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Draft Day No. 3 live blog starts here at noon

When the draft resumes this afternoon, I'm hoping the Dolphins land a certain RB that I've had my eyes on for a while whose name I will not type here because, believe it or not, I've recently learned at least one rival AFC team reads this blog for updates on what the Dolphins are thinking -- obviously not recognizing that I don't know squat about squat.

Joke's on them!

Nonetheless, I won't mention this RBs name at this point, not that it's a big secret.

Lookit, the Dolphins need speed today. It is lacking for them on offense. It is lacking on defense, although not to the same degree. It is definitely lacking on special teams.

Speed, speed, speed, speed, speed, speed!

When Bill Parcells first started constructing this team it started looking like a mirror image of the 1990 New York Giants for a while there. The Dolphins were big, hulking, and bulking. This team looks very imposing in the airport.

But the game has changed since 1990 and is played on the field not in an airport. So the plodding Fins have some adjusting to do.

They need speed to be more dynamic. They need speed to make sure those kickoff returns and punt returns stop going 90 yards in the other direction. They need speed to do something that we haven't seen around here a lot lately: Blow somebody up with a 90-yard punt return of their own, or hit them on a 74-yard run, or throw a 68-yard bomb over the top of their defense, or return an interception 101 yards.

So my hope is today is about turning the Incredible Hulk into Flash. Or something like that.

The hope for today is a:

Change of pace fast RB.

A return man. Must be ... fast.

(Hopefully the Dolphins can get two for one by having the fast RB also be a fast return guy.)

OLB help to punish Tom Brady and Slim Shady now that they're boys in New England.

Maybe a  NT. He's the only one that doesn't need to be fast. Don't sleep on the NT, by the way.

[NOTE: Live blog happening right here at noon. Yesterday was the biggest day on this blog in all of 2011. Enormous! Thank you. And thanks to that team for checking in. I don't know anything.]


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Scout, Sanchez has support! Support from coaches, team, etc.. Did you ever read that article by Pope (I think) showing how he's statistically better than Sanchez in everything but wins? And look at supporting cast

DB we had 3 7ths total. Now we still have 2

By the way, I love DJ Williams anyway. I think sometimes you have to look at what a guy does on the field.

There I can think of a 2-3 of reasons why a woman would stab their husband

1. He was cheating
2. In self defense
3. She has mental issues.

Also, Marino said he can make all the throws

Armando didnt d. Williams run a 4.59 at 250 lbs

thats pretty damn fast

then so many here say bring in competition to motivate henne. is that what a true champion is about? if you need someone to challenge you in order to step up your game, you aint the guy, you need to challenge your self. getting benched should have challenged him.

i'd like to invite garbage plate in finatic to my home to bake cookies for henne and let him know we support him. maybe that will wake him up out of his stupor.

Edmond Gates is 5-11 and 197 pounds.

Thanks finatic 13, I thought we only had 2!

Sterling Sharpe said, "Edumum Gates gumma be a umbaleebable receber!"

I doubt the Dolphins would be this creative BUT, since Gates is already 25 and a raw route runner, why not use him as a RB?

He could get 10-15 touches a game at running back and come out of the backfield and split wide.

Get the ball into the hands of your playmakers, right?

Don't want to tire him out (since he will also be our pr/kr as well as a gunner for the 8 punts/game we will probably average) but what have we got to lose!

Thank you too Beerphins!

Boulder, there's a 4th reason:
4. All of the above!

lol Armando give him the extra 3/4" froma mans point of view thats a bigh difference anyway you look at it ha

DB - We started with three 7th round picks.

ricky Stanzi to KC???

scout getting benched did challenge him. He had his best game after that. then he got injured which I think did effect him until the end.
Henne needs to become more of a leader and show a little more emotion. He needs hate losing.

Nobody gets stabbed in the gut by his wife and defneds her for no reason . When you have a history of Domestic Violence and you and your wife are both nutjobs then you got to roll with the punches. Is Marshall a victim per say in terms of he got hurt . Yes . Is he innocent in general . No . He is an idiot who needs to play better and behave

garbage and finatic

see armando salguero @ 1:53pm

he and i were right, you two are busy hugging each other.


I like the Gates pick in round 4 more than I like the 2nd round pick, which seemed way too costly.

Do you agree?


Al Davis gets Taiwan Jones, who would have thunk it! The huge surprise is he didnt do it in rd 2! LOL..............

finatic13: you're absolutely right @ 1:48

The average QB takes a few years to grasp everything and have it slow down for them. If you look at the numbers, the average successful QB has it "click" for them at around the 35-40 game mark. Guys like Marino who light it up right away are rare

we had 3 7 rounders

Home, you are free to ignore that this latest issue with Marshall was the ninth domestic violence issue since 2004.

You can ignore that he lied to the cops.

You can ignore that his wife confessed (told the truth) but also claimed she was just defending herself.

Ignore all that if you want. Believe Marshall was just an innocent victim. Meanwhile, I have land in the Everglades I'd like to sell you. Leave me your phone number and I'll have my realtor contact you.

Thank you too Jimmy Jam.

Perhaps u baking cookies will help

5'11" is short, what do you think a tall reciever is, your average WR is 5'10 - 6' dummy

Guys Darrell Green was almost 24 when he started playing for the Redskins...and he stuck around for 19 years.

Patrick, I like both picks. I believe you'll see both contributing this year -- Thomas on offense and Gates on special teams.

But I think you'll get more dynamic plays from Gates.

We need to go after either DJ Williams or Jacquizz rogers in the 6th, whoever is available. I doubt that they both will be.


Well said, Richard.

boulder, there are always reasons for failure. as you said, henne responded for one game only. not good enough. if he hasn't become a leader by now, then when??? people just don't change that quickly, if ever.

just googled it, the average height of an NFL WR is 6'

6th rd Ross Homan OLB/ILB OSU 4.66 -40 w/ 32 reps
could be next Laurinitis. way Better than Spitler

7th rd Lee Smith TE Marshall 6'6 great blocker
hard to tackle

7th rd Adam Froman QB Louisville 4.55 40 time has very little experience but had one tremendous performance

you called it DB the taiwan pick lol

just not in the 4th but you called it

Edmond Gates is 5-11 and 197 pounds.

Posted by: Armando Salguero | April 30, 2011 at 01:53 PM

will garbage and finatic admit they were wrong or continue their folly in fantasy land?

Thanks Armando , Love your Blog by the way . May not agree with alot of the crying here but very interesting and fun ( especially when at work and not supposed to do this lol )

NFL.com scouting had him at 6' ESPN has him slightly over 6'

Stil need a qb

I still believe Tiger's wife was coming to his rescue and trying to free him from the Escalade with a 6-iron.

Are you trying to say something, Armando?

bogota....very funny! I like it!

BMARSH needs to get a WhiteGirl..Sistas Don't Play!

Bottom line Scout9; He's not "short" as you originally stated.

I'd love to see us trade into the 5th and grab a speedy RB

Thanks for the response, Armando.

Now if we could only get Carson Palmer....

wow , like Armando is always right....even he probly thinks your nuts right now. Go to NFL.com, then go to the combine link. Thats where you will find his stats from the combine. 5'11 3/4" thats a 1/4 inch from 6' and 3/4 from 5'11" so he is 6' for all reasonable people in the world


I want in on the Everglades land deal. My offer is 1/10 of a cent per thousand acres. Deal?

"There I can think of a 2-3 of reasons why a woman would stab their husband: 1. He was cheating"

Oh, that sounds like reason enough to STAB somebody. When does cheating make attempted murder or murder justifiable? Wow.

Bogota - that some funny stuff. Sterling Sharpe. Thanks for the laugh.

Armando - if they are only intending to use Gates on ST, who do you think they'll target for a speed WR to open things up for other offensive players (including, perhaps especially, BM)? They surely cannot go with Hartlkine as their speed guy again? I mean he's pretty fast but he's not going to break much. And if he does, he'll probably trip over himself.

I doubt the Dolphins would be this creative BUT, since Gates is already 25 and a raw route runner, why not use him as a RB?

He could get 10-15 touches a game at running back and come out of the backfield and split wide.

Get the ball into the hands of your playmakers, right?

Don't want to tire him out (since he will also be our pr/kr as well as a gunner for the 8 punts/game we will probably average) but what have we got to lose!

What do you guys think? Good idea or out of my mind? (although BOTH may be true!)

we can all do without the crying richard lol

Regarding the Chad Henne conundrum, its apparent that he will be given a chance to start again in 2011.

I predict by midseason, most of us will be in agreement as to whether to stay with him or move on. Right now everythings been said, its only a futile debate. Let it play out.

Does it really matter how talll the guy is , especially when your arguing an inch . You would think your measuring him up for the bedroom then maybe an inch would matter to you lol. Lets just hope he plays well

Since it's obvious they will address QB in free agency which makes most sense: McNabb, Palmer, Young, Hasselback, Kolb?

Remember the name Wesley Saunders from South Carolina. He's an unbelievably athletic TE, who has some character issues.

Maybe they give him a look in the 7th

He is, at the very least, an average height for an NFL WR. If Armando is right, he's 5'11. If NFL.com is right, he's 6'. Either way, he's not "short". Again you are proven wrong, as you have been all day

Chiefs get Rickt Stanzi. Scott Pioli very smart man! LOL.........

agree with you 100% on Henne 0x80

Bottom Line:

It's ONE inch!

Enough already!

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