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Still on the Carson Palmer bandwagon as the Fins best hope

Yes, I am still on the Carson Palmer trade bandwagon.

Laugh if you want. I've been there before. Folks mocked when I was all alone on the Ricky Williams trade bandwagon in 2000 -- except for Williams, who called me from New Orleans to express his interest in the idea, and Dave Wannstedt, who pulled me aside and asked what Williams had said before admitting he'd love to make it happen. It happened nine months later.

So, yes, Carson Palmer to the Dolphins? I continue saying it can definitely happen. I said it before. I'm repeating it now. Iit can happen. 'm for it. I will not allow it to die until it is, well, officially dead.

And it is not dead at this point.

The fact is, quite to the contrary. Every shred of evidence (and it is rare evidence, I grant you) coming from the Bengals is they might actually be inching toward the idea of trading Palmer. And every time I ask around with the Dolphins nobody says, "Dude, you're dreaming, move on."

Everybody in the Dolphins organization I've talked to about the idea so far has said things like, "Carson's pretty good," or, "I like Carson," or, "It's one of our what-ifs."

After I wrote the column on Palmer saying the Dolphins view him as a singular special options above guys like Kyle Orton or Vince Young, I told a high-ranking Dolphins personnel man about my column. He didn't say, "We're definitely going to do that." He did say, "He's a great kid. That would be something to think about for a long time. But he's not available right now."

So I'm not abandoning the idea until the idea deserves full abandonment. And that time has not come. Quite the opposite.

The latest twist on this possibility is an ESPN report stating the Bengals are among the teams that would be interested in Philadelphia's Kevin Kolb. Obviously, neither Kolb nor Palmer can be moved at the moment as the league is in lockout mode. But when that lifts, free agents will move, trades will be allowed. And everyone believes Kolb will become available via trade.

If the Bengals, who own the draft's No. 4 overall selection, get a QB, you should think they won't be involved in the Kolb sweepstakes. But if they don't get a QB there, Kolb will be a possibility for them. And if Kolb is on campus in Cincy, Palmer is no longer needed, thank you very little.

So the Bengals will have the choice of allowing Palmer to sit on his backside and get nothing for him. Or they will have the option of trading him.

The scenario becomes more complex if the Bengals pick a QB early because while it suggests Palmer is no longer in their plans long-term, it obviously doesn't close the door on him immediately the way Kolb's arrival would.

A little aside here: I have spoken to a league source whom the Bengals approached about QBs well before the story about Palmer wanting out of Cincinnati broke. The source told me in January that the Bengals were going to be looking at QBs as they prepared for life without Palmer. So at that point, they were readying for the possibility of moving on without Palmer.

Maybe they knew the storm that was coming -- that Palmer, sick and tired of being sick and tired in Cincinnati's often dysfunctional organization, wanted out and was vehement about it to the point of threatening retirement. Maybe way back then, the Bengals believed Palmer had played his final game for them.

I know, I know. Publicly, the Bengals' stance continues to be Palmer is their QB and he will play in Cincinnati or retire. Hey, doesn't that sound like the stance Bill Parcells took on Jason Taylor in 2008? Yeah, that was the stance the Dolphins had just before they traded Jason Taylor to Washington.

The point is, that is the public stance a team must take to keep hopes of getting value in return for a player. If the Bengals even hint they are moving on from Palmer, the price for him drops. And they do not want that because they would want the highest return possible for him.

I know some of you are reading this and telling yourselves, "The Dolphins shouldn't want Carson Palmer. He's not that good."

That is not an opinion without merit. But it is one without facts.

What if I told you Miami can add a QB that threw 26 TD passes last year in what was considered a bad year for him? That number of TD passes, by the way, represents 11 more TDs than Chad Henne threw and nine more than Miami threw as a team.

Yes, Palmer threw 20 interceptions. But Henne threw 19 interceptions and Miami threw a total of 21 altogether.

So plug those stats into Miami's 2011. Would the Dolphins have been better with 63 more points on the board and one fewer interception? Yeah, I would tell you they would have been. No doubt.

Are you aware Palmer completed 61.8 percent of his passes? Are you aware his QB rating was 90 or better in six games, including a 345-yard performance against the Patriots last year? Are you aware the guy was playing behind an offensive line that made Miami's seem like a Pro Bowl unit by comparison?

Are you aware Palmer won't be 32 years old until December? And Tom Brady, the QB everyone in the division hates to face, will be 34 years old during the same season?

Palmer would make the Dolphins a playoff contender, an actual true playoff contender, immediately. Maybe you hate that idea. Maybe you like the idea of picking Ryan Mallet or Andy Dalton, or Colin Kaepernick or Ricky Stanzi or Christian Ponder and hoping he becomes a good player by 2012 or 2013 or before the Rapture. Maybe the idea of being irrelevant for a couple of more years doesn't bother you.

Me? I know Palmer is good now. I think he'll be good for another five years or so, so the notion that adding him is only a temporary fix is bogus.

I like the fact there are little shreds of evidence that Cincinnati might warm to the idea of actually trading Palmer. 

And I'm not going to drop the idea of the Dolphins getting him until is it absolutely out of the question. That time has not yet arrived.


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Why do keep trying to pull other sensible posters into your douchebaggery? Outside of ALo-con-us, no other posters here brains suffer from chronic "jello freeze"! LOL............


I suppose by your "wife" you mean the blowup Wendy doll underneath your bed right? LOL..............

Guys, the reality is that NOBODY knows if Mallett is going to turn into a good NFL quarterback or not, including DB. He's not any smarter than the experts much as he'd like to indicate he is.

Mallett is nothing more than a roll of the dice. Understand DB, is a guy who only DAYS ago was all over picking Ingram at 15. He's off that now and all of a sudden Mallett is the answer. In reality guys, none of us know.


We also know that the only sound your wife, blowup Wendy makes, is the slightly whistling sound present when you're deflating her! LOL.............

CraigM, Or should I say jello gelatin freeze cranius supreme. Have you noticed how no one has responded to your posts supporting you outside of ALo-con-us, King of of the uncredibles? LOL.....................

Mallet vs Palmer

Mallet: We go into 2011 with Henne as our starter, Thiggy as the backup and our 1st round pick holding a clipboard for at least a year or two.

Palmer: We go into 2011 with Palmer starting, Henne as the back up. Our first round pick could also be a starter in Ingram, Carimi or even Cameron Jordan at ROLB.

As a long shot, that first rounder could be traded landing us two possible immediate starters.

Ultimately, in my opinion, the line up of Palmer and Henne beats Henne and Mallet 6 days a week and twice on Sunday. The additional starter(s)we get with our first round pick would just be more icing on the cake.

The "Kicker", in the later scenario, I would still try an get a guy like Stanzi with a late round pick. Maybe trade two of my three 7th rounders to move up in a later round.


Who does that after everything they say? Pretty strange behaviour!!

Be thankful that Jeff Ireland doesn't make his decisions based on emotion like someone else we know. Be thankful Jeff Irekand can make decisions like jello freeze. I'll take that over a flip flopper any day.

People actually name their blow up dolls?

OMG! I never thought of that!!!!


Problem is that Henne's a fa in 2012. Unless he's super incredible in 2011 this will be his final season as a Dolphin.

If he doesnt win the starting job(with Palmer brought in) he's not staying in Miami. Henne will leave to go to a team that will give him the best shot at being a starter.

Plus we've heard the exact same from Thigpen's agent this offseason. If neither Thigpen nor Henne feel they have legit chance of being a starter both could bolt by 2012.

That would make us stuck with only an aging and declining qb going into 2012 and grooming no one.


I have no problem with a guying naming his blowup doll if he chooses to. Its calling her his "wife" that gets really strange! LOL...........


It gets even more strage if a guys goes out and purchase a $10,000 wedding ring to place on her rubbery left finger! LOL..........

I've always been all for getting Palmer but at this point what will it cost? What if we don't get a second back? Are we really going to trade one or two more picks in the early rounds and rely on Palmer to offset that loss? As much as I like the idea we also can't get all crazy and over pay for a band aid. Also if you were the one that fired up the Ricky Williams train to Miami maybe we shouldn't go anywhere near Palmer. I mean you wanted Williams and he didn't get the Dolphins anywhere. To anyone who says "through no fault of his own" please remember the multiple times he quit on the team.


I don't see it as a problem.

If Henne isn't super incredible in 2011, his FA options will be SEVERELY limited. His best option may be staying put.

While we can't be sure EXACTLY who will be FA's in 2012 due to the unresolved CBA, we can be sure the FA QB's will be a better lot to choose from.

If Henne leaves, we can still upgrade with a better crop of FA QB's and a better 2012 QB draft class.

If we think in the terms of bringing in Palmer only. In 2012 both Hene and Thigpen could be bolting, and if we're not at least grooming a rookie qb. Should Palmer get injured in 2012 we could be looking at compltete and utter disaster.

I believe Ryan Mallet could be ready to start in season 2 if need be.


In fa, Henne may still look highly appealing to the bottom rung teams as a starter. So we just cant discount those possible facts.

I sincerely believe Henne will be bolting Miami in 2012 if he convinced he cant be the starter here. Bringing Palmer in, he may see it has not having a legit chance to start for at least 3 more seasons.

Which means it wont be until his 7th season he'll be able to put down that clipboard. If we drafted Mallet in the 1st rd to boot, Henne's definitely going to boot in 2012. Zero question about it.

Thiggy wants to be a starter so my guess is he's going to boot also.

Why are we all arguing?

Ross will probably insist on Ireland using the first round pick on John "Cougar" Mellencamp.

He'll be the ultimate multi-position player, not only writing a new fight song, but performing it as well...............

In all truth, I don't think we'll get to Ryan Mallet unless we trade up.

Here is a quote from Chan Gailey, a coach Jerry Jones recently admitted he should have given more of a chance, regarding the top two things he looks for in a QB. I don't think he will be signing Henne in 2012:

What is head coach Chan Gailey looking for?

Gailey, a noted quarterback connoisseur, gave some insight Tuesday afternoon. He explained his chief criteria for a successful quarterback.

"The two most important things about playing quarterback in this league: accuracy and decision-making," Gailey said at a luncheon held by the Monday Quarterback Club at the Adam's Mark hotel.

"Would you like to have a guy that's mobile? Yes. Would you like to have a guy that is extremely intelligent and is smarter than the coach and can make good decisions on the field? You bet you would like that."

But Gailey continued to reiterate throwing the ball on target and making the correct reads.

Anybody saying we have to find "THAT" guy this year, is being extremely short sighted.

While finding "THAT" guy is very important, one has to remember that this is undoubtedly AND unquestionably the weakest QB draft class in the history of the NFL.

We've waited 30 years for that guy, but just ain't the year to get that wild hair up your arse.

This draft will come to be known as the "Draft That Busted The Quarters Back"!

Square pegs and round holes are a mutha fukker!



Just wanna make you aware Ive just sent a copy of you impostering me to Armando. He may or may not band you.

Just want to make you well aware aforehand it could be coming. If so, go luck on your future posting over at the "Slum Sentinental" if you arent already banned there too. LOL.............

Recognition skills. Yes sir.


Then will be the year we find "that guy". Its never guaranteed until he proves it on the field of play.

So there will never be a year we find "that guy" until he proves he "that guy" on the playing field. So if Mallet proves to be "that guy" for someone else. It only means yet again this organization has passed on "that guy" when he was well within our grasps. LOL..........


Youre still the idiot right to bitter end. There a huge difference between freedom of speech and impostering with ill intent! LOL.............


Looks like it could be back to the sandbox and making mudpies for you kid! LOL..........


Idiots always fall into traps and you did idiot! LOL....................

Nope, not buying in on it unless he comes cheap and I kinda doubt it. He's signed through 2014 $18.75 million contract. How much are we going to have to pay? Bengals will want pics....look at what no 2nd round pic has done to us this year. The guy has catastrophic knee damage in '06...ACL, MCL, cartilage and meniscus in the same leg. Damn wonder he can play at all. Not to mention he'll be 32 this year.

BUT I wouldn't put it past Ireland and Sparano to try and get him. It would be in their best interest to do so but not the teams.



However, there's always the slight chance Armando doesnt ban you because he knows youre an idiot, everyone here knows it, and you have absolute zero credibility on anything you say here. So this may be your only saving grace goofball! LOL.................


Youre here all day long under anywhere between 12-15 different alias per day. Yet you continue to bs only yourself that youre at work somewhere else 12 hours a day.

It would really be funny if we didnt all know how truly mentally sick you really are. Pathetic! LOL.............

Where's "jello freeze"? Or is CraigM one of ALo-con-us' many aliases too! LOL.............



There isnt a worry in the world of you having a mental breakdown. That happened so long ago Im sure you no longer remember nor are aware that it ever happened! LOL.................

I would rather see the fins go after Kitna and sign him as a FA rather than trade for Palmer for a draft pick when the CBA is sorted out. And as far as Mallet goes I have a feeling that he will not last to 15. He is really gaining ground with alot of teams that need qbs. I'm not really too impressed with this years qb class anyways. I would rather see a stud OLB, or OL taken with the first.

What the Deuce is going on in this blog?????, It's like a bunch of 12 year olds are posting..... Lets talk football, I dont see any harm in getting Palmer I mean he's better then Fat neck Henne,Though like another poster said what kind of Motivation can a guy that has 80 million in the bank have??.......

hey, on the sun sentinal site mallet discusses his workout with miami. he says he was thrilled with the workout.


Be careful calling anyone a 12 year old around here.

They'll accuse you of having a blow up doll and then threaten to "poke" a hole in her.

Rough neighborhood...................

Trade for Tebow........just fishing for opinions...LOL. A good QB would do wonders for us, but we need to secure an O-line that can protect any QB and are good at run blocking. Remember what Pennington did for us in his first year? There are many variables concerning what our team can do, but we will all just have to wait and see how they conduct themselves on draft day and through free agency. I, like everyone else, hopes the powers that be can put together a solid year of upgrading! GO DOLPHINS!!!

So, I guess under Mando's rules, it's ok to impersonate as long as you change spelling ot caps. This is exactlly what I was talking about the other day.

Miami trading for Palmer is an awful idea. His legs are dead and when that happens with a QB, their career is over. Without legs, strength and accuracy in the throwing motion is lost. Case in point, daunte culpepper.

Draft Mallet. Kid could be the next Marino.

LOL At The "Norse Warrior", The only Doll Ive got is a 96 pound Empress of pineapples that loves Jagermiester........Though I must say a blow up doll is intriguing, I mean she wont talk back to you, She wont Bit@h you out for leaving the toilet bowl lid up and she wont take your last beer...., Gotta ask Lil Aloco about this..

Coco, How things going down there in So.Fla????, Hope to down there next month..

Whatever Ireland does is gonna back fire......Remember guys, we are the Lions of the south.....


Is Coco "The Wolf"??????

Whatever Ireland does is gonna back fire......Remember guys, we are the Lions of the south.....

Posted by: Cuban Menace | April 05, 2011 at 10:26 PM

Uh, Cuban, as much as I hate to disagree with you, the Lions have actually been improving.

I hate to admit it, BUT, since Detroit fired Matt "The Ireland Clone" Millen, they've quickly passed up by!


Even the Bills have improved, Though I must say they are taking a step back making Dave(No Nut sack)Wannstadt there DC........

I still say the most likely trade that will be made for the fins to trade down is with the chargers for our 1st in exchange for both of their 2nd rd picks. Actually not a bad value.

New Updated draft with trade back w/ chargers

2nd- Vtech RB Ryan Williams/ILL RB Mikel Leshoure (whichever is still available)

2nd- ILL ILB Martez Wilson- Can hopefully step up to replace Crowder until we can figure out what we have in Edds. Plus Nolan likes rotating players so this will help.

3rd- Wis OG John Moffitt- Fills void at Interior G

4th- Albiene Christian WR Edmund Gates

5th- Missouri C Tim Barnes

6th- NC state QB TJ Yates

7th- VTech OLB Steven Friday

7th- Maryland RB Dar'el Scott

7th- Iowa State TE Colin Franklin

This draft is a good blend of both offense and defense.

Odin/Cuban.....there did seem to be several dribblings by maladjusted posters posing as intellectual adults, I agree with your comments. Weak QB class, which I've been saying

Alright you guys, THAT's IT!

I'm tired of all this high tech, low intellect, missy mash of a hissy fit, you all call fighting!

For God's sake could somebody PLEASE throw out some personal insults?

Drop some F-Bombs for Christ's Sake!

All this panzy wanzy innuendo pyscho babble is driving me fukking nuts!

Tell somebody to suk something. Make fun somebodies sexual orientation.

God Almighty, I can't believe I have to explain this shyt to you Mamby Pambys!

Whatever happened to the good old days........................

If you're reading this and you feel this applies to your "I want my Mommy" crybaby arse:

EAT ME!!!!




85 AND 81


Sky, I think it's all redundent till there's a new owner,coach,Gm, sorry those are my thoughts IMHO.......3 and 13 next year, No Running back, a horried line,Henne,a fist pumper for a FG coach, A guy that should be a featured attaction in NYC for St.Valentine's day, Iam HOPEING for 3 and 13.......Your thoughts??


Thanks for the shout out the other day.


I like your mock.

FWIW, I think Martez Wilson and Dar'rel Scott will go quite a bit higher than you got them.

Hears to hoping against hope!

Get Palmer. Cincy will trade him sine he is serious, trade or retire.

And Marino is wrong. Says he'd only give a 3rd round pick for Palmer. He's worth a 2nd. Even a 2nd AND another pick, like a 4th. The QB position is that important, good QB's are that hard to find, and you are right Armando, Carson Palmer is that good a QB.

With a good OL and a good running game to help him, and some good receivers which the Fins have, Palmer is a top 10 QB. No doubt about it.


Here goes: Why are being such a fargit man. Go f*ucking suck a big fart dick!

Does this step up the level of insults around here? LOL.........




What's a "Fargit"????????????

Odin, just to make you happy you sorry a s s MF. Skrew U and then horse you rode in on! Feel better....


How's this:

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