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Draft Day No. 3 live blog starts here at noon

When the draft resumes this afternoon, I'm hoping the Dolphins land a certain RB that I've had my eyes on for a while whose name I will not type here because, believe it or not, I've recently learned at least one rival AFC team reads this blog for updates on what the Dolphins are thinking -- obviously not recognizing that I don't know squat about squat.

Joke's on them!

Nonetheless, I won't mention this RBs name at this point, not that it's a big secret.

Lookit, the Dolphins need speed today. It is lacking for them on offense. It is lacking on defense, although not to the same degree. It is definitely lacking on special teams.

Speed, speed, speed, speed, speed, speed!

When Bill Parcells first started constructing this team it started looking like a mirror image of the 1990 New York Giants for a while there. The Dolphins were big, hulking, and bulking. This team looks very imposing in the airport.

But the game has changed since 1990 and is played on the field not in an airport. So the plodding Fins have some adjusting to do.

They need speed to be more dynamic. They need speed to make sure those kickoff returns and punt returns stop going 90 yards in the other direction. They need speed to do something that we haven't seen around here a lot lately: Blow somebody up with a 90-yard punt return of their own, or hit them on a 74-yard run, or throw a 68-yard bomb over the top of their defense, or return an interception 101 yards.

So my hope is today is about turning the Incredible Hulk into Flash. Or something like that.

The hope for today is a:

Change of pace fast RB.

A return man. Must be ... fast.

(Hopefully the Dolphins can get two for one by having the fast RB also be a fast return guy.)

OLB help to punish Tom Brady and Slim Shady now that they're boys in New England.

Maybe a  NT. He's the only one that doesn't need to be fast. Don't sleep on the NT, by the way.

[NOTE: Live blog happening right here at noon. Yesterday was the biggest day on this blog in all of 2011. Enormous! Thank you. And thanks to that team for checking in. I don't know anything.]


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Guess everybody thinks I am crazy because I got no feedback on my suggestion.

Oh well! Wouldn't be the first time! lol

Home, this is Jeff Ireland's quote about Thomas yesterday:

"He is kind of a one-cut runner, but very physical. He punishes defenders when he gets his pads down. He has only played running back for two years; He is a former quarterback."

whats height /weight, is he a blocker or a deep threat, hands, stuff like that. I don watch big east football bro.

Dying...I had an a+ emergency..Seriously if the guy who cleans the bar wouldn't have noticed. You would have read about a disaster in Cooke City in the news..Scary stuff. Enough about me..

I see Julius Thomas off the board as well. I think he is at best a pactice squad player for now. No big loss...

Release him?

He is a FA who was tagged by Carolina with a 'Restricted Free Agent" designation.

could be elmore in the 6th

Trivia Time! Name the movie...

A: How can you be so obtuse?
B: What? What did you call me?
A: Obtuse. Is it deliberate?

Think they will let him go for nothing?

Can I have some of whatever you are drinking?

jaquizz great pick by atlanta , wish we got him

Shawshank Redemption

This guy seems very slippery and he'd better be because they are going to try to hit him at the line. But with that kind of speed and separation , does it matter? Another immediate contributor.

Does Taiwan Jones' big sister, China, is pretty happy he got drafted to the Raiders.


Sorry to hear that, but glad youre hear buddy!

Cayman, can I wait until the draft is over before we grade? That ok?

Otherwise the grade now is Incomplete. Haha.

if he is restricted its cheap for the team to keep him. like 2-3 million for 1 year

Shawshank Redemption


Glad to hear that you are ok.... come on guys! is this draft more important than the well being of one of our posters? At least acknowledge your well wishes...

Very nice M. Stevens...quick!

lol, Darryl your fine stop steeling the attention. lol

Glad you're OK Darryl.

i think that was a good pick by atl with j.rodgers RB i think he is gonna be a steal and upset we couldnt land dj willams TE is defintley a positon that needs to be upgraded fasno not geting it done

One of my favorite movies!

(Didn't realize it was based on a Stephen King novel for YEARS afterward though)

same here homeslice!

Matthew Stevens yes Stephen King wrote it as short story in Different Seasons. Apt Pupil was his as well

Is John Nalbone still available?

Re-signing the 28-year-old Williams will be imperative to make that happen. The Panthers have decided not to use their franchise tag on the team’s all-time leading rusher. Adam Schefter of ESPN reported that today, and it doesn’t come as a surprise when considering Williams was slowed by injuries last season and the team has Stewart and Mike Goodson in place.

As was The Green Mile (and call me Matt, it's shorter)


Where do we go in the 6th in your opinion with whats left?

This Draft sure doesn't appear weak to me.

Fins will definitely target FA vet QB , not where FO wanted to be but only possible direction to go. With the work stoppage any rookie QB will be way behind the eight ball. They're not going to dump Henne at this point and with FA QB won't carry many on the roster.

Thanks fellas...
LOL @ finatic13 no doubt!!!

Isn't Gates a smaller version of Torrey Smith who went in the second round? Similar skill sets, limited route ability? This was very good pick for us in round 4.We got a guy that has basically the same attributes as a second rounder...Very pleased.

Come on Phins. Do something to get Virgil Green.


Didn't say 'Franchise Tag'....he has less than 6 years experience so he would be a RFA but anyways....

Given the current stable of draftees, I'm trying to determine what other combination the Dolphins could have come up with to satisfy the "masses."

Clamoring for one of the many mediocre quarterbacks to come in and ride the pine for a year or two would not have helped the team today. And this regime can't afford to wait They blew their time with Henne.

Begging for a scat back (Taiwan Jones, Kendall Hunter) makes little sense when there will likely be no workhorse type on the roster once the R&R express is disbanded.

Thus far, the interior o-line has been addressed with an immediate starter, a fresh, new, running back who can start, has been found, and a speeding PR/KR type, has been picked up.

Darryl, we've got plans at that bar of yours in Cooke City, Montana....take care of yourself! What's your take on our choices so far?

Dion lewis
Da'rell Scott
Jordan Toddman
Mario Fannin

Wesely saunders----Really want this guy 6"5 270, Big time recievn upside

lol ok matt. love green mile , got to love mr jingles lol

Darryl please do not say smaller lol, you missed like a 3 page argument on 1" earlier, go back and look if you want to know more. lol

Armando/All...I like Henne...believe he needs more time. But is Kolb worth a 2012 #1...are we close enough to pull that trigger?

Mario Harvey in the 6th?

Position: Inside Linebacker

School: Marshall

Height: 5’11

Weight: 249


When you think of a 250 pound football player, you don’t immediately think of the word “fast”. But Harvey has been clocked unofficially at 4.35 in the forty yard dash. Unfortunately he wasn’t invited to the NFL Combine to see if that’s true, and I doubt he’s that fast. But still, even if he runs a 4.50 or 4.55 at the least, that goes a long way. Harvey is a big hitter who moves well sideline to sideline and is a sure tackler. He can make plays in space, and he isn’t afraid to get into traffic and make a play on the ball carrier. He’s a head hunter and a reliable defensive leader who will find a home with one lucky team in the NFL. He posted eight double digit tackles in 2010, including 16.5 tackles for loss. He has great instincts and has a knack for finding the football.


Harvey’s lack of height will hurt as he’s just around 5’11. When you look at a prototypical middle linebacker, you want to see 6’2-6’4 and 250-260. Harvey plays a bit stiff in coverage and doesn’t have very good change of direction skills. His short term burst is adequate but not great, and his “4.35 forty yard dash” speed only goes so far when playing middle linebacker. He is not much of a blitzing linebacker as he makes most of his plays behind the line because of his great instincts. He isn’t the strongest player and sometimes struggles to get off of blocks.

Draft Range

I’m a bit higher on Harvey than most, but I think he could end up in the third round because of his speed and tackling ability. However, the fourth round is ideal for Harvey with the fifth round being his floor to be drafted. Teams like Houston, Cleveland, Arizona, Detroit, Miami, St. Louis, and Jacksonville will all take a hard look at Harvey in the middle rounds.

NFL Comparison: London Fletcher

Just talked to an NFL scout who tells me he had Gates as his ninth best WR in the draft.

Can someone do the work and tell me how many WRs actually went ahead of him? Wanna see if Fins got a bargain.

Ok Armando I'll take that. But maaan they WAY exceeded my expectations. Solid Center, 3 down RB and a speedy receiver. With the picks we had I would've been very happy with these 3 coming in to the draft. Ireland has impressed...

Now more than ever all we need is a veteran QB!

Mario Harvey seems like a great 6th rd pick up to me.

I show 12 picked before Gates...

17 WR went before him I believe Armando

armando 12 ahead of him

Nope mmy math is way off . Bogota your right

Wesley Saunders

ESPN is trying to keep people's interest but reality is that we're now at the point most of thesae kids won't make it.

Beautiful day out...I've had enough football for now!

gates was the 13th wr taken

No Dion Lewis, No Dj and they took the worlds slowest RB in round two. i could cry, if i didnt think they were intentionally messing with me...AGAIN.
If we dont take Virgil Green, Niles Paul and Weslye Saunders i may have to go swim with Dolphins. The real, inteligent ones not the ones Jeff Ireland is trying to finish me off with.

10th WR taken

Shawshank Redemption Bogota...

Just woke up after a long night of debauchery...What did I miss?

yea, im about to go eat some ice cream and chill out, its been good and Im glad to see the positive attitude in here today. Go fins!!! and great draft so far!!!

according to NFL.com:


I have 13 WR's going before gates.

Nevermind, Gates was the 12th WR taken in this draft.

i know this like not possible but just picture how good miami would be if we was to pick up d. willams nahmdi asomugha and get a vet qb sick team lol


Acording to the ratings score Dolphins pick Gates right where your scout told you he was rated. Gates score amongst wr's is 6.5 or 19th best in the draft. This is from nfl.com

Redsky..Your always welcome..Look forward to seeing you up here..That goes for anyone that may be in the Yellowstone area....

I am excited about how things have played out. People charged me with being a company guy-Ireland appologist last night(partialy true) But I like what we have done so far..We have found 3 contributors,and addressed needs we all have disscused all off season..The trade was a little scecthy. But I guess if you are a value points guy we came out ahead..It would be nice to have a 5th just so we can debate the choice. but solid moves..Building a team isn't always an over night process. Hopefully this strategy pays off

finatic13 I will certainly check it out!

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