under 6 foot, what are you smoking. hes 5'11" 3/4 192lbs and 4.35

Gates: "I ain't ever lost a race to anybody."


He is not that short he is listes at 6 ft tall. not bad for a speedy receiver.

Didn't parcels say on his show the other night that Gates was his best small school prospect ?

Still a work in progress as a route-runner. Learning to sink his hips and explode out of his cuts, as he has to gather himself too much. Struggles a bit against press coverage. Has to use his hands better to gain a quick release. Lets too many passes into his pads, resulting in some ugly drops. Doesn't consistently show the vision and elusiveness in the open field to truly capitalize on his pure speed. Needs an open lane as a returner to break off a big gain.

Mike Wallace scouting report 2009...

Gates is going to contribute immediately as a return man.

The Dolphins scout who worked him out mostly had him catching punts, Gates said.

home you are a read d-head for posting that tornado stuff alongside a draft comment. catch a clue you moron. You go to the jeff ireland sensitivity school?

Gates vs C. Johnson in the 100 I see it coming on paperview if the lockout last loger than another 2 weeks

***************Mando - you know I wanna hear your feeling on the pick..

I gotta say - Overall happy with this draft so far.

I think we could have gone a lot of different ways and this is solid so far.

Still would like to see us get that Speed TE we need or Speed RB now.

We kinda poke fun at Ginn (and his family), but even though he wasnt a very good football player, per se, theres no doubt Miami missed his speed. Even if it was only as a decoy most of the time. As below average as he was, he singlehandedly won a couple games for Miami with his straight away speed/return ability.

Lets hope Gates brings that AND can also run a route and not fall down when someone gets within 5 yards of him

imagine now if miami decides to re-sign ronnie and ricky. what do you think of the backfield? would it look good or no?

Gates is a great pickup but in all honesty I'd rather have Greg Salas for his hands and toughness... He was taken with the next pick.
Although he's fast and supposedly better the John KNox so we will see... After Salas I think he's a perfect choice but that's just my opinion

Im loving the pick more and more, you gotta love the confidence this kid has.

"In 2010, Mike Wallace had a standout second season with the Steelers, establishing himself as one of the NFL's elite wideouts with 1,257 yards receiving (third most in the AFC) and 10 touchdowns. Wallace led the NFL with seven 100-yard receiving games."

Just saying...

A Mike Wallace or Johnny Knox type guy doesn't bother me one bit. What's next, TE, OLB, change of pace RB or value pick?

Scout: where are you getting your info? Cause its wrong. Kiper just got done talking about how Gates was short in High School, he's now over 6 foot

He also just mentioned what an improved route runner he is

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